Three years ago, in November 2012, I ordered my first DNA test. Having tracked our BRAZELL ancestors back to the marriage of my 10x great grandfather Thomas BRASELL to Mary Boswell on November July 2, 1628 in Hardwick cum Weedon, Buckinghamshire, I thought I had done everything that could possibly done using paper and now I would turn to the magic of DNA to find answers to questions like whether we were connected to all the other BRAZELL, BRASELL or BRAZIL branches out there.

It was a lovely idea (at least, I thought it was), but it hasn’t worked out quite the way I imagined.

Of the six males I recruited for the project – all of them part of the paper trail I spent many years putting together – only one has DNA close enough to mine to be a blood relative. He is my second cousin Ray, who today lives in Australia.

Four of those recruits – Bernard (Reading), Terence (Gillingham), Peter (Milton Keynes) and Roger (the only BRASELL, New Zealand) share the same DNA. In all probability, their DNA is the “true” Bucks BRAZELL DNA, going back at least all the way to the Thomas BRAZELL, son of John BRASELL and Judith Hull, who was christened on October 6, 1710 in Middle Claydon, Bucks and married Mary Sirid on August 23, 1731 in Hughenden, Bucks.

The DNA of the sixth recruit, David, the son of Peter and Joyce BRAZELL (Dawlish), is closer to that of the true Bucks BRAZELLs than it is to mine and Ray’s, but still not close enough to be part of that group.

So I have three distinct groups of BRAZELLs where I thought we would have one, plus lots of open questions about how that could have happened.

It is possible that one of these days I will find the time and the motivation to dig deeper into the possibilities that DNA offers, but, for now, I have decided not to spend more time trying to find answers to the open questions I have brought upon myself.

As a result, I regret to say, this may be the first and last time you will be receiving an official BRAZELL DNA Family Bulletin. But feel free to ask if you have questions; some of them I may be able to answer . . . and we can have fun speculating about the rest!