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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
GADFIELD 1600-1850 Any Craig Pickup
GADSDEN >1800 Any John Reid
GAINES >1800 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
GALE >1600 Wantage John Gale
GALE dna c.1800 Oxford Rae Ryan
GALLAWAY Any abingdon Liz Denham
GALLAWAY <1820 Benson Sylvia Morgan
GALLAWAY any Benson(Bessington) Sylvia Morgan
GALLAWAY 18c Benson Sylvia Morgan
GALLAWAY abt.1812 Benson Sylvia Morgan
GAMMON 17-19c Any Wendy Purslow
GARBETT 1900-1960 Bicester Fiona Hedges
GARDENER >1700 Any Pam Thornton
GARDENER 1750-1890 Appleton/Sutton Courtenay/Miltn Jennifer Robbie
GARDENER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARDINER Any Any Pam Campbell-McLean
GARDINER 1680-1930 Dean Spelsbury Mrs Moore
GARDINER 1650-1850 Chastleton,Churchill, Daylesford, Fifield, Churchill Maxwell Smith
GARDINER <1850 Oxford Alan Catherine
GARDINER Any Chinnor Roz Donnelly
GARDINER <1900 Spelsbury, Dean Michael Dumbleton
GARDINER <1750 Any Mary Jane Collis
GARDINER <1800 Watchfield Jenny Deverell
GARDINER Any Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARDNER 1600-1800 Eynsham Mavis Bassett
GARDNER 1500-1700 Claydon Mavis Bassett
GARDNER Any Marsh Baldon & Nettlebed Pam Campbell-McLean
GARDNER <1784 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
GARDNER >1700 Hook Norton Vivienne Edwards
GARDNER Any Hook Norton, Alkerton, Bicester Julia Gardner
GARDNER 1700-1900 shilton and surrounding villages Michael Gardner
GARDNER 1700 - 1900 shilton Michael Gardner
GARDNER 1825 to 1875 Woodstock Katherine Harding
GARDNER >1700 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
GARDNER 1700's Milcombe Christine Hill
GARDNER Any Churchill Nicola Jackson
GARDNER 1800s Deddington, Steeple Barton Lesley Newman
GARDNER 19c Cogges, Witney, Northleigh Jeni Palmer
GARDNER Any Deddington Lynne Scaife
GARDNER Any Eynsham Bob Spicer
GARDNER Any Banbury Marilyn Astle
GARDNER >1700 Chipping Norton, Broughton Hannah Hopkins
GARDNER 1700-1830 Deddington Bonnie Bradford
GARDNER <1745 Chipping Norton Dave Padley
GARDNER 1750-1890 Appleton/Sutton Courtenay/Miltn Jennifer Robbie
GARDNER 1680-1788 Hornton Valerie Elkington
GARDNER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GAREING 1820-1920 Any Leslie Gearing
GARLICK 1890s Oxford Rosemary Barling
GARLICK Any Ewelme Helen Young
GARNAR <1850 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARNER <1776 Any Judith Garner Hinton
GARNER <1850 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett
GARRETT 1780 Alvescot Ron Hurst
GARRETT Any Banbury Sylvia Showell
GASCOIGNE <1841 Deddington Bonnie Bradford
GASCOIGNE Any Banbury M Cooper
GASCOIGNE 1756 Deddington, Bloxham June James
GASCOIGNE Any Any John R. Gascoigne
GASCOIN Any Any John R. Gascoigne
GASCOINE 19c Witney, Cumnor, Northmoor Nikki Eagle
GASH <1770 Any Marie Purcell
GASKIN Any Any John R. Gascoigne
GASKINS Any Any John R. Gascoigne
GASKINS 19c Witney, Cumnor, Northmoor Nikki Eagle
GATFIELD 1600-1850 Any Craig Pickup
GAUNT 1824-1950 Any Sarah Turner
GEARINGE 1600-1750 Any Leslie Gearing
GEE <1700 Chipping Norton Norma Jee
GEE Any Ramsden, Finstock Faith Jones
GEEKIE >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
GEERING 1700-1850 Any Leslie Gearing
GEERING 18c Lyford Barbara Cox
