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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
MAASZ Any Any Peter Maasz
MABBERLEY Any Any David Mabberley
MABERLEY Any Any David Mabberley
MABERLY Any Any David Mabberley
MACCLELAN 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
MACE 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
MACE 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
MACEY <1900 Any James Moore
MACGRAW 1750 - 1850 Wallingford Carol Pickett
MACKENZIE 1820-1960 Oxford Jennifer Robbie
MACOCK <1800 Lower Heyford Christopher Reeve
MAHON early 1800s Any Rita Robinson
MAINARD 1837 Summertown Kathryn Harris
MAINHOOD 1700s Wardington Alexandra Coles
MAJOR <1750 Brize Norton Lesley Silvester
MAJOR >1720 Brize Norton Southleigh Chris Etheridge
MALHAM Any Any Russell Malham
MALING Any Oxford Cecily Harvey
MALINGS Any Banbury & Deddington area John Malings
MALINGS <1810 Deddington, Alkerton Elaine Ward
MALINS >1800 Bucknell Ian Malins
MALLARD >1750 Witney and Burford Robert Warner
MALLET 18c Rotherfield Greys, Henley John Moore
MALTBY >1715 Oxford? Janet White
MANDER Any Watlington/Chalgrove Rebecca Mander
MANDER Any Banbury Ann Jones
MANDER Any Any Kerrie Rafter
MANDER Any Thame, Chinnor, Any Pauline Pool
MANDER <1700 Any Jean Hodges
MANDER Any Avon Dassett, Radway Rebekah Markham
MANDERS Any Thame, Chinnor, Any Pauline Pool
MANDEVILLE >1066 Rycott Dr Ben Knighton
MANGER 1800 - 1900 Saint Clements, Oxford Frankie Tong
MANLEY Any Nuneham Courtenay Lynne Shipton
MANN Any Any Marla Lewis
MANSELL >1775 Any Veronica Moloney
MANSFIELD <1850 Stoke Lyne, Fringford, Caversfield, Hethe Carolyne Langley
MARBLEY Any Any David Mabberley
MARCH 1600 Lower Heyford Lyn Kelsey
MARCHAM Any Oxford, Islip Doug Wilks
MARGETTS <1850 Spelsbury Sue Bond
MARGETTS 1700 - 1900 Great Rollright Angela Hockham
MARGETTS Any Wootton, Woodstock, Deddington Jane Margetts-Singer
MARGETTS Any Any Jane Margetts-Singer
MARGETTS c.1800 Barford, Rousham Martin Pearson
MARGETTS Any Combe Jill Salt
MARGETTS 1470 Any Angela Hockham
MARGETTS Any Any Malcolm Margetts
MARGETTS 1500-1834 Spelsbury, Enstone, Chipping Norton Carole Baxter
MARGETTS Any Any James Margetts
MARKHAM 1600-1800 Oxford Debbie
MARKHAM 1700 - 1870 Stanton St. John, Cropredy Barbara Hymas
MARKHAM 1800 - 1900 Stanton St. John Barbara Hymas
MARKHAM Any North Aston, Steeple Aston, Deddington Derek Markham
MARKHAM 1770-1815 North Aston Rebekah Markham
MARKS 1800-1850 Britwell Prior, Newington Clifton Carbin
MARKS 18c - 20c Nuneham Courtney, Dorchester on Thames, Burcot,Toot Balden, Wallingford and all surrounding areas Val Hackett
MARLOW >1830 Bletchington and Kidlington Catherine Dukes
MARLOW 1800s Bletchingdon Clara Williams
MARRIOT Any Charlbury Jean-Claude Billon
MARRIOTT 1600-1750 Witney Alison Charter-Smith
MARSCORD Any Any Bob Cowley
MARSH 1830 Oxford Kevin Rosser Shackleton
MARSH 1600 Lower Heyford Lyn Kelsey
MARSHALL >1790 Oxford Caroline Thompson
MARTEN 16c Any Penny Eves
MARTIN Any Any Keith Sturton
MARTIN Any City of Oxford Eleanor Collins
MARTIN >1741 Waterstock Gay Moller
MARTIN 18c-19c Eynsham Martyn Wilson
MARTIN <1910 Any Alison Adams-Bonnin
MARTIN Any Kidlington Simon Jenkins
MARTIN <1850 Kidlington Margaret Forbes
MARTIN 1800 Eynsham Carole Price
MASCORD Any Any Bob Cowley
MASEMORE 1600s Chipping Norton Alison Molineux
