Dear OXSIL User,

Data Protection

There is at present much discussion of the need for users of the web to be able to control the information that is held about them. In the case of OXSIL, the information we hold on users is normally limited to an email address and the information that can be seen on the user’s public OXSIL profile. You can check yours at any time by searching on your email address on our home page ( Don’t forget to try also any former email addresses you may have signed up with.

For a small proportion of users (about 0.1%) we hold further information. In most cases this falls under one of three headings a) alternative contacts; b) a name to use when writing to you (if it is different from the public one); or c) information about any unsuccessful attempt we have made to contact you. If you would like to know what information we hold on you that is not on your profile, just write to us at Please check your profile first and please quote your OXSIL number (which you will see on the profile) when writing. If you don’t quote your OXSIL number, we will only reply if we hold additional information about you.

Recently added surname interests

You will find a list of surname interests added in the month of March on the website. If any of the names are of interest, do click on the name of the researcher and make a note of their OXSIL user number. You can then send them a message on the contact page.

All good wishes,

Paul Brazell and Bill Seary