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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
CADD Any Fringford, Newton Purcell Joan Roberts
CADEL 19c Oxford Judith Thomas
CADLE <1750 Faringdon Fiona Hedges
CAKEBREAD >1600 Any Dennis Cakebread
CAKEBREAD Any Any Ian Charles Cakebread
CAKEBREAD 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
CAKEBREAD Any Any William Birchall
CALCOT <1700 Standlake Dr Ben Knighton
CALCOTT 1775-1800 Deddington Donna Lonon
CALCOTT 1820 - 1848 Churchill Ms M Tiller
CALCUTT 1800-1839 Wolvercote Pam Golding
CALCUTT Any North Leigh, Witney Martyn Wilson
CALCUTT Any Northleigh Jill Salt
CALCUTT 1820 - 1848 Churchill Ms M Tiller
CALCUTT Any Cogges, Stanton Harcourt David Wright
CALCUTT <1789 Stanton Harcourt Patrick Inwood
CALCUTT <1900 North Leigh Caroline Johnston
CALCUTT Any Witney Patrick Inwood
CALCUTT 1700-1850 Combe, Stonesfield Judy Priest
CALCUTT <1850 North Leigh, Stanton Harcourt, Tubney Peter Caulkett
CALCUTT Any Witney Gordon Parker
CALLADINE >1700 Any Shannon Calladine
CALLADINE Any Abingdon, Sutton Wick, East & West Hanney Mary Wilson
CALLOW Any Any Paul Landon
CALVER 1850-1997 Steeple Aston Rodney Calver
CAMBDEN 17c North Leigh Penny Eves
CAMBRAEY <1722 Any Elizabeth Adams
CAMBRAY <1722 Any Elizabeth Adams
CAMDEN 17c North Leigh Penny Eves
CAMPDEN 1927 Wallingford Brian Stevens
CAMPIN 18c Any David Campion
CAMPION >1535 South Newington Sue Holmes
CAMPION <1900 Marcham D Peasey
CAMPION 18c Any David Campion
CANNON mid 17c Ickford Doug Cannon
CANTELL >1800 Witney Grace Abrahams
CANTWELL Any Marston, Any Stephen Saffin
CAPEL Any Any Lesley Deacon
CAPEL Any Any Sally Ford
CAPP 1750 -1850 St Clements Bernice Abrahall
CARDEL 18c Brightwell Baldwin, Great Milton Vicki Perry
CAREDINE Any Abingdon and surrounding areas Mary Wilson
CAREY Any Any Lulu Morgan-Shaw
CARIE 1559-1624 Abingdon Jenny Bell
CARLOSS 18c-19c Any Anne Ramon
CARPENTER <1625 Adderbury, Bodicote Sue Adcock
CARPENTER 1600 -1920 Stratton Audley, Banbury, Charlbury John Mumford
CARPENTER 1800 Oxford City, Kidlington Vic Styles
CARPENTER <1693 Bampton Patrick Inwood
CARPENTER Any Bampton Carolyn Ramsbottom
CARPENTER <1850 Charlbury Charlotte Carpenter
CARR <1750 Beckley, Oxford, Headington, Merton Christopher Coles
CARTER >1800 Bampton Penny Atkinson
CARTER 1500-1700 Claydon Mavis Bassett
CARTER 18c, 19c Kidlington Heather Evans
CARTER 19c Dorchester Lesley Newman
CARTER >19c Toot Baldon Lesley Newman
CARTER >1820 Marsh Baldon, Toot Baldon, Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
CARTER <1730 Witney Lesley Silvester
CARTER 14c Claydon, Cherwell District Jordan Trotter
CARTER <1850 Watlington Sally Malone
CARTER 1700-1900 Wardington Stephanie Barron
CARTER <1820 Cowley Robert Holt
CARTER <1840 Wroxton Judy Evans
CARTER <1777 Abingdon Katie Sullivan
CARTER Any Watlington Carol Loveday
CARTER 18c Sunningwell Barbara Cox
CARTER 1800 - 1890 Oxford Debbie Chambers
CARTER 1770-1930 South Hinksey/Oxford Jennifer Robbie
CARTER Any Watlington Carol Loveday
CARTER Any Any Sandra Hall
CARTHEW Any Any Pamela Forster
CARTWRIGHT Any Bloxham, Adderbury areas Maurice Woodward
CARVEY Any Northmoor Gerry Bolton
CARY 1680-1900 Bampton John Kerry
CASEY <1750 Mixbury Mary Taylor
