Surnames added in September 2017

Surnames added in September

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BURDETT 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
DAY 1700/1800s Oxford, Woodstock, Eynsham, Witney Jennifer Eggleston
DEMAINBRAY 1774-1839 Oxford Jennifer Eggleston
ENDALL 1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
GERRING Any Bampton Nick Liddiard
GIBBS 18C-19C Culham Rosalie Penn
HOLLYHOKE Any Banbury Diane Yeaon
JORDAN 1815-1874 Oxford, Waterstock, Enstone, Jennifer Eggleston
KIRBY <1800 Fritwell, Upper Heyford, Islip, Somerton Karen Kirby Herbert
KNIGHT 19th century Any Nancy Denis
PAULIN 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PAULING 1700/1800S Any Jennifer Eggleston
PAWLING 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PENNINGTON 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PORTER 18C-19C Culham Rosalie Penn
SMITH 16C Oxford Carolyn Wilt
STUCHBURY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
TOWERSEY Any Any Ron Stretton
WARD Any Chipping Norton area, Oxford Michael WARD

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