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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
BACHELOR <1800 Avon Dassett area Ian Frazer
BACHELOR Any Chinnor Roz Donnelly
BACKINGHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BACON 1700-1800 Thame Gail Stevens
BACON >1650 Oxford, Wantage Ruth Margaret Taylor
BADCOCK 1700s/1800s Ducklington, Bampton, Fyfield Tina Webb
BADDELY <1800 Soudern Pam Dick
BADGER 18c Charlbury Jean-Claude Billon
BADGER 19c Marston, Beckley, Murcott Judith Palmer
BADGER >1822 Any Paul Landon
BADRICK <1900 Any Nina
BAFFIN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAGGETT 1700 - 1860 Bicester Dixie Gregory
BAGGOT <1788 Any Paul Landon
BAGGOTT Any Lower Heyford Betty Fry
BAGLEY any Cropredy / Banbury Gary Bagley
BAGLEY <1900 Any, Banbury? Ross Bagley
BAGLEY 1700-1900 Banbury Peter Gough
BAGNALL 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
BAGNALL 18c Westwell, Holwell, Burford John Bagnall
BAGOT 1700 - 1860 Bicester Dixie Gregory
BAGUS 1770-1815 Ipsden Bert Barkus
BAIDON Any Any Bill Price
BAILEY Any Any Jacquie Cook
BAILEY 1800 Aston Rowant Jeff Hester
BAILEY 1800-1900 Banbury D. Smith
BAILEY >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
BAILEY 17c Nettlebed John Moore
BAILEY 1780-1830 Abingdon, Nettlebed Christine Sbresni
BAILY 1800-1900 Banbury D. Smith
BAINES 1725-1890 Fritwell/Souldern/Cottisford Michaela Knowles
BAKAS c1760 Ipsden Bert Barkus
BAKEHURST >1700 Mapledurham Norma Vella
BAKER 1600-1700 Any Jerry Baker
BAKER 1870's Alshrop, Kings Sutton Graeme Berry
BAKER 1825-1872 Bampton Bill Churchman
BAKER Any Any Thomas R. Weigand
BAKER 1750-1850 checkendon-ipsden Lynne Hyde
BAKER c 1800 Denton Olav den Ouden
BAKER <1576 Stratton Audley Rebecca Chapman
BAKER >1870 Oxford, Any Stephen Saffin
BAKER 18c/19c Chipping Norton, Little Rollright Judith Wiseman
BAKER 1573-1800 Banbury Ryan Dudley
BAKER 19c Bodicote John Bagnall
BAKER <1880 Kidlington, Oxford Mark Bletchly
BAKER c1650 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
BAKER 1600-1800 Bicester Sue Thompson
BAKER Any Banbury Sue Thompson
BALDWIN 1657 Hook Norton Janet Royer
BALDWIN Any Wallingford, Aston Tirrold Janice Campbell
BALDWIN 1830-1900 Any Sandra I. Miller
BALDWIN 17c Any Penny Eves
BALDWIN <1890 Any Paul Landon
BALL Any Aston, Alvescot, Cassington Pat
BALL >1750 Wolvercote, South Leigh Bob Cowley ons
BALL 1790 - 1840 Minster Lovell & Aston Neil Harvey
BALL <1700 North Newington Elaine Ward
BALLARD Any Great Milton Catherine Smith
BALMER Any Any Emily Smith
BALMER Any Any Helen Thomas
BAMBURY 1750 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
BAMBURY <1756 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
BAMPTON Any Any Lauren Simmonds-Davies
BAMPTON <1900 Any John Cramer
BAMPTON Any Any Liz Sweeney
BANBURY <1850 Leafield, Widford, Asthall Gerry Tordiff
BANBURY 1700-1770 Any, particularly Asthall Stephen Banbury
BANNER 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
BANNISTER 1700-1900 Beckley, Headington Ian Bannister
BANNISTER >1800 Beckley, Headington, Cowley Pauline Welthy
BANNISTER Any Any Kevin Nicholas
BANNISTER Any Any Raine Alexander
BANSBURY <1733 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
BANTIN 1700-2000 Filkens, Broadwell Judith Harper
BANTING >1750 Bampton Jill Brill
BANTING Any Any Heather Brunt
BARANTYNE 1200-1350 Chalgrove (Barentin Manor) Garret Barrentine
BARBER Any Cowley Lesley Cook
BARKER 1832/4 Oxford (New Town) Doug McLean
BARKER 1830 Cuddesdon Graham Thomas
BARKER 1830-1850's Oxford Don Tylee
BARKUS 1800-1900 Moulsford / Ipsden Michael Barkus
BARKUS any any Chrissie Cox
BARKUS c1800 Ipsden Bert Barkus
BARLING 1750-1950 Any Dawn Black
BARLOW 1720-1770 South Stoke, Checkendon, Caversham Steve Miller
BARNARD 1500 - 1700s Pyrton and others Christine Barnard
BARNE 1500-1700 Any Myrtle Barnes Jones
BARNES <1900 Witney, Great Tew Andrew Barnes
BARNES Any Any Robert N. Barnes
BARNES Any Chipping Norton Oliver Herrin
BARNES 1773-1840 Kirtlington, Wootton Woodstock, Combe John Keenan
BARNES 1550-1808 Great Milton, Cuddesdon, Stadhampton, Chalgrove Susan Wheeler
BARNES c1800 Chipping Norton Howard Samuels
BARNES <1790 Hook Norton Howard Samuels
BARNES 1500-1700 Any Myrtle Barnes Jones
BARNES c1870 Ipsden Carolyn Nimmo
BARNET <1175 Oddington Maureen J. Cook
BARNET <1775 Abingdon? Sandra Lewis
BARNETT Any Any Mic Barnette
BARNETT Any Harpsden, Shiplake, Rotherfield Greys Lorraine Wuth
BARNETT <1660 Souldern Anne Seeley
BARNETT c.1760 Abingdon Sandra Lewis
BARNEY 1800's Watlington David Barney
BARNEY 1700 - 1850 Ibstone and Stokenchurch Chris Stephens
BARNS 1800-1900 Bloxham, Banbury Lorraine Gail Webster
BARNSHAW Any Any Jacky Sherwood
BARR Any Aston Tirrold Julia Fryer
BARRATT 1843 Standlake, Oxford Allan Young
BARRENTINE 1200-1350 Chalgrove (Barentin Manor) Garret Barrentine