CASLEY 17c, 18c Banbury David Judd
CASSELL Any Chastleton Jo Tanner
CASTELL 1800 Islip Lynn Clarke Ahrens
CASTELL 1650 - 1850 Burford Paul Chavasse
CASTELL 1800s Noke, Islip Eleanor Collins
CASTELL 19c Islip Judith Palmer
CASTELL Any Any Jill Bowers
CASTLE Any Launton, Bicester, Islip Karen Simons
CASTLE 1800 Islip Lynn Clarke Ahrens
CASTLE <19c Cogges June Castle
CASTLE 1650 - 1850 Burford Paul Chavasse
CASTLE Any Brize Norton, Bampton Carol Fitzgerald
CASTLE b 1824-5 Oxford Susana Frushour
CASTLE >1800 Burford Diana M. Wakefield Hawkins
CASTLE Any Neithrop, Banbury Stephanie Brooklyn
CASTLE Any Any Debbie Miles
CASTLE <1800 Sandford on Thames Debbie Miles
CASTLE 19c Islip Judith Palmer
CASTLE <1764 Barford St.John Kerrie Rafter
CASTLE Any Any Jill Bowers
CASTLE 1780-1960 Adderbury, Neithrop Stephanie Brooklyn
CASTLE 1700-1900 Adderbury Alison Molineux
CASTLE 17c Deddington Penny Eves
CASTLE <1730 Wootton Celia Charlton
CASTLE 16-17c Shipton John Moore
CASTLE <1890 Any John Cramer
CASTLE <1790 Duns Tew Vicky Ford
CASTLE Any Banbury, Bodicote Linda Howard
CASTLE Any Glympton Stuart McIntosh
CASTLE Any Adderbury Dawn Riddiford
CASTLE 1600-1650 Lyneham John Shelley
CASTLE 1880 Deddington Julie Castle
CASTLE c1820 North Stoke Carolyn Nimmo
CASTLE Any Ducklington Gordon Parker
CASTLE Any Bicester Gemma Wheeler
CATERER <1850 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
CATHARINE >1790 Oxford Alan Catherine
CATHERINE >1790 Oxford Alan Catherine
CATO 19c Kirtlington Ken Wheeler
CATTELL Any Any Charles Eldridge
CATTLE Any Any Charles Eldridge
CATTON 1880-1920 Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
CATTON 1820-1870 Chipping Norton Stephen Alun Catton
CAUDELL 1830 to 1900 Any Martin Caudell
CAUDWELL 1750-1900 Any Rémi Caudwell
CAULKETT <1841 North Leigh, Stanton Harcourt, Tubney Peter Caulkett
CAVE Any Any Freda Storrar
CAVEY Any Any Colin Stevenson ons
CAVIE Any Any Colin Stevenson ons
CAWDELL <1750 Faringdon Fiona Hedges
CECIL 1680-1780 Any Lisa Musick
CELSTON <1850 Eynsham, Bladon, Oxford, Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
CHADBAND 1700-1850 Any Mick Cooper
CHAINEY Any South Oxfordshire Chris Chaney
CHALK Any Any Nigel Chalk
CHAMBERLAIN 19c Benson Kate Fearn
CHAMBERLAIN 1800 Any Margaret Russell
CHAMBERS 1939 Letcombe Regis Bev Warner
CHAMBERS c 1902 Wantage Bev Warner
CHAMP Any Sulham/Whitchurch/Pangbourne Eirwen Ashley
CHAMP Any Any Lewis Sale
CHANDLER <1700 Oxford Beverly Walker
CHANDLER c.1800 Caversham Sandra Shepherd
CHANEY Any South Oxfordshire Chris Chaney
CHANGE 19c Any Sandra Beasley
CHAPMAN Any Any Robert N. Barnes
CHAPMAN Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
CHAPMAN 1755 Rotherfield Grey John Moodie
CHAPMAN C1750 Chalgrove Peter Moore
CHAPMAN Any Faringdon, Oxford, Headington, Cowley Sandy Mursell
CHAPMAN Any Towersey Margaret East
CHARLES b 1824-5 Oxford Susana Frushour
CHARLES 1700-1851 Neithorp and surrounding area Geraldine Charles
CHARLES 1831 Any Lois Russell
CHARLETT Any Beckley, Yarnton Paul Sadler
CHARLTON 1800s Oxford Alison Gossler
CHARLTON 1800 - 1900 Oxford, Woodstock Alison Gossler
CHASE 1780 - 1860 Bix and Henley Joan Henstock
CHATER 1795 Deddington Donna Lonon
CHATER 1750-1850 Wigginton Donna Lonon
