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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
LADLER 1810 Newton Purcell Tim Cooper
LADYMAN circa 1850 Bagley Barbara Bown
LAFFORD >1600 Langford Tom Lafford
LAIGHT Any Any Debra Rohde
LAINCHBURY 18c Any Gabrielle Barrett
LAINCHBURY <1800 Wychwood Glyn Hatherall
LAINCHBURY 1800-1900 Chipping Norton, Aston Ian Lainchbury
LAIT Any Any Debra Rohde
LAITT <1850 Long Hanborough (Handborough) Penny Eves
LAITTE <1850 Long Hanborough (Handborough) Penny Eves
LAKE Any Any Crimson Lake
LAMB 1800-1910 Moulsford, Goring, Wallingford Sara Summers
LAMB 1749-1915 Swerford, Great Tew, Chipping Norton Nicola Lamb
LAMBERD <1800 Any Elaine Ward
LAMBERT 1730-1800s Deddington Sue Holmes
LAMBERT 1920-1990 Deddington, Oxford Philip Milton
LAMBERT <1704 Banbury Kerrie Rafter
LAMBERT <1800 Burford and surounding area Richard Slatter
LAMBERT >1700 Wheatley, Horspath, Cowley Susan Wheeler
LAMBERT <1835 Wheatley, Horspath, Great Milton, Cuddesdon Susan Wheeler
LAMBERT c1755 Grimsbury Rod Wise
LAMBERT 18c Chinnor, Shirburn Roz Donnelly
LAMBERT 18-19c Aston & Oxford Colin Harris
LAMBETH 17c Ashbury area Barbara Cox
LAMBLE Any Any Tony Butcher
LAMBLEY <1800 Any Jason Lambley
LAMBOURN c.1705 Aston Rowant Lisa Rust
LAMBOURN Any Beckley dist Carol Loveday
LAMBOURN Any Beckley Carol Loveday
LAMBOURNE Any Blewbury, Cumnor David Floyd
LAMBOURNE c.1705 Aston Rowant Lisa Rust
LAMLEY <1800 Any Jason Lambley
LAMMAS >1750 Shiplake Ian Dibley
LAMPETT <1750 Swalcliife, Sibford and environs Robert Page
LAMPIT <1750 Swalcliife, Sibford and environs Robert Page
LAMPREY 1500 - 1800 Cropredy Barbara Hymas
LAMPREY 1750s Banbury Rod Wise
LANCASHIRE 18c, 19c Witney and around Ron Lankshear
LANCHBERY Any Any Philippa Lanchbery
LANCHBURY 18c Any Gabrielle Barrett
LANCHBURY 16c-18c Chadlington Chris Wake
LANCHBURY Any Chadlington Jean Hodges
LANCHISHEAR 18c Clanfield Ron Lankshear
LANDON 1860 Any Paul Landon
LANE >1800 Garsington, Baldon Leigh Williams
LANE 19c Garsington Leigh Williams
LANGFORD 1600-1900 Watlington, Swyncombe, Pishill Guy Betts
LANGSTON >1600 Wytham, Oxford, Beckley, Cumnor Jean Hodges
LANGTON 1900 Chipping Norton Ian Langton
LANKSHEAR Any Witney - Caswell - North Leigh - Brize Norton Ron Lankshear
LANKSHEAR 1700s Any Ron Lankshear
LANKSHEAR 18c, 19c Caswell, Witney Ron Lankshear
LANKSHER 18c Witney and around Ron Lankshear
LANSBERRY 1500 Wallingford Castle Debra Huebner
LAPPER Any Wendlebury Dean Lapper
LAPWORTH Any Brampton, Oxford Sharon Harrison
LARDNER <1842 Witney Leila Muller
LARDNER Any Ducklington Celia Marus Crangle
LARDNER <1900 Any James Moore
LARIMORE 18c Watlington and surroundings Vicki Perry
LARNER Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
LARNER 1780 - 1850 Berrick Salome Bronwyn Larner
LATIMER Late 19c/early 20th Central Oxford Stephanie Jenkins
LAUNCHBURY 18c Any Gabrielle Barrett
LAUNCHBURY Any Coombe Susan Raymond
LAURIE >1882 Any Theresa Lawrence
LAVALLIN 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
LAWFORD 1860 Kingstone Winslow/Idstone/Ashbury Graham Buckell
LAWRENCE >1800 Abingdon, Faringdon David Fletcher
LAWRENCE 1800 to 1900 Idstone / Ashbury Peter Ferreira
LAWRENCE Any Brightwell Baldwin, Britwell Salome, Bampton, Berwick Salome Richard Parkes
LAWRENCE <1850 Britwell Baldwin, Milton, Appleford Rosemary Davies
LAY Any Any Sandy Mursell
