David Nutt
OFHS Membership No. 1917

ADDISON c 1800 Hailey, Witney OXF
ALLOM 1700-1750 Wendlebury, Kidlington OXF
BENNETT 1700-1800 Witney OXF
BERRY <1800 Hanborough OXF
BROOKINGS 1650-1700 Oxford, Wolvercote, Bablock Hythe OXF
BROOKINGS 1700-1850 Witney area OXF
BROOKINS <1700 Sherbourne Farmington GLS
CHAMPION <1835 Crondall HAM
CHIVERS <1800 Ducklington OXF
COMIN 1650-1750 Elsfield OXF
COX <1820 Tetbury GLS
CROOK <1800 Tetbury GLS
CUMMINGS dna >1750 Elsfield, Marston, Oxford OXF
EADLE dna <1850 Marston Beckley OXF
FAWDRY <1800 Hailey, Salford OXF
GLAZIER dna <1900 Hanworth Hampton Heston MDX
GOLD <1800 Ducklington OXF
GOULD <1830 Hailey, Witney OXF
GREENAWAY <1750 Shipton Under Wychwood area OXF
HICKS <1750 Hanborough OXF
HOLDER <1900 Oxford Canal or river OXF
HURST <1750 Stanton Harcourt OXF
HURST <1750 Lechlade GLS
JONES dna <1850 Headington Quarry Shotover OXF
JONES dna <1850 Marston OXF
LEE <1800 Tetbury GLS
MATTHEWS dna <1850 Marston OXF
NUTT <1734 Coventry WAR
NUTT dna 1734-1800 Kidington OXF
NUTT >1800 Oxford OXF
OTHEN <1800 Binsted HAM
PAGE <1750 Ducklington Witney OXF
PRATLEY <1900 Hailey New Yatt NorthLeigh Oxford Shipton Under Wychwood OXF
ROWLES <1850 Hailey OXF
SIMMS <1800 Marston OXF
SLATER <1750` Kidlington OXF
SMITH <1850 Oxford Checkendon OXF
SNOW <1850 Kidlington Headington OXF
TAWNEY <1700 Oxford OXF
TAYLOR <1825 Witney Cumnor Ducklington OXF
WEST <1850 Liverpool LAN
WILKINS <1800 Witney Salford OXF
WREN <1800 Kidlington OXF
DNA Linking dna yDNA - NUTT mtDNA - CUMMINGS, GLAZIER, MATTHEWS, EADLE, JONES I am part of the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA study and have had both my yDNA and mtDNA analysed, as well as the family finder (which I believe covers all of my other surnames).
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