BARRETT 1560-1825 Steeple Aston, Oxford Ann Barrett
BARRETT c.1832 Wytham/North Hinksey Chris Barrett
BARRETT 1780/1820 clifton hampden Joanne Chandler
BARRETT 1870-1900 arncott Liam Duggan
BARRETT 1800-1900 Duns Tew Mike Horton
BARRETT >1800> Filkins Catherine Kirkwood
BARRETT 1750-1850 Wallingford Miriam Smith
BARRETT 1500-1900 Deddington and Duns Tew David Turner
BARRETT Any Eynsham, Stanton Harcourt, Witney, Woodstock Jennifer Eggleston
BARRETT Any Benson Martin Rix
BARRETT 18c Waterperry Ann Dunmore
BARRETT Any Blackthorn Rachel Long
BARRETT Any Oxford, Steeple Aston Brian East
BARROWS 1400-1790 Otmoor villages, Wheatley, Holton, Forest Hill, Bicester, Duns Tew Steve Burrows
BARSON Any Any Carol Harmond
BARSON any Cumnor Frana McKinstry
BARSTON Any Any Carol Harmond
BARSTON Any Standlake Anna Rufer
BARTHOLOMEW <1630 Burford & Warborough George A. Bartholomew
BARTHOLOMEW <1600 Warborough Carol Fox
BARTHOLOMEW 1550-1650 Burford Cecilia Moulton
BARTLETT <1900 Bicester, Blackthorne, Ambrosden Chris Bartlett
BARTLETT 1750-1830 Chilson, Shorthampton, Charlbury, Chadlington Chris Bartlett
BARTLETT Any Charlbury, Hailey, Northleigh, Witney Donna Brando
BARTLETT <1800 Bampton Bill Seary
BARTLETT 1750-1850 Henley Doug Stewart
BARTLETT Any Bloxham, Banbury Peter Bartlett
BARTLETT Any Bampton Simon Jenkins
BARTLETT 1700-1800 Bladon Brenda J Crosby
BARTLETT 17c-19c Chastleton Judith Thomas
BARTLETT <1850 Chipping Norton Norma Jee
BARTLETT dna Any Chastleton, Evenlode Chris Bartlett
BARTLETT 18/19c South Leigh, Ducklington Doreen Bartlett
BARTON 1842-1890 Great Milton and Oxford Luke Harman
BARTON dna Any Any Gary Barton ons
BARTON MARSH 1874-1974 Oxford Luke Harman
BASKET <1820 Brize Norton Tony Butler
BASKETT Any Any Ann Spiro ons
BASON >1850 Banbury, "Banburyshire" Greg Bason
BASON Any Any Carol Harmond
BASON Any Kingston Bagpuize Al Jeffries
BASS 1650-1750 Bicester Miriam Smith
BASSETT Any Oxford area Stephen Costello
BASSETT 17-1800s Centre Dorothy Plows
BASSON 1800's Oxford Caroline Bond
BASSON 1855; Thane ?Brile ? June Dade
BASSON <1838 Kelmscott Sarah Dixon
BASSON Any Any Carol Harmond
BASSON Any Any Dennis Painting
BASSON <1960 Witney Paul Landon
BASSON Any Any Ian Garrett
BASTON 1800-1920 Black Bourton Kevin Davies
BASTON dna Any Any Carol Harmond
BASTON All - any Islip - Tingewick Lesley Cox
BATCHELDER 1100's Any Theresa Marie Pimental
BATCHELOR <1800 Avon Dassett area Ian Frazer
BATCHELOR 1500-1700 Banbury area David Judd
BATEMAN 1780s Wendlebury Nigel Bateman
BATEMAN 1780 -1900 Thame Georgina Coe
BATEMAN 1800's Thame Kim Danielsen
BATEMAN 1840-1913 Middle Cowley Norman Davies
BATEMAN >1891 Iffley Norman Davies
BATEMAN 1780-1860 Thame Pat Miller
BATEMAN Any Thame Bill Price
BATEMAN 1700 -1900 Ashampstead, Watlington Chris Prince
BATEMAN 1785- 1860 Burford Beryl Smart
BATEMAN 1740-1850 Eynsham Beryl Smart
BATEMAN Any Any Tony Butcher
BATES Any Any William Birchall
BATES Any Barford St Michael Souldern Joan Roberts
BATH <1800 Stanton Harcourt Michael Ward
BATHE <1850 Adderbury Glenice Bathe
BATHE >1600 Tackley, Kirtlington Malcolm Hoare ons
BATTEN >1750 Chinnor Pauline Pool
BATTEN 1665-1768 Great Milton, Marsh Baldon Jenny Bell
BATTEN <1760 Horspath Adam Osben
BATTON 1700-1900s Chinnor Pauline Pool
BATTS 1800 - 1900 Stanton Harcourt Robert Freeman
BATTS Any Any Roy Gainsburgh
BATTS Any Stanton Harcourt Gerry Bolton
BATTY 1700 Thame,Sydenham,Aston Rowant Jan Hutchinson
BATTY 1700's Thame,Aston Rowant, Sydneyham Jan Hutchinson
BAUFFIN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAUGHAM Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAUGHAN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAUGHAN 1810-1870 Chipping Norton John Moore
BAUGHAN 1790-1840 Salford John Moore
BAUGHAN Any Any Pamela Forster
BAUGHEN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAUGHN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BAUSBURY <1733 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
BAYCOCK 19c Oxford/Kidlington Helen Whapshott
BAYLIE 17c-18c Tadmarton, Bloxham Maurice Woodward
BAYLIS 1780-1860 Finstock and surrounding villages Chris Bodle
BAYLIS Any Burford, Finstock, Charlbury, Ramsden, Leafield, Shipton-under-Wychwood Chris Bodle
BAYLIS <1740 Bloxham Barry Baylis
BAYLIS <1860 Somerton, Stratton Audley Sarah Baker
BAYLIS <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
BAYLISS Any Burford, Finstock, Charlbury, Ramsden, Leafield, Shipton-under-Wychwood Chris Bodle
BAYLISS Any Headington, Marston, Cowley Andrea Fudge
BAYLISS 1800's Burford , Chipping Norton, Eynsham, Swalcliffe, Shipton Oliffe Faye Hayward
BAYLISS 18C Broughton Geoffrey Mann
BAYLISS <1900 Begbroke, Burford. Jenny Rose
BAYLISS 1800-1888 Chipping Nortond Leah Savage
BAYLISS <1815 Mollington Janie Wooder
BAYLISS 17c-18c Tadmarton, Bloxham Maurice Woodward
BAYLISS 1740 Bloxham Barry Baylis
