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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
ABBOTT <1800 Bicester Louise Dallimore
ABBOTTS c1780- 1820 Wroxton Jenny Deverell
ABDY Any Any Julia Wade
ABEL 1740-1830 The Baldons, Nuneham Courtney Robert L. Abel
ABELL 19c Hinton Waldrist, Longworth, Marcham Eric Jones
ABERY c.1650 Goring Maurice Wilkins
ABLETT <1961 Any Paul Landon
ABRAHAM 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
ABRAHAM <1750 Ambrosden Mark Davies
ABRAHAM 1750-1850 Steeple Barton Dawn Minard
ABRAM 1800-1880 Steeple Barton, Oxford Dawn Minard
ABSOLOM >1870 Warborough Paul Collins
ABSOLOM 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
ACERS Any Any Adrian Akers ons
ACKERMAN Any Any Andrew John Ackerman
ACRES Any Any Adrian Akers ons
ACRES 17c/18c Culham Rosalie Penn
ACRES 1760-1801 Witney Roy Woodcock
ADAM 1890 Any Paul Landon
ADAMS <1790 Great Haseley Jamie Adams
ADAMS 1700 - 1850 Oxford Geoffrey Berry
ADAMS Any Stanford in The Vale Lynda Brown
ADAMS Any Longworth Lynda Brown
ADAMS <1800 Deddington, Great Tew Sue Adcock
ADAMS Any Bucknell Robin Price
ADAMS 18c Oxford Jill Forster
ADAMS <1750 Deddington Penny Eves
ADAMS <1841 Oxford Susan Lewis
ADAMS Any Any Paul Landon
ADAMS <1780 Oxford Brian Wharton
ADAMS Any Great Coxwell, Faringdon. Lynda Brown
ADAMS <1890 Great Haseley Frank W Anderson
ADAMS Any North Leigh Susan Raymond
ADAWAY 1750s Deddington? Sue Holmes
ADBY <1800 Sonning Sheila Adby
ADDISON 1800-1850 Duns Tew Mike Horton
ADDISON c 1800 Hailey, Witney David Nutt
ADDISON c 1800 Hailey, Witney Liz Rougier
ADKINS 750-!920 Bodicote, Banbury Denis Adkins
ADKINS 1700 - 1920 Cropredy, Wardington, Great Bourton, Banbury Bruno Zaoral
ADKINS 19C Little Bourton & nearby Malcolm Bland
AFFLETT <1800 Shipton, Ramsden Ron Pearce
AGUTTER <1910 Oxford City John Harding
AGUTTER Any Oxford Heather Varley
AIRIS <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
AKERMAN <1840 Chipping Norton Doreen Myerscough
AKERMAN <1720 Eynsham Jenny Lockett
AKERS Any Any Adrian Akers ons
AKERS 17c/18c Culham Rosalie Penn
AKERS <1850 Black Bourton Margaret Forbes
ALBRIGHT 1540-1660 Any Joyce Potter
ALCOCK Any Banbury, Chipping Norton, Stow-on-the-Wold Hilary Darque
ALDEN <1802 Lyneham Murray Alding
ALDER <1837 Abingdon Chris Alder
ALDER Any Shipton Milton Murray Alding
ALDER Any Abingdon, Drayton Lulu Morgan-Shaw
ALDER 1800 Cowley St.James Ken Bowell
ALDER 1700's Blackbourton/Bampton Carole Todd
ALDER <1850 Abingdon Robin Fryer
ALDER 1780-1840 Cowley St James Sandra Webb
ALDINGTON Any Wroxton Norina Pauling
ALDRIDGE 1860 Blewbury David Hawkins
ALDRIDGE 17c Nettlebed John Moore
ALDSWORTH Any Any Tony Butcher
ALLABARTON <1841 Somerton Graham Moore
ALLAM Any Islip, Kidlington Mavis Allam
ALLAM <1740 Any Nancy Lilly
ALLAM <1715 Fringford Rebecca Chapman
ALLAWAY Any Any Glenda Beale
ALLCOCK Any Banbury, Chipping Norton, Stow-on-the-Wold Hilary Darque
ALLDEN <1802 Lyneham Murray Alding
ALLEN 1600-1870 Steeple Barton, Chipping Norton Christopher Allen
ALLEN <1900 Chipping Norton, Oxford Ruth Allen
ALLEN 1693-1891 Great Milton, Cumnor Jenny Bell
ALLEN 18c & 19c Southleigh Sue Bond
ALLEN 1600 - 1890 Middle Aston and surrounding areas Michael Clarke
ALLEN 1750-1900 South Leigh Bob Cowley
ALLEN 1800-2000 Bicester, Upper Heyford, Lower Heyford and surrounding towns Wendy Nichols-Davis
ALLEN 1800's Chipping Norton Raymond V. Duance
ALLEN <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
ALLEN Any Tetsworth and Thame Sue Heazel
ALLEN 1750-1860 Deddington Sue Holmes
ALLEN 1800-1870 Deddington, The Bartons Mike Horton
ALLEN 1743-1850 Any Ed Rose
ALLEN <1900 Shenington, Banbury, Clifton Barbara Rosethorne
ALLEN Any Oxford Keith R. Collier
ALLEN 18c Oxford Ian Mullan
ALLEN <1850 Any Roni Chapman and John Chapman
ALLEN Any Bicester Gail Stevens
ALLEN 1500-1610 Ducklington, Oxford University Enid Florence
ALLEN Any Any Suzanne Dipple
ALLEN 1772-1870 Deddington, the Bartons H M McMullin
ALLEN Any Any Dave Allen
ALLEWAY Any Henley Beryl Etheridge
ALLEY als LEVERETT Any Ambrosden Charles Eldridge
ALLEY ALS LEVERETT <1700 Charlton on Otmoor Jean Hodges
ALLEYNE 1500-1610 Ducklington, Oxford University Enid Florence
ALLIBANT Any North Aston, Steeple Aston, Deddington Derek Markham
ALLIN <1700 Any Nancy Lilly
ALLING <1685 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
ALLITT 1698 Great Bourton Phil Allitt
ALLMOND Any Marsh Baldon / Sandford on Thames Jenny Dennis
ALLMOND Any mainly Toot Baldon, Marsh Baldon Harry White
ALLNATT Any Any Denise Lewry ons
ALLNUTT All Ipsden Chris Wright
ALLNUTT >1750 Chinnor Lewis D. Hawley McCann
ALLNUTT <1700 Any Wilfred Newman
ALLNUTT Any Any Carol Howell
ALLNUTT >1841 Hempton/Henton, Chinnor Zoe Wheddon
ALLOM Any Any Nancy Lilly
ALLOM 1700-1850 Rotherfield Grays Kelven Spratling
ALLOM <1715 Fringford Rebecca Chapman
ALLOM 1700-1750 Wendlebury, Kidlington David Nutt
ALLOM 1700-1750 Wendlebury, Kidlington Liz Rougier
ALLSWORTH Any Stanton Harcourt Timothy Cox
ALLSWORTH Any Any Tony Butcher
ALLSWORTH Any Stanton Harcourt Gerry Bolton
ALLUM 1750 - 1800 Nuneham Murren Adrian Mullins
ALLUM <1830 Whitchurch Andy Bradley
ALLUM Any Any Andrew Jolly
ALNOT Any Any Carol Howell
ALSOP 1700 - 1800 Any Michael Brown
ALSWORTH Any Headington Michael Alsworth
AMON C1780 Pyrton Peter Moore
AMSDEN Any Any Peter Amsden
AMSDEN Any Any Robin Williams
AMSDON Any Any Peter Amsden
ANDERSON Any Eynsham Elizabeth Duke
ANDERSON 1600-1813 Nuneham Courtenay, Brookhampton, Ascott,under Wychwood Chris Wright
ANDREW 1480 -1560 Woodstock Geoffrey Andrews
ANDREWS Any Eynsham Elizabeth Duke
ANDREWS <1850 Marston, Headington Brian Andrews
ANDREWS Any Eynsham and Bampton Heather Brunt
ANDREWS Any North Aston, Fritwell, Upper Heyford Adam Osben
ANDREWS Any Any Caroline O'Neill
ANDREWSON Any Any Elizabeth Duke
ANGEL Any Any Colin Wills
ANNETTS Any Chilton Elizabeth Livermore
ANSELL Any Any Lesley Springate
ANSTEY Any Any Mary Stone
ANTHISTLE 1650-1950 Banbury and surrounding areas Susan Anthistle
ANTHISTLE >1650 Banbury Janet Nix
ANTHISTLE Any Any Tony Butler
APLETREE <1700 Deddington Angela Clarke
APPLEBY <1900 Cookley Green Margaret Hawkings
ARCHER 16c Any Penny Eves
ARCHER Any Any Joe Connell
ARCHER 1791 Oxford Kevin Rosser Shackleton
ARGYLE c.1760 Abingdon, Marcham, Benson, Wallingford Sandra Lewis
ARIES <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
ARIS <1750 Deddington Sue Adcock
ARIS <1881 Any Irene Threadgold
ARIS 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
ARIS 1750-1850 Sibford Gower John Wimbleton
ARIS 1600-1800 Hanborough & neighbouring parishes Christopher J. Woodward
ARIS <1922 Bicester Alan Ayres
ARIS <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
ARIS 1811 Any Terrence John Ayris
ARKELL >1800 Burford Diana M. Wakefield Hawkins
ARKWELL 18c Oxford Ian Mullan
ARLIDGE Any Oxford, Deddington Doreen Collins
ARLIDGE 1760-1860 Deddington, Banbury Neville Arlidge
ARNETT 1800's Chipping Norton Raymond V. Duance
ARNOLD 1700 - 1880 Kirtkington, Bletchington, Oxford Bob Arnold
ARNOLD 1800 - 1920 Standlake Lorna Astley
ARNOLD <1645 Standlake Fiona Hedges
ARON c18 Any, Islip Robyn Hukin
ARTESS 1850-1910 Great Tew and Chipping Norton Joyce Hermon
ARTHURS 1600-1900 Any Michael J Fisher
ARTISS 1750-1850 Enstone Michael J Fisher
ARTISS 1850-1910 Great Tew and Chipping Norton Joyce Hermon
ASHBY 1700s Great Rollright David Ashby
ASHBY 1700 - 1850 Any Jeremy Waters
ASHFIELD Any Any Glenda Beale
ASHLEY Any Fisher Row, Oxford/Whitchurch Eirwen Ashley
ASHLEY 1800s Oxford, Kidlington, Thrupp Rosemary Barling
ASHLEY Any Oxford, Whitchurch Emma Willson
ASHTON Any Any Richard (Dick) Ashton
ASTELL <1920 Claydon David Warner
ASTELL Any Radway, Claydon Rebekah Markham
ASTELL Any Any Trevor Simpson
ASTREY 1578-1666 Great Milton Jenny Bell
ATBY 1770 Any Sheila Adby
ATKINS 1800-1900 Kingham, Sarsden, Bicester, Oxford Peter Atkins
ATKINS 1710-1884 Great Milton, Little Milton, Chalgrove, Chinnor Jenny Bell
ATKINS 1700 Great Milton, Little Milton, Chalgrove,Chinnor. Jan Hutchinson
ATKINS 1656 Watlington Barbara Serritella
ATKINS 1751 Stokenchurch Janet Atkins
ATKINSON 1850-1900 Oxford Michael Dumbleton
ATTEWELL Any Nuneham Courtenay Sue Hedges
AUGER Any Great Milton, Any Alan Nelson
AUGER Any Great Milton Catherine Smith
AUGER 20c Bicester Michelle Turnbull
AUNTON 18C Banbury Rosemary Bailey
AUSIN 1750 - 1850 Oakley, Piddington, Thame Barbara Fisher
AUSTIN 1788 Adderbury Alan Austin
AUSTIN 1800's Stoke Lynne Graeme Berry
AUSTIN 1830's Middle Aston Graeme Berry
AUSTIN <1700 Any Sarah Oconnor
AUSTIN <1900 Stonesfield Sarah Oconnor
AUSTIN 1940 New Marston, Headington Andrea Fudge
AUSTIN 1800 Deddington Donna Lonon
AUSTIN <1800 Stokenchurch, Aston Rowant and area Peter Tranter
AUSTIN <1800 Aston Rowant and area Peter Tranter
AUSTIN <1800 Barford St Michael Jenny Deverell
AVERIES 1700-1750 West Oxfordshire Elizabeth Adams
AVERIES Any Any Carole Smith
AVERIS 1700-1750 West Oxfordshire Elizabeth Adams
AVERIS Any Any Carole Smith
AYERS Any Any Brian Keen
AYLEF 18c Sonning John Moore
AYORS Any Banbury Hilary Darque
AYRES Any Eynsham Mervyn Partlett
AYRES Any Marsh Gibbon Carol Wilkins
AYRES <1850 Hinton Waldrist, Marcham Sarah Baker
AYRES <1922 Bicester Alan Ayres
AYRES <1800 Bodicote, Kidlington Alan Ayres
AYRES <1800 Kidlington & Bodicote Gill Molyneux
AYRES Any Stanford in the Vale Mark Lloyd
AYRIES <1800 Any Rebecca Williams
AYRIS Any Bicester, Marsh Gibbon, Bodicote, Deddington Karen Simons
AYRIS Any Eynsham Elizabeth Duke
AYRIS <1850 Hinton Waldrist, Marcham Sarah Baker
AYRIS <1650 Deddington Graham Loveday King
AYRIS Any Any Chris Wake