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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
D'OUILLY <1500 City of Oxford, Merton, Hook Norton, Pishill, Hambledon, Banbury Terry Gregory
D'OYLY >1700 Bambury Margaret Morters
DABBS <1920 Caversham Stuart Dabbs
DABNEY 1800's Swerford Jann Niven
DAFT c.1923 Turners Court Farm, Wallingford Peter Lane
DAGLEY 1750-1850 Any David Dagley
DAGLEY <1740 Stoke Lyne Dawn Halstead
DAGLEY 17c Marston Barbara Cox
DALE Any Middleton Stoney Graeme Berry
DALE 1700 - 1750 STOKE LYNE Alan Dale
DALE 1530-1850 South Newington Sue Holmes
DALE <1881 Hempton John Lord
DALE <1780 South Newington Kim Semmence
DALES 1800-1900 Any Bonnylyn Taylor McLeod
DALLIMORE 1850 -1920 Oxford P. Hawes
DALTON 1800s Any Sue Holmes
DALTON 1500's witney Ron McClure
DALTON 1550-1800 Curbridge - Witney Parish Nancy Parisee
DALY 1850 - 1935 Summertown and Cropredy Marie Daly
DANBURY 1800-1860 Enstone Sylvia Tennant
DANBURY <1900 Any John Cramer
DANCE Any Any Mel Roberts
DANCER 1800 - 1865 Oxford Peter Johnson
DANDRIDGE Any Stadhampton, Chislehampton, Drayton Christine Aitken
DANDRIDGE 1800s Toot Baldon Leone Dandridge
DANDRIDGE 1800's Drayton St. Leonard, Pyrton, possibly Swyncombe. Pamela Jansen
DANDRIDGE Any North Stoke, Stadhampton, Brightwell, Chiselhampton Patrick Silver
DANDRIDGE Any Any Naomi Tarrant
DANDRIDGE Any Stadhampton Catherine Smith
DANDY 19c Noke, Islip Anne Chapman
DANIEL 1750-1800 Deddington Donna Lonon
DANIEL 1743-1850 Northleigh Ed Rose
DANIELS 1850-1920 Middle Barton Ron Daniels
DANIELS Any Witney Brian Jameson
DANSEY Any Any Alan Dansey
DARBY 1800-1890 Eynsham Angela Goodman
DARLING 1800-1900 Mapledurham Victoria Turner
DARNALL >1600 Unknown Linda Darnall Williams
DASH Any Oxford Colleen Brewer
DASHWOOD 1500 Any Beryl Botting
DAVES Any Any Pauline Daves
DAVID 1900- Any Jim Paton
DAVIS 1720-1748 Swalcliffe Chris Brown
DAVIS 19th C Sibford Gower Andrew Davis
DAVIS 1780 Any DeMar Woodland Davis
DAVIS 1861-62 Banbury Robert Davis
DAVIS 1820 Tysoe Michael Green
DAVIS 1760 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
DAVIS 1829 - 1899 Radley Dr Ben Knighton
DAVIS 1880 - 1920 Ipsden, later Bix Roger Vaughan Mills
DAVIS c1845 Newington, Wallingford Toni Philipoom
DAVIS 1790 - 1900 Blewbury Toni Philipoom
DAVIS >1901 Crowell Pauline Poustie
DAVIS <1750 Any Sandra Shelley
DAVIS <1750 Swalcliffe Sandra Shelley
DAVIS 1750 Any Penelope Taylor
DAVIS 1800's Any Jean Stobbs
DAVIS 1700 - 1800 Ledwell, Sandford St. Martin Carole Yates
DAVIS 1733 Banbury Brian Ollis
DAVIS Any Oxford Eileen Chapman
DAWES <1900 Combe Rachel Long
DAWKINS 1700-1833 Over Norton James Dawkins
DAWSON 1815-1840 Headington Bill Churchman
DAWSON 1740 to 1884 Wootton Donald Hancock
DAWSON 1820-1850 Oxford Cheryl Rodriguez
DAWSON Any Any Jenette Dawson
DAWSON 1650-1850 Any Susan Morton
DAY <1841 Shrivenham & surrounding districts Grahame Arnold
DAY Any Any Billy Day
DAY 1740's any David Day
DAY Any Barton ,Headington Peter F. Day
DAY >1700 City of Oxford Peter F. Day
DAY Late 18th/early 19c Oxford David Eaves
DAY >1600 Blewbury, Harwell Micheal John
