Surnames registered by Richard Boyles
OXSIL User No.: 6086
OFHS Membership No. 6862

BILES dna <1900 Hook Norton
BILES <1900 Charlbury
BOILES dna 19c Hook Norton
BOYLES dna <1900 Charlbury
DIXON <1800 Charlbury
FIELD 19c Charlbury
HUGHES <1900 Chipping Norton
KILBEE <1800 Kingham
LUCKETT <1900 Any
MORELINE <1750 Charlbury
TOOVEY <1900 Any
TOOVIE <1800 Watlington

DNA Linking dna Oxfordshire direct male ancestors: - yDNA37 - BILES - BOILES- BOYLES. Haplogroup R-M269 Oxfordshire female ancestors Family Finder (Autosomal) DNA - DIXON - FIELD - HUGHES - KILBEE - LUCKETT - MORELINE - TOOVEY - TOOVIE I am part of the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA study and have had both my yDNA and Autosomal analysed. (To learn more about DNA Linking dna, visit the DNA Linking page.)

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