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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
KANE c1840 Shiplake - Henley union workhouse Laurie Thompson
KARY <1650 Any James Moore
KATE 1870 enysham Pauline
KAYE 1800 - 1890 Tadmarton Harla Batinovic
KEARSE Alvescott Carole Todd
KEARSEY 1872 Chipping Norton,Charlbury Sherrill Ray
KEATES 1850 - 1900's Abingdon, Oxford Teri Paul
KEATES Any Any Jackie Brogden
KEATS 1770-1870 Harwell Dave Johnson
KEATS 1800 to 1900 Harwell Dennis Johnson
KEELEY 1880 henley on Thames Jb
KEELING 1820-1850 Any R.J. Mcmillan
KEEN 1648 Checkenden Anthony K. (Tony) Brooks
KEEN 1874 Chapel House, Chipping Norton Robert H. Ferree
KEEN 19c Witney, Cogges, Enstone Elizabeth Coyle
KEEN <1830 Oxford St. Clements Brian Perry Powell
KEEN <1790 Thame Brian Perry Powell
KEEN <1820 Great Rollright, Salford, Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
KEENE 1648 Checkenden Anthony K. (Tony) Brooks
KEEP Any Wallingford, Aston Tirrold Janice Campbell
KEEP 1700-1830 Henley Kerry Feehan
KEEP 1850 to 1950 Oxford Dan Morkeberg
KEEP 1800 - 1950 Reading Steve Spurle
KELCHER <1800 Mollington, Banbury Peter Drew-Clifton
KELLEND 1700's unknown Matt Klefstad
KEMBLE 17c Any Myrtle Cooper
KEMP Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPE Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPF Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPS Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KEMPSON 1780-1920 Any Mike Kempson
KEMPSON 1850 - 1900 Any Val Kendrick
KEMPSON 1800 - 1870 Oxford David M. Williams
KEMPSTER <1830 Burford Jessica Franks
KEMPT Any Any Andrew Kemp ons
KENCH <1850 Charlbury area David Kench
KENCH 1820-1840 Hook Norton Elizabeth Lane
KENCH 1760-1900 Hook Norton area Elizabeth Lane
KENCH Any Charlbury Margaret Machin
KENCH <1870 Chipping Norton, Charlbury Derek Kain ons
KENCH <1800 Enstone Derek Kain ons
KENCH 1600 Any Angela Hockham
KENCH <1800 Any Bob Kench
KENDALL 18c Bampton area Tracy Brown (from Burns) DiPietro
KENDRICK 1800 - 1900 unknown Laral Turner
KENT >1776 Any Gary Bradbury
KENT 1585-1830 Wantage Terry Gregory
KENT <1722 unknown Greg Harrod
KENT >1850 Shrivenham, Bourton, Ashbury and adjacent. Ernest Kent
KENT <1800 Shrivenham Ernest Kent
KERB <1789 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
KERBY <1700 Charlton-on-Otmoor Rebecca Chapman
KERBYE <1700 Charlton-on-Otmoor Rebecca Chapman
KERR 1827 berrick-slome Colleen Kaygun
KERRAD Any Horley, Bodicote Penny Anderson
KERRY <1645 Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
KERRY 1700s/1800s Ducklington, Bampton, Fyfield Tina Webb
KERRY 1500-1600 Spelsbury Michael Dumbleton
KERSEY Any Oxford Dafde
KERWOOD 1700-1900 Chesterton Barbara Crook
KERWOOD >1700 Cassington Julie Fox
KERWOOD 1800 - 1900 Blackthorne Ronald Kerwood
KERWOOD 1750-1850 Kidlington and Oxford Mary Knight
KERWOOD 1870 Chesteron Mary T. Santanen
KETLEY Any Any Wendy B. Partner
KETTLE Any Any Charles Eldridge
KEY 1800 - 1890 Tadmarton Harla Batinovic
KEYS 1797 - 1820 Middle Aston, Steeple Aston Debby Keys
KEYTE Any Epwell Annie
