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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
EADLE dna <1850 Marston Beckley David Nutt
EAGELSTON 18c Bladon Penny Eves
EAGLES <1792 Bloxham Fran Slater
EAGLESTONE Any Oxford Steve Prewitt
EAGLESTONE Any Steeple Barton, Any Stephen Saffin
EALING 1700's and 1800's Thame and Moreton Christina Ealing-Godbold
EARL Any Any Catriona Manners
EARLY Any Witney Martin Rix
EARLY 1600-1700 Witney Alison Charter-Smith
EASDEN Any Bix & Henley area Hazel Langford
EASLEY 17c, 18c Banbury David Judd
EASMAN <1730 Any Peter Eastman
EAST 1760 - 1840 Cumnor Peter East
EAST 1720 - 1780 Wolvercote Peter East
EAST <1900 Weston-on-the-Green Jane Bushell
EAST 1800 - 1900 Weston-On-The-Green Joanne Silvester
EAST 1600-1800 Somerton, Clifton, Deddington, Souldern Susan Stead
EAST 1650-1850 Enstone, Banbury André East
EAST Any Any Margaret East
EAST >1750 Weston on the Green Peter Green
EASTMAN <1730 Any Peter Eastman
EATON Any Oxford Clare Kirk
EATON <1820 Wootton Stephanie Lever
EATON 1700-1900 Standlake Janet Watts
EBBON 1800-1881 Barton, Oxford Shannon Calladine
EBBORN >1800 Headington, Oxford John Morgan
EBBORN 1700-1900 Steeple Barton John Morgan
EBSWORTH Any Any Jill Ebsworth
EDDLES 19-20c Oxford Colin Harris
EDEN 1800 -1900 Hook Norton Rebecca Horne
EDEN Any Adderbury, Charlbury, Fawler, Kiddington, Blenheim Park, Milton Under Wychwood, Shipton under Wychwood Derek Hunt
EDEN Any Churchill, Chipping Norton Nicola Jackson
EDEN <1851 Cleveley, Enstone, Chipping Norton Stephanie Lever
EDEN Any Asthall Carolyn Ramsbottom
EDEN <1870 Swalcliffe, Epwell, Tadmarton Sandra Shelley
EDEN 1500-1900 Adderbury, Hook Norton, Sutton under Brailes Alison Molineux
EDEN <1820 Wootton Stephanie Lever
EDEN 19c Salford Judith Thomas
EDENBOROUGH 1759-1850 Chipping Norton, any Felicity Jackson
EDENS Any Fawler Derek Hunt
EDENS 1870 - 1920 Kiddington Derek Hunt
EDENS 1830 - 1900 Blenheim Park Woodstock Derek Hunt
EDENS Any Any Derek Hunt
EDENS Any Oxford Angela Arnold
EDGINGTON 1768-1915 Cassington Rosemary Probert
EDGINGTON 1800-1813 Wootton near Woodstock Rosemary Probert
EDGINGTON 1824-1950 Any Sarah Turner
EDGINGTON >1900 Abingdon district Pearl Whipp
EDGINGTON <1800 Bampton Simon Burbidge
EDGINTON <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
EDGINTON 1800-1940 Witney, Chipping Norton Celia Marus Crangle
EDGINTON 1824-1950 Any Sarah Turner
EDGINTON <1750 Tackley Penny Eves
EDINBOROUGH Any Any Martin Edinborough
EDINBOURGH 1759-1850 Chipping Norton, any Felicity Jackson
EDMONDS 1900 Marston Barbara Cutts
EDMONDS Any Broadwell, Filkins, Bradwell, Broughton Poggs Ellen Frost
EDMONDS Any Banbury Peter Gough
EDMUNDS <1850 Witney Fiona Hedges
EDNEY <1830 Marsh Baldon Susan Lewis
EDWARD <1718 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
EDWARDS 1700s Drayton near Banbury Gerry Edwards
EDWARDS 1790 Drayton near Banbury Gerry Edwards
EDWARDS 1800s Bladon, Combe Sue Young
EDWARDS 17c Burford John Moore
EELES <1848 Tetsworth Jeff Hester
EELES any Bampton Susan Monk
EELES <1850 Leafield Harvey Warner
EELES >1800 Leafield Jenny Young
EELES <1850 Leafield John Fletcher
EELES Any Any Katie Eeles ons
EELES <1760 Leafield Lynn Weaver
EELEY Any Any Alan Simpson
