DNA Linking surnames

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(ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Name Studies.)

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
AKERMAN <1720 Eynsham Jenny Lockett
BARTLETT Any Chastleton, Evenlode Chris Bartlett
BARTON Any Any Gary Barton ons
BASTON Any Any Carol Harmond
BILES <1900 Hook Norton Richard Boyles
BLAKE Any Any Elizabeth Kipp ons
BOILES 19c Hook Norton Richard Boyles
BOYLES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles
BRAY <1800 Barford St Michael Jenny Lockett
BRAZELL Any Any Paul Brazell ons
BRAZIL Any Any Paul Brazell ons
BURFORD Any Any Larry Burford
BURROWS Any Holton, Wheatfield, Thame Dawn Webb
BUSBY <1800 Any Tom Busby
CUDD Any Abingdon, Sunningwell, Oxford Valerie Hounslow
CUMMINGS >1750 Elsfield, Marston, Oxford David Nutt
CUMMINGS <1850 Wytham Jenny Lockett
EADLE <1850 Marston Beckley David Nutt
FIELD >1600 Any Maxwell Smith
GALE c.1800 Oxford Rae Ryan
GLAZIER <1900 Hanworth Hampton Heston David Nutt
HADLAND 16c-18c Kingham, Spelsbury, Finstock Tony Hadland
HOAR Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HOARE Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HONEY <1750 Sunningwell Jenny Lockett
HORE Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HORR Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
INNES <1790 Cumnor Jenny Lockett
JONES <1850 Marston David Nutt
JONES <1850 Headington Quarry Shotover David Nutt
JORDAN <1750 Shipton-under-Wychwood Jenny Lockett
KINMAN >1750 Cropredy Derrick Watson ons
LIDDIARD Any Any Karen Rogers ons
LINDSEY Any Any Lindsey Britton ons
MATTHEWS <1850 Marston David Nutt
MERRY Any Any Richard Merry ons
NUTT 1734-1800 Kidington David Nutt
PAXTON Any Finmere, Any Arthur Paxton
PHIPPS <1800 Any Alan Phipps
PLESTER Any Any John Plester ons
PRATLEY Any Any Michelle Hawke
PULCHER Any Any Wendy Archer ons
PULKER Any Any Wendy Archer ons
RICKETTS Any Any Susan Meates
WARD <1800 North Leigh, Witney Michael Ward
WHITE 1680-1850 Aston Rowant, Chalgrove, Wheatfield, Towersey Peter White
WILLIS 1650 Wantage Gary Willis
WISE <1700 Fritwell Colin Wise
WISE 1600-1800 Bodicote Colin Wise
WISE 1500-1900 Middleton Cheney Colin Wise