MASON 1742 - 1880 Great Rollright Dawn Ralfe
MASON 1760-1820 Hook Norton and Chipping Norton Leah Savage
MASON 1820 Bicester Rebecca Chapman
MASON <1700 Deddington Carole Eales
MASON 1784 Shutford Carole Eales
MASON 1754 Swalcliffe Carole Eales
MASON 1690 Deddington Carole Eales
MASON 19c Great Bourton James Keen
MASTERS >1780 Bicester & Eynsham Gail Faibish
MATHEWS 19C Deddington Carolyn Cliff
MATHEWS <1778 Oxford Angela Clarke
MATHEWS >1740 Oxford Caroline Thompson
MATTHEWS >1702 Deddington Lynn Freeman
MATTHEWS 1880's Duns Tew Hilary Mackenzie
MATTHEWS Any Any Daphne Oosthuizen
MATTHEWS Any Any Margaret Waterer
MATTHEWS Any Burford, Witney Andrew Victory
MATTHEWS Any Wescote Barton James Laurence Tait
MATTHEWS <1726 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
MATTHEWS 1750-1880 Duns Tew, Deddington Denise Stewart
MATTHEWS 1826-1842 Oxford St Thomas The Hamel Stephen Goldsmith
MATTHEWS 1750-1850 Deddington Patricia Gibson
MATTHEWS dna <1850 Marston David Nutt
MAUNDER <1730 Cogges Lesley Silvester
MAUNDER 1650 Deddington Donna Lonon
MAUNDER 1740 Bloxham Barry Baylis
MAUNDER 16-17c Churchill John Moore
MAUNDER Any Thame & surrounding area Pauline Pool
MAUNDER Any Thame Anthea Maunder
MAUNDERS Any Thame, Chinnor, Any Pauline Pool
MAVERLEY Any Any David Mabberley
MAVERLY Any Any David Mabberley
MAWBY 1700-1900 Tadmarton, Elsfield, Stanton St John Elizabeth Blake
MAWLE 1800-1900 Any Leonard C Hawtin
MAWLE >1897 Bloxham Andrew Hunt
MAY 1769-1891 Henley-on-Thames Jennifer Dancy
MAY Any Bampton Carolyn Ramsbottom
MAY <1800 Sandford Maralyn Bevilaqua
MAYCOCK 1755 Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
MAYCOCK <1851 Cleveley, Enstone, Chipping Norton Stephanie Lever
MAYCOCK <1820 Charlbury Stephanie Lever
MAYLARD 1700-1850 Bladon, Shipton, Tainton Brenda J Crosby
MAYLING Any Any Carolann Mayling-Gray
MAYLING 1800-1860 St Thomas Alan Wood
MAYNARD Any Any Tony Hadland
MAYNARD 1770-1850 Bloxham Mike Horton
MAYNARD 19c Any Sandra Beasley
MAYNARD <1650 Bicester Jean Hodges
MAYNARD Any Great Haseley Carole Newbigging
MAYNOR Any Any Tony Hadland
MAYO 1700 - 1850 Any Kevin Mayo
MAYOTT 1470-1697 Abingdon, Culham Jenny Bell
MAYSEY 18c Any Myrtle Cooper
MAYZEY <1770 Langford Chris Etheridge
MCCUTCHEON <19c Swerford Steven Lester
MCFARLANE 19c Great Tew Joyce Hamson
MCGRA 1750 - 1850 Wallingford Carol Pickett
MCGRATH 1750 - 1850 Wallingford Carol Pickett
MCGRAW 1750 - 1850 Wallingford Carol Pickett
MCKAY >1850 Bicester Fiona Hedges
MEAD Any Mixbury Daniel K. Dixon
MEADE Any Mixbury Daniel K. Dixon
MEADES 1700-1775 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
MEADES <1680 Deddington Adam Osben
MEADS Any Any Jacky Sherwood
MEADS Any Mixbury Daniel K. Dixon
MEALING Any Oxford Cecily Harvey
MEASEY Any Waterperry Ann Dunmore
MEASEY >1690 Langford Clanfield Chris Etheridge
MEDALIA 1953-1972 Oxford Simon Medalia
MEDCRAFT 1850 Islip Darren Medcraft
MEDCRAFT Any Any Ruth Ridley
MELBOURN Any Oxford Keith R. Collier
MERCER 1750-1855 Duns Tew Mike Horton
MERCHANT 1837 - 1869 Milford David M. Williams
MERCHANT 1830 - 1860 Shipton David M. Williams
MERRICK <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
MERRIMAN Any Any Christine Norris
MERRY dna Any Any Richard Merry ons
MERRY 1700 - 1850 Handborough Rosemary Barling
MERRY Any Oxford Terri Bonham-Samuels
MERRY Any Eynsham, North Leigh Susan Raymond