EELEY Any Any Yvonne Withington
EELS 1750's Black Bourton Carole Todd
EGELSTON 18c Bladon Penny Eves
EGERTON Any Bicester, Shutford, Benson Karen Simons
EGERTON Any Bicester Fiona Hedges
EGERTON Any Any Mrs. Harding
EGGLESTON <1804 Steeple & Westcott Barton Christopher Reeve
EGGLESTONE 1750-1850 Banbury Sylvia Tennant
EGGLESTONE <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
EGGLETON Any Newington, Chinnor Paul Brazell ons
EGGLINTON <1730 Shutford Fiona Hedges
EGLINGTON 1500-1750 Swalcliffe, Shutford Graham Loveday King
EILES 1960 Oxford Ernest Willis
ELDERFIELD <1700 Harwell Sue Hazledine
ELDRIDGE 1711-1850 Fringford, Ambrosden, Bicester Charles Eldridge
ELDRIDGE 1550-1950 Any Charles Eldridge
ELDRIDGE 1700's - 1800's Burford Richard Slatter
ELDRIDGE Any Any Wilfred Newman
ELDRIDGE <1700 Stanton St John, Great Milton Jean Hodges
ELDRIDGE 17/18c Any Adam Osben
ELEY Any Any Christine Turley
ELFORD 1700 - 1900 Banbury, Adderbury Doreen Olds
ELFORD Any Any Trevor Elford
ELFRED Any West Adderbury William Birchall
ELKLEY <1750 Chipping Norton Norma Jee
ELL 1700 - 1790 Deddington Ann-Marie Ell
ELLIOT <1820 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
ELLS 1750's Black Bourton Carole Todd
ELLSON Any Thame Helen Steller
ELMORE any Steeple-Aston Liane Fenimore
ELMS 1770 Any Peter J. Nelms
ELTHAM Any Steventon, East and West Challow Elizabeth Livermore
ELWARD Any Postcombe Jane Davies
ELY Any Any Yvonne Withington
ELY Any Wallingford, etc. Maggie Bonfield
EMANUEL <1750 Oxford Vivien Breen
EMBRY 1600-1900 Shippon, South Shippon, South Leigh, Oxford, Banbury, Islip, Shipton upon Cherwell Charl
EMBURY Any South Leigh, Shipton upon Cherwell, Shippon, Banbury Charl
EMBURY 1600-1900 Oxford Laurie Page
EMPSON <1800 Leafield, Witney Dr Ben Knighton
EMPSON Any Witney, Any Stephen Saffin
ENDALL Any Horley, Bodicote Penny Anderson
ENDALL <1800 Banbury, Chipping Nortpon, Horley, Sydenham Colin Jones
ENDALL >c1794 Banbury Hester Moore
ENDALL >1738 Horley Hester Moore
ENDALL <1820 Chipping Norton Angela Clarke
ENDALL Any Banbury Rodney Slatter
ENDALL 1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
ENDESWORTH Any Any Beryl Etheridge
ENGLAND Any Ratley Rebekah Markham
ENGLISH <1900 Oxford Diana Charlton
ENOCH Any Any Joyce Hoad
ENOCK Any Any Joyce Hoad
ESTMOND <1730 Any Peter Eastman
EUSTACE 1684-1785 Sydenham Jenny Bell
EUSTACE Any Any Gina Cope
EUSTACE Any Wantage area, Great Milton Paul Eustace
EUSTACE <1800 Bicester, Bledlow, Bucks border Ian Eustace
EUSTACE Any Chinnor Alison Powell
EUSTACE <1800 Border with Buckinghamshire Anne Gawthorpe
EUSTACE <1800 Great Milton Maralyn Bevilaqua
EUSTACE >1680 Great Milton Harry White
EUSTACE <1890 Any John Cramer
EUSTACE Any Chinnor and Aston Heather Brunt
EUSTACE Any Chinnor Pauline Pool
EUSTACE <1800 Chinnor Harvey Warner
EUSTICE Any Chinnor Pauline Pool
EVANS 1790 Launton Brian Blackwell
EVANS 1780-1820 Oxford, Sandford Simon Collcutt
EVANS 1650-1950 Wantage Terry Gregory
EVANS Any Sandford, Littlemore Ann Howlett
EVANS <1750 Any Richard G. Miller
EVERSON Any Any Heidi Brady
EVERTON 17c Witney Penny Eves
EVISON Any Any Heidi Brady
EWERS >1600 Any Debbie
EYERS Any Banbury Hilary Darque
EYLES 1820-1900 Oxford Liana