CHATTBAND 1700-1850 Any Mick Cooper
CHAUNDRY Any Oxford Graeme Berry
CHAUNDY Any Any Sue Chaundy
CHAUNDY 1550-1900 Ascott Under Wychwood Chris Wake
CHAUNDY Any Any Andrea Cogan
CHAVASSE 1650 - 1850 Burford Paul Chavasse
CHAVASSE 1700-1800 Burford Jan Harris
CHECKLEY Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
CHECKLEY <1863 Steeple Barton, Lower Heyford Sylvia Checkley
CHEER Any Charlbury area Raymond Hayward
CHEESE >1800 Bicester Lauren Gessler
CHENEY >1670 Toot Baldon, Marsh Baldon Eunice Cubbage
CHENEY Any South Oxfordshire Chris Chaney
CHENNEL Any Oxford, St. Michael, Holywell Christine Firth
CHENNELL 1537-1777 Oxford, Holywell Christine Firth
CHERRILL Any Clifton Hampden Jill Bowers
CHERRY Any Stratton Audley Paul Bolchover
CHERRY Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
CHERRY Any Thame Cate Helyar
CHERRY >1780 Marcham Marlene Papineau
CHERRY 1700-1900 Wheatfield Ann Ferriss
CHERRY Any Cropredy Christine Wells
CHESSALL 16-17c Bix John Moore
CHESTER 1800-1860 Oxford Ros Gurney
CHESTER 1800-1900 Thame Rita Rainbird
CHETTESWELL Any Any Graham Satchwell
CHETTESWELL Any Any Graham Satchwell
CHEYNEY Any South Oxfordshire Chris Chaney
CHILLINGWORTH Any Oxford, Deddington Doreen Collins
CHILTON Any Banbury Mark Bletchly
CHINA Any South Oxfordshire Chris Chaney
CHIPPINGTON Any Any Paul Landon
CHISNELL <1750 Any Judy Mellowes
CHIVERS 1800-1940 Any Ian Walker
CHIVERS <1800 Ducklington David Nutt
CHOWN >1800 Any Rosemary Hicks
CHOWN Any Aston Rowant, Sydenham, Crowell area Carol Boman
CHRISTOPHER 1640 1690 Any David Christopher
CHURCH Any Chilton Maureen Windebank
CHURCH any any Chrissie Cox
CHURCH Any Wallingford Gill Firmin
CHURCH c1754 Weald Weald OPS
CHURCH <1680 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
CHURCH 17c Lyford area Barbara Cox
CHURCHILL <1800 Deddington Elaine Ward
CHURCHILL 1750 - 1850 Salford Betty Riley
CLACK >1750 Bampton Jill Brill
CLACK 1700 - 1811 Filkins, Kencot, Broadwell, Shilton Maureen Edden
CLACK <1820 Hardwick Chris Etheridge
CLACK Any Witney Michael Fielding
CLACK Late 19th, early 20th century Coleshill Fredrick J. Kull
CLACK Any Any Kathleen Luker
CLACK 1700-1760 Enstone Lesley Silvester
CLACK 1650-1750 Clanfield Lesley Silvester
CLACK Blackbourton Carole Todd
CLACK Any Bampton Gary Jakeman
CLACK <1745 Bampton - Chimney Fiona Hedges
CLACK 1670 - 1720 Shilton Chris Etheridge
CLACK >1720 Clanfield Chris Etheridge
CLANFIELD Any Cuddesdon Olav den Ouden
CLAPTON 19c Shilton, Alvescot, Kencot David Clapton
CLAPTON Any Oxford Paul Landon
CLAPTON 19c-20c Oxford Steve Gardner
CLAPTON > 1850 Oxford Paul Landon
CLARE >1100 Eynsham Dr Ben Knighton
CLARE 19c Stonesfield Trevor Beal
CLAREDGE 1500-1600 Great Bourton, Cropredy Ryan Dudley
CLARGO Any Any Terry Stallard
CLARIDGE 1600 - 1900 Hook Norton Kim Conway
CLARIDGE <1800 South Cotswolds Anne Gawthorpe
CLARIDGE 1700-1900 Grimsbury, Banbury Stephanie Barron
CLARIDGE >1800 Any Nadine Calder
CLARIDGE c.1800-1940 Eynsham area Catriona Manners
CLARIDGE Any Any Margaret Alderson
CLARIDGE 1700-1850 Witney Todd Dallimore
CLARK <1880 Any Rebecca Williams
CLARK 1750 - 1850 Duns Tew, Steeple Barton, Banbury Colin Clarke
CLARK Any Kidlington Christine Meta
