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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
HACK <1820 Hailey, Witney Doreen Myerscough
HACKLING <1820 Hailey, Witney Doreen Myerscough
HADDEN 1750 - 1800 Witney Sheila Browning
HADDOCK Any Bicester Karen Simons
HADDOCK <1750 Any Penny Eves
HADLAND dna 16c-18c Kingham, Spelsbury, Finstock Tony Hadland
HADLAND 1850 Stratton Audley John Harris
HADLAND circa 1838 Bicester Sue Neilson
HADLAND 18c-19c Ardley, Souldern Judith Thomas
HADLAND 19c Oxford Judith Thomas
HADLAND <1965 Oxford Paul Landon
HADLEY <1700 Any Penny Eves
HADLY 17c Oxford Penny Eves
HAILES 1730s Churchill Paul Hailes
HAILEY <1715 Aston Rowant or surrounding area Graham Paddick
HAINES Any Bodicote / Adderbury Vicky Attridge
HAINES <1800 Swalcliffe, Sibford Gower David Haynes
HAINES 1840-1850 Oxford Adrian Mullins
HAINES Any Any Adrian Mullins
HAINES <1750 Any Marie Purcell
HAINES <1800 Any Sonja Swann
HAINGE >1839 Summertown Ruth Ridley
HAINS <1800 Swalcliffe, Sibford Gower David Haynes
HAINS <1750 Any Marie Purcell
HAINS <1800 Sibford Gower Jenny Deverell
HAISLY >1750 Nuneham Courtenay Doris Tutty
HALE <1840 Kingham Alexandra Coles
HALE <1830 -2006 Handborough,Witney Bev Robb
HALE 1681 Kingham Kathleen Baker
HALES 17th C; 18th C; 19th C Cassington Dave Hales
HALES <1700 Wytham Jackie Prebble
HALES >1718 Wolvercote Jackie Prebble
HALEY >1800 Witney Hailey Marie Keates
HALFORD 1700-1850 Any Brenda J Crosby
HALHED 1500-1700 Banbury Stephanie Harrison
HALL 1900-1920 Woodstock Tony Wilkes
HALL 1850 Great Milton Ray Cross
HALL >1760 Chipping Norton Dafde
HALL 1874 Oxford Amanda Benstock
HALL 1700-1900 Garsington Eric Hall
HALL 1700s - 1800s Banbury, Bodicote, Neithrop Angela Hamilton
HALL 1800/1900 Harwell Dennis Johnson
HALL 1780 - 1855 Hook Norton, Rollright Arleen Marshall
HALL c. 1480 - 1900 Kirtlington Judith Hall Ohlgren
HALL 1812-1832 Oxford, St Thomas Yvonne Withington
HALL Any Any, but particularly Oxford and Burford Emma Willson
HALL >1800 Oxford Monique Munroe
HALL <1843 St Helens Abingdon Katie Sullivan
HALL Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
HALL >1850 Chalgrove Stephen Alun Catton
HALL >1820 Wallingford Stephen Alun Catton
HALL Any Oxford Stephen Alun Catton
HALL Any Thame Stephen Alun Catton
HALLE 1875-1882 Oxford, St. Ebbe Brian Parker
HAMBLETON Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
HAMERSLEY >1625 Kencot, Langford, Pyrton Nicola Johnson
HAMILTON 20c Chipping Norton Max Hamilton
HAMILTON-JONES 20c Chipping Norton Max Hamilton
HAMLET 1750-1799 Ducklington, Witney Marion Owen
HAMMAN any Oxford Janet Behin
HAMMAN 1870-1940 Any Janet Behin
HAMMANS >1861 Oxford Lynne Mace
HAMPSHIRE 1800 Oxford City Vic Styles
HAMPSHIRE <1750 Any Penny Eves
HANCOCK <1845 Banbury Barry Hancock
HANCOCK <1800 Adderbury, Deddington, Northants borders James Wyatt Hancock
HANCOX Any Tysoe Rebekah Markham
HANDLEY 1500-1750 Bicester Karen Simons
HANDLY Any Any Karen Simons
HANDLYE Any Any Karen Simons
HANDS 1700-1900 Stanton St John, Oxford St Thomas, Witney Gillian Bryant
HANDS 1700-1870 Chilson, Oxfordshire Jennifer Wilks
HANGER >1850 Oxford St Clement Paul Hanger
HANKS 1770-1850 Long Hanborough Alexandra Coles
HANKS c.1775-1798 Long Hanborough Jan Gregory
HANKS <1650 Steeple Aston Peter E. Terry
HANKS Any Oxford Steve Prewitt
HANKS 1800-1900 Lew Christine Sbresni
HANKS 1850 Ascott-under-Wychwood Linda StClair
HANKS Any Any William Birchall
HANKS <1730 Bampton Fiona Hedges
HANKS <1800 Any Martin Hanks
HANMORE 1800-1835 Oxford Pamela Hunt
HANNAH 1770s Any Lynn Freeman
HANNIS 1700-1900 Cassington, Headington, Woodstock Chris Newport
HANNISS 1700-1900 Cassington, Headington, Woodstock Chris Newport
HANNISS >1780 Woodstock Jeremy Hanniss-Ashton
HANWOOD <1810 Shifford Nicholas Thorpe
HARBIDGE 18c/19c Chastleton, Little Compton, Steeple Barton, Todenham Judith Wiseman
HARBRIDGE 1850 - 1900 Any John Valters
HARBROW Any Any Gillian Newnham
