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VEREY pre 1761 Any OXF
WEBB pre 1761 Any OXF
Notes: Richard VEREY is my 5 x great-Grandfather and I am trying to establish his parents. I have an idea that he was born on 6 Jan 1733/4 to Richard (born1702) and Alice, in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire, but I want to be absolutely certain before moving further back in time. I believe that Alice is Alice WEBB, born 1701 in Shipton-on-Cherwell, hence my interest in the WEBB family. Richard VEREY married Christabella WESTON in Oxford in 1760. They then set-up home in Langford, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), and went on to have a number of children. At the time of his marriage, Richard was described as a Yeoman from Cuddesdon. Richard was a likely member of the clergy, as on the 27 Mar 1758, his signature appears in the Cuddesdon Churchwarden Accounts to approve of the new Church Wardens for the year ahead. His signature appeared again for the same reason on 16 Apr 1759 and on 7 Apr 1760. Later that year, 25 Oct 1760, Richard was to marry Christabella by licence at St.Mary Magdalen, Oxford. As I said, he then went on to live in Langford parish, where he too had stints of being a Churchwarden. So where was Richard before 1758? If it is he that was born in Worminghall in 1733/4, then why did he move to Cuddesdon. Again, If it is he that was born in Worminghall in 1733/4, are his parents, Richard VEREY, b.1702,and Alice WEBB, b.1701? Thank you for your interest. Kind regards, Andy Verey.
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