CLARK Any South Stoke, Wallingford James Laurence Tait
CLARK Any Little Compton Kate Gartner
CLARK >1750 Aston Fiona Hedges
CLARK Any Coleshill Kevin Harris
CLARK 1600-1750 Sandford on Thames Michael Long
CLARKE 1800 Islip Lynn Clarke Ahrens
CLARKE <1880 Any Rebecca Williams
CLARKE 1850 Stratton Audley John Harris
CLARKE 1780 Littlemore, Iffley Bill Kelley
CLARKE <1675 Langley Dr Ben Knighton
CLARKE >1800 Any Lynn Brown
CLARKE Any South Stoke, Wallingford James Laurence Tait
CLARKE <1840 Westcote Barton Philip Clarke
CLARKE 18-19c Witney John Moore
CLARKE 1800-1818 Bicester, Little Horwood Philip Clarke
CLARKE 1780-1900 Weston on the Green Ian Clarke
CLARKE c1650 Rotherfield Peppard Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
CLARKE <1900 Any Sue Powell
CLARKE <1850 Chipping Norton Helen Martin
CLARKE 1600-1750 Sandford on Thames Michael Long
CLARREGE <1900 Hook Norton Rosalind Dunning
CLARRIDGE <1900 Hook Norton Rosalind Dunning
CLAY 1830 Little Bourton William A. Clay
CLAY 1750-1850 Duns Tew Mike Horton
CLAYDEN 1750-1800 Pyrton/Ipsden Robert Clayton
CLAYDON 1750-1800 Pyrton/Ipsden Robert Clayton
CLAYDON Any Any Daphne Oosthuizen
CLAYDON Any Weston-on-the-Green Robin Price
CLAYTON 1750-1800 Pyrton/Ipsden Robert Clayton
CLEAVER 1855 - 1900 Enstone Ann-Marie Ell
CLEAVER c19 Broughton, Adderbury Christine Hill
CLEAVER >1800 Deddington, Headington John Morgan
CLEAVER 1800-1900 Deddington John Morgan
CLEAVER 1820 - 1848 Churchill Ms M Tiller
CLEAVER Any Oxford Janet Watts
CLEAVER c.1750s Any Diane Melvin
CLEMENTS 1600-1850 Henley-on-Thames Frances Bedford
CLEMENTS >1901 Elsfield, Old Marston, Headington Angie Clements
CLEMENTS 1700-1800 Oxford City, St. Giles Eleanor Collins
CLEMENTS >1600 Hailey, North Leigh, Paul Howard Clements
CLEMENTS 18c Any Bryan Bowen
CLEMENTS Any Banbury, Bicester Linda Howard
CLEMONS 1885-1910 Any Irene Walker
CLEMPSON Any Witney Maggie Mattock
CLERIDGE 1500-1600 Great Bourton, Cropredy Ryan Dudley
CLERK c1650 Rotherfield Peppard Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
CLEWS Any Oxford Emma Willson
CLIFFORD >1772 Any Gary Bradbury
CLIFFORD 19c Ewelme Kate Fearn
CLIFFORD Any Any Tony Butcher
CLIFT 18C Chipping Norton, Charlbury Dave Andrews
CLIFTON <1700 Northmoor, Bloxham Peter Clifton
CLIFTON 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
CLIFTON 1750s Any Sue Holmes
CLIFTON 1820's Gt. Milton Dennis Johnson
CLIFTON 1700s Bloxham, Banbury Sheila Matthews
CLIFTON <1850 Bicester Louise Dallimore
CLIFTON 18c Bloxham, Banbury Elizabeth Coyle
CLIFTON 1850-1900 Any Margaret Massie
CLIFTON Any Any Tony Butcher
CLIFTON 19c Northmoor Nikki Eagle
CLINCH Any Culham Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH Any Standlake Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH Any Shifford Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH Any Clanfield Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH 1720 - 1830 Faringdon and Witney Craig Carey-Clinch
CLINCH Any Cote Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH Any Weald Norman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCH <1722 Bampton Patrick Inwood
CLINCH Any Witney Patrick Inwood
CLINKARD 19c Garsington Lewis D. Hawley McCann
CLISBY Any Any Sue Woods