GEFKINS 1788-1831 Sydenham, Chalgrove, Lewknor, Aston Rowant Yvonne Stone
GEMOTTE 16c Shiplake Allan Jemmett
GEORGE 1700-1850 Wallingford, Watlington Guy Betts
GEORGE Any any Samuel Horley
GEORGE Any Sibford Ferris Sibford Gower Hook Norton Sue Pedersen
GEORGE <1830 Any Mike Brooks
GEORGE 1700-1800 Witney Judy Priest
GEORGE Any Lower Heyford, Cuddeson Brian East
GERARD c1600 Swinbrook Fiona Hedges
GERARD <1680 Checkendon Fiona Hedges
GERMAIN 1750 - 1900 South Weston and Lewknor Ian Jarmaine
GERMAINE 1750 - 1900 South Weston and Lewknor Ian Jarmaine
GERMANY >1600 Lewknor and surrounding villages Ian Jarmaine
GERRING 1700-1850 Any Leslie Gearing
GERRING Any Bampton Nick Liddiard
GHISNES Any Any David Gynes ons
GIBBARD Any Deddington Catherine Dukes
GIBBARD < 1800 Somerton Kimberly Fraser
GIBBARD Any Any Glen Gibbard
GIBBARD 1850's Great Tew Hilary Mackenzie
GIBBARD 1600 -1920 Stratton Audley, Banbury, Charlbury John Mumford
GIBBARD 1829 - 1881 Hempton & Woodstock Union Workhouse 1871 June Staniforth
GIBBARD Any Somerton Rebekah Markham
GIBBINS 1830 -1900 Ipsden, Rotherfield Jeannie Moore
GIBBONS 19th, early 20th century Thame, Botley, City of Oxford Wendy Purslow
GIBBONS >1850 Cowley Judy Windwood
GIBBONS 1800 Wallingford Judy Windwood
GIBBS 1800s Oxford, Tackley Rosemary Barling
GIBBS Any Deddington Catherine Dukes
GIBBS >1750 Broughton and surrounds Dorothy Gibbs
GIBBS Early 19c Oxford Robert Gibbs
GIBBS <1950 Any James Hill
GIBBS Any Banbury Ann Jones
GIBBS Any Shutford and surrounds Kevin Poile
GIBBS 1754-1930 Any Susan Ferrell
GIBBS Any Over Norton Jackie Cotterill
GIBBS Any Deddington, Any Stephen Saffin
GIBBS 1820-1930 St Aldate's, Oxford & nearby Mick Cooper
GIBBS Any Chipping Norton area Kate Gartner
GIBBS Any Shutford & surrounds Jan Wilson
GIBBS 20c Oxford Sandra Clifton
GIBBS 20c Oxford Sandra Mary Clifton
GIBBS Any Deddington Neil Gibbs
GIBBS 18c/19c Culham Rosalie Penn
GIBSON 1700-1900 Oxford Janet Watts
GIFKINS 1700-1800 Any Allen Glasson
GIFKINS >1750 Aston Rowant, Lewknor Peter Moore
GILBERT <1750 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
GILBERT Any Any Joe Connell
GILDER Any Oxford St. Giles Jill Clemence
GILDING Any Bampton Aston Lorraine Best
GILES 1780 West and East Hanney Liz Eustace
GILES Any New Marston & Headington Andrea Fudge
GILES 18-19th centuries Filkins Judith Harper
GILES 1560s South Newington Sue Holmes
GILES <1800 Any Alan W. Inness
GILES Any Cricklade, Henley Robyn Navin
GILES >1750 Swalcliffe Bryan Hall
GILES <1900 East and West Hanney Sheela Banham
GILES <1600 South Newington Kim Semmence
GILES Any Any Helen Thomas
GILES 1760-1860 Hampton Poyle H M McMullin
GILKES <1860 Hornton Andy Gilkes
GILKES >1700's Bloxham, Souldern, Milcombe, North Newington, Broughton Christine Hill
GILKES 1700-1900 Bloxham, Milcombe, Souldern, North Newington, Broughton Christine Hill
GILKES Any Any David Smith
GILKES >1700 Swalcliffe Bryan Hall
GILKES 1700 - 1850 Any Jeremy Waters
GILKES <1760 Swalcliffe Doreen Myerscough
GILKES Any Hornton Diane Melvin
GILKS <1760 Swalcliffe Doreen Myerscough
GILKS Any Hornton Diane Melvin
GILL 1500-1600 Great Bourton, Cropredy Ryan Dudley
GILLAM >1840 Culham Leonie Tuit
GILLAM >1718 Chipping Norton Robyn Williams
GILLAM >1733 Duns Tew Robyn Williams
GILLETT Any Any Fiona Banford