DAY 1700/1800s Oxford, Woodstock, Eynsham, Witney Jennifer Eggleston
DAY >1700 Oxford Zara Petersen
DAY 1820-2003 wantage and harwell Louise Sawada
DAY 1700-1800 Witney Lesley Silvester
DAY <1770 Witney Lesley Silvester
DAY 1835 Goring Phillip Stacey
DAY <1700 Blackbourton, Bampton Carole Todd
DAY 1800 0n westwell,oxon,burford Judy Unia
de HAUVILLE <1430 Garsington Kevin Havell
DEACLE 1600-1800 Banbury Carole Di Nonno
DEACON Any Wantage Robert Deacon
DEADFIELD Any Any Lynn Clements
DEADMAN 1842-3 Bicester Aunt_Rain
DEADMAN 19TH century Clifton-Hampden and elsewhere Julie Dunnett
DEAN Any Witney Debbie Ait-Kaci
DEAN 1706-1760 Stratton Audley Sharon E. Clanahan
DEAN <1780 Any Elizabeth Duke
DEAN 1700 - 1850 Sydenham Damian Smith
DEAN 1600-1800 Ducklington, Witney Anne Wiltshire
DEAN Any Oxford Ann Docherty
DEANE 18 & 19c Any Kelley Videbeck
DEANE Any Henley Lorraine Wuth
DEANE 1600-1800 Ducklington, Witney Anne Wiltshire
DEANE >1700 Banbury Eileen Chapman
DEANS Any Any Charice Deans
DEARDEN Abt 1236 Oxon, of Spratton{by exchange}, Eng Connie Dennis Eblin
DEARLOVE <1830 Crowmarsh Gifford, Hagbourne Sue Hazledine
DEARLOVE 1800 -1870 Henley on Thames (Hurley) Tanya Lewis
DEARLOVE <1800 Hagbourne, Cholsey Sue Hazledine
DEBANK 1916 Faringdon Catherine Kirkwood
DEBANK Any Any Sharon Strange
DEBATHE 1260 Christchurch,Oxford Michael E. Bath
DEBATHONIA 1260 Christchurch,Oxford Michael E. Bath
DEBEER Any Any Valecia de Beer
DECARLETON Any Any Kathleen Hollister
DEE 1740-1900 Henley Doug Stewart
DEE c1650 Charlbury Adam Osben
DEELEY 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DEELEY 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DEELEY 17c Launton Adam Osben
DEELEY <1750 Ambrosden, Launton, Bicester, Arncot Mark Davies
DELL <1800 Oxford St. Peter le Bailey Brian Perry Powell
DELLER Any Any Alan Deller
DELLER Any Any Alan Deller
DELNOVO Any Any Francesca Allen
DEMAINBRAY 1774-1839 Oxford Jennifer Eggleston
DENCHER Any Any Stanley Dencher
DENLEY 19c Swinecomb Steve Lewis
DENNELL Any Any Richard Dennell
DENNIS 1870-1890 Somerton Art Brooker
DENNIS 1800-1900 Wheatley/Banbury/Cowley/Marsh Baldon Don Stanley
DENNIS Any Headington Janet Watts
DENSLEY 1500-1600 Adderbury Judith Upton
DENT Any Any Ted Helt
DENTON late 1800s Abingdon Howard Buxton
DENTON 1800's and 1900's Culham, Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay, Sutton Wick, Headington John E. Denton
DENTRY 1800 - 1900 Shiplake David Trill
DENZE 1500-1600 Great Bourton, Cropredy Ryan Dudley
DENZEY 1700's Mollington Gayle Faubion
DEROUSSIER 19c Oxford Colin Harris
DERRY 1870's Neathrop, Banbury Jenny Lucas
DERWOOD 18c Any Bryan Bowen
DETHERIDGE Any Any Mike Detheridge
DEVALLE Any Oxford Emma Willson
DEVEN 16c Bix Patrick Reeves
DEVONPORT >1926 Abingdon Peter Cedric
DEW <1700 West Hanney Barbara Cox
DEWAR 1830-1950 Any Mike Hinton
DEWE 1490 - 1550 Islip Spencer Dew
DEWES 1700-1800 Chipping Norton Simon Best
DIAL 1500-1800 Any Marsha Dixon-Sharpe
DIAL 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DIAL 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DIAL >1100 Any Linda Dyal Johns