HARBUD >1855 Witney Mary Collins
HARBUT 1700-1950 Bloxham, Charlbury, Finstock, Kirtlington Alan Herbert
HARCOURT 1200-1500 Stanton Harcourt Dr Ben Knighton
HARDING >1718 Aston Rowant Peter Moore
HARDING 1750-1850 Aston-Rowant/Kingston Rosemary Braun
HARDING 1842 Uffington Suzy Gasiorek
HARDING <1800 Brightwell Sally Malone
HARDING >1800 Wallingford Sally Malone
HARDING Any Any Mrs. Harding
HARDY Any Chipping Norton Dafde
HARLING 19c Kiddington, Enstone Sandra Kibble-White
HARPER 1803-1890 Eynsham Denise Hall
HARPER 1800-2000 Appleton, Horspath Olivia Absolom
HARPER 17c Noke Linda McCooey
HARPER 1800-1900 Middle Barton John Reid
HARPER Any Duns Tew, Deddington, Middle Barton Keri Rubery
HARPER <1790 Any Phil Harper
HARPER <1900 Faringdon Myrtle Cooper
HARPER 1890-1950 Alvescot Paul Hayes
HARPER c1814 Denchworth Myrtle Cooper
HARPUR >1750 Eynsham Gail Faibish
HARPUR <1900 Faringdon Myrtle Cooper
HARPUR c1814 Denchworth Myrtle Cooper
HARRADEN 18c Chipping Norton Greg Lewin
HARRINGTON 1700-1810 Stonor Loraine Ward
HARRIS 1700 - 1900 Hailey, Witney Kim Conway
HARRIS Any Witney Linda Wharton
HARRIS 1550-1700 Sibford Ferris Christopher Farrand
HARRIS 1700 - 1850 Elsfield & Oxford Geoffrey Berry
HARRIS c1850 unknown Eleanor Collins
HARRIS 1800s Hethe David Hammond
HARRIS Any Bampton, Cote, Aston, Sibford, Neithrop Peter Harris
HARRIS 1700-1800s Horspath Jemma Hayward
HARRIS Any Witney Paul Kelly
HARRIS 1870 Coombe Joe Mounsey
HARRIS circa 1838 Bicester Sue Neilson
HARRIS 1700's & 1800's Beckley Jean Normington
HARRIS 1800 - 1900 Great Rollright Dawn Ralfe
HARRIS <1750 Chipping Norton, Long Compton Anne Seeley
HARRIS 1600-1700 Witney, Northleigh Peter E. Terry
HARRIS Abt 1813 Shiplake, Checkendon, Rotherfield Grays Carole Todd
HARRIS <1710 Alvescot Carole Todd
HARRIS 1700-1800 Hanborough David Turner
HARRIS 1665 Burford, Minster Lovell Delia West
HARRIS Any Any Colin Wills
HARRIS Any Hailey Tara Dancer
HARRIS 1830-1900 Wheatley Diane Hutson
HARRIS Any Towersey Linda North
HARRIS 18c Steeple Aston Adam Osben
HARRIS <1900 Oxford, Eynsham Barbara Jones
HARRIS 1750-1850 Witney Kevin Godfrey
HARRIS 18c Witney John Fletcher
HARRIS c1754 Weald, Leafield Weald OPS
HARRIS <1850 Standlake Fiona Hedges
HARRIS 20C Wantage Fred Jelley
HARRIS 1650-1700 Wigginton Ralph Harris
HARRIS Any Oxford St Giles Rachel Long
HARRIS < 1900 Combe, Northleigh Rachel Long
HARRIS 18-20c Oxford Colin Harris
HARRIS <1890 Burford Tina Rowe
HARRIS Any Any Brian Keen
HARRISON <1840 Oxford Robert McVicar
HARRISON <1850 Great Tew Robert McVicar
HARRISON Any Enstone, Clevely, Cowley Martin K Thompson
HARRISON Any Chipping Norton, Hook Norton, Wigginton Janet Polley
HARROD 1066-1722 unknown Greg Harrod
HART 1626-1667 Glympton, Witney Melissa Harris
HARTIN 1700-1830 Bicester, Wendlebury, Charlton upon Otmoor Carol Beckman
HARTING >1670 Upper Heyford Sue Holmes
HARTLETT <1810 Epwell Sandra Shelley
HARTLEY <1800 Epwell Sandra Shelley
HARTLEY 1900 South Newington Colin Stevenson ons
HARTWELL 1700s Hook Norton Kaye Wheeler
HARTWELL <1718 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
HARVEY Any Any Lauren Simmonds-Davies
HARVEY 1700-1900 Epwell Ann Morris
HARVEY >1750s Epwell Barbara Stacey
HARWOOD 1600-1750 Witney Peter E. Terry
HARWOOD 1600-1770 Hook Norton Alison Molineux
HARWOOD <1770 Witney Steve Bumstead
HARWOOD 1800 Witney Derrick Harwood
HARWOOD Any Church Hanborough, Cogges, Witney, Woodstock, Eynsham, Oxford, Tackley, David Briggs
HARWOOD 1750 - 1820 Shifford, Witney, Banbury Nicholas Thorpe
HASEL 1600-1700 Any Ellen Frost
HASTER <1750 Any Mary Jane Collis
HASTINGS <1700 North Newington Elaine Ward
HASTINGS Any Any Marian Hastings ons
HATHAWAY <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
HATHAWAY 1880 - 1975 Headington and Oxford City Julia Hathaway
HATHAWAY <1750 Any Peter Green
HATHAWAY Any Witney Martin Rix
HATHAWAY Any Any Steve Wynniatt
HATT 18c Fawley Derek Fisher
