The Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project

In February 2013, the Oxfordshire Family History Society established a geographic DNA project for Oxfordshire. The main aim of the project is to identify DNA in its various forms that might be characteristic of the county.

The project is open to anybody – male or female – who can document a strong family association with the county either on the paternal or maternal lines. At a minimum, a participant’s Oxfordshire roots should go back more than three generations and at least to the mid-to-late 19th century.

To learn more about the project, and about DNA in general, visit the project website on the FamilyTreeDNA website. If you have already had your DNA tested and want to join the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project, you can do so there. If you have questions, you can contact the project administrators, Susan Honore and Richard Merry, at

You can also visit the appropriate page on the Oxfordshire Family History Society’s news blog to learn more about the project.

2 thoughts on “The Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project”

  1. I already have my details on FTDNA. I have through my maternal line, a family tree going back to the late 1600’s and would like to join the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project. I have been onto FTDNA and can find no simple way to join the project. I have an Autosomal test and presume that this is acceptable. can you advise me please, on how I can join.

    • Dear Bill, Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty signing up for the Oxfordshire Geographic Project. The easiest way is to go to and select the ‘join request’ tab in the blue menu bar. If you already have had a test, then select option A to join; if you have not yet purchased a test, select option B and follow the instructions to buy a test. Once you are a member, please remember to update your profile with the name of your oldest known ancestor(s) and the surnames you are researching (including locations in Oxfordshire). And yes, autosomal is very acceptable! Paul


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