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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
WOOD Any Banbury Jake
WOOD Any banbury Jake
WOOD <1880 Watlington Jamie Adams
WOOD Orlanda Florida Any Claris
WOOD 1750-1900 Woodstock Penny Eves
WOOD 1800-1920 Oxford Ros Gurney
WOOD 1800-1900 Oxford Ros Gurney
WOOD 1790-1900 Beverley Barb Knight
WOOD Any St Thomas Alan Wood
WOOD 18th C Thame Patrick Reeves
WOOD 1902 Greenfield Arthur R. Wood
WOOD <- 1890 SANDFORD-THAME David John Wood
WOOD 1851-1871 Woodstock Sheela Banham
WOOD <1850 Nettlebed Sheela Banham
WOODAGE Late 1800's Sutton Courtney-Culham-Compton-Wytham-Childrey-Oxford Geoffrey A. Connell
WOODAGE 1800-1900 Culham, Oxford, Sutton Courtney Geoffrey Connell
WOODARD <1900 Oxford Hilary Innes
WOODBRIDGE 1814 Great Milton Colin Beet
WOODBRIDGE 1800 - 1900 HENLEY Paul Best
WOODBRIDGE 1750 to 1820 Albury Dale Gatherum-Goss
WOODBRIDGE 1700-1800 Albury Linda Nicholson
WOODBRIDGE 19c Great Milton Sharon Strange
WOODBRIDGE 17c Charney Bassett area Barbara Cox
WOODCOCK 1795 Bicester Mary Engebretson
WOODCOCK 1796 Bicester Mary Engebretson
WOODCOCK 1749 Bicester Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1801-1851 Witney Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1749-1851 Northleigh Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1800-2000 Witney Wendy
WOODCOCK <1780 Any Alan Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1670-1750 Any Alan Woodcock
WOODFORD 1700-1860 Steeple Aston Gordon Pike
WOODFORD 1810-1840 Bletchington Ben Tharaldson
WOODING 1820 - 1870 Any Deidre Mayhew
WOODINGTON 1550-1900 Any Maria Haines
WOODLEY around 1912 Witney and/or Ducklington Allan Boughton
WOODLEY 1800s Crowmarsh Gifford Paulene Green
WOODLEY 1832 Clifton Hampden Tracy Moore
WOODLEY >1700 Any Pam Thornton
WOODLEY >1700 Britwell Salome Anne Clarke
WOODLEY Any Any Jackie Brogden
WOODLEY Any Wallingford, Crowmarsh Gifford, Newnham Murren Andrew Jolly
WOODLEY 17c Hanney area Barbara Cox
WOODLIEF <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODLIFF <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODLIFFE <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODMAN Any Oxford Janet White
WOODROW 1880-1940 Nuneham Courtney Jeanette Graham
WOODS Orlanda Florida Any Claris
WOODS 1830 - 1924 Rotherfield Chris Woods
WOODS 18c North Newington Chris Woods
WOODS >1750 Charlton-on-Otmoor, Woodstock Penny Eves
WOODS 1770-1900 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
WOODS 1800-1900 Witney Neil Woods
WOODWARD Any Eynsham and Handborough Worth S. Anderson
WOODWARD >1800 Caversham Richard Goring
WOODWARD 1850-1900 Salford/Chipping Norton Pam Griffiths
WOODWARD 18-19C Salford / Chipping Norton Glyn E. Harris
WOODWARD ca 1886 Woodstock/Chipping Norton Alan Heard
WOODWARD <1900 Handborough, Eynsham, Coobe James Hill
WOODWARD Any Kidlington, Westcote Barton Kim Semmence
WOODWARD >1791 Combe, Long Combe Mary Moore
WOODWARD 1787-1900 Hanborough Marilyn Stack
WOODWARD c1800 Combe, Blaydon, Woodstock Barry Coggins
WOODWARD 1800 Hanborough, Woodstock, and neighbouring parishes Christopher J. Woodward
WOODWARD 1750-1850 bloxham, banbury David Woodward
WOODWARD Any Bloxham, Adderbury Maurice Woodward
WOODWARD <1900 Oxford Hilary Innes
WOODWORTH Any Any Helena Ericsson