HATTO Any Any Douglas L. Hatto
HATTON 1700-1800 Burford, Widford Kerrie McInnes
HATTON >1900 Any Paul Landon
HATWELL Any Charlton on Otmoor Alan Langford
HATWELL <1800 Charlton-on-Otmoor, Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
HATWELL Any Bladon Neil Woods
HATWELL 1800-1850 Horton Hilary Innes
HAUCKS 18c Shipton-Under-Wychwood Chris Wake
HAVELL 1844 Wallingford, Woodcote, Goring Candace Cozens
HAVELL 1898 Any Gillian McArthur
HAVILL <1800 Moulsford Kevin Havell
HAVYLE <1500 Oxford Kevin Havell
HAWES 1780 - 1830 Elsfield & Oxford Geoffrey Berry
HAWES Any Tetsworth Roz Donnelly
HAWES >1650 Oakley, Bicester, Little London, Witney Dene James
HAWKER Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
HAWKES 1856 Woodstock Geoffrey Leigh
HAWKES <1800 Somerton Sarah Baker
HAWKINS 1837 Whitchurch David Hawkins
HAWKINS <1820 Tackley, Wootton Heather Collins
HAWKINS Any Any Barry Hawkins
HAWKINS >1759 Witney Linda Dutton
HAWKINS >1850 Dorchester Rosemary Harper
HAWKINS Any Any Jane Hawkins
HAWKINS <1900 Little Coxwell & Faringdon, Roger Hawkins
HAWKINS >1820 Stoke Lyne Karen Johnson
HAWKINS 1700 - 1900 Banbury, Adderbury Doreen Olds
HAWKINS <1650 Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
HAWKINS <1900 Any Wilfred Newman
HAWKINS <1720 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
HAWKINS Any Any Donald Hawkins
HAWKINS <1817 Witney James (Jim) Fidler
HAWKYNS <1650 Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
HAWTIN >1700 Any Margaret Binstead
HAWTIN 18c Bloxham, North Oxfordshire Fiona Blundell
HAWTIN 18c Any Leonard C Hawtin
HAWTIN Any Alkerton Christine Wells
HAWTIN Any Epwell Christine Wells
HAWTING 18c Bloxham, North Oxfordshire Fiona Blundell
HAY 1650-1705 Fulwell, Spelsbury, Epwell, Swalcliffe Robert Stevens
HAYDEN >1778> Vale of White Horse Brian Haydon
HAYDON >1778> Vale of White Horse Brian Haydon
HAYELS <1800 Wolvercote Jackie Prebble
HAYES 1650-1705 Fulwell, Spelsbury, Epwell, Swalcliffe Robert Stevens
HAYES <1800 Wolvercote Jackie Prebble
HAYES <1750 Wroxton Judy Evans
HAYES 1800 St Ebbes St Thomas Oxford Paul Hayes
HAYES Any Any Andrew Hayes
HAYES 1925-1950 Jericho, Oxford Paul Hayes
HAYLEY 1600 Aston Rowant Jan Hutchinson
HAYNES Any Bodicote / Adderbury Vicky Attridge
HAYNES 1777-1863 Swalcliffe Georgena Gantt
HAYNES <1800 Swalcliffe, Sibford Gower David Haynes
HAYNES 1700 - 1870 Stanton St. John, Wheatley Barbara Hymas
HAYNES 1700 - 1900 Stanton St. John Barbara Hymas
HAYNES any any Adrian Mullins
HAYNES Any Marston, anywhere Judith Palmer
HAYNES 18c Great Milton Caroline Meller
HAYNES 1500- 1900 Hook Norton, Banbury Alison Molineux
HAYNES <1880 Marston Brian Dalby
HAYNES <1880 Headington Brian Dalby
HAYNES 17c Ashbury Barbara Cox
HAYNES <1800 Sibford Gower Jenny Deverell
HAYNES <1800 Any Sonja Swann
HAYWARD 1800-2000 Bicester, Upper Heyford, Lower Heyford and surrounding towns Wendy Nichols-Davis
HAYWARD 1800's Burford , Chipping Norton, Eynsham, Swalcliffe, Shipton Oliffe Faye Hayward
HAYWARD 1790-1850 Wheatley & Cuddesdon Jemma Hayward
HAYWARD <1800 Kirtlington and surrounding areas Helen Toogood
HAYWARD <1800 Banbury, Bodicote Mark Bletchly
HAYWARD Any Chipping Norton, Hook Norton, Wigginton Janet Polley
HAZEL 1800's Kidlington, Bicester areas Jennifer Luff
HAZEL 1600-1700 Filkins, Broadwell, Broughton Poggs Ellen Frost
HAZELL Present Woodstock Claire Hazell
HAZELL 19c Kidlington, Bicester area Jennifer Luff
HAZELL Any Kidlington Jennifer Titcombe
HAZELL >1800 Blackthorn Fiona Hedges
HAZELL <1850 Standlake Fiona Hedges
HAZELL >1700 Goosey Fiona Hedges
HAZELL <1730 Bampton Fiona Hedges
HAZELWOOD Any Any Jackie Hazelwood
HAZLEWOOD <1760 Hanwell Susan Roe
HAZLEWOOD Any Any Jackie Hazelwood
HEACOCK >1650 Banbury, Swalcliffe Bryan Hall
HEAD Any Any Jacky Sherwood
HEAL 1700 - 1800 Any Janice Perry
HEALEY >1830 Pyrton Margaret Frewin
HEARN 17th-19th centuries Chinnor Mary Prentice
HEARN Any Merton Martin Rix
HEARN 17c Any Ellen Frost