BAYLISS <1860 Somerton, Stratton Audley Sarah Baker
BAYLISS <1870 Handborough (Long) Holly Herda
BAYNTON Any Any William L. Baynton
BAZELEY 1800s Bletchington Charles Eldridge
BAZELEY 1800's Bletchington Wendy Leeming
BAZELEY 1780-1850 Cumnor Lesley Newman
BAZELEY c1800-1881 Bletchingdon Rosemary Probert
BAZELEY Any Any Julia McCann
BAZELY <1800 Deddington Elaine Ward
BEACH >1800 Any Katherine Lewis
BEACHAM 18c-20c Sandford-on-Thames, Littlemoor & Surrounding Areas Val Hackett
BEACHEY 1680-1820 Clanfield, Bampton, Black Bourton Geoffrey Powers
BEAKHURST >1700 Mapledurham Norma Vella
BEAL c1800 Cogges Trevor Beal
BEAL 18c - 20c Any June Tipping
BEALE Any Witney Michael Fielding
BEALE 18c - 20c Any June Tipping
BEALE >1700 Any Pam Thornton
BEAMAN Any Chesterton Gary Jakeman
BEAMSLEY circa 1800 Stoke Talmage Rebecca Taylor
BEAMSLEY Any Any Kelley Videbeck
BEAMSLEY 17c Great Haseley Carole Newbigging
BEAN Any Any William Birchall
BEARD >1743 Chipping Norton Mary Beaumont
BEARD 1550-1620 Sarsden John Shelley
BEARD <1850 Binfield Heath, Shiplake, Eye&Dunsden Patrick Beard
BEASLEY 1700-1900 Fisher Row, St. Thomas, Oxford Eirwen Ashley
BEASLEY mid 18c Cumnor Lesley Newman
BEASLEY 1750 - 1780 Cumnor Rosemary Feltham
BECK 1710-1852 Cassington Rosemary Probert
BECKENGHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BECKENHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BECKENSALE Any Bampton, Cote, Aston, Sibford, Neithrop Peter Harris
BECKETT 1920-1940 summertown Jennifer Barton
BECKETT 1750 Oxford Pat Jeffery
BECKETT 1700-1900 Cumnor and Sandford on Thames Andrew Scurr
BECKHURST >1700 Mapledurham Norma Vella
BECKHUSON 1841 Oxford Linda-Jane Hamill
BECKINGHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BECKINGSALE Any Bampton, Cote, Aston, Sibford, Neithrop Peter Harris
BECKINGSALE Any Any Catherine Taylor
BECKINHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BECKINSALE Any Bampton, Cote, Aston, Sibford, Neithrop Peter Harris
BECKINSALE Any Any Catherine Taylor
BECKLEY 1600-1900 Woodstock, Elsfield, Hampton Poyle, St Aldate's Oxford, Enstone, Islip etc Mick Cooper
BECKWITH 1786-1844 Cowley Lynda Ottaway
BEDDEN Any Any James Keen
BEDDING 1790-1820 Cowley Rosemary Probert
BEDDING Any Any James Keen
BEDFORD 1750 - 1850 Henley-on-Thames, Sutton Courtenay Frances Bedford
BEDFORD 1600-1900 Witney Jane Woodall
BEDLOW 1850-1990 Banbury John Cooper
BEDWIN any Enstone, Kiddington, Radford John A. Smith
BEECHAM Any Witney Philip Webb
BEECHAM Any Curbridge Gerry Bolton
BEECHAM <1900 Longworth Nikki Eagle
BEECHEY 17-18 century stanton St John Susan Anderson
BEECHEY 1680-1820 Clanfield, Bampton, Black Bourton Geoffrey Powers
BEECHEY 18c Any Douglas James
BEESLEY 1700-1900 Fisher Row, St. Thomas, Oxford Eirwen Ashley
BEESLEY 1800-1891 Oxford Clayton Hall
BEESLEY >1750's Oxford Dina Smith
BEESLEY <1793 Banbury Janie Wooder
BEESLEY 19c Hornton Janie Wooder
BEESLEY Any Oxford Hazel Anderson
BEESLEY 18c-19c Water Perry Stephen Costello
BEESLEY 17c Watlington John Moore
BEESLEY <1820 Any Mary Jane Collis
BEESLEY Any Hornton Diane Melvin
BEESLEY 1850 - 1921 Oxford and Thames Sandy Nairne
BEESLEY <1870 Yelford/Hardwick/Shifford David Floyd
BEISLEY mid 18c Cumnor Lesley Newman
BEISLEY 19c Burcote, Warborough Lesley Newman
BEISLSEY <1600 Warborough Carol Fox
BEISLY 1736 to 1870 Warborough John Baillie
BEISLY 1861 to 1929 Nettlebed John Baillie
BEISLY 1835 to 1905 Wallingford John Baillie
BEISLY 1750-1850 Warborough Trevor Lake
BEISLY 1500-1900 Any Brian Robinson
BELCHER 1560-1775 Great Milton, Great Haseley Jenny Bell
BELCHER Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
BELCHER 1800-1860 Oxford City Debbie Chambers
BELCHER 1800 - 1900 Oxford Paul Collins
BELCHER Any Kingston Bagpuize Al Jeffries
BELCHER Any East and West Hanney Rachael Snashall
BELCHER <1807 Any Andrew John Ackerman
BELCHER <1800 Great Milton Maralyn Bevilaqua
BELCHER 18c Kidlington Adam Osben
BELCHER <1841 East Hendred, East Hanney Barbara Petagna
BELCHER <1750 West Hanney Barbara Cox
BELCHER c1803 North Stoke Carolyn Nimmo
BELCHIER <1700 Deddington Angela Clarke
BELL Any Any Kenn Collier
BELSON 1800-1900 Thame Rita Rainbird
BEMBOE 1731 marriage Ambrosden Russ Walker
BENFIELD 1800 - 1900 Enstone and surrounding villages Kevin Benfield
BENFIELD 1750 - 1850 Leafield Robert Freeman
BENFIELD 1800 1890 Church Enstone Anne McNicol
BENNELL 1850 1869 nettlebed J. Bennell
BENNETT 1700 Little & Great Milton Valerie H. Burrows
BENNETT <1840 Deddington Maureen J. Cook
BENNETT >1700 Enstone Delia Cuss
BENNETT 1800's Banbury Jenny Goode
BENNETT <1837 Ducklington John Sullivan
BENNETT 1800s Witney Lorna Webb
BENNETT 1700-1850 Deddington Kay Williams
BENNETT 1700-1800 Witney David Nutt
BENSON Any Oxford Kathleen Lopez
BENTLEY >1600 Any Sue Halpern
BENWELL <1800 Rotherfield Peppard, Bix Dee Murray
BENWELL 1750-1850 Nettlebed, Ipsden Christine Sbresni
