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HADLAND dna 16c-18c Kingham, Spelsbury, Finstock

DNA Linking dna Tony is conducting a DNA project focusing on the HADLAND surname and its many variants. He is keen to contact descendants of Oxfordshire HADLANDs who would be interested in joining the project to explore possible links between the HADLANDs of Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Tony’s earliest Oxfordshire-born HADLAND ancestors lived in Spelsbury in the early 18th century but the family can be traced back to the 17th century just over the Oxfordshire border in Little Compton (originally Gloucestershire, now Warwickshire). DNA testing also suggests close genetic links between Oxfordshire HADLANDs and early settlers in North America with variants of the surname MAYNARD, especially MAYNOR. A Michael MAYNOR is mentioned in a will relating to Great Rollright in 1641 and there were various MAINERs in the same general area of Oxfordshire in the 17th century. There were also MAYNARDS in north Oxfordshire. Therefore Tony is interested in contacting anyone with Oxfordshire ancestors with the surname MAYNARD, MAYNOR or a variant thereof who would be interested in joining the project. (To learn more about DNA Linking dna, visit the DNA Linking page.)

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