DIAL 1703 unknown Robin Minadeo
DICKENS Any Any Alison Doyle
DICKENSON 1800's Toot Baldon Marsh Baldon Glenda Bennett
DICKENSON 1820-1860 Toot Baldon Eunice Cubbage
DICKENSON Any Marsh Baldon Danielle Thompson
DICKERS 1830-1890 Any Marian Evans
DICKERS 1650-1920 Harwell, Blewbury, Golder, Clare (Pyrton) Carmela Smith
DICKINS Any Any Alison Doyle
DICKS 17-18c Kiddlington, Wroxton Patrick Reeves
DICKSON Any Any Linda Ream
DIDCOCK 1838-1901 Leefield Peter Essex
DIDCOCK Any Any Andrew Stevens
DIDCOCK 1850 Cumnor or Abingdon Joan Wood
DIGGER Any Any Robin Holmes
DIGWEED Any Any Jacky Sherwood
DIGWEED Any Wallingford, Benson Andrew Jolly
DIMBLEBEE 1800's Henley-on-Thames Gail Brealey
DIMMOCK Any Chinnor Pam
DIMMOCK Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
DIMMOCK 1770's Stokenchurch Pam
DINGLE 1800-1875 Great Milton Peter J. Nelms
DISHMAN 1600-1800 unknown Sharon Humphrey
DISMORE 1800 -1820 woodstock Carol Cooper
DITCHLEY Any Any Mary Spain
DITCHLEY Any Any Mary Spain
DITTON 1900 & earlier Aston Rowant & Lewknor V. H. Porter
DIX early 1900 witney area Monica Butler
DIX 19C Ducklington/Headington Carole Cashmore
DIX >1700 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
DIX Any Any Chris Wake
DIX >1700 Epwell, Sibfords Beryl Metherell
DIX 1792 Woodstock Rance Patterson
DIX Any Lew Simon Jenkins
DIXEY c1825 Any Judy Hawker
DIXON 1780s- 1850s Ramsden Christine Allan-Johns
DIXON 1837 - 1871 Wantage Dallas Dixon
DIXON 1858 Witney John Stephen Dixon
DIXON 1800-1860 Skelton Samuel Dixon
DIXON >1890 Bicester Fiona Hedges
DIXON <1800 Charlbury Richard Boyles
DIXON >1814 Henley on Thames Janet Hudson
DIXON 1870/1880s Woodstock Sylvia Young
DIXSEY <1850 Northmoor Nick Higton
DOBBINS Any Stokenchurch Gloria Goltiani
DOBBINSON 1770 - 1870 Nettlebed Kristine Laemmlen
DOBINSON >1760 Thame Jan Chinnery
DOCWRA Any Any Anne Nichols
DODD 1700-2003 Combe, Finstock, Fawler, Spelsbury, Witney Andrew Guy
DODD Any Gloucester, England Barbara Hastings
DODD <1780 Leafield Simon Aldworth
DODD Any Kidlington Simon Jenkins
DODSON 18c Stray members from the family in Deddington Alan Dodson
DODWELL <1850's Boarstall, Brill Douglas J. Evans
DODWELL-TOWNSEND 1900-? Any Louise stokes
DOER 1800 deddington - eynsham Margaret Holland
DOILLY 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DOLAN 1913/1914 Banbury Peter Hanrick
DOLDTON c1580 Any Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
DOLLERY Any Any Frederic Warren Dollery
DOLLERY Any Any William Dollery
DONATI 1895 Wallingford Stephanie Bland
DONATI 1895 Wallingford Stephanie Bland
DORE 1700 - 1900 Milton under Wychwood Ian Dore
DORE <1843 Leafield and surrounding Jennie Falconer
DORE 1740 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
DORE Any LEAFIELD Martin Lines
DORE >1800 Oxford, St Clements Lynne Mace
DORE 1800 to 1906 Wootton Jim Wallington
DORE 1894 Chipping Norton or Charlbury Dorothy Wilson
DORE Any Leafield Jim Wallington
DORE Any Abingdon Sandy Mursell
DORMER Any Caversham Maureen Criddle
DORMER 1400s - 1500s Thame Olive Hoffman
DORMER <1700 Bicester, Cuddesdon, Thame Andrew Wallace
DORR 1600-1674 Any Charles Dorr