BENWELL 1755-1835 Oxford Regina Johnson
BERNARD >1790 Wantage Ros Davies
BERNARD c1700 Brize Norton Peter E. Terry
BERNARD 18c Any Christine Barnard
BERRIMAN Any Witney Martin Rix
BERRY 1870's Alshrop, Kings Sutton Graeme Berry
BERRY ANY Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
BERRY >1860 Glympton Graeme Berry
BERRY 1847 -1875 Wadshal Robin Black-Hill
BERRY Any Dorchester Patricia Thornton
BERRY 18c Any Bryan Bowen
BERRY Any Any Joe Connell
BERRY <1800 Hanborough David Nutt
BERRY Any Witney Clare Mayo
BERRY <1850 Any Marion Towers
BERRY >1700 Witney Nena Carter
BERRY Any Any Brian Keen
BERTIE 1600-1900 Weston on the Green Eleanor Collins
BESLEY 1806 -1865 Abingdon Robyn Currie
BETTERIDGE <1905 Chipping Norton (and Sparkbrook, Birmingham) Christopher Reynolds Betteridge
BETTERIDGE 1880 - 1900 Chipping Norton Peter Mowlam
BETTERIDGE 1720-1775 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
BETTERIDGE <1800 Salford Margaret Walters
BETTERIDGE <1865 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
BETTERIDGE <1813 Chipping Norton, Upper Swell Katie Sullivan
BETTERIDGE < 1850 Chipping Norton Meredith Jones
BETTERTON 1500-1700 Any Jerry Betterton
BETTERTON Any Any Christopher Betterton
BETTS c1870 Oxford & district Peter Drew-Clifton
BETTS 1834 Fulbrook Joy Griffiths
BETTS Any Hanwell and surrounds Leppnut
BETTS 18C Langford Judith Wildsmith
BEVILACQUA Any Any Joyce Herzog ons
BEZELEY <1870 Yelford/Hardwick/Shifford David Floyd
BEZLEY early 18c Cumnor Lesley Newman
BICKERSTAFF 19c Thame Georgina Coe
BICKERSTAFF 1800's Thame Kim Danielsen
BICKINGHAM Any Any Alex McGahey ons
BIGGERS Any Witney Paul Kelly
BIGGS Any Waterperry & area Joan Yearsley
BIGGS Any Waterperry Ann Dunmore
BIGGS Any Waterperry Stephen Alun Catton
BIGGS Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
BIGNEL 17c Burford John Moore
BIGNELL c1700 Bicester Fiona Hedges
BILES 1600-1800 Charlbury Margaret Walters
BILES c1760-1890 Chilson Carol White
BILES 19c Charlbury Stephen Jones
BILES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles
BILES dna <1900 Hook Norton Richard Boyles
BILLING <1803 Mixbury Linda
BILLING <1803 MIXBURY Margo Nicklasson
BILLINGHAM c.1800 Banbury Malcolm Hoare ons
BILLINGSLEY <1798 Culham John Wood
BILLINGTON 1700s Wardington and area (Williamscott) Audrey Fawn
BINHAM Any Oxford Ruth Warner
BINNS Anytime Anywhere Leslie Binns
BIRD <1850 Ibstone Ann Barrett
BIRDOCK 1787-1830 Taynton Steven Knowles
BIRMINGHAM <1841 Henley on Thames Christine Madsen
BIRMINGHAM Any Any Julia Fryer
BIRMINGHAM Any Any Scott Haney
BISHOP <1800 Steeple Barton, Wootton ( 10 mile radius) Nick Bishop
BISHOP 1840-1845 Fryfield Pat Davies
BISHOP <1650 Any David Griffin
BISHOP 1750-1832 Minister Lovell, Witney, Northmoor George Thompson
BISHOP 1700-1900 Hanborough, Leafield, Charlbury Keith Wiggins
BISHOP 18c Henton Julie Dawn Saw
BISHOP 18c Handborough Lynda Organ
BISHOP >1780 Rousham Norman Perrin
BISHOP <1850 Chipping Norton Helen Martin
BISHOP <1900 Abingdon, Dorchester, Hagbourne, Northmoor Nick Higton
BITMEAD 1800 - 1900 Crowmarsh Gifford Hayley Conway
BLACKALL Any Henley Beryl Etheridge
BLACKALL c1650 Rotherfield Peppard Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
BLACKFORD Any Any Fred Cross
BLACKMAN <1750 Henley-on-Thames Andrew Cumine
BLACKWELL <1800 North Leigh, Witney Michael Ward
BLACKWELL <1887 Garsington Alison Adams-Bonnin
BLAGROVE Any Weston on Green/Suttton Courtenay/Abingdon Dianne Patterson
BLAGROVE <1780 Clanfield, Alverscot, Eynsham Celia Charlton
BLAGROVE 1775-1900 Weston on Green/Suttton Courtenay/Abingdon Jennifer Robbie
BLAKE <1860 Stanton Harcourt John Bowley
BLAKE 1793 Mitchum,Surrey George A. Jeffs
BLAKE Any Bucks Border Annette Richards
BLAKE >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
BLAKE <1760 Beckley, Bucks border Celia Charlton
BLAKE c1670 Hook Norton Howard Samuels
BLAKE dna Any Any Elizabeth Kipp ons
BLAKE Any Oxford Kevin Rosser Shackleton
BLAKE <1860 Swyncombe , Les Stokes
BLAKE >1800 Blewbury Sue Newell
BLAMER >1700 Any Pam Thornton
BLAND c.1850 Headington Quarry Rachel Long
BLAND Any Henley area Hazel Langford
BLAY <1750 Oxford area Judy Bleay
BLAY Any Any Lauren Simmonds-Davies
BLAY 1800's Iffley Kathleen M Trewartha
BLAY <1900 Any John Cramer
BLEAY Any Any Judy Bleay
BLEAY Any Any John Bleay
BLEAY Any Marston Mike Brooks
BLEAY Any Headington Mike Brooks
BLENCOW >1700 Banbury, Canals Tony Knight
BLENCOWE >1760 Bicester Christine Clement
BLENCOWE Any Any Julia Hathaway
BLENCOWE Any Bicester Martin Aldridge
BLENCOWE >1700 Banbury, Canals Tony Knight
BLENCOWE >1300 Hethe Richard May
BLENCOWE Any Banbury Marilyn Astle
BLENCOWE Any Any Daphne Austin ons
BLESS Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLESSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISS Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BLISSETT <1820 Any Anthony Seeney