HEARNE 17th-19th centuries Chinnor Mary Prentice
HEARNE 17c Oxford, Cote, Aston Ellen Frost
HEARNE >1832 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip Lorna Crook
HEARS 1800 Headington Ruth Ridley
HEART <1800 Ambrosden Fiona Hedges
HEART <1650 Piddington Fiona Hedges
HEATER Any Aston Rowant Charles Bradbury
HEATH Any Ewelme and Nettlebed Pam Campbell-McLean
HEATH <1900 Wheatley Jane Bushell
HEATH >1770 Fritwell, Fringford Helen McManimm
HEATH 1700 - 1900 Pyrton, Watlington Chris Prince
HEATH c.1804 Chipping Norton Shawna Heath
HEATH Any Fritwell, Somerton, Oxford Emma Willson
HEATH 19c Henley Janice Froud Aslin
HEATHE >1600 St. Giles, Oxford. Tackley. Banbury. Neithrop. Malcolm Hoare ons
HEBBORN 1780-1927 Any Shannon Calladine
HEBBURN Any Any Alan Hebburn
HEDDERLY Any Oxford David Nicholas Hedderly
HEDDING 1815-1860 Witney Alastair Honeybun
HEDEN 1700-1800 Any Bob Potter
HEDGES Any Eynsham Elizabeth Duke
HEDGES >1855 Bicester Fiona Hedges
HEDGES >1770 Headington Fiona Hedges
HEDGES <1800 Kennington Fiona Hedges
HEDGES Any Any Sue Hedges
HEDGES Any Wootton Bob Hedges
HEDGES 1800's Oxford Ruth Warner
HEDGES Any Any Kevin Nicholas
HEDGES 18c Clanfield, Witney Maria Haines
HEDGES Any Shipton under Wychwood Claire Hedges
HEDGES 1550-1700 Shipton under Wychwood Judy Priest
HEDGES Any Oxford Kenneth John Hedges
HEDGES >1700 Abingdon Laraine_Jones Child
HEDGES Any Any Chris Wake
HEDGES 1790 Oxford William Willmot
HEINES <1800 Swalcliffe, Sibford Gower David Haynes
HEIS 1650-1705 Fulwell, Spelsbury, Epwell, Swalcliffe Robert Stevens
HEMMINGS Any Tackley Lesley Heaney
HEMMINGS <1770 Cropredy, Mollington, Banbury, and surrounding areas Ray Hemmings
HEMMINGS 1800s Oxford and surrounding areas Rob Hemmings
HENLY 1947-1951 Witny, Oxford Dorothy Mather
HENRY b 1824-5 Oxford Susana Frushour
HENWOOD Any Any Heather Brunt
HENWOOD >1740 Nuneham Courtney Vanessa Cox
HERBERT 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
HERBERT 1700-1950 Bloxham, Charlbury, Finstock, Kirtlington Alan Herbert
HERBERT >1840 Oxford City Sandra Kibble-White
HERBERT >1800 Any Patricia Hayes
HERBERT 1750-1900 Banbury Charles Fuller
HERBERT <1730 Any Penny Eves
HERBERT <1900 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
HERBERT Any Watlington Patricia E. Flores
HERBERT >1854 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip Lorna Crook
HERDSFIELD 1750 to 1860 Wheatley Wendy Rogers
HEREDGE <1860 Any John E. Denton
HERIDGE <1860 Any John E. Denton
HERITAGE Any Any Derek Heritage ons
HERITAGE 18 & 19c Bloxham area Jan Rhodes
HERITAGE <1840 Bicester Rebecca Chapman
HERITAGE <1730 Bicester Dr Ben Knighton
HERITAGE c.1700 Coton Val Ramon
HERITAGE 1600 - 1800 Bicester, Launton Graeme Heritage
HERMAN >1700 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
HERN 1600 - 1850 Swinbrook, Chipping Norton John Shelley
HERRIDGE 1800's and 1900's Culham, Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay, Sutton Wick John E. Denton
HERRIDGE Any Aston Rowant Peter Briggs
HERRIDGE Any Nettlebed Anne Draper
HERRIDGE Any Any Audrey Long
HERRING >1800 Coleshill Fiona Hedges
HESTER Any Any Gary Bradbury
HESTER 1760-1800 Aston-Rowant Rosemary Braun
HESTER Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
HESTER <1746 Farringdon Brian Hester
HESTER 1746 Stanford in the Vale Brian Hester
HESTER <1710 Any Carl Hester
HESTER <1848 Aston Rowant Jeff Hester
HESTER <1800 Oxford - St Michaels Nigel Hester
HESTER <1800 Albury, Tiddington Nigel Hester
HESTER 1650 - 1800 Bix, Rotherfield Greys Brian Berger
HESTER <1770 Albury Nigel Hester
HESTER Any Aston Rowlant Paul Hester
HESTER Any Any Jackie Brogden
HESTER Any Watlington Magdalene Capstick
HESTER Any Aston Rowant Charles Bradbury
HESTER c.1600 Any Patrick Hester
HEVINGHAM 1930-1983 Littlemore Ann Fitter
HEWER Any Any Jack Honour
HEWETT <1800 Garsington, Oxford Maralyn Bevilaqua
HEWITT c.1869 Baulking Lindsay Seagrim-Trinder
HEWLETT 1700-1920 Marston, Summertown Janice McBride
