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DNA Linking dna The Ricketts Family History Project combines family history research with DNA testing to make discoveries about the family trees, the surname, and the distant origin of each male line. Our project collaborates with the Ricketts One-Name Study, which is run by OXSIL user Salli Dyson. See Salli's user profile for more information.

We would like to invite you to include your family tree in our project. The cost of participation is paid by our sponsor, so there is no cost to you. This is an opportunity to make discoveries and contribute to the knowledge about your surname. The primary surname in the project is Ricketts. The other surnames included in the project are either known or suspected variants. A variant is a surname that developed from another surname. For example, some Ricketts dropped the "s" and became Rickett, or vice versa.

The first step is to determine the direct male line of your Ricketts tree, which is a male, his father, his father, and back in time. We will see if we can take your Ricketts tree further back in time. You will receive a Research Report with copies of all documents, at no cost to you.

A genealogy DNA test tells us which trees are related. Participation in the genealogy DNA testing portion of the project is limited to those family trees which have not yet tested, to receive a paid test kit. The research step will tell us if your tree has tested.

Over 300 men have tested. If your tree hasnít tested, then a male with the Ricketts or variant surname in your tree is invited to participate and take a genealogy DNA test to represent your family tree. The cost is paid. The result is 37 numbers, and contains no personal information. (To learn more about DNA Linking dna, visit the DNA Linking page.)

Notes: Susan runs the Ricketts Family History Project and collaborates with the Ricketts Surname Study, which is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and run by OXSIL user Salli Dyson. See Salli's user profile for more information.


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