GILLETT 1750-1820 Henley Alan Gillett
GILLETT >1900 Unknown Sara-Jane Hey
GILLETT >1770 Henley on Thames Wayne P Marriott
GILLETT 1700-1880 Henley On Thames David Gillett
GILLETT Any Any Caroline O'Neill
GILPIN 1600-1700 Warborough, Shellingford, Dorchester,Wallingford Linda Buckingham
GINES Any Any David Gynes ons
GINNS Any Any Julie Welshman
GLANTON Roots of the name Unknown Ryan Young
GLANVILL 18c Dorchester on Thames Doug Glanvill
GLANVILL 17c-19c Dorchester, Ewelme Rick Glanvill
GLANVILLE 1650-1850 Any Mark Glanville
GLEDE 1800-2003 Nuneham courtenay Frank Stroud
GLEED Any Chislehampton, Garsington Jane Bushell
GLEED 1800-2003 Nuneham courtenay Frank Stroud
GODDARD 1600-1800 Chilton and Wantage area Isobel Clark
GODDARD 1810-1850 Aston Tirrold Kathy Hodson
GODDARD c.1840-1865 Stratton Audley Sue Taylor
GODDARD 1920 Oxford Jane Morris
GODDARD 1871-1929 Oxford Terrill Riley-Gibson
GODFREY 1800-1900 Oxford city, Holywell parish Dale Halliday
GODFREY >c.1822 Garsington Olav den Ouden
GODFREY >1854 Garsington Gay Moller
GODFREY <1800 Witney, Hailey Steve Bumstead
GODFREY Any Headlington Hilary Innes
GODFREY 19c Cassington Hilary Innes
GODFREY 18c Watlington Eileen Godfrey
GODFREY Any East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
GODFREY Any Witney Martin Rix
GODSON Any Any Celia Dodd ons
GODWIN 1600-1700 Filkins Broadwell Ellen Frost
GOFFE 1845-1872 St. Giles, Headington Bill Churchman
GOFFE 1814 to 1840 Islip and Headington Bill Churchman
GOHM 1750 - 1880 Caversham Deborah Dobson
GOLBY Early 1800's Banbury Den Golby
GOLBY c1810 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
GOLBY Any Banbury area Maggie Bonfield
GOLD 1870s Lower Heyford Jill Kramer
GOLD <1780 South Newington Graham Loveday King
GOLD <1800 Ducklington David Nutt
GOLDBY c1812 Oxford St Michael Caroline Tilbury
GOLDER Any Any but especially Upper Heyford and surrounds. Paul A Golder
GOLDER 1700-1900 Any Graham Stone
GOLDER Any Any Adam Osben
GOLDER Any Stoke Lyne, Any Robert W Golder
GOLDER Any Somerton and surrounding areas Beryl Buckley-Golder
GOMM Any as part of One Name Study Roger Gomm
GOMM Any Any, particularly Charlbury Philip Heeks
GOMM <1851 Cleveley, Enstone, Chipping Norton, Shipton-on-Cherwell Stephanie Lever
GOMM Any Chinnor Alison Powell
GOMM <1850 Chinnor Julia Chant
GOMME 19c Goring Deborah Dobson
GOMME Any as part of One Name Study Roger Gomm
GOMME Any Chinnor Ian Garrett
GONDOUX <1850 Charlbury Charlotte Carpenter
GOOD Any Chalgrove Sue Hedges
GOODALL 1750 - 1850 Nettlebed Pam Campbell-McLean
GOODCHILD Any Headington, Littlemore, Sandford-on-Thames Eunice Cubbage
GOODCHILD 1914 Swerford Alan Pritchard
GOODE Any Chalgrove Sue Hedges
GOODENOUGH 1730-1920 Warborough Trevor Lake
GOODENOUGH Any Warborough, Longworth, Faringdon Tony Goodenough
GOODEY 1700-1900 Garsington Brian Brown
GOODEY Any Any Richard G. Miller
GOODGAME Any Headington Thomas Robinson
GOODGAME Any Any Robin Goodgame
GOODGER any time any place Yvonne Withington
GOODING Any Marsh Baldon Jenny Dennis
GOODMAN <1810 Wroxton Susan Roe
GOODWAY Any Banbury Ann Jones
GOODWAY 1700-1900 Banbury, Neithrop Kieron Warren
GOODWILL 1740-1800 Oxford (esp. St. Peter-in-the-East and St. Aldate) Vicki McKay
GOODWIN 19c Any Linda Currie
GOODWIN 1820-1901 unknown Linda Currie
GOODWIN early 1800s Duns tew Linda Currie