HEWLETT <1710 Alvescott Carole Todd
HEWLETT Any Langford Mervyn Hewlett
HEWLETT c1640 Kencot Mervyn Hewlett
HEWLETT 1700 Kencot Mervyn Hewlett
HEYBORN 1700-1800 Crowell Joseph Golding
HEYBOURN Any Any Tony Heybourn
HEYBOURNE 1900 Oakley Joseph Golding
HEYDON Any Stoke Lyne, Hethe Jack Honour
HEYDON Any Any Tony Butcher
HEYLIN <1700 Minster Lovell Fiona Hedges
HEYLIN <1650 Burford Fiona Hedges
HEYNES c. 1850 Woodstock Sally Jackson
HEYNES Any Chipping Norton, Over Norton Sally Jackson
HIATT 1770-1845 Henley and Bix Peter De Ath
HIATT Any Any Gillian Tyler
HIATT 1700 - 1900 Pyrton Chris Prince
HIATT 1830 ? Jericho, Oxford Cathy Riley Seary
HIBBERT <1841 Baulking Barbara Petagna
HICKES <1723 Holton John Sullivan
HICKMAN 1830-1871 Minster Lovell/Witney Tracey Hickman
HICKMAN <1900 Curbridge Leila Muller
HICKMAN Any Bletchingdon Robin Price
HICKMAN Any Bletchingdon Robin Price
HICKMAN 1750-1881 Bletchingdon Rosemary Probert
HICKMAN 1880-1920 Claydon Rosemary Probert
HICKMAN 1837-1846 Deddington Rosemary Probert
HICKMAN 1845-1851 Tackley Rosemary Probert
HICKMAN <1717 Compton Little Sandra Singleton
HICKMAN 1700-1720 Coombe Sandra Singleton
HICKMAN 1829 Wheatley Cecily Barton
HICKMAN 1797 Any Cecily Barton
HICKMAN <1860 Standlake Fiona Hedges
HICKS Any Launton / Middleton Stoney Graeme Berry
HICKS Any Any Teresa Cullingford
HICKS <1880 Clanfield Chris Etheridge
HICKS Any Drayton St Leonards Sandra Hall
HICKS 1598 - 1840 Wolvercote and nearby parishes Timothy L R Hicks
HICKS Any Horton cum Studley Rosemary Hicks
HICKS Any Benson Ann Essen
HICKS Any Horton-cum-Studley Ann Essen
HICKS Any Newington Ann Essen
HICKS Any Berrick Prior Ann Essen
HICKS Any Drayton St. Leonard Ann Essen
HICKS Any Any Jackie Brogden
HICKS 18c-19c Drayton St Leonard Naomi Tarrant
HICKS Any Witney Martin Rix
HICKS <1750 Hanborough David Nutt
HICKS <1780 Oxford Vivien Breen
HICKS >1750 Weston on the Green Peter Green
HICKS 1834 - 1891 Clanfield Chris Etheridge
HIDE 1600-1900 Wantage, Drayton, East Lockinge John Hyde
HIDE 1600-1800 Aston Rowant, Thame, Chinnor Nancy Lilly
HIGGINS 18c Thame John Williams
HIGGINS 1750-1850 Any Kevin Godfrey
HIGGS 1500-2000 South Stoke Georgie Higgs
HIGGS Any South Stoke, E&W Hanney, Checkendon, Goring, Basildon, Rob Spratley
HIGGS 1700 - 1800 Great Haseley Rebecca Taylor
HIGGS <1850 Any Hazel Anderson
HIGGS <1800 Longcot Jenny Deverell
HIGGS >1850 Banbury Janice Brown
HIGGS <1900 Hook Norton Janice Brown
HIGGS 18c Dorchester, Burcot Jo Berryman
HIGGS c1700 North Stoke Carolyn Nimmo
HIGHAM Any Bodicote, Adderbury Richard Gibbard
HIGLEY >1813 Whitchurch Hill, Whitchurch on Thames, Woodcote, Wallingford, Nettlebed Keith & Elyse Downham
HIGLEY >1945 Berinsfield, Dorchester on Thames Keith & Elyse Downham
HILE Any Any Marc Hiles ons
HILES >1840 Any Brian Brown
HILES Any Any Marc Hiles ons
HILL 1500-1700 Banbury Christopher Farrand
HILL 1700-1750 Thame Lori Kearney
HILL 1841 Thame Joan Pratt
HILL <1820 Any Mary Jane Collis
HILL >1530 Warborough Andrea Furness
HILL >1530 Benson Andrea Furness
HILL 16c Berrick Salome Andrea Furness
HILL 17c Emmington Andrea Furness
HILL 17c Sydenham Andrea Furness
HILL 18c Aston Rowant Andrea Furness
HILL 18c Thame Andrea Furness
HILL 18c Chinnor Andrea Furness
HILLSDON Any Garsington Olav den Ouden
HILLSDON Any Oxford, Garsington Julia Fryer
HILSDON Any Garsington Olav den Ouden
HILSDON <1800 Garsington Maralyn Bevilaqua
HILSDON 1600-1800 Garsington Harry White
HINDE 1650-1800 Any Wendy Homeyard
HINDE <1870 Any Mary Jane Collis
HINKSMAN 1540-1660 Any Joyce Potter
HINMAN Any Thame George DeHaas
HINTON >1700 Noke, Cuddesdon and Kidlington Catherine Dukes
HINTON 18c Cuddesdon, Watlington Patricia Moodie
HINTON Any Stanton St John Timothy Cox
HINTON <1831 Hardwick, Ducklington Patrick Inwood
HINTON 18c Horspath Adam Osben
HINTON Any Waterperry & area Joan Yearsley
HINTON Any Witney Patrick Inwood