CLISBY c.1800 Bix, Rotherfield Greys Elaine Bishop
COATES Any Brill Fiona Banford
COATES Any Any Joe Connell
COBB 1700-1900 Newington, Dorchester Harry White
COBBUCK Any Any David Coppock ons
COCKEREL 1700 Swinbrook Donna Aitken
COCKHEAD Any Black Bourton JoAnne Lilley
COCKHEAD <1850 Blackbourton, Brize Norton, Broadwell. Haydn Ebbs
COCKING <1700 Upper Heyford Sally Forwood
COE Any Any Tony Butcher
COGGINS > 1850 Bicester Sally Forwood
COGGINS > 1800 Middleton Stoney Sally Forwood
COGGINS >1700 Lower Heyford Sally Forwood
COGGINS c1700 Weston on the Green, Chesterton Barry Coggins ons
COLCOTT 18 cent - 19 cent northwest Ken Wyatt
COLE 1740-1841 Cogges Steve Cole
COLEGROVE 1800-1855 Chipping Norton, Swerford, Hook Norton, Lit. Tew, Bloxham Bill Watson
COLEMAN <1890 Enstone, Long Hanborough Alexandra Coles
COLEMAN <1900 Minster Lovell Fran Crisp
COLEMAN c1870 Shenington Jeannie Hodkinson
COLEMAN <1860 Enstone Michael Wearing
COLEMAN Any Bloxham Elizabeth Coyle
COLEMAN Any Bucknell Gary Woodforth
COLEMAN >1850 Faringdon Grace Abrahams
COLEMAN >1700 Banbury Alan Coleman
COLES 1735-1800 Deddington Donna Lonon
COLES 1500-1725 Deddington Graham Loveday King
COLES 1740-1851 Cogges Steve Cole
COLES <1800 Bucknell Sue Thompson
COLES 1600-1800 Kidlington Rosemary Barling
COLLCUTT 1840 Oxford Linda-Jane Hamill
COLLCUTT Any Any Simon Collcutt
COLLET <1840 Alvescot June Keating
COLLET <1710 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
COLLETT Any Bicester, Fencott, Witney, North Aston Karen Simons
COLLETT <1840 Alvescot June Keating
COLLETT <1800 Alvescot June Keating
COLLETT 19c Charlton on Otmoor, Fencott, Murcott Karen Lynn
COLLETT Any Charlton-on-Otmoor Robin Price
COLLETT Any Hook Norton Roger Brain
COLLETT <1710 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
COLLETT 1823 Murcott Brenda Purves
COLLETT <1746 Charlton on Otmoor, Fencott Stephen Collett
COLLIER >1750 Witney Keith R. Collier
COLLIER Any Witney Robert Collier
COLLIER 1800-1870 Witney Sandra Kibble-White
COLLIER Any Any Wendy Stacey
COLLIER <1750 Witney Peter E. Terry
COLLIER 18c Witney Chris Wake
COLLIER Any Witney Martin Rix
COLLIER c.1755 Witney Colin D. Gronow ons
COLLIER Any Witney Mike Sandon
COLLINGRIDGE <1800 Somerton, Souldern, Godington, Hethe Stephen Taylor-Jones
COLLINGWOOD 1550-1750 Bampton Miriam Smith
COLLINGWOOD <1800 Bampton Myrtle Cooper
COLLINGWOOD Any Any Gordon Collingwood ons
COLLINS 1890s Oxford Rosemary Barling
COLLINS <1820 Any Heather Collins
COLLINS 1700 - 1850 Towersey Paul Collins
COLLINS 1880 - 1999 Warborough Paul Collins
COLLINS <1813 Goring, Whitchurch Andy Bradley
COLLINS c17 Witney Debbie Ait-Kaci
COLLINS >1820 Any Mike Brooks
COLLINS 1874 Bloxham Anne Williams
COLLINS Any Any Rachel Williams
COLLINS 1780 - 1812 Oxford Rosemary Feltham
COLLINS >1700 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
COLLINS Any Dorchester Martin Rix
COLLINS <1600 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
COLLINS Any Deddington Jane Davies
COLLINS 19c Chipping Norton Danielle McHugh
COLLINSON >1798 Islip Irene Cooke
COLLIS <1834 Oxford Cecily Harvey
COLLIS 1700's - 1800's Burford Richard Slatter
COLLIS <1900 Oxfordshire Janet Watts
COLLIS <1850 Any Mary Jane Collis
COLLIS 1750-1950 Bampton Michael Long