BLISSETT c.1680 Wallingford (Hagbourne) Deborah Feld
BLOOD Early 1700's Any Mike Timm
BLOWFIELD <1820 Oxford Angela Clarke
BLOXHAM <1750 Bloxham Judy Mellowes
BLOXHAM <1840 Shenington Liz Hurst
BLOXHAM <1870 Deddington, Wigginton Christine Reynolds
BLOXHAM <1750 Any Eryl Bloxham
BLUNT <1700 Mixbury Elaine Partridge
BLYSSE Any Any Michael Bliss ons
BOAZMAN Any Neithrop, Banbury Pauline Gussin
BOBART Any Any Jane Hawkins
BODDINGTON 1779-1820 Steeple Barton, Lower Heyford Susan Griffiths
BODINGTON 1630 - 1800 Oxford Nancy Westenfield
BOFFIN Any Any Cliff Baughen ons
BOFFIN 1770's Bloxham Graeme Berry
BOFFIN c1800-c1850 Woodstock Steven Knowles
BOILEAU Any Any Joyce Herzog ons
BOILES dna 19c Hook Norton Richard Boyles
BOILING >1780 Thame Georgina Coe
BOLT <1750 South-west Oxfordshire Geoff Bowles
BOLTER 1700-1800 Cuxham & Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
BOLTER 1700-1900 Charlbury Marian Gould
BOLTON 1825 -1840 Henley on Thames Ken Bolton
BOLTON 1835 South Newington Douglas Fox
BOLTON Any South Newington Douglas Fox
BOLTON 1480-1800 Sandford, Enstone, Wootton, Witney Adrienne Roshier
BOLTON Any Any Vivienne Edwards
BOLTON c1750 Steeple Aston Adam Osben
BOLTON Any Witney, Enstone Becky Bolton Clawson
BOND 1750-1830 Begbroke, Woodstock Brian Bond
BOND 1700 - 1900 Warborough Paul Collins
BOND 1700-1850 South Stoke Kelven Spratling
BOND 1750-1900 Eynsham, Oxford City Janice McBride
BOND 1850 to1940 Burford Philip T. White
BONNER Benson, Testworth, Checkendon, Woodcote Teresa Bachelor
BONNER Any Any Kate Fearn
BONNER >1800 Benson Kate Fearn
BONNER 1700-1850 Any Samuel Bonner
BOOKER 18c Denchworth Barbara Cox
BOOKER Any Any Gemma Wheeler
BOOKHAM any Headington, Cowley Hilary
BOOTH 1780-1880 Oxford John Slee
BOOTS 1750-2000 Any Marian Gould
BORSBERRY 19c Hook Norton Jeanette Borsberry
BOSBERRY <1800 Any Alan Phipps
BOSBEY <1800 Any Alan Phipps
BOSBURY <1800 Any Alan Phipps
BOSCOTT Any Bampton, Cote, Aston, Sibford, Neithrop Peter Harris
BOSELEY <1800 Standlake Fiona Hedges
BOSELY Any Any Herb Proudley
BOSLEY 1600/1700/1800s Hagbourne, Harwell, Wallingford Jane Wolsey
BOSMAN Any Neithrop, Banbury Pauline Gussin
BOSSOM Any Oxford City Eleanor Collins
BOSSOM >1750's Oxford Dina Smith
BOSSOM <1800 Jericho, Oxford Graham Thomas
BOSTOCK 1512-1540 Abingdon, Culham Jenny Bell
BOUCHER <1851 Clent Simon Aldworth
BOUCHER Any Bampton Jack Honour
BOULD <1750 South-west Oxfordshire Geoff Bowles
BOULTER <1900 Burford Sue Bond
BOURNE <1600 Merton Rebecca Chapman
BOURTON 1900 - 1940 bicester & banbury Christine Corbridge
BOUSFIELD >1800 Warborough Sue Bowers
BOWDEN >1790 Chiselhampton; Stadhampton; Brookhampton Jemma Hayward
BOWELL Any Any Peter Bowell
BOWELL <1610 Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
BOWELL <1850 Cowley, Oxford Graham Thomas
BOWELL Any Charlbury, Cowley, Jericho Susan Wheeler
BOWELL <1870 Over Worton Christine Reynolds
BOWELL Any Worminghall Ann Dunmore
BOWEN <1900 Any George Bowen
BOWEN Any Any Emma Willson
BOWERMAN Any Any Bev Bowerman ons
BOWERMAN 1700-2000 Oxford, Wantage, Abingdon Mark Cox
BOWERMAN 1750 - 1800 Water Eaton Linda Kemal
BOWERMAN >1700 Stoke Lyne Pearl Whipp
BOWERMAN All All Fiona Hedges
BOWERMAN Any Woodstock Alan Wood
BOWERS 1799 Kirtlington Carrol Conroy
BOWERS <1750 Great Hasely Adam Osben
BOWLER 1700s Oxford Alison Gossler
BOWLER 1750 - 1850 Oxford Alison Gossler
BOWLER Any Thame Jane Davies
BOWLES <1750 South-west Oxfordshire Geoff Bowles
BOWLES 1690s south Oxon Shirley Newman
BOWLES Any Any Pauline Strange
BOWLING <1881 Henley on Thames Lisa Jones
BOWLS Any Dorchester Martin Rix
BOWMAN Any Any Byron Bowman
BOWYER 1780-1900 Any Christine Sbresni
BOX <1910 Shillingford Jaimie McEvoy
BOX <1742 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
BOYCE 1611 Burford Rachel Bell
BOYCE 1609 Burford Co., Oxford England Janie
BOYCE <1850 Any Mike Brooks
BOYCE >1700 Oxford Ruth Margaret Taylor
BOYCE 1600-1650 Oxford David Woodward
BOYLES Any Charlton Karen Boyles
BOYLES dna <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles
BRACEY 17c-19c Watlington Stephen Costello
BRACEY Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
BRACY 17c Headington Marilynn Visser
BRADBURY 1859-1900 Cowley Rick Bell
BRADBURY ANY Any Gary Bradbury
BRADBURY Any Any Patricia Pond
BRADBURY c1500 to c1750 Horspath Charles Bradbury
BRADFORD Any Oxford Kathleen Lopez
BRADFORD 1675 - 1755 Hanwell Barbara Rosethorne
BRADFORD Any Any Terry Lambourne
BRADLEY 1700-1800 Shilton Hazel Stirgess
BRADSHAW c1600 Bicester Fiona Hedges
BRADSHAW 1761-1841 Faringdon, Wallingford Greg Bradshaw
BRADSTREET 1800-1900 Oxford Liana
BRAGGINS N.A. N.A. Don V. Weston
BRAGGINS >1840 Banbury Janice Brown
BRAGINGTON <1781 Middleton Cheney Lyn Anderson
BRAIN <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
BRAIN Any Bletchingdon, Wootton Nicola Brayn
