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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
NAPON 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
NAPPEN 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
NAPPER 1650-1750 Sutton Courtenay Maxwell Smith
NAPPIN 1600-1800 Ambrosden, Horton cum Studley Michael Dumbleton
NAPTON 1700s to 1830 Tackley Virginia Egan Crawford
NAPTON 1600-1800 Ambrosden, Horton cum Studley Michael Dumbleton
NASH >1830 Enstone Eleanor Collins
NASH 17c Shrivenham Barbara Cox
NASON Any Banbury Ann Jones
NASON 1800 to 1829 Chipping Norton Alan Nason
NEAL <1781 Middleton Cheney Lyn Anderson
NEAL <1834 Unknown, possibly Woodstock Cathy Levan
NEAL Any Henley, Shiplake, Rotherfield Greys Michael Neal
NEAL 1800 - 2007 Henley on Thames Michael Neal
NEAL Any Deddington Thomas R. Weigand
NEAL <1700 Chastleton Judy Mellowes
NEAL <1650 Hook Norton Judy Mellowes
NEAL 1760-1910 Banbury/Grimsbury David Warner
NEAL 1828-1895 Hook Norton Andrew Hunt
NEALE 1800 - 2007 Henley on Thames Michael Neal
NEALE Any Any Thomas R. Weigand
NEALE Any Bicester Rachel Williams
NEATE c1760 Any Sue Woods
NEATE c1860 Ipsden Carolyn Nimmo
NEEDLE 1750-1890 Bletchingdon Emma Sweetland
NEEDLE Any Banbury Julie
NEEDLE 1816 -1830 Banbury Julie
NEIGHBOUR Any Watlington Patricia E. Flores
NEIGHBOUR <1861 Lewknor Marian Muskett
NEIGHBOUR >1730 Watlington, Pyrton Margaret Christine Carter
NEIGHBOUR 1650 Lewknor, Thame, Ewelme Penelope Taylor
NELMS 1700s-1800s Ickford / Shabbington Peter J. Nelms
NELMS 1700-1800s Great Milton Peter J. Nelms
NELMS 1700-1800s Great Haseley Peter J. Nelms
NELSON 1840-1860 Eynsham Sally Cutler
NEVILLE 1826 Bloxham/Boddicote Janis Stables
NEVILLE 20c Chipping Norton Judith Thomas
NEVILLE 1700-1850 Any Graeme Vincent
NEW Any Watlington and surrounds Peter Copley
NEW <1798 Any Peggy Butcher
NEW Any Any Terry Lambourne
NEWBERRY Any Benson Martin Rix
NEWBERY Any