Pauline Kennedy
OFHS Membership No. 3306

DUTTON <1820 Witney OXF
DUTTON >1770 Bampton OXF
HOLLIDAY <1860 Bampton OXF
MOULDER <1740 Bampton, Witney OXF
ORPWOOD <1775 Bampton OXF
PETTIFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford OXF
PETTYFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford OXF
RAY <1800 Stanton St John, Thame OXF
SHEPHEARD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPHERD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPPARD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPPERD <1780 Witney OXF
SIDERY <1820 Any OXF
SIDERY <1820 Any BRK
SIDREY <1820 Any OXF
SIDREY <1820 Any BRK
TOLLET <1800 Holton, Oddington OXF
TOLLIT <1800 Holton, Oddington OXF
WILLIAMS <1780 Bampton OXF
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