BRAIN 1800-1900 Oxford area, Weston on the Green Eleanor Collins
BRAIN 1750 - 1850 Enstone and Sandford St. Martin Valerie Fairbrass
BRAIN 1750 - 1850 Enstone and Sandford St. Martin Valerie Fairbrass
BRAIN 1550- Chipping Norton Helen McGill
BRAIN 1700 to 1800 Duns Tew Helen McGill
BRAIN Any Weston on the Green Lynda Organ
BRAIN Any Steeple Aston / Duns Tew /Swalcliffe Peter
BRAIN 1850s-1940s Bicester, Chesterton, Little Chesterton Bob Richardson
BRAIN 1700-2005 Weston-On-The-Green Bob Richardson
BRAIN >1720 Nuneham Courteney & Oxford City Sheila M. Shayler
BRAIN Any Any Leslie Sykes
BRAIN <1870's Any Ngaire Webber
BRAIN Any Any Brian Robinson
BRAIN <1768 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
BRAIN 1744-1831 Middleton Stoney Bev Perkins
BRAIN c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
BRAINE <1801 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
BRAINE <1768 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
BRANCH 1488-1626 Abingdon Jenny Bell
BRANGWYN Any Any David Brangwyn
BRASIER 1650-1730 Bicester L Whittinger
BRASSETT any time any place Yvonne Withington
BRAY dna <1800 Barford St Michael Jenny Lockett
BRAYN Any Bletchingdon, Wootton Nicola Brayn
BRAYNE <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
BRAYNE 1750-1850 Combe Andrew Guy
BRAYNE 1550- Chipping Norton Helen McGill
BRAYNE <1768 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
BRAZELL dna Any Any Paul Brazell ons
BRAZELL >1800 Chinnor Stephen Upton
BRAZIER 1550-1750 Bicester L Whittinger
BRAZIL dna Any Any Paul Brazell ons
BREACH 17-18c Sonning John Moore
BREAKSPEAR 1650-1790 Clanfield Graham Bell
BREAKSPEAR 1821 Chipping Norton Ken Campbell
BREAKSPEAR <1830 Banbury Robert Merrill
BREAKSPEAR Any Kencott, Bampton, Clanfield Anna Rufer
BREAKSPEAR Any Henley on Thames/Nettlebed Dawn Stevens
BREAKSPEAR 1760-1860 Benson Kathleen Heilig
BREAKSPEAR <1900 Hanborough Bryan Bowen
BREWER 1800-1880 Sutton Courtney Carolyn Nimmo
BREWERTON <1900 Abingdon, Witney, Oxford Jeremy Cousins
BREWERTON <1800 Godington Amanda Tidey
BREWERTON Any Any Kathleen Luker
BREWSTER Any Any Lisa Manor
BRIAN Any Any Ngaire Webber
BRICE 1760 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
BRICKNELL <1850 Any Kevin Bricknell
BRICKNELL <1850 Any Pauline Francis
BRIDCUTT >1700 Any Pam Thornton
BRIDGEMAN >1800 Any Colin Bridgeman
BRIDGEMAN >1850 Witney Gerald Cooke
BRIDGES 1750 - 1900 Drayton St. Leonard Paul Collins
BRIDGES 1830 Fulbrook Doug McLean
BRIDGES Any Kingham Brian Bridges
BRIDGES Any Drayton St Leonard Bob Bridges
BRIDGWATER Any Islip, Oxford Sally Jackson
BRIDWELL 1890 to 1920 brightwell Gregory William Bridwell
BRIGHT <1800 Sunningwell, Wootton Gwenda Wilkins
BRIGHT Any Wooton Mary Wilson
BRIGHTWELL Any Brightwell Lisa Brightwell Whitaker
BRIMMER 1740-1880 Sonning John Moore
BRISCOE >1700 Oxford City Eleanor Collins
BRISTO Any Any Robert Bristow ons
BRISTOE Any Any Robert Bristow ons
BRISTOW Any Any Robert Bristow ons
BRISTOWE Any Any Robert Bristow ons
BRITNELL 1790 to 1845 Chinnor/ Ashton Rowant Marion Coombs
BRITNELL Any Any Bob Britnell ons
BRITNELL Any Aston Rowant, Crowell Martin K Thompson
BRITTAIN 1750-1800 Sparsholt Sylvia Hewitt
BRITTAIN 1800-1900 Letcombe Regis Sylvia Hewitt
BRITTAIN 1880-1950 Longcot Sylvia Hewitt
BRIZE 1700-1800 Finstock, Charlbury Judy Priest
BROADEST Any Brize Norton, Bampton, Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
BROADHOUSE Any Any Carolyn Ramsbottom
BROADHURST 1801-1850 Littlemore Simon Powell
BROADHURST Any Any Carolyn Ramsbottom
BROADIS Any Brize Norton, Bampton, Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
BROADIST Any Brize Norton, Bampton, Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
BROADRICK 1800-1850 Fulbrook Pamela Farmer
BROADWAY 1618-1871 Cuxham, Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
BROADWAY Any South Weston Andrea Fudge
BROADWAY >1700 Any Pam Thornton
BROADWAY Any Any Stephen Jones
BROADWAY c1800 Watlington Sally Malone
BROADWAY Any Cuxham Timothy Cox
BROCK 17c Any Penny Eves
BROCK >1800 Any John Reid
BROCKALL Any Wolvercote Sue Shuker
BROCKLESBY c1837 St. Clement Martyn Payne
BROGAN Any Any Richard Brogan
BROGDEN >1710 Stanton Harcourt, Witney, Southleigh Linda StClair
BROGDEN Any Any Jackie Brogden
BROGDEN 1860 Cummnor, Ascott-Under-Wychwood Linda StClair
BROMLEY 1700-1800 Sonning Richard Slatter
BROMWICH Any Any Paul Landon
BROOKER 1720 - 1840 Blewbury Toni Philipoom
BROOKER >1500 Any Maureen Windebank
BROOKER >1600 Brightwell cum Sotwell, Chilton, Richard Grimsdale-Yates
BROOKES 1615-1729 Sydenham, Lewknor Jenny Bell
BROOKES Any Finstock, Charlbury Chris Bodle
BROOKES Any Thame Reg. District and Henley Reg. District. Helen Archer
BROOKES 1850 - 1925 Oddington Brian Bridges
BROOKES <1700 Ascot-under-Wychwood Peter E. Terry
BROOKINGS 1700-1850 Witney area David Nutt
