Kim Semmence
OFHS Membership No. 6504

ALLEN <1870 Enstone OXF
DALE <1780 South Newington OXF
GILES <1600 South Newington OXF
GUBBINS <1800 Great Rollright OXF
GYLES <1600 South Newington OXF
HARRIS <1720 Deddington OXF
KEEN <1820 Great Rollright, Salford, Chipping Norton OXF
MOORE <1750 South Newington OXF
SAVAGE 19c Chipping Norton OXF
SEWELL 19c Chipping Norton OXF
SEWELL <1830 West Wycombe BKM
SLATTER 18c Great Rollright OXF
SLATTER Any Chipping Norton area OXF
SMITH 17c South Newington OXF
SNELSON 18c Nether Worton OXF
TIMMS Any South Newington OXF
WEBB <1870 Great Rollright, Chipping Norton OXF
WOODWARD Any Kidlington, Westcote Barton OXF
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