GOODWIN 1800's DUNSTEW / DUNS TEW Linda Currie
GOODY Any Any Richard G. Miller
GOOLD Any Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
GOOM 1736 - 1889 Oddington, Merton, Bicester, Bletchingdon Pam O'Donoghue
GORDON 1800-1820 Chipping Norton Richard Phillips
GOSBEE Any Any Carol Loveday
GOSBY Any Any Carol Loveday
GOSFORD 1500-1800 Warborough & Dorchester Laurie Page
GOSLING Any Any Kevin Nicholas
GOUGH 1800-1900 Banbury / Neithrop Michael Cole
GOUGH 1700-1890 Great Tew Allison Gough
GOUGH ca. 1800 Banbury Roger Jelfs
GOUGH Any Upper Heyford, Souldern, The Bartons, Graham Gough
GOUGH Any Any Joyce Hamson
GOULD <1833 Ducklington John Sullivan
GOULD <1851 Alvescott,Bampton Jeanette Wickham
GOULD <1780 South Newington Graham Loveday King
GOULD Any Ducklington Carolyn Ramsbottom
GOULD <1830 Hailey, Witney David Nutt
GOULDER Any Any Robert W Golder
GRACE >1600 Aston Rowant, Stanton St John Kate Day
GRACE <1700 Steeple Aston Peter E. Terry
GRACE Any Bicester Michael Grace
GRACE Any Charlbury Michael Grace
GRAHAM >1850 Bampton Emily Smith
GRAHAM >1850 Thame Emily Smith
GRAIN Any Headington Avril Flanagan
GRAINGE 1800 to 1850 St. Clements Doug Lee
GRAINGER >1800 Burford David Grainger
GRAINGER 1848-1878 0xford City and Headington Jayne Grainger
GRAINGER Any Longworth/Besselsleigh/Cumner Dianne Patterson
GRANT >1881 North Newington/Banbury Audrey Fawn
GRANT Any Oxford Lee Hamilton
GRANT ca. 1750 Banbury Roger Jelfs
GRANT >1880 Cowley St John Bob Wright
GRANT <1800 North Newington Graham Moore
GRANT 1700-1800 North Newington Michael Long
GRANTHAM 1700 The Heyfords and Banbury Neil Grantham
GRANTHAM <1750 Fringford, Ardley, Mixbury, Willaston, Wendlebury, Bicester Pam Griffiths
GRASSBROOK <1730 Any Elaine Ward
GRAY >1800 Balscott and Wroxton Rod Gray
GRAY Any Wroxton-Banbury area Rod Gray
GRAY Any Chalgrove, Great Milton Ann Howlett
GRAY Any Any Ray Cross
GREATBANKS 1850-1990 Any David J Greatbanks
GREEN >1780 Bampton Penny Atkinson
GREEN 1800 1950 Little Wittenham Wendy Braid
GREEN 1825 - 1865 St. James, Crowley Sandy Burmaster
GREEN Any Little Wittenham, Long Wittenham Doug Green
GREEN 1700-1750 unknown Peter Green
GREEN ca. 1775 City of Oxford Russ Green
GREEN >1700> Banbury Teri (Sanders) Johnson
GREEN Any Handborough, Bladon, North Leigh Lynda Organ
GREEN 1700-1900 Marcham, Benson and Ewelme Paul M Remfry
GREEN 1790 - 1920 Bodicote & Banbury Sandra Rumsey
GREEN <2001 St. Giles Parish Oxford Paul Landon
GREEN >1755 Deddington, Steeple Aston Chris Woods
GREEN Any Any Dave Broughton
GREEN <1750 Deddington Penny Eves
GREEN Any Any Fred Cross
GREEN Any Pyrton Patricia E. Flores
GREEN 18c Any Bryan Bowen
GREEN <1750 Chadlington Steve Bumstead
GREEN Any Any Leonard C Hawtin
GREEN <1785 Any Theresa Lawrence
GREEN Any Bloxham Grace Hutchinson
GREEN <1870 Any Mary Jane Collis
GREEN Any Any Sharon Neale
GREEN >1755 Oxford Caroline Thompson
GREEN Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
GREENAWAY >1780 Dorchester Rosemary Harper
GREENAWAY 1770-1820 Henley-on-Thames & surrounds Pamela Hunt
GREENAWAY <1745 Pyrton, Watlington Felicity Sanderson
GREENAWAY Any Burford Emma Willson
GREENAWAY <1750 Shipton Under Wychwood area David Nutt
GREENE 16c Shipton John Moore
GREENHALF 1800-1950 Bradwell Phillipa Downs
GREENING <1825 Oxford Martin K Thompson
GREENLY any any Dale Greenly