BROOKINGS 1650-1700 Oxford, Wolvercote, Bablock Hythe David Nutt
BROOKLAND 18c-19c Oxford and suburbs Mary Skilton
BROOKLIN Any Any Stephanie Brooklyn
BROOKS Any Finstock, Charlbury Chris Bodle
BROOKS >1750 Longworth Bob Cowley ons
BROOKS 1840-1905 Tiddington Sandra I. Miller
BROOKS 1838-1905 Wheatly Sandra I. Miller
BROOKS 1800-1900 Great Tew Daphne Preston
BROOKS Any Any Pauline Strange
BROOKS >1700 Any Pam Thornton
BROOKS <1835 Rotherfield Greys Andy Bradley
BROOKS <1860 Northleigh Mike Brooks
BROOKS >1830 Oxford Mike Brooks
BROOKS 1700-1930 Hailey, Witney, Ducklington Celia Marus Crangle
BROOKS <1750 Cuxham Adam Osben
BROOKS Any Hailey, Witney, Any Stephen Saffin
BROOKS Any Oxford Jack Honour
BROOKS <1800 Any Sue Gordon
BROOKS <1889 Oxford Paul Landon
BROOKS 18c Ramsden John Fletcher
BROOM >1750 Bladon, Tackley, Woodstock, Minster Lovell Hilary Burton
BROOM Any Bucknell Gary Woodforth
BROOME 1750 Bushnell, Burford Hilary Burton
BROTHERTON <1860 Woodstock and surrounding villages Chris Howes
BROTHERTON 1800-1890 Witney Gill Langford
BROTHERTON Any Woodstock District Roger Brotherton
BROUGHTON >1850 Oxford Dave Broughton
BROWN 1756 - 1865 Checkendon, Swyncombe, Chalgrave Jane
BROWN Any Winterbourne Pam Campbell-McLean
BROWN Any Tetsworth Kitty Cusick
BROWN 1800/1870 Banbury Don Mark Gilham
BROWN 1700-1800 Neithrop, Banbury. Don Mark Gilham
BROWN Any Oxford, Ramsden Emma Willson
BROWN 18c Ipsden John Moore
BROWN c1700 Cottesford Adam Osben
BROWN Any Aston Tirrold, Aston Upthorpe, Tetsworth Sandra Crowthers
BROWN Any Oxford Brian Perry Powell
BROWN 1750-1900 Great Milton Mick Cooper
BROWN 1700-1911 North Leigh Barbara Fleming
BROWN ANY Chalgrove Sandra Yould
BROWN Any Any Brian Keen
BROWNE 1830 Oddington Victoria Greenly
BROWNE <1730 Deddington Elaine Ward
BROWNETT Earl 1800's Oxford L Whittinger
BROWNING 1800-1880 Chipping Norton and surrounds Joyce Robertson
BROWNING Any Ducklington David Wright
BROWNJOHN <1800 Any Richard G. Miller
BROWNLOW 19c Oxford Pat Jeffery
BRUCE Any Thame Jane Davies
BRUDENELL Any Any Bob Britnell ons
BRUERTON <1753 Lillingstone Lovell Richard Wade
BRUMAGE <1976 Any Paul Landon
BRUNSDEN 1600-1700 Any Linda Buckingham
BRUNSDEN 1800-1900 Woodstock Elizabeth Patterson
BRUSE 16c Any Penny Eves
BRYAN Any Witney Debbie Ait-Kaci
BRYAN 1800 - 2000 Banbury Christopher Bryan
BRYAN >1750 Lower Heyford Jane Cain
BRYAN 1600 - 1800 Witney, Hailey Anne Wiltshire
BRYAN 1600-1700 Hanborough and neighbouring parishes Christopher J. Woodward
BRYAN All Iffley Martyn Payne
BRYAN <1811 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip Lorna Crook
BRYANT 1875-1920 Any, especially Oxford Rob Hemmings
BRYDGES 1700s High Street Dorothy Plows
BRYON Any Any Maxine Tallon
BUCKELL 1880 Steventon Graham Buckell
BUCKELL 1850s-1870 Fairspeare House, Charlbury Colleen Slater
BUCKELL <1850 Wallingford Marcel Verbeeck
BUCKELL <1844-1872 Wychwood Colleen Slater
BUCKETT >1750 Henley on Thames Wayne P Marriott
BUCKETT <1850 Chipping Norton Michael Dumbleton
BUCKINGHAM 1750-1900 Northmoor Bob Cowley ons
BUCKINGHAM 1700 - 1900 Hailey, Minster Lovell, Witney Robyn McNie
BUCKINGHAM <1850 Eynsham, Freeland Vanda Turner
BUCKINGHAM <1840 Eynsham Marian Muskett
BUCKINGHAM <1900 Any James Moore
BUCKINGHAM Any Any Jo Freeman
BUCKINGHAM All Hailey Kay Campbell
BUCKINGHAM 1800-1880 Mid Barton Dawn Minard
BUCKINGHAM 1730-1900 Witney, Hailey Todd Dallimore
BUCKINGHAM Any Eynsham David Floyd
BUCKINGHAM 1700-1800 Any Marion Towers
BUCKINGHAM Any Cowley Jane Baird
BUCKLAND 1700-1800 Burford Ann
BUCKLAND <1835 Horton cum Studley Patrick Inwood
BUCKLAND Any Oxford Catriona Manners
BUCKLAND Any Oxford Patrick Inwood
BUCKLE <1850 Wallingford Marcel Verbeeck
BUCKLE Any Bicester Diana Roads
BUCKLES <1850 Wallingford Marcel Verbeeck
BUCKNELL 1800-1860 Any Ronald Rogers
BUDD Any Bletchington, St Peter le Bailey Oxford James Laurence Tait
BUDD 18c Witney John Moore
BUDDINGTON 1630 - 1800 Oxford Nancy Westenfield
BULFORD <1760 Horton, Beckley Celia Charlton
BULGIN Any Oxford Terri Bonham-Samuels
BULL 1700 - 1900 Banbury, Adderbury Doreen Olds
BULL c.1870-1910 Deddington, Tysoe, Long Compton Diana Pollock
BULL 1700-1850 Deddington Bob Potter
BULL 1500-1780 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
BULL 1400-1600 Wardington Keith Ward
BULL 1600/1700s Hagbourne Jane Wolsey
BULL 1750 to 1900 North Newington Ian Bull
BULLER 1830 - 1870 Any Wendy Buller
BULLFORD <1760 Horton, Beckley Celia Charlton
BULLOCK 1747-1860 Bletchington Charles Eldridge
BULLOCK Any Any Heather Brunt
BULLOCK <1800 Any Richard Bullock
BULLOCK <1880 Sutton Courtney Carol Todd
BULLOCK >1880 Sandford on Thames Carol Todd
BUNCE any Chalgrove Colleen Andrews
BUNCE <1915 Henley-on-Thames Marlene Frechette
BUNCE <1850 Stratton Audley Helen Lisle-Wood
BUNCE >1700 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
BUNCE 18c, 17c Shilton, Burford and area Bill Manzke
