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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
FALKNER 1730 Shipton under Wychwood David Newman
FARBROTHER 19c Oxford Hazel Tapsell
FARBROTHER >1791 Oxford Hazel Tapsell
FARBROTHER Any Any Marcia Shears
FARDON 1700-1850 Any Jeremy Waters
FARDON <1880 Woodstock, Hook Norton, Adderbury, Deddington, North Newington, Broughton Elaine Ward
FARDON Any Deddington Amy Rimell
FARGUSON >1800 Stokenchurch Gloria Goltiani
FARMER Any Any Sandra Hall
FARMER 1700-1820 Taynton, Fullbrook, Chadlington Pamela Farmer
FARMER <1830 Taynton Michael Newton
FARRAND 1600-1750 Kingham Christopher Farrand
FARRANT Any Any Sheila Marland
FARRINGTON 1850's not known Donna Day
FARTHING 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
FARTIERE 1843 Sydenham Margie Kuiper
FARTIERE c.1843 Sydenham Margie Kuiper
FATHERS 1800's Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
FATHERS >1750 Upper Heyford Sue Holmes
FATHERS 1800-1860 Any Jennie Killick
FAULKNER Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
FAULKNER 1650-1870 Abingdon, Radley, East/West Hanney Ian Faulkner
FAULKNER Any Abingdon Sue Matthews ons
FAULKNER 1500-1600 Burford Jane Townsend
FAULKNER 1750 - 1900 Oxford, St Giles, St Mary, Elsfield, Headington Nicky Sturges
FAULKNER 1800-2000 Witney Wendy
FAULKNER 1700-1900 Grandpont Jane Faulkner
FAULKNER <1870 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
FAUTNUM <1860 Ambrosden, Banbury, Hook Norton, Southam, Leamington G
FAWDREY 1750-1850 Witney, Hailey, Crawley Robert Ward
FAWDREY Any Hailey Marlene Badura
FAWDRY <1860 Ambrosden, Banbury, Hook Norton, Southam, Leamington G
FAWDRY 1750-1850 Witney, Hailey, Crawley Robert Ward
FAWDRY Any Any Derek Rathbone
FAWDRY 1700-1790 Any Roger Fawdry
FAWDRY <1800 Hailey, Salford David Nutt
FAWDRY 1825-1925 Bloxham Andrew Hunt
FELDON 18c Oxford Margaret Dixon
FELDON 19c Oxford Margaret Dixon
FENEMORE 1770 Launton Brian Blackwell
FENEMORE Any Fringford, Any Nancy Denis
FENEMORE 1700 - 1900 Steeple Aston; Kidlington; Deddington Debbie Fenemore
FENEMORE Any Launton Christine Wells
FENIMORE <1677 Finnmere Valarie Lynn Champion
FENIMORE Any Fringford, Any Nancy Denis
FENIMORE <1680 Any Liane Fenimore
FENIMORE <1700 Any Martin Fenimore
FENIMORE <1780 Deddington Alan Betteridge
FENNIMOORE 1600 - 1800 Wendlebury Ann Call
FENNIMORE <1780 Deddington Alan Betteridge
FENNIMORE Any Fringford, Any Nancy Denis
FENNIMORE 1530-1740 Wendlebury, Kirtlington Emma Sweetland
FENNIMORE <1700 Wendlebury, Newton Purcell Jean Hodges
FENNIMORE Any Any Robin Stutchbury
FERGUSON >1800 Stokenchurch Gloria Goltiani
FERNSBY 1800-1900 Oxford Lynne Simpson
FERNSBY 1851 - 1891 Oxford Lynne Simpson
FERRIMAN Any Any Sharon Neale
FERRYMAN Any Any Sharon Neale
FFELP Any Warboroough, Chalgrove Evelyn Evans
FIDDLER 1700s to 1860 Witney Lorraine Kennedy
FIDLER 1700s to 1860 Witney Lorraine Kennedy
FIDLER <1814 Witney James (Jim) Fidler
FIDLER 1770 Witney Nena Carter
FIELD >1800 Witney, Hailey Lisa Haskins
FIELD <1780 South Stoke Anne Singleton
FIELD 1720-1750 Bicester, Merton Rebecca Chapman
FIELD dna >1600 Any Maxwell Smith
FIELD 18c Any Penny Eves
FIELD <1800 Any Maralyn Bevilaqua
FIELD 19c Charlbury Richard Boyles
FIGG <1790 Any Marie Purcell
FIGG <1820 Brackley Moira Fitt