COLLIS Any Witney Nena Carter
COLLIS 19c Bampton, Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
COLLISON 1760 Islip, Noke William Willmot
COLSELL 1740-1840 Crowell John Coshall
COLSHILL 1740-1849 Crowell John Coshall
COLSIL 1740-1840 Crowell John Coshall
COLSTON <1851 Oxford City or any Neil Thaler
COLWELL Any Any Robert Colwell
COLYER 1700-1800 Any Jane Townsend
COMBS <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
COMIN 1650-1750 Elsfield David Nutt
COMLEY any Any Andrew Mead
COMLEY <1855 Bampton, Witney Stella Scott
COMLEY Any Oxford Paul Landon
COMLEY Any Clanfield, Hinton Waldrist. Lynda Brown
COMPTON 1800 Shutford Roger Jelfs
COMPTON >1700 Great Rollright, Shutford Debbie Zuniga
COMPTON <1650 Any Elizabeth Koether
COMPTON <1850 Charlebury Mary Jane Collis
CONNAWAY 1700 - 1900 Witney Kim Conway
CONSTABLE 19c Middleton Stoney Andrea Weider
CONSTABLE Late 1700's Waterstock Michael Constable
CONSTABLE Any Witney Jean Hodges
CONWAY-TURNER 20c Oxford Sandra Clifton
COOK 1750-1900 Burford Bob Cowley ons
COOK 1800-1960 Wallingford Amanda Benstock
COOK 19c Ashbury Eric Jones
COOK 18c Any Bryan Bowen
COOK <1827 Bampton Susan Lewis
COOKE 1850-1900 Oxford Catriona Manners
COOKNELL <1860 Spelsbury Edward Metcalfe
COOKNELL <1850 Any Edward Metcalfe
COOKY Any Any Vernon French
COOLING 1700's & 1800's Any David Murray
COOMBES <1800 Lyneham Michael Dumbleton
COOMBS <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
COOMBS 18c Any Bryan Bowen
COOPER 17c - 19c Great Hasely Natasha Bates
COOPER 1600's Cuxham Valerie H. Burrows
COOPER 1700 - 1800 Cote, Aston, Lew, Bampton Frank Hudson
COOPER 1800-1900 Headington John Morgan
COOPER Any Any Jacky Sherwood
COOPER <1733 Charlton-on Otmoor Rebecca Chapman
COOPER <1800 Any Wilfred Newman
COOPER Any Chipping Norton Brian Vincent Cooper
COOPER <1800 Somerton, Middleton Stoney, Bicester Gillian Talbot
COOPER Any Any William Birchall
COOPER Any Witney Leanne Cooper
COOPER Any Lew, Bampton, Burford Mary Skeemer
COPE 1700-1850 Thame Gina Cope
COPE Any Any Gina Cope
COPE Any Thame Jane Davies
COPOC Any Any David Coppock ons
COPOCK Any Any David Coppock ons
COPPACK Any Any David Coppock ons
COPPICK Any Any David Coppock ons
COPPOCK Any Any David Coppock ons
COPPOCK <1860 Great Milton Alan Catherine
COPPOCK <1800 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
COPPUCK Any Any David Coppock ons
CORALL 17c Little Compton Penny Eves
CORBEY 1840's Oxford St. Thomas David Bradshaw
CORNISH >1779 Any Gary Bradbury
CORNISH Any Any Rev. Roger Cornish ons
CORNISHE Any Any Rev. Roger Cornish ons
CORNYSHE Any Any Rev. Roger Cornish ons
COSBY <1850 Kidlington Alan W. Inness
COSHALL 1740-1943 Crowell, Oxford John Coshall
COSIER 1500- 1800 Swerford, Stow on theWold Alison Molineux
COSINS <1800 Burford Dr Ben Knighton
COSSENS 18c Burford John Moore
COSTAR Any Benson Alan J Foxall
COSTARD Any Benson Alan J Foxall
COSTER Any Any Jacky Sherwood
COSTIFF Any Witney Richard Parkes
COTESFORD <1650 Any John Scotford
COTSFORD Any Launston, Twyford Brenda Timms
COTSFORD Any Any John Scotford
COTTERELL 1580-1780 Wantage Terry Gregory
COTTERELL 1700-1900 Alvescot and surrounding villages Janice McBride
COTTERELL 1700-1900 Burford Philip Robbins