LAY Any Freeland, Long Hanborough, Church Hanborough, North Leigh Graham Lay
LAY <1850 Long Hanborough (Handborough) Penny Eves
LAY >1600 Northmoor David Lay
LAY <1629 Chipping Norton Dr Ben Knighton
LAY <1950 Long/Church Hanborough Tanya Trayner
LAY Any Any Gillian Newnham
LAY <1730 Shilton Graham Loveday King
LAY 18c North Hinksey area Niki Carpenter
LAY Any Any Jerri Grimley
LAYT Any Any Debra Rohde
LE FEVRE 19c Woodstock Colin Harris
LEACH <1800 Hanborough, Eynsham Anne Gawthorpe
LEADER 1700-1860 Wantage, Colehill, Shellingford Terry Gregory
LEAK Any Any Crimson Lake
LEAKE Any Any Crimson Lake
LEAVER 1700-1800 Kidlington Andrew Bore
LEAVER <1800 Ewelme, Benson Jenny Vince
LEDBETTER 1750-1900 Banbury, North Newington Sandra Hawkins
LEDWELL <1700 Beckley, Oxford Jean Hodges
LEE 1700 - 1850 Cowley and St. Clements Doug Lee
LEECH 1750-1800 charlbury, woodstock Brian Bond
LEEK Any Any Crimson Lake
LEEKE Any Any Crimson Lake
LEGG >1700 Cumnor Penny Eves
LEGGE 1850 - 1920 Abingdon Helen Young
LEIE 16c Any Penny Eves
LEITE 18c Any Penny Eves
LENTHALL <1700 North Leigh, Great Haseley, Henley, Burford Patricia Claus
LEONARD Any Any Teresa Cullingford
LEONARD 1750-1850 Abingdon Peter Horner
LEONARD c.1750 Mixbury Mary Taylor
LEONARD 17c Shipton John Moore
LESTER Any Clifton Hampton Kathy Morgan
LESTER Any Thame Kathy Morgan
LETHERBARROW >1832 Banbury Hester Moore
LETT 1750-1810 Souldern Christine Hill
LETT Any Fritwell Emma Willson
LEVERIDGE Any Witney Linda Hardy
LEVERIDGE <1800 Any Kevin Godfrey
LEVET <1800 Any Kevin Godfrey
LEWIN >1700s The Bartons, esp. Steeple Barton Alan Wyatt
LEWINGTON Any Goring, Watlington Beryl Hayes
LEWIS 1700 - 1920 Neithrop and surrounding area of Banbury Diana Hampton
LEWIS Any Churchill, Fullbrook, Langford Nicola Jackson
LEWIS Any Any Marla Lewis
LEWIS 1750 North Aston Robin Simmons
LEWIS Any Souldern John Robbins
LEWIS <1850 Witney Fiona Hedges
LEWIS <1850 Adderbury Mark Bletchly
LEWIS <1850 Any Mark Bletchly
LEYE 16c Any Penny Eves
LIDDIARD <1700 Faringdon, Aldbourne Nick Liddiard
LIDDIARD dna Any Any Karen Rogers ons
LIMB c.1800 Any John Winchester
LINCK Any Oxford City, any Eleanor Collins
LINDARS Any Any Rosemary Hicks
LINDSAY >1880 Ipsden, Lewknor, Horspath John Bowley
LINDSAY c1787 Enstone John Wearing
LINDSEY 1700-1780 Witney Lesley Silvester
LINDSEY <1730 Cogges Lesley Silvester
LINDSEY <1866 Enstone Michael Wearing
LINDSEY Any Any Tim Emptage
LINDSEY dna Any Any Lindsey Britton ons
LINDSEY Any Lindsey Farm, Cogges Christine Setchell
LINE Any Adderbury, Bloxham Pat Rudd
LINE 1600-1850 Any Martin Line
LINES <1900 Sibford Gower Helen Brenneman
LINES 1700's Mixbury, Mollington Colin Lines
LINES Any Adderbury, Bloxham Pat Rudd
LINES <1810 Banbury, Bodicote Mark Bletchly
LINES c.1800 Banbury Malcolm Hoare ons
LING 1810-1850 Banbury David Warner
LINK Any Oxford City, any Eleanor Collins
LITTEN >1800 Bicester Sheila Wilcox
LITTLE 1700-1900s Chinnor & surrounding villages Pauline Pool
LITTLEPAGE 1650 Aston Rowant Jan Hutchinson
LIVINGSTONE 19c Henley on Thames Doris Macdougall
LLOYD >1790 Swyncombe, Nettlebed areas Joanne Woodward
LLOYD Any Witney Julia Fryer
LLOYD <1937 Stanford in the Vale Mark Lloyd
LOADER 1850s Aston Rowant Ruth Paton
LOCK <1880 Leafield Elaine Beechey
LOCK >1700 Great Milton Valerie H. Burrows
LOCK 1700-1900 Asthal(ly) Sue Harris
LOCK <1700 Witney Peter E. Terry
LOCK Any Minster Lovell Janet Watts
