Surnames added in July 2018

The following surnames were added in July

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ARIS 1811 Any Terrence John Ayris
AYLEF 18c Sonning John Moore
BARRETT Any Blackthorn Rachel Long
BLAND c.1850 Headington Quarry Rachel Long
BOWLER Any Thame Jane Davies
BRIDGES Any Kingham Brian Bridges
BROCK >1800 Any John Reid
BRUCE Any Thame Jane Davies
CHANDLER c.1800 Caversham Sandra Shepherd
COLLINS Any Deddington Jane Davies
COPE Any Thame Jane Davies
DAWES <1900 Combe Rachel Long
de HAUVILLE <1430 Garsington Kevin Havell
EDINBOROUGH Any Any Martin Edinborough
ELWARD Any Postcombe Jane Davies
GADSDEN >1800 Any John Reid
GREENING <1825 Oxford Martin K Thompson
HARRIS Any Oxford St Giles Rachel Long
HARRIS < 1900 Combe, Northleigh Rachel Long
HAVILL <1800 Moulsford Kevin Havell
HAVYLE <1500 Oxford Kevin Havell
HORTON Any Thame Jane Davies
KING <1900 Chesterton Rachel Long
LEONARD 17c Shipton John Moore
LONG 1600 – 1900 Long Handborough Rachel Long
QUAINTON 18c Bicester Barry Smith
QUARTERMAINE Any Watlington, Thame Jane Davies
RHODES < 1860 Launton Rachel Long
RIMEL 17c Shipton John Moore
TAWNEY Any Oxford, Binsey Martin K Thompson
TOOGOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
TUGWOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
TWOGOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
WHARTON Any Gt. Haseley, Thame Jane Davies
WISE c.1820 Bletchingdon Sandra Shepherd
You’ll find the most up-to-date list of recently-added surname interests here.

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