DORRALL c1875 BANBURY Sandra Scarlett
DORRELL c1875 BANBURY Sandra Scarlett
DORSETT <1900 Thame Sue Wells
DORSETT Any Chipping Norton, Chilton Debbie Davey
DORSETT Any Any Royston Bentley
DORSETT Any Any Jessica Arthur
DORVILLE <1750 Lower Heyford Fiona Hedges
DOSELL 1725-1850 Any K Dosell
DOSSETT any South Hinksey Peter Hills
DOSSETT Any burford Michael Milbourn
DOUBIDGE 1700-1850 Littlemore Pamela O'Connor
DOUBLE <1850 Cumnor Ron Hockney
DOUCH Any Any Donald Douch
DOUGLAS any england and scotland Melinda Ann Ramsey
DOUGLAS Any Any Russell Watson
DOUGLAS <1845 Standlake and Longworth Joyce Hermon
DOUGLASS <1845 Standlake and Longworth Joyce Hermon
DOUPHRATE 1800's Any Lena Douphrate
DOVER any any Tony Dover
DOVER 1800 Wheatley Gerry Dover Osborn
DOVER abt. 1763 Wheately and Holton Gerry Dover Osborn
DOVER Any Wheatley Gerry Dover Osborn
DOVER 1850 - 1930 Thame or any Valerie Tomlinson
DOVER 1800s Any WJMS
DOWDALL 1930's / 1940's Boars Hill Edward Tewiah
DOWLING Any Any John Dowling
DOWLING 1750 - 1880 Banbury Susan Larson
DOWLING >1750 Henley, Rotherfield Greys Sandra Armstrong
DOWSE 1800 -1900 St Aldates/St Ebbes Oxford Barbara Gilders
DOYELL 1500-1800 Any Marsha Dixon-Sharpe
DOYLE 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DOYLE 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DOYLEY 1500-1800 Any Marsha Dixon-Sharpe
DOYLEY <1500 City of Oxford, Merton, Hook Norton, Pishill, Hambledon, Banbury Terry Gregory
DRAITON Abt 1236 Oxon, of Spratton{by exchange}, Eng Connie Dennis Eblin
DRAKE 1765-1910 Stratton Audley Mary Moore
DRAPER 18C Charlbury Dave Andrews
DRAPER <1800 Oxford Carmel Charlson
DRAPER >c1850 Charlbury Steven Knowles
DRAPER 1740-1800 Nether Worton Mary Twyford
DRAPER 1700-1890 Oxford Paul Landon
DRAPER <1930 Chipping Norton Paul Landon
DRAPER <1782 St Giles, Oxford Katie Sullivan
DREW 1800s & earlier Taynton Mike Monroe
DREW 17-19c Bix Patrick Reeves
DREWATT Any Headington Lorraine Wuth
DREWE 17-19c Bix Patrick Reeves
DREWES 17-19c Bix Patrick Reeves
DREWETT >1800 Wolvercote Paul Collins
DREWETT <1800 Oxford City Allan W Drewette
DREWETT Any Headington Lorraine Wuth
DREWITT >1800 Wolvercote Paul Collins
DRING Any Ascott-under-Wychwood, Finstock Wendy Beckett
DRING >1600s Ascott under Wychwood, Shiplake, Didcot. D Law
DRING Any Chipping Norton Karen Hegan
DRINKWATER <1570 Wooton Elly Babbedge
DRINKWATER 1700s Any Virginia Egan Crawford
DRINKWATER >1697 Bampton Linda Dutton
DRINKWATER 1850 Woodstock Linda Monks
DRINKWATER 1800 - 1850 Price - Hampton Poyle Drinkwater - Islip Helen Perry
DRINKWATER <1855 Hampton Poyle Peter A Price
DRINKWATER >1800 Any Hannah Hopkins
DRINKWATER >1780 Enstone Sherylee Eustace
DRINKWATER Any Enstone Kerry Drinkwater
DRINKWATER Any Any Joyce Herzog ons
DRUCE 18-19c Witney, Hailey Elizabeth Davis
DRUCE Any Ducklington Chris Wake
DRUCE <19c Drayton St Leonards Lesley Newman
DRUCE 17-19c Bix Patrick Reeves
DRUCE 17/18c Garsington Adam Osben
DRURY abt 1757 Chadlington Sylvia Black
DRURY 1700 - 1910 Any Jean Harris
DRURY <1820 Oxford Brian Perry Powell
DRURY 18c Enstone, Great Tew Patrick Reeves