LOCK <1861 Rollright Andrew John Ackerman
LOCKE <1700 Witney Peter E. Terry
LOCKEY Any Uffington Gwyneth Stone
LOCKTON 1600-1700 Woodstock Lyn Kelsey
LODER >1700 Woodstock Catherine Dukes
LODER Any Any Jackie Brogden
LODER ANY Cote, Aston, Bampton Peter Harris
LONDON 1780 to 1880 Whitchurch Elaine London
LONG 1600-1800 Long Hanborough (Handborough) and Oxford Penny Eves
LONG 1740-1800 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
LONG c. 1805 Shifford Marilyn Long
LONG 1650-1800 Hanborough Marilyn Long
LONG 1813 Oxford Malcolm Long
LONG >1650 Great Coxwell, Little Coxwell Michael Long
LONG 1800 Ledwell Michael Long
LONG Any Any Becky Harris
LONG 1550-1700 Neithrop Christopher Farrand
LONG 1850-1911 Shipton Frederick Hayes
LONG 1600 - 1900 Long Handborough Rachel Long
LONGSHAW <1904 Shipton under Wychwood Nikki Walker
LONGSHAW <1790 Shipton under Wychwood Susan Lewis
LOOKER Any Milton Gillian Watkins
LOOKER 19c Milton, Sutton Courtenay Anne Looker
LOOSLEY 1725-1825 Thame Kathleen S. McDowell
LORD 780-1880 St Ebbes, Oxford Denis Adkins
LORD 1650-1800 Eynsham Denis Adkins
LORD 1800s Hanborough John Lord
LORD 1700s Ducklington John Lord
LORD >1750 Eynsham Penny Eves
LORD c.1650 Williamscot Alan Lord
LORD 16c Banbury Alan Lord
LOUCH 1700-1900 Cassington, Headington, Woodstock Chris Newport
LOVATT Any Dorchester Jean Elliot
LOVEDAY Any Any Helen Archer
LOVEDAY 1700 -1800 Aston Rowant Jackie Sadler
LOVEGROVE Any Any Teresa Cullingford
LOVEGROVE 1850 Henley on Thames Michael Neal
LOVEGROVE 1780 Rotherfield Grey, Henley John Moodie
LOVEGROVE <1825 East Challow Maggie Wilson
LOVEGROVE Any Great Haseley Carole Newbigging
LOVEGROVE >1870 St Ebbes Carole Newbigging
LOVEJOY 1731-1767 Great Haseley Jenny Bell
LOVEJOY All Henley Nick McDonald
LOVEJOY 1700-1850 Whitchurch Kelven Spratling
LOVEJOY Any Any Ann Gorecki ons
LOVELL 1700 - 1850 Any Jeremy Waters
LOVELOCK 1785 - 1900 Wallingford, Watlington & Henley John Lovelock
LOVELOCK >1900 Wallingford Andrew Jolly
LOVELOCK Any Any Hayley Conway
LOVERIDGE Any Any Diane Melvin
LOVESAY <1900 Any Angela Fortnum
LOVESEY <1900 Any Angela Fortnum
LOVET <1800 Any Kevin Godfrey
LOW >1780 Stadhampton Yvonne Bean
LOWE >1780 Stadhampton Yvonne Bean
LOWE 1800 - 1900 Banbury Jackie Cotterill
LOWE Any Watlington Sandra Powner
LOWE c1880 Any Marlys Williams
LOWE 1700 Great Tew Jackie Cotterill
LUCAS c1650 - 1818 St Mary Magdalen, St Giles & St Thomas Susie Longstaff
LUCAS <1750 Watlington Jenny Vince
LUCAS 17C Watlington John Paul Bradford
LUCKETT 1840-1900 Churchill Hazel Stirgess
LUCKETT 1840-1900 Kingham Hazel Stirgess
LUCKETT <1760 Hailey, Witney Doreen Myerscough
LUCKETT Any Bampton, Aston and Cote Heather Brunt
LUCKETT Any Bampton Leila Muller
LUCKETT 1700 Cote Aston Bampton Ellen Frost
LUCKETT <1900 Any Richard Boyles
LUDDITT Any Any Graham Ludditt
LUDLOW Any Any Glenn Ludlow
LUING >1700s The Bartons, esp. Steeple Barton Alan Wyatt
LUKER Any Milton Gillian Watkins
LUKER Any Any Kathleen Luker
LUKER 19c Appleton Colin Harris
LUMBER Any Neithrop, Banbury Jean Stobbs
LUMLEY <1600 Steeple Barton Dr Ben Knighton
LYDALL 1600-1840 Uxmore and Ipsden Peter De Ath
LYFORD >1750 Drayton Bob Cowley ons
LYFORD Any Culham Julie Quigley
LYFORD 1700s Blewbury Philip Hunt
LYGO 1880 Oxford Debbie Lygo
LYMATH Any Any William Cooke
LYMATH 18c Any Janet Lymath
LYNE Any Adderbury, Bloxham Pat Rudd
LYNES Any Adderbury, Bloxham Pat Rudd