HINTON Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
HINXMAN Any Caversham Pat Hartshorne
HIORNS Any Any Helen Herdegen
HIORNS >1900 Witney Margaret Switzer
HIRON c1710 Enstone, Ascott under Wychwood John Wearing
HIRONS Any Any Helen Herdegen
HIRONS <1900 Any John Linton
HIRONS Any Bloxham Elizabeth Coyle
HIRONS Any Great Tew, Little Tew, Marston Elizabeth Bradbury
HISCOCK >1851 Henley Janice Froud Aslin
HISCOCK >1851 Henley Janice Froud Aslin
HITCHCOCK <1851 Henley Janice Froud Aslin
HITCHCOCK Any Taston, Spelsbury, Banbury Shannon LaBrecque
HITCHCOCK <1851 Deddington, Kirtlington, Middleton Stoney Mary Taylor
HITCHCOCK <1900 Any Myrtle Cooper
HITCHCOCK <1850 Launton Fiona Hedges
HITCHCOCKE 17c Any Penny Eves
HITCHCOCKS Any Taston, Spelsbury, Banbury Shannon LaBrecque
HITCHCOCKS c1800 Any Barry Coggins ons
HITCHCOX 1600 - 1750 Alkerton and Shenington June Hitchcox
HITCHCOX Any Taston, Spelsbury, Banbury Shannon LaBrecque
HITCHINGS Any Oxford Clare Kirk
HITCHINGS Any Oxford Regina Johnson
HITCHMAN 1800 Hook Norton Hilary Burton
HITCHMAN 1600-1800 Swerford, Barford Alison Molineux
HITCHMAN >1800 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
HITCHMAN <1750 Any Penny Eves
HITCHMAN 1696 Bloxham Carole Eales
HIX 1750 - 1834 Clanfield Chris Etheridge
HOAR <1740 Brightwell Baldwin, Watlington Felicity Sanderson
HOAR dna Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HOAR Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
HOAR c.1700 Wick, Sutton Wick Sandra Lewis
HOARE Any Oxford Dafde
HOARE Any Tackley & Oxford Brian Ollis
HOARE 1709-1747 Banbury Brian Ollis
HOARE 1747-1925 Tackley Brian Ollis
HOARE dna Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HOBBS 1851 & earlier Aston Rowant & Lewknor V. H. Porter
HOBBS Any Banbury, Neithrop Brenda Timms
HOBBS Any Oxford, Bampton Phil Plumbe
HOBBS Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
HOBCRAFT <1750 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
HOBCRAFT <1730 Ambrosden Madeleine Harvey ons
HOBCROFT c1600 Fritwell Adam Osben
HOBCROFT <1800 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
HOBLEY 1800-1900 Banbury - Neithrop John Rene
HODGKINS 18c & 19 c St Peter in The East ; St Clements; City of Oxford Jean Normington
HODGKINSON Any Thame Lynne Hunt
HODGSON 18-19c Witney John Moore
HOIRONS Any Great Tew, Little Tew, Marston Elizabeth Bradbury
HOLDER >1798 Any Gary Bradbury
HOLDER 1600-1800s Charlbury/Witney area Marian Gould
HOLDER <1900 Oxford Canal or river David Nutt
HOLDING 17-18c Rotherfield Greys John Moore
HOLDWAY 1818 - 1850 Woodleys, Wootton, Old Woodstock Anthony Daniels
HOLFORD 1600-1700 Bampton Ellen Frost
HOLIFIELD Any Any Bethan Arrowsmith
HOLLAND 1750-1850 Sydingham Rosemary Braun
HOLLAND Any Witney Janet Sandilands
HOLLAND 1700-1900 Pyrton, Watlington Chris Prince
HOLLAND Any Any Wilfred Newman
HOLLAND <1810 Swyncombe Susan Wheeler
HOLLAND Any Shirburn, Watlington Patricia E. Flores
HOLLAND 19c Benson Kate Fearn
HOLLAND c.1830 Woodstock Hayley Conway
HOLLIDAY <1860 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
HOLLIER <1830 Hempton, Deddington, Barford St Michael Anne Seeley
HOLLIER Any Any Judith Hall Ohlgren
HOLLIER Any Any Peter Walker ons
HOLLIS Any Barton (i.e. Westcott, Steeple, Middle) Chris Hollis
HOLLIS Any Woodstock, Bladon Chris Hollis
HOLLIS 1630-1830 Upper Assendon Barbara Hollis
HOLLOWAY >1870 Chinnor Pauline Pool
HOLLY Any Any Robert Malcolm Ryder
HOLLY Any Any Len Heyward
HOLLYER Any Any Peter Walker ons
HOLLYHOKE c1800 Any Stephanie Barron
HOLLYHOKE Any Banbury Diane Yeaon
HOLMES 1880 Oxford Kevin Rosser Shackleton
HOLT Any Piddington Christine Wells
HOLTHAM 18C-19C Chipping Norton, Charlbury Dave Andrews
HOLTOM 18c-19c Chipping Norton, Charlbury Dave Andrews
HOLTOM 1880 to1940 Burford Philip T. White
HOLYER Any Any Peter Walker ons
HONE <1965 Any Paul Landon
HONEY Any Cuddesdon, Swinbrook and nearby Stuart Kreloff
HONEY 18c-20c Sandford-on-Thames & surroundng areas Val Hackett