DRUSE 1550-1600 Cuxham & Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
DUBBER Any Any Keith A. Jennings
DUBOUX 1960's early 15 Henley St./Iffley Rd./Oxford Mitch Johnson
DUBOUX 1959-1965 15 Henley St. Mitch Johnson
DUDSON <1750 All Fiona Hedges
DUFFIELD 1800s Toot Baldon Leone Dandridge
DUFTY >1600s Unknown Tamara Brown
DUGARD Any Any Mark Grace
DULLEY 1627 - 1750 Kirtlington Jo Redding
DUMBLETON Any Bampton, Lew, Burford, Minster Lovell, Witney, Cumnor, Arncott Pippa Cain
DUMBLETON 1800's St Giles, Weston-on-the-Green Barbara Crook
DUMBLETON Any Kidlington Barbara Crook
DUMBLETON >1700 Kidlington, Wendlebury Barbara Crook
DUMBLETON Any Banbury Nichola Hillman
DUMBLETON 1750-1850 Cropredy, Banbury David Leach
DUMBLETON Any Banbury area Norina Pauling
DUMBLETON Any Hook Norton Robin Price
DUMBLETON 1800-1900 Warmington/Balscott/Shenington Tim Salmon
DUMBLETON 1700-1800 Ratley Nathanael Stock
DUMBLETON 19C Any Stephen Saffin
DUMBLETON c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins
DUMBLETON Any Any Maurice Woodward
DUMBLETON 1750-1900 Piddington Michael Dumbleton
DUMBLETON <1700 Tadmarton Michael Dumbleton
DUMBLETON >1750 Weston on the Green Peter Green
DUNCAN 1800-1900 Thame M Doherty
DUNCOMBE Any Oxford Lynne Winger
DUNHAM 1450-1524 Paris of Dunham of Trent, or Kirklington Beatrice Webb
DUNK 1907 Charlbury Dorothy Dunk
DUNKLEY <1880 Woodstock and surrounding villages Chris Howes
DUNMALL Any Any Deborah Osborne Dunmall
DUNN 19C Great Bourton and nearby Malcolm Bland
DUNSBY Any Finstock, Leafield, Minster Lovell, Kingham Virginia Dunsby
DUNSBY Any Any Margaret East
DUNSBY Any Kirtlington Emma Massey
DUNSDON Any Wallingford James Laurence Tait
DUNSDON <1750 Deddington, Charlbury Elaine Ward
DUPE 1800 - 1890 Oxford Christopher Dupe
DUPE 1750 - 1850 Oxford St Aldate Christopher Dupe
DUPE 1815-1850 unknown Maggie Dupe
DUPREE >1700 Middle Barton, Barford St John, Adderbury, Banbury, Duns Tew Cecelia Delaney
DURBIDGE 1700-1850 Littlemore Pamela O'Connor
DURBRIDGE 1800 - 1900 Dorchester Laurie Durbridge
DURBRIDGE 1750 -2003 Dorchester, Wallingford Laurie Durbridge
DURBRIDGE 1700-1850 Littlemore Pamela O'Connor
DURHAM Any Headington (incl Quarry) Tony Bakere
DURHAM 1700-1900 Headington, Cumnor Ray Bellis
DURHAM 17-18c Bicester Patrick Reeves
DURRAN 1755 - 1900 Steeple Aston, Steeple Barton, Banbury, Oxford Jennifer Durran
DURRAND 17c Noke Patrick Reeves
DUTFIELD 18/19c Any, especially Bix Pauline McLaren
DUTTON 1500 Murcott, Charlton, Fencot Michelle Bailey
DUTTON >1695 Bampton Linda Dutton
DUTTON 1500rd up Aston Rowant, chinner, Witney, Bampton, Sydenham others Drucilla L. Smith
DUTTON <1820 Witney Pauline Kennedy
DUTTON >1770 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
DYAL 1500-1800 Any Marsha Dixon-Sharpe
DYAL >1100 Any Linda Dyal Johns
DYALL Ca. 1670 Any Steven R. Dial
DYALL 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DYALL 1071-1715 Oxford and county Zada Hunter
DYER 1650-1800 Kencot John Shelley
DYKES >1880 Cowley Margaret Wilson
DYKINS Any Any Alison Doyle
DYMYD Any Any Lauren Dymyd
DYOS ANY essex,lancaster area Jenny Dale