GREENWAY 1500-1800 Handborough, Church Handborough, Cassington, Whitney, Ramsden Richard Greenway
GREENWOOD Any Oxford Lorraine Donald
GREENWOOD <1745 Oxford City Vicky Ford
GREENWOOD <1750 Sibford Gower, Swalcliffe Graham Loveday King
GREGORY 1800s Noke Eleanor Collins
GREGORY 1850's not known Donna Day
GREGORY 1700 - 1860 Bicester Dixie Gregory
GREGORY 1590-1900 WANTAGE Terry Gregory
GREGORY 1794 Banbury Brian Gubbins
GREGORY 1900's Swalcliffe Neil Harris
GREGORY 1840 to 1900 Little Milton Anthony Mather
GREGORY 1700-1900 Any Graham Stone
GREGORY Any Bicester, Weston on the Green Evelyn Kremer
GREGORY <1650 Woodstock, Wootton Emma Hartley
GREVILLE 1350 - 1650 Drayton near Banbury Jim Johns
GREY <1800 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
GREY <1870 Any Mary Jane Collis
GRIFFIN 1800 - 1875 Chipping Norton, Churchill Wendy Brooks
GRIFFIN 1800-1900 Oxford, Sutton Courtney Geoffrey Connell
GRIFFIN 1800 - 1940 Woodstock, Stonesfield Sarah Milne
GRIFFIN 1700-1750 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
GRIFFIN 1600/1700/early 1800s Chilworth Farm, Nr Wheatley, Wallingford, Blewbury, Hagbourne Jane Wolsey
GRIFFIN 1700s Cuddesdon, Great Milton Jane Wolsey
GRIFFIN Any Bloxham, Adderbury Elizabeth Coyle
GRIFFIN >1650 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
GRIFFIN <1900 Headington D Peasey
GRIMES 1700-1800 Abingdon Jeff Grimes
GRIMES <1800 Tainton Simon Burbidge
GRIMMETT Any Hook Norton, Churchill, Charlbury Shirley Power
GRIMMETT 17-18c Chipping/Over Norton John Moore
GRIMMETT Any Any David Sears
GRIMSDALE >1900 Abingdon Richard Grimsdale-Yates
GRIMSHAW 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
GRIMSHIRE <1780 Bampton Susan Lewis
GROVES anytime milton under wychwood Pamela Blades
GROVES >1700 Chipping Norton Chris Wake
GROVES Any Any Alan Simpson
GROVES <1750 Witney Peter E. Terry
GROVES Any Shipton and Milton-Under-Wychwood Linda Tysoe
GROVES Any Any Julie Welshman
GROVES Any Shipton, Milton Lynne Keedwell
GRUBB 19c Black Bourton Lee Large
GUBBINS 1793 Alkerton Brian Gubbins
GUBBINS <1800 Great Rollright Kim Semmence
GUESS c1750 Hook Norton Howard Samuels
GUINES Any Any David Gynes ons
GUISE 1850-1950 Any Gordon Guise
GULLIVER <1855 Banbury/Bicester Martyn Parsons
GULLIVER 1780-1880 BANBURY D. Smith
GUMM <1848 Charlbury Maureen J. Cook
GUNNICE >1600 South Leigh Chris Wake
GUNNIS 1600-1750 South Leigh Robert Steggle
GUNNIS 1750-1800 Combe Longa Robert Steggle
GUNSTONE >1800 Oxford Lynne Mace
GUNTER c.1550 Stanford in the Vale Tim Gunter
GUNTRIP <1800 chagrove Victor Morgan
GURDEN 1700-1920 Any Ian Perrin
GURDEN >1600 Any Mike Brooks
GURLYE <1660 Bampton Fiona Hedges
GUTTERIDGE Any Goring, Whitchurch Matt Guthridge
GUTTERIDGE Any Any Alan Simpson
GUTTRIDGE Any Goring, Whitchurch Matt Guthridge
GUTTRIDGE <1830 Whitchurch Andy Bradley
GUY 1800-1850 Combe, Finstock, Fawler, Charlbury, Witney Andrew Guy
GUY Any Chipping Norton area Kate Gartner
GUY 1701-1787 Witney, Ashton North Colin D. Gronow ons
GUYATT any Kirtlington Joyce Hoad
GYLES <1600 South Newington Kim Semmence
GYLES c1630 Bletchingdon Peter Giles
GYLKES <1760 Swalcliffe Doreen Myerscough
GYLKS <1760 Swalcliffe Doreen Myerscough
GYMMETT 1500-1700 Shiplake, Rotherfield Peppard Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
GYNES Any Any David Gynes ons