MERSER >1750 Any Veronica Moloney
MESSENGER Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
MESSENGER 1791 - 1841 Marston, Garsington Gay Moller
MESSENGER c.1829 Thame Eddie Munday
MESSENGER >1858 Garsington Gay Moller
MESSENGER 1800-1900 Holton Nikki Hunt
MESSENGER Any Abingdon Brian James Vaughan
MESSENGER <1900 Bucks border Peter Tranter
MESSENGER <1765 Swalcliffe and surrounding area Alan Vickers
MESSER c1770 - c1855 Duns Tew Mike Horton
MESSER 1600-1850 Any Jarrod Lee
MESSER Any Any Maxine Tallon
METCALF 1790's Charlton-On-Otmoor Darren Medcraft
MIDDLETON Any Cogges William (Bill) Johnson
MIDDLETON >1820 Oxford Maureen Short
MIDDLETON >1900 Any Maureen Short
MIDWINTER <1829 Ducklington John Sullivan
MIDWINTER 18c Burford John Moore
MILAM <1760 Any Richard Milam
MILES Early 1800s Horspath Trevor Miles
MILES 19c Witney Ken Wheeler
MILES <1850 Any Mike Brooks
MILES <1868 Standlake Patrick Inwood
MILES 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
MILES 18c & 19c Milton-under-Wychwood Rebecca Simpson
MILES Any Witney Patrick Inwood
MILES 19C Wheatley Anne Ledwith
MILLEN Any Any, Ramsden, Enstone David Woodward
MILLEN Any Witney Nena Carter
MILLER 17c-18c Bodicote Cynthia Weissman
MILLER 1760-1800 Oxford, Banbury Cynthia Weissman
MILLER Any Cropredy Cynthia Weissman
MILLIN Any Any Elaine Beechey
MILLIN Any Any, Ramsden, Enstone David Woodward
MILLIN Any Ramsden Kay Campbell
MILLS >1890 Culham Paul Brazell ons
MILLS 1840-1890 Bampton Annette Mills
MILLS 1500-1800 Burford Jane Townsend
MILLS Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
MILLS <1880 Banbury Terri Griffith
MILLS <1835 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip Lorna Crook
MILTON 1775-1820 Enstone Judith Ongeri
MILTON 1900-1990 Witney Philip Milton
MILTON >1600 Witney, Hailey Paul Howard Clements
MILTON Any Any Sharon Neale
MILTON 1900-1990 Oxford Philip Milton
MINCHIN 1600-1800 Curbridge Nancy Parisee
MINCHIN 1740-1830 Northmoor Vicki McKay
MINETT any Any Sue Hucker
MING Any Wallingford, Thame, Oxford Jean Fincher
MINGE Any Wallingford, Thame, Oxford Jean Fincher
MINNS 19c Wootton Penny Oliver
MINNS Any Any Jackie Brogden
MIPPLIN abt 1807 Langford Chris Etheridge
MITCHELL Any Upper and Lower Heyford Graeme Berry
MITCHELL <1850 Asthall Kevin Godfrey
MITCHELL <1650 Cumnor Fiona Hedges
MOBBS 1736 -1940 North Aston, Middle Aston, Steeple Aston Brenda Mobbs
MOBBS Any Middle, North and Steeple Aston Robin Price
MOBBS <1750 Hethe Helen Lisle-Wood
MOBBS Any Fritwell Emma Willson
MOBEY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MOBLEY 1730 - 1800 Deddington, Islip Robyn Hukin
MOBLEY >1800 Headington John Morgan
MOBLEY 1800-1900 Cowley?, St Clement John Morgan
MOBY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MOLBY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MOLE <1750 Wroxton Judy Evans
MOLE <1850 Steeple Barton Norma Jee
MOLE 1690-1750 Wroxton Ryan Dudley
MOLLINEAUX <1800 Any Mary Jane Collis
MOLLINEUX <1800 Oxford Maralyn Bevilaqua
MONDAY 1800 - 1900 Brightwell Baldwin, Ewelme Gill Wise
MONDAY 1700-1750 Rotherfield Greys David Nuttall
MONDY 1700-1850 Whitchurch Kelven Spratling
MONEY 1790 - 1825 Oxford, Crowmarsh Gifford Karen Cook
MONK any Northmoor Susan Monk
MONK Any Any Victor Marston
MONTAGU 1800-1820 Sonning John Moore
MONTAGUE 1820 Any Rose Montague
MONTAGUE 1800-45 Sonning John Moore