FIGG >1700 Thame Moira Fitt
FINCH 1700-1900 Wallingford Bob Finch
FINCH c.1700 Any Dianne Finch
FINCH Any Souldern Dawn Riddiford
FINMERE Any Fringford, Any Nancy Denis
FINMORE Any Fringford, Any Nancy Denis
FINMORE Any Any Frank Carter
FISH 1700 - 1940 Banbury Walter Veldsman
FISHER 1500's ? Shane Fisher
FISHER Any Wolvercote Sue Shuker
FISHER 19c Any Stephen Jones
FISKE Any Any Samantha Evangelista
FITCH >1700 Any Pam Thornton
FITCHET 1600-1900 Any Alex McGahey ons
FITCHETT 1600-1900 Any Alex McGahey ons
FITCHETT Any Bampton Aston, Stanton Harcourt Lorraine Best
FITCHETT Any Witney Martin Rix
FITCHEW 1700-1900 Bampton Janet Watts
FITZGERALD 1800-1900 Leafield Bill Seary
FITZGERALD 1815-1877 Chipping Norton, Oxford Christine Norris
FLAVEL 1600 -1850 Oxford Dennis Flavell
FLAXEN 1700 to 1870 Oxford and surrounding areas Neil Kenny
FLEET 1850 Aston Rowant Sara Baird
FLEETWOOD <1900 Summertown Alan W. Inness
FLEMING >1732 Wheatley Gay Moller
FLETCHER 1800's Oxford, St Ebbe, St Aldgate Hilary Boase
FLETCHER 1781 - 1871 Curbridge Janet Mary Burrows
FLETCHER 1765 - 1811 Fritwell, Kings Sutton Nivard Ovington
FLETCHER 1700-1820 Alvescot, Beckley Ian Fletcher
FLETCHER 18 c Steeple Aston Ray Wilson
FLETCHER 1650 - 1720 Witney Anne Wiltshire
FLETCHER <1700 Deddington Jim Baker
FLETCHER >1780 Henley Simon Burbidge
FLETCHER <1815 Any James Moore
FLETCHER <1870 Steeple Aston, the Bartons Gwen Goodhew
FLEXNEY <1860 Any Steve Bumstead
FLEXNEY ALIAS HICKS/HIX <1750 Any Steve Bumstead
FLEXON 1700 to 1870 Oxford and surrounding areas Neil Kenny
FLINT Any Adderbury Colin D. Gronow ons
FLITT 1750-1880 Aston Rowant Sara Baird
FLOREY Any Standlake, Headington Ritchie Florey
FLOREY Any Any Anne Ramon
FLORY 19c Standlake Betty Fry
FLOYD 1700 - 1800 Thame Richard Stedman
FLOYD <1850 Any Mike Brooks
FLOYD Any Cumnor David Floyd
FLOYD Any Eynsham David Floyd
FONTAINE 1750-1890's Chipping Norton Terry Sullivan
FORD 1600-1800 Kidlington Mick Cooper
FORDE 1600-1800 Kidlington Mick Cooper
FOREST >1780 Burford Jeremy Bishop
FORREST 1730-1750 Caversham Jane Hyland
FORSTER 1810 Newton Purcell Tim Cooper
FORTNAM 1600-1800 Steeple Barton, Chinnor Mary Prentice
FORTNAM <1850 Great Barford (Barford St Michael), Deddington Anne Seeley
FORTNAM <1600 Any Angela Fortnum
FORTNAME <1600 Any Angela Fortnum
FORTNUM 1750-1850 Horley and Hornton Andrew Bore
FORTNUM 1800-1900 Rousham Martin Pearson
FORTNUM Any Any Angela Fortnum
FOSTEKEW Any Any Kevin Harris
FOSTER >1785 Wootton Nick Bishop
FOSTER <1870 Eynsham Emily Foster
FOSTER >1600 Northmoor David Lay
FOSTER 1650-1800 Bucknell Charles Eldridge
FOSTER <1850 Bucknell, Caversfield Rebecca Chapman
FOSTER 1700 - 1800 Bucknell, Caversfield, Wendlebury; later in Oxford Ros Williamson
FOSTER 1800-1900 Oxford Ros Williamson
FOSTER > 1950 Oxford Paul Landon
FOWLER 1750-1821 Ardley John T. Fowler
FOWLER >c1870 Banbury Hester Moore
FOWLER 18c/19c Chipping Norton, Long Compton Judith Wiseman
FOWLER 1855 Nuffield Mary Edwards
FOWLER >1500 Witney Grace Abrahams
FOWLER Any Stonesfield Grace Abrahams
FOX Any, 1880's Fritwell Graeme Berry
FOX 1750 - 1810 Banbury Ann Jones
FOX <1800 Sibford Gower Keith Sturton
FOX Any Bampton Aston Lorraine Best
FOX Any Bampton, Aston and Cote Heather Brunt
FOX Any Aston, Bampton Ann Richards
FOX Any Waterperry & area Joan Yearsley