KHIBA Any Any Mpho Khiba
KIBBLEWHITE 1920-2000 Oxford City Sandra Kibble-White
KILBEE <1800 Kingham Richard Boyles
KILBY Any Tackley and vicinity Virginia Egan Crawford
KILBY 1800 -1890 Woodstock Gill Langford
KILBY c1850 Neithrop Cyril Ivor Kilby
KILLINGWORTH 1840-1850 Kennington Helen P. Wentworth
KIMBALL 1630's Any Amos W. Kimball
KIMBELL Any Banbury Ann Jones
KIMBELL 1500-1700 Neithrop, Banbury Ryan Dudley
KIMBER Any Any Susanmary Bayley
KIMBER <1800 Kingston Bagpuize Tony Butler
KIMBER 1838 Thame Sheila Emmerson
KIMBER >1700 Cowley, Headington, Horspath Dennis Johnson
KIMBER >1700 Sevenoaks Leanne
KIMBER 19c Headington, Horspath Judith Palmer
KIMBER 1700-1900 Headington, Oxford John Slee
KIMBER 19c Headington, Horspath Susan Wheeler
KIMBER 1700-1870 Any John Surman
KIMBER 18c/19c Great Tew, Little Tew Judith Wiseman
KIMBEREY 1750-1900 Drayton Bob Cowley ons
KIMBERLEY Any Any Kelley Videbeck
KIMBERLEY >1815 Banbury Janice Brown
KIMBREY 1800 - 1900 Any Elizabeth Adams
KINCH Any Any Nancy Kinch Tasca
KINCH <1750 any Val Wright
KINCH <1822 Any Linda Hyde
KINCH <1850 Oxford area Philip Clarke
KING 1700 Little & Great Milton Valerie H. Burrows
KING Any Tackley and vicinity Virginia Egan Crawford
KING 1700s, 1800s Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
KING 1770s Any Lynn Freeman
KING 1400/1800 Stratton Audley/ Caversfield Don Mark Gilham
KING 1490-1800 Stratton Audley, Caversfield, Bucknell. Don Mark Gilham
KING Any Chesterton and Bicester Sean Halpin
KING Any Any Vanessa Louise Hillsdon
KING Any Any Ingrid
KING 1760s Henley-on-Thames Andrew King
KING <1800 Burford Graham Loveday King
KING 1759-1837 Steeple Barton Jason King
KING 1759-1837 Steeple Barton Jason King
KING any Faringdon/Littleworth/Wadleigh Richard King
KING 1750-1900 great tew Sonia Luff
KING 17-19C Wendlebury, Bletchingdon Geoffrey Mann
KING 1756 Bampton Shirley Muir
KING >1850 Great Milton Peter J. Nelms
KING 1700 - 1850 Newnham Murren, Crowmarsh Gifford Sue O'Neill
KING <1777 Any Judith Palmer
KING 1750-1850 Sydenham Don Pearce
KING 1765-1869 Iffley Rosemary Probert
KING 1794-1859 Garsington Rosemary Probert
KING 1767-1900 Cowley Rosemary Probert
KING 18c Sydenham Julie Dawn Saw
KING 1800-1870 Adderbury Roger F Scherger
KING <1800 Stratton Audley, Caversfield, Ambrosden Rebecca Chapman
KING <1762 Bletchingdon John Sullivan
KING >1700 Any Pam Thornton
KING 1550-1780 Bicester L Whittinger
KING 1820-1830 oxford William
KING 18c-19c Great Bourton, Cropedy Maurice Woodward
KING <1850 Nuffield Gill McGlashan
KING Any Harwell Pauline Travis
KING <1841 Oxford Bill Wakelin-King
KING Any Kirtlington, Tackley James Keen
KING Any Any James Keen
KING Any Aston, Bampton Ann Richards
KING 1740s Appleford Philip Hunt
KING <1750 Arncot, Ambrosden Mark Davies
KING <1800 Any Mary Jane Collis
KING 1600-1900 Appleton, Cumnor, Oxford Katie de Haan
KING 19c Cowley Judy Windwood
KING Any Any William Birchall
KING Any Cuxham Stephen Alun Catton
KING Any Chinoor Stephen Alun Catton
KING Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
KING <1900 Chesterton Rachel Long