COTTERILL 1580-1780 Wantage Terry Gregory
COTTESFORD Any Any John Scotford
COULDREY 1700s Abingdon Sue Matthews ons
COULING 1700's & 1800's Any David Murray
COULING <1800 Spelsbury, Dean Michael Dumbleton
COULLING 18C and 19c Any Margaret Dixon
COULTON Any Any Christopher Pike
COUNCER Bloxham Andrea Green
COURTNEY <1795 Oxford Ken Courtney
COUSINS <1904 Oxford Patrick Inwood
COWDERY Any East Hendred Mary Inwood (nee Cowdery)
COWLEY > 1950 Oxford Paul Landon
COX c.1750 Stratton Audley, Launton, Bicester Karen Simons
COX 18 & 19c Toot Balden Eleanor Collins
COX 1700-1800 Weston-on-the-Green Eleanor Collins
COX 1700 and 1800 Bletchington Eleanor Collins
COX dna 1700-2000 Oxford, Standlake, Vale of the White Horse Mark Cox
COX 1800 to 1918 St. Thomas Robert Cox
COX 1720-1900 Abingdon/Culham Robert Cox
COX 1538-1730 Warborough, Dorchester, Burcot Robert Cox
COX 19c Great Tew Vanessa Cox
COX 1789-1900s Oxford Warwick Cox
COX 19c Standlake Betty Fry
COX 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
COX 1760 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
COX 1750-1900 North & South Moreton, Sotwell, Brightwell Sylvia Hewitt
COX 1700-1825 Ambrosden, Blackthorn Chapel Kris Inwood
COX 1885 - 1952 Horton-cum-Studley Edith McIntyre
COX 1800 or any Shipton under Wychwood, S Porter
COX >1870 Binfield Heath, Shiplake moving to Maidenhead Jon Saunders
COX Any Any Jacky Sherwood
COX Late 1800's Headington, Cowley, Hinksey, Banbury, Neithrop, ?Bampton Jean Stobbs
COX 1735-1853 Any Lindsay Hardin Freeman
COX <1850 Northleigh Marion Towers
COX 1800-1865 Northleigh, Eynsham Emily Foster
COX 1700-1800 Brize Norton, Yarnton Martin Pearson
COX >1740 Oxford Ruth Margaret Taylor
COX <1880 Headington Brian Dalby
COX <1750 Milton Elaine Ward
COX 1790-1831 Adderbury Jim Cox
COX 1830 Croughton Jim Cox
COX 1786-1875 Cowley Lynda Ottaway
COX <1800 Wantage Myrtle Cooper
COX <1660 Cumnor Fiona Hedges
COX <1800 Abingdon,Culham,Wheatley Barbara Cox
COX 1500-1750 Wheatley Robert Cox
COX 1740-1800 Northmoor, Oxford (esp. St. Peter-in-the-East and St. Aldate) Vicki McKay
COX >1790 Wiggington Vanessa Cox
COXETER 1600-1800 Weald, Bampton Pam Hodge
COXETER <1700 Bampton Fiona Hedges
COY Any Banbury Sarah Thomson
COZENS c1600 Adderbury Sue Adcock
CRACKLOE 1530-1600 Any Anne Wiltshire
CRACKLOR 1530-1600 Any Anne Wiltshire
CRACKLOW 1530-1600 Any Anne Wiltshire
CRACKLOWE 1530-1600 Any Anne Wiltshire
CRAKE 1700 Cuxham Valerie H. Burrows
CRAKE Any Any Sally Jackson
CRAKER 17c Any Penny Eves
CRAKER c1700 Western on the Green Barry Coggins ons
CRAPPER 17c-20c Oxford Steve Gardner
CRAPPER Any Oxford Susan Toth
CRAVATT 1700-1850 Cassington and Hanborough David Turner
CRAWFORD 1800s Hanborough John Lord
CRAWFORD 1700-1850 Cassington and Hanborough David Turner
CRAWLEY Any Any Daphne Oosthuizen
CRAWLEY >1940 Oxford Vic Hall
CREED >17c Caversham Harry White
CREEK <1732 Rousham Helen Lisle-Wood
CRESSWELL 1570-1800 Any Eric Cresswell
CRESSWELL Caversham Lynne Bell
CRESWELL 1570-1800 Any Eric Cresswell
CRESWELL Any Any Colin E Allen
CRICK <1700 Adderbury Liane Fenimore
CRIPPS <1900 Hinksey Sue Matthews ons
CRIPPS Any Chipping Norton Isabel Miles
CRIPPS Any Oxford Andrew Howland
CRIPPS Any Bletchingdon, Cassington, Islip Robin Price