HONEY Any Any Lesley Deacon
HONEY <1750 Sunningwell Jenny Lockett
HONEY Any Any Arron Stonham
HONEY Any Chippinghurst Nigel French
HONEYBONE Any Any Marilyn Kengike
HONEYBONE <1800 Ascott-under-Wychwood Harvey Warner
HONOUR Any Any Jack Honour
HONOUR 1600-1800 Wendlebury, Charlton on Otmoor Michael Dumbleton
HOOD Any Any Tom Hood
HOOKHAM Any Any Diana Hookham ons
HOOKHAM <1920 Any Wendy Lancaster
HOOPER <1750 Witney Peter E. Terry
HOOPER 1850-1910 Enstone Joyce Hermon
HOPCRAFT Any Handborough Paul Green
HOPCRAFT 1700-1900 Arncot Sue Harris
HOPCRAFT <1750 Deddington Jim Baker
HOPCRAFT Any Chesterton, Bicester Stephanie Wilson
HOPCRAFT Any Any Tony Butcher
HOPCROFT Any Handborough Paul Green
HOPCROFT <1750 Deddington Jim Baker
HOPE 1500-1950 Thrupp, Shipton-on-Cherwell, Sibford Ferris, Chastleton, Shipton under Wychwood Emma Sweetland
HOPE 1800-1900 Great Tew Sonia Luff
HOPE Any Epwell Simon Jenkins
HOPKINS 1800s Henley on Thames Pat Brogan
HOPKINS >1800 Any Hannah Hopkins
HOPKINS <1880 Any John Cramer
HOPKINS 1800 Chinnor Joan Bennell
HOPKYNS 1800 Chinnor Joan Bennell
HORE Any Tackley & Oxford Brian Ollis
HORE <1800 Somerton Helen Lisle-Wood
HORE dna Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HORE Any Any Sandra Lewis
HORN Any Drayton St Leonard Tony Bartlett
HORN 1700-1810 Brize Norton, Fyfield Guy Betts
HORN 1700s Banbury Sheila Matthews
HORN 1900 Headingley, Oxford City Vic Styles
HORN Any Bloxham Elizabeth Coyle
HORN <1800 Kidlington, Combe Sue Hazledine
HORN <1800 Han(d)borough Brian Wharton
HORNE 1700-1810 Brize Norton, Fyfield Guy Betts
HORNE 1900 Headingley, Oxford City Vic Styles
HORNE Any Any Mike Horne
HORNE >1943 Witney Margaret Switzer
HORNE c1700 Watlington Monica Cattmull
HORNEFF 1798 Swalcliffe, Banbury Helen Horneff Wujcik
HORNER 1750-1850 Banbury Peter Horner
HOROBIN Any Oxford Emma Willson
HORR dna Any Any Malcolm Hoare ons
HORRELL Any Any Tracey Horrell ons
HORSEMAN Any Any Sue Horsman ons
HORSMAN Any Any Sue Horsman ons
HORTON 1750-1800 Duns Tew Mike Horton
HORTON 1750-1820 St Giles, Deddington Denise Stewart
HORTON c.1814 St.Ebbe's Oxford Carole Ford
HORTON Any Thame Jane Davies
HORWOOD Any Bloxham Graeme Berry
HORWOOD < 1800 Bicester Stephen Taylor-Jones
HORWOOD Any Bletchingdon William Birchall
HOSIER Any Any Jackie Brogden
HOTCH 1650-1750 Deddington Judy Priest
HOUGHS Any Any Paul Howes ons
HOUNSLOW >17c Bampton, Stonesfield, Oxford, Islington Neil Hounslow ons
HOUNSLOW Any Any Simon Newton-Smith
HOUNSLOW 18c-20c Oxford Steve Gardner
HOUNSLOW Any Oxford Christine Wells
HOUNSLOW <1900 Witney/Hardwick/Aston David Floyd
HOUSE Any Any Paul Howes ons
HOVERD >1800 Churchill/Chipping Norton/Hook Norton Anne Conroy
HOW Any Horspath Charles Bradbury
HOWARD 1800-1920 Summertown, Hampton Gay Janice McBride
HOWARD >1840 Oxford Helen Smith
HOWES 1851 Goring David Hawkins
HOWES 1800-1880 Goring Margaret Duffus
HOWES <1900 Woodstock and surrounding villages Chris Howes
HOWES 18C Dorchester D Peasey
HOWES Any Any Paul Howes ons
HOWKINS >1750's Oxford Dina Smith
HOWKINS <1795 Bucknell, Ardley, Launton Rebecca Chapman
HOWKINS <1874 Ardley, Stoke Lyne, Hethe, Bicester Pearl Whipp
HOWKINS >1700 Ardley, Stoke Lyne Pearl Whipp
HOWLAND Any Thame Andrew Howland
HOWLETT 19c Thame Georgina Coe
HOWLETT Any Any Brian Howlett ons
HOWLETT Any Thame Andrew Howland
HOWLETT 1850s Thame Linda Terry
HOWLETT Any Any Wilfred Newman
HOWLETT <1850 Thame, Towersey Emma Hunnisett
HOWS Any Any Paul Howes ons
HOWSE 1650-1800 Upper Heyford / Shipton upon Cherwell Charles Eldridge
HOWSE 18 C Dorchester D Peasey
HOWSE 1734 Oddington Rebecca Chapman
HOWSE 19c Shipton on Cherwell Niki Carpenter
HOWSE 1700-1900 Headington Janet Watts
HOWSE Any Any Paul Howes ons
HOWSE <1780 Bicester Fiona Hedges
HOWSE <1700 Swalcliffe Graham Loveday King
HOWSE 19c Dorchester D Peasey
HOWSE <1900 Headington D Peasey
HOWSON >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
HOWSON Any Any Jerri Grimley
HOWYS Any Any Paul Howes ons
HUCKES <1700 Shipton, Milton Kenneth E. Hux
HUCKIN >1750 Enstone, Banbury area Ian Huckin
HUCKIN 17c Kingham Jane-Marie Smith
HUCKIN c.1700 Enstone Gemma Wheeler
HUCKINS <1621 Stonesfield Dr Ben Knighton
HUCKS <1700 Shipton, Milton Kenneth E. Hux
HUCKWELL <1800 Witney Dr Ben Knighton
HUDSON <1750 Any Rebecca Williams
HUDSON Any Any Alan Crutch
HUDSON 18c Witney Alan D. Hudson
HUDSON 1700 - 1800 Cote, Aston, Lew, Bampton Frank Hudson
HUDSON 1700-1900 Bampton, Stanton Harcourt John Kerry
HUDSON 18-19c Witney John Moore
HUDSON <1836 Cote, Aston Patrick Inwood
HUDSON 1740 Cookham Margaret Bland
HUDSON Any Bampton Patrick Inwood
HUDSON <1800 Oxford Kaylene Hudson
HUDSON 1811-1966 Northmoor/Appleton/Beckley Jennifer Robbie
HUGGINS Any Steventon Brock Eid
HUGGINS >1844 Garsington Gay Moller
HUGGINS >1707 Forest Hall, Charlton on Utmoor Chris Woods
HUGGINS <1700 Forest Hill Penny Eves
HUGHES 1865 Oxford Amanda Benstock
HUGHES 1700s Wardington area Audrey Fawn
HUGHES born circa 1799 Kiddington Robyn Hogan
HUGHES <1810 Oxford Angela Clarke
HUGHES >1800 Any Veronica Moloney
HUGHES <1900 Chipping Norton Richard Boyles
HUGHES >1750 Sandford on Thames Caroline Thompson
HUGHS <1700 Standlake Dr Ben Knighton
HULL 1880-1890 Pangbourne Ray Stacey
HULL 1881-1890 Sonning Ray Stacey
HUMM Any Oxford Helen Thomas
HUMPHREY <1860 Bicester Fiona Hedges
HUMPHREYS Any Any Herb Proudley
HUMPHREYS c1800 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins ons
HUMPHREYS 18c Garsington, Elsfield Jane Brooker
HUMPHRIES >1700 Charlbury Marian Gould
HUMPHRIES Any Any Fred Cross
HUMPHRIES 1800-1900 Ardley and surrounding area Martin Humphries
HUMPHRIES Any St. Clement, Oxford Angela Arnold
HUMPHRIES Any Ardley Fritwell Gary Woodforth
HUMPHRIES Any Any Janet Cox
HUMPHRIES 1788-1860 Finmere Geoffrey Barber
HUMPHRISS >1800 Stratton Audley Janet Cox
HUNGERFORD >1450 Black Bourton, Windrush Timothy Berrett
HUNSLOW <1700 Any James Moore
HUNT Any Witney, Brize Norton Karen Simons
HUNT >1600 Any Dennis Cakebread
HUNT 1800-1890 Henley-on Thames & Oxford Pamela Hunt
HUNT 1700-1750 Thame Lori Kearney
HUNT 1550-1830 Aston Rowant, Chinnor, Launton areas Graham Paddick
HUNT <1830 Finmere Mike Thomas
HUNT <1750 Any Penny Eves
HUNT 1750-1850 Brize Norton/Witney John Kerry
HUNT 1700-1900 Cholsey Pete & Glynis Croxford
HUNT 1770-1810 Appleford Philip Hunt
HUNT >1810 Oxford Philip Hunt
HUNT <1770 Blewbury Philip Hunt
HUNT <1841 St Peter in the East Alison Grosvenor
HUNT Any Curbridge Gerry Bolton
HUNT Any Eaton Hastings Andrew Hunt
HUNT <1890 Burford Tina Rowe
HUNT >1700 Leafield Julie Maslen
HUNTAR Any Any Carol Hunter-Sullivan ons
HUNTER 1800 Oxford Carol Hunter-Sullivan ons
HURCOMB 18c, 19c Bampton, Witney Stella Scott
HURCOMBE 18c, 19c Bampton, Witney Stella Scott
HURST <1750 Stanton Harcourt David Nutt
HUTCHIN 18c-19c Any Anne Ramon
HUTCHINGS Any Any Dave Broughton
HUTCHINGS 18c-19c Any Anne Ramon
HUTCHINS <1660 Hanney area Barbara Cox
HUTT 1538-1920 Kidlington, Thrupp, North Leigh Emma Sweetland
HUTT 1750-1855 Thame Area Mike Horton
HUTT 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
HUTT Any Kidlington Simon Jenkins
HUTT 1750 - 1910 Wheatfield, Little Milton, Kidlington, North Leigh Susan Rose
HUTT Any Shutford, Banbury Bobbi A Smith
HUTT <1870 Longworth, Draycott Moor Nikki Eagle
HUTT 1700-1800 Northmoor Andrew Hutt
HUTTON Any Oxford Dafde
HUTTON 18c Bampton Barbara Cox
HUX <1700 Shipton, Milton Kenneth E. Hux
HUX <1850 Any James Moore
HYATT Any Any Gillian Tyler
HYATT 1690-1750 Ascott under Wychwood John Wearing
HYDE 1600-1900 Wantage, Drayton, East Lockinge John Hyde
HYDE 1600-1800 Aston Rowant, Thame, Chinnor Nancy Lilly
HYDE <1822 Hook Norton Linda Hyde
HYDE <1906 Banbury, Hook Norton Jan Keane
HYLE Any Any Marc Hiles ons
HYLES Any Any Marc Hiles ons
HYLLE >1530 Warborough Andrea Furness
HYRONS Any Great Tew, Little Tew, Marston Elizabeth Bradbury