FOX 18C Ewelme Naomi Tarrant
FOY 1810-1890 St. Clements E. Bartle
FRANCES 1815-1840 Headington Bill Churchman
FRANCES Any Oxford Martin Rix
FRANCIS 1650-75 Any Carl Hester
FRANKLIN 1818-1920 Banbury, Chipping Norton, Hook Norton, Swerford Gordon Benfield
FRANKLIN <1780 Dorchester Paul Brazell ons
FRANKLIN >1881 Oddington Norman Davies
FRANKLIN <1822 Claydon, Wardington Jenny Franklin
FRANKLIN 1800 Ramsden David Howell
FRANKLIN 1850-1900 Any Val Kendrick
FRANKLIN >1830 Coombe Wayne Moloney
FRANKLIN >1800 Shipton under Wychwood Linda Monks
FRANKLIN >1800 Milton under Wychwood Linda Monks
FRANKLIN 19c Middle Barton, Steeple Barton Lesley Newman
FRANKLIN 1780-1900 Swinford Farm Joyce Reardon
FRANKLIN 1793-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
FRANKLIN <1921 St. Giles Parish Oxford Paul Landon
FRANKLIN <1750 Witney Peter E. Terry
FRANKLIN <1800 Oxford Peggy Butcher
FRANKLIN <1841 Deddington Graham Moore
FRANKLIN c1760 Oxford Brian Stevens
FRANKLIN <1800 Deddington, Charlbury Elaine Ward
FRANKLIN <1860 Stoke Lyne Carolyne Langley
FRANKLIN <1800 Ewelme Sue Hazledine
FRANKLIN Any North Leigh Martin Rix
FRANKLIN <1700 Bicester Fiona Hedges
FRANKLING <1800 Oxford Peggy Butcher
FREBURY 1700-1770 Idbury John Phillips
FREEBORN Any Any Alan Simpson
FREEBURY 1700-1770 Idbury John Phillips
FREEMAN Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
FREEMAN Any Any Gary Bradbury
FREEMAN 1770 -1880 Fifield by Islip Robert Freeman
FREEMAN 1895-1901 Wallingford Stuart Hyde
FREEMAN 1650 - 1750 Claydon Barbara Hymas
FREEMAN 1700 - 1900 HEALTON- AMBROSDEN Linda Keefe
FREEMAN <1836 Chesterton John Sullivan
FREEMAN <1850 Arncott, Ambrosedon Sheila Freeman
FREEMAN 19c Oxford City Vicky Ford
FREEMAN Any Witney Becky Bolton Clawson
FREEMAN <1778 Thame, Rotherfield Peppard & Henley Lyn Nash
FREEMAN 17c Mapledurham Steve Miller
FREEMAN <1808 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip Lorna Crook
FREER 19c Woodstock Peter Morris
FRENCH 1750 - 1800 Bladon & Elsfield Geoffrey Berry
FRENCH Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
FRENCH 1730-1800 Deddington, Woodstock Brian Bond
FRENCH 1700 - 1900 Northleigh Laraine_Jones Child
FRENCH 1800 - 1900 Banbury / Neithrop Michael Cole
FRENCH >1760 Deddington Ann-Marie Ell
FRENCH <1800s Deddington John French
FRENCH Any Wootton Kate French
FRENCH 1700-1900 Epwell Elizabeth Kutz
FRENCH 1765 - 1811 Fritwell, Kings Sutton Nivard Ovington
FRENCH <1768 Cropredy Kerrie Rafter
FRENCH >1768 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
FRENCH 1750-1770 Deddington Donna Lonon
FRENCH <1750 Deddington Elaine Ward
FRENCH 19c Clifton etc Mark Paviour
FRENCH Any Any Jean Pyatt
FRENCH 1700-1750 Deddington Barbara Rosethorne
FRENCH Any Deddington Vernon French
FRENCH 1750-1800 Deddington S. Knight
FREWIN Any Pyrton Margaret Frewin
FREWIN <1750 Any Penny Eves
FRITWELL 1590-1680 Cuxham & Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
FROUD <1871 Warborough Janice Froud Aslin
FROUD >1861 Assenden, Bix, Henley Janice Froud Aslin
FROUD 19c Henley Janice Froud Aslin
FRUIN 1600 - 1700 Toot Baldon David Scott
FRYZER <1900 Goring Steve Miller
FUCE Any Any Bill Price
FUICE Any Any Bill Price
FULKS 1600's Cuxham Valerie H. Burrows
FULLBROOK 1815 - 1861 Upper Assendon Lyn Lillington