CRIPPS 1800's Hinksey, Cowley, ?Bampton Jean Stobbs
CRIPPS <1850 Any Mike Brooks
CRIPPS <1800 Any Geoff Wain
CRIPPS <1850 Bampton Margaret Forbes
CRIPPS 1800-1900 Bucknell Stephen Taylor-Jones
CRIPPS Any Any Penelope Taylor
CRIPPS >1850 Any Jennifer Tinson
CRISP 1800's Any Jean Stobbs
CROAKE 1700 Stanford in the Vale Ken Rolls
CROCKWELL <1800 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
CROFTS Any Oxford East Lynn Hotson
CROOK <1700 Adderbury Liane Fenimore
CROOK 1400-1500 Wallingford John Crook
CROOK 18c-19c Any Naomi Tarrant
CROSS 1700-1900 Epwell Any Chris Gunthorpe
CROSS Any Stanton Harcourt Lesley Cook
CROSS Any Tackley, Steeple Aston Fred Cross
CROSS <1900 Spelsbury & Taston Michael Cross
CROSS Any Great Haseley and nearby Stuart Kreloff
CROSS 1780-1880 Charlbury/Chilson area Marian Gould
CROSS >1800 Minster Lovell and St Ebbes D. Harrison
CROSS 1860 to 1918 Minster Lovell Douglas Cross
CROSS 1872 Chipping Norton,Charlbury Sherrill Ray
CROSS <1774 Launton, Arncot Rebecca Chapman
CROSS <1918 Minster Lovell Douglas Cross
CROSS Any Any Martin K Thompson
CROSS 19c Minster Lovell Colin Harris
CROSS Any Any Bethan Arrowsmith
CROSSE 1600-1800 Any Jeff Osborne
CROTON Any Any Roy Croton
CROTON Any Any Peter Croton
CROWDAY >1750 Aston Rowant, Lewknor Peter Moore
CROWDY >1750 Aston Rowant, Lewknor Peter Moore
CROWDY <1826 Drayton St Leonard Laura Nunes
CROWTON 1450 - 1910 Any Peter Croton
CROXFORD 1613-1817 Sydenham Jenny Bell
CROXFORD Any Any Faith Myers
CROXFORD Any Any Judith Fitchie
CROXFORD Any Aston Rowant, Sydenham Patricia Smith
CROXFORD >1600 Aston Rowant, Lewknor, Sydenham Pete & Glynis Croxford
CROXFORD >1600 Aston Rowant, Lewknor, Sydenham, etc. Brian Perry Powell
CROXFORD 1640 Sydenham Jan Hutchinson
CROXFORD Any Any James Keen
CROXSON Any Any Wendy Croxson
CROXTON <1681 Blackthorne Rebecca Chapman
CROZIER 1800s Oxford City Kerri Parker
CRUTCH Any Woodstock Alan Crutch
CRUTCH 1800s Stadhampton Alexandra Coles
CUBBAGE >1850 Launton Eunice Cubbage
CUDD dna Any Abingdon, Sunningwell, Oxford Valerie Hounslow
CUDDON Any Any Rob Spurrett
CULHAM >1700 Kelmscott Alan Cullum
CULLUM Any Kelmscott Alan Cullum
CULLUM 1842 Twyford Alan Cullum
CULLUM >1820 Wheatley Keith Cullum
CULLY >1700 Cuxham Valerie H. Burrows
CULLY <1760 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
CULPEPPER <1850 Oxford Cassandra Fox
CULPEPPER <1850 Oxford Hazel Anderson
CULVER 14c Claydon, Cherwell District Jordan Trotter
CUMMINGS Any Wytham Susan Nicholls
CUMMINGS 1800-1930 Oxford Amanda Benstock
CUMMINGS dna >1750 Elsfield, Marston, Oxford David Nutt
CUMMINGS <1850 Wytham Jenny Lockett
CUMMINS <1850 Marston, Headington Brian Andrews
CUNNINGHAM 1850-1950 Oxford City Vic Styles
CURNOCK <1750 Great Tew, South Newington Sue Adcock
CURNOCK Any Any Bob Simmonds
CURRELL Any Banbury Jenny Smith
CURRILL >1700 Headington, Headington Quarry, Great Milton, Cuddesdon, Horspath Barbara Dye
CURRYER Any Henton Julia Smith
CURTIS 1500- Sutton Courtenay Corinne Curtis
CURTIS 1787-1812 Kidlington Phil Goater
CURTIS Any Bodicote, Adderbury Fiona Young-Brown
CURTIS Any South Stoke, Goring Stephen Costello
CURTIS Any South Stoke, Goring Christine Curtis
CURTIS Any Great Bourton and surrounding area Tim Avery