MONTGOMERY Any Oxford Janet Watts
MOOR 18c Thame Caroline Meller
MOORE 1700-1900 Combe David Turner
MOORE 1750-1880 Henley on Thames Kelven Spratling
MOORE 1800s Bladon, Combe, Mixbury Sue Young
MOORE <1841 Somerton Graham Moore
MOORE <1850 Horspath Sarah Baker
MOORING 1830 Headington Amanda Henderson
MORBEY 1700-1900 Tadmarton, Elsfield, Stanton St John Elizabeth Blake
MORBY 1700-1900 Tadmarton, Elsfield, Stanton St John Elizabeth Blake
MORBY 1640-1825 Banbury, Hanwell, Tadmarton, Mike Morby
MOREBY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MORELINE <1750 Charlbury Richard Boyles
MORRELL 1700-1850 Deddington and Bloxham David Turner
MORRICE Any Any Nancy Lilly
MORRIS any Headington, Cowley Hilary
MORRIS 1700-1850 Horspath/Stanton St. John/Headington Rich Hill
MORRIS >1800 Headington John Morgan
MORRIS 1700-1900 Beckley, Headington John Morgan
MORRIS <1801 Holton John Sullivan
MORRIS <1800 Witney Jeremy Waters
MORRIS 1700 - 1800 Witney Jeremy Waters
MORRIS Any Headington Sue Newell
MORRIS Any Swyncombe Susan Wheeler
MORRIS >1800 Headington Sue Newell
MORSE >1700 Clanfield, Faringdon, Great Coxwell Dave Morse
MORSE 1849 - 1900 Clanfield Yvonne Kelly
MORSE 18c Great Milton Caroline Meller
MORTIMER < 1800 Wendlebury Stephen Taylor-Jones
MORTIMER Any Any Gina Cope
MORTIMORE < 1800 Wendlebury Stephen Taylor-Jones
MORTIMORE <1576 Stratton Audley Rebecca Chapman
MORTIMORE Any Any Jean Hodges
MOSS 1800 - 1900 Swinbrook Sarah Bartlett
MOSS 1730-1800 Shipton-Under-Wychwood, Charlbury, Woodstock Brian Bond
MOSS 1600-1900 Ascott-Under-Wychwood Heather Bray
MOSS Any Witney Janet Sandilands
MOSS 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
MOSS c.1500-1860 Ascott under Wychwood Nadine van der Merwe
MOSS Any Any Stuart Mark Moss
MOSS <1700 Ascot-under-Wychwood Shipton-under-Wychwood Peter E. Terry
MOSS 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
MOSS Any Witney Stephen Saffin
MOSS 19c Witney Kevin Godfrey
MOSS Any Any Freda Storrar
MOSS Any West Adderbury William Birchall
MOSSER 1800 Dunston Mike Horton
MOTT <1700 Witney Peter E. Terry
MOTT Any Cumnor Gerry Bolton
MOTT Any Headington Barbara Moe
MOUBY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MOULDER Any Witney Linda Hardy
MOULDER Any Any Patricia Capon
MOULDER 1580-1800 Curbridge Nancy Parisee
MOULDER <1740 Bampton, Witney Pauline Kennedy
MOULDING Any Any Margaret Challice
MOURTON 1800 Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
MOWBY 1700-1900 Cassington, Shipton-U-W, Binsey & others Rich Berrisford
MULLINGAN <1800 Any Bob Kench
MULLINGTON <1800 Churchill Sue Hazledine
MULLINGTON Any Any Sharon Neale
MUMFORD Any Shilton, Carterton Mark Cunningham
MUMFORD 1600 -1920 Stratton Audley, Banbury, Charlbury John Mumford
MUMFORD dna 1800-1900 Ambrosden, Blackthorn Kim Haskitt
MUNDAY 1638-1864 Great Milton, Sydenham, Watlington Jenny Bell
MUNDAY Any Swyncombe Peter Copley
MUNDAY c.1829 Thame Eddie Munday
MUNDAY 1800 - 1900 Brightwell Baldwin, Ewelme Gill Wise
MUNDAY Any Ewelme, Aston Rowant Gary Munday
MUNDAY Any Uffington Gwyneth Stone
MUNDY <1900 Benson Emily Mobley
MUNT Any Cuddesdon Margaret Brown
MURREY Any Barford St Michael, St John Chris Prew
MUSGROVE <1855 Oxford Angela Clarke
MUSGROVE >1700 Oxford Caroline Thompson
MUSTEY 1824-1950 Any Sarah Turner
MYERS 1740-1890 Langford Keith Scarrott
MYLAM <1760 Any Richard Milam