KING 1700 - 1900 Ewelme, Benson, Wallingford David Hasler
KING Any Steeple Aston Brian East
KINGSMAN Any Any Derrick Watson ons
KINGSTON 1855 Clifton / Barford St Michael Carole Maurice
KINGSTON 1850 to 1930 Clifton / Neithrop Carole Maurice
KINMAN dna >1750 Cropredy Derrick Watson ons
KIRBY <1789 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
KIRBY 1700's Charlton-on-Otmoor Carolyn E. Johnson
KIRBY c1821 Fritwell Rebekah Markham
KIRBY 18c Fritwell Adam Osben
KIRBY c1740 Charlton on Otmoor David Kirby
KIRBY c1750 Fritwell David Kirby
KIRBY <1750 Blackthorn Fiona Hedges
KIRBY <1800 Fritwell, Upper Heyford, Islip, Somerton Karen Kirby Herbert
KIRBY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
KIRKE 1600 - 1800 Weald, Bampton Pam Hodge
KIRTLAND 19c Thame Georgina Coe
KIRTLAND 1800's Thame Kim Danielsen
KIRTLAND 1870s kirtlington Alan Evans
KIRTLAND Any Merton/Bicester Bill Lenson
KIRTLAND any Charlton on Otmoor Bill Lenson
KIRTLAND 1750 - 1800 Chalton Adrian Mullins
KISLINGBURY 1700-1900 Any Mark Duncan
KITCHEN 1873 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
KITCHEN <1920 Any Lyn Rumble
KITCHEN <1890 Chipping Norton Lyn Rumble
KITCHIN <1900 Any Lyn Rumble
KITCHING <1920 Any Lyn Rumble
KITCHING <1890 Chipping Norton Lyn Rumble
KITE Any Epwell Annie
KITE 1780-1850 Epwell Ron
KITE Any Epwell Ron
KITE Any Any Shirley Tongs
KITE born 11 October 1909 to Thomas Henry Kite/Kyte Cowley / Stratford on Avon ? Shirley Tongs
KITE 1800-1900 Broughton Poggs Karen Docherty
KNAPP Any Clanfield Roger Knapp
KNAPP 1820 - 1860 woodstock Jennifer Williams
KNAPP Any Any Dave Broughton
KNAPP Any Clanfield Gary Jakeman
KNAPPEN 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
KNAPPER 1700-1822 Cuxham & Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
KNAPTON 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
KNIBBS 1500 to 1800 Deddington, Hook Norton, Clifton Don Knibbs
KNIBBS <1870 Any Mary Jane Collis
KNIBBS Any Any, Chipping Norton David Woodward
KNIBBS Any Any Sharon Neale
KNIBBS c.1772 Stratton Audley Janet Cox
KNIBBS 1788-1860 Finmere Geoffrey Barber
KNIGHT 1800-1900 Banbury Allison Gough
KNIGHT 1750-1850 Kidlington and Oxford Mary Knight
KNIGHT >1559 Headington, Stanton St John, Enstone area, Peter Knight
KNIGHT >1700 Banbury, Canals Tony Knight
KNIGHT >1500 Banbury Howard Knight
KNIGHT 1740-1880 Fifield, Over Norton Maxwell Smith
KNIGHT 1918-1960 Oxford, Headington Avril Flanagan
KNIGHT >1790 Hailey, Ducklington Rob Knight
KNIGHT <1860 Banbury Mark Bletchly
KNIGHT 19th century Any Nancy Denis
KNIGHT 18C South Moreton Don Lambourne
KNIGHT Any Any Howard Fisher
KNIPE Any Ducklington, Coggs, Crawley Linda
KNITE 17c Any Penny Eves
KNOPH Any Any karen eller
KNOPPEN 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
KNYGHTE 1550-1650 Banbury Wendy Homeyard
KRUCZKO 2004 Chiselhampton Paul Kruczko
KYTE Any Epwell Annie
KYTE Any Epwell Ron
KYTE Any Any Shirley Tongs
KYTE born 11 October 1909 to Thomas Henry Kite/Kyte Cowley / Stratford on Avon ? Shirley Tongs
KYTE 1800-1900 Broughton Poggs Karen Docherty