BUNTING <1844 Shipton-under-Wychwood Marianne
BURCHELL c.1800 Banbury Malcolm Hoare ons
BURCHELL 1735 Wheatfield, Adwell,Lewknor Joseph Burchell
BURDEN Any Any Patricia Capon
BURDEN 1800-1870 Eynsham Ed Rose
BURDEN Any Any Chris Wake
BURDEN 19c Chipping Norton Colin Reeves
BURDEN <1800 Chadlington Colin Reeves
BURDETT 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
BURDOCK 1787-1830 Taynton Steven Knowles
BURFORD dna Any Any Larry Burford
BURGES <1740 Pyrton, Watlington Felicity Sanderson
BURGESS <1800 Stokenchurch Gloria Goltiani
BURGESS c1600 Witney Fiona Hedges
BURLAND 1700-1750 Woodstock/Wootton David Turner
BURMAN <1575 Merton Rebecca Chapman
BURMAN <1825 Bloxham, Barford St. Michael Jennifer Wilhelmi
BURN <1900 Any Martin Langley
BURNAM <1575 Merton Rebecca Chapman
BURNHAM 1812-1900 Baldon/Wallingford Jan Clist
BURNHAM <1700 Charlton on Otmoor Pauline Kennedy
BURRETT Any Eversley Paul Landon
BURROSS 1400-1790 Otmoor villages, Wheatley, Holton, Forest Hill, Bicester, Duns Tew Steve Burrows
BURROW 1400-1790 Otmoor villages, Wheatley, Holton, Forest Hill, Bicester, Duns Tew Steve Burrows
BURROWS 1400-1700 Breckly, Holton, Oxford Steve Burrows
BURROWS Any Henley etc Robyn Navin
BURROWS 1619-1794 Thame Tony Newman
BURROWS dna Any Holton, Wheatfield, Thame Dawn Webb
BURROWS 18c & 19c Clanfield and surrounding area Maria Haines
BURRS Any Any Denise Burrs
BURSON >1730 Wantage, Grove Anna Rufer
BURSON Any Any Carol Harmond
BURSON Any Any Catherine Kirkwood
BURSON Any Milton-under-Wychwood Thomas Robinson
BURSON <1730 Cogges, Witney Steve Bumstead
BURTON 1762 Shenington Brian Gubbins
BURTON 1791 Alkerton Brian Gubbins
BURTON 1970 Any Susan Pullen
BURTON 1897-1973 BANBURY Susan Pullen
BURTON 18c Chalgrove Harry White
BURTON 18c Emmington Peter Moore
BUSBY Any Finstock, Charlbury, Leafield, Shipton-under-Wychwood Chris Bodle
BUSBY 1700 - 1900 Curbridge, Over Norton Janet Mary Burrows
BUSBY Any Deddington Albert Busby
BUSBY 1700 - 1999 North Aston Albert Busby
BUSBY 1850 Thrupp Candace Cozens
BUSBY 1700-1900 North Aston, Asthall, Steeple Aston, Steeple Barton, Deddington, Ascott under Wychwood Emma Sweetland
BUSBY Any Fringford, Bladon, Bicester, Enstone Nancy Denis
BUSBY 1600-1800 Hethe Don Mark Gilham
BUSBY Any Ascott-under-Wychwood, Milton Fenella Gough
BUSBY 1700-1800 Shipton under Wychwood Andrew Guy
BUSBY Any Any Daphne Oosthuizen
BUSBY >1780 Combe Helen Smith
BUSBY >1870 Oxford Helen Smith
BUSBY Any Hook Norton Paula Taplin
BUSBY Any Any Colin Wills
BUSBY 1500-1871 Leafield Gina Ziegler
BUSBY 1500-1895 Astley Gina Ziegler
BUSBY <1850 Deddington Jim Baker
BUSBY 1750 Asthall Stephen Banbury
BUSBY <1900 Any James Moore
BUSBY <1690 Shipton under Wychwood Lorilee Buzby
BUSBY 1700-1870 Piddington Reg Watson
BUSBY >1900 Old Headington Angie Clements
BUSBY 1650-1750 Deddington Judy Priest
BUSBY <1892 Any Alison Haringa
BUSBY dna <1800 Any Tom Busby
BUSBY 1600-1668 Milton, Tew Pam Werner
BUSHELL <1840 Chipping Norton Renate Young
BUSHNELL <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
BUSHNELL c1818 Oxford Cassandra Fox
BUSOOM 1700-1800 Great Milton Micheal Treddle
BUSSWELL 1700 - 1800's Chipping Norton Ron Hollander
BUSTARD 15c/16c Adderbury The Rev. Charles F. McCarron
BUSWELL < 1850 Stoke Lynne Kimberly Fraser
BUSWELL <1880 CHARLBURY Ron Hollander
BUSWELL 1700 - 1850 Iffley, Headington, Wootton Sarah Milne
BUSWELL <1850 Westcott Barton, Woodstock, Kiddington Janine McMinn
BUTCHER <1820 North Moreton Jean Elliot
BUTCHER Any Bicester, North Moreton Gemma Wheeler
BUTLER <1900 Banbury area Connie Anderson
BUTLER <1750 Faringdon Tony Butler
BUTLER <1810 Kingston Bagpuize Tony Butler
BUTLER <1820 Northmoor Tony Butler
BUTLER Any Any M Cooper
BUTLER >1700 Brize Norton, Minster Lovell, Finstock, Ramsden Susan Downes
BUTLER 1750-1850 Cropredy, Banbury David Leach
BUTLER >1800 Bucknell Ian Malins
BUTLER 1800's Banbury, Neithrop Janice McKay
BUTLER Any Banbury Ann Jones
BUTLER 1800-1900 Banbury - Neithrop John Rene
BUTLER <1890 ardley Butler Richard
BUTLER <1900 Bucks border Peter Tranter
BUTLER <1800 AstonTirrold/Blewbury Brenda Wheeler
BUTLER 19c Oxford Ken Wheeler
BUTLER Any Coxwells, Faringdon, Bampton, Buckland Liz Chown Gadd
BUTLER c1750 Bloxham, Milcombe Cliff Butler
BUTLER 17c Nettlebed John Moore
BUTLER <1700 Crocker End, Nettlebed Jean Hodges
BUTLER 1855 Nuffield Mary Edwards
BUTLER Any Fritwell Gary Woodforth
BUTLER <1846 Fritwell, Stoke Lyne Terry Watson
BUTLER Any Adderbury Colin D. Gronow ons
BUTLER 1800 - 1880 Any Rae Reynolds
BUTLER <1900 Cropredy , Banbury, David Butler
BUTLER <1820 Stokenchurch Cathryn Hyvattinen
BUTTON 1700s Milton Robert Cox
BUXTON >1840 Reading Mark Van Dusen
BUY 1550 Great Rollright Angela Hockham
BYE 1796 Faringdon Roger Jelfs
BYE 17c Brightwell, Baldwin Vicki Perry
BYE 18c Sonning John Moore
BYLES 1790-1850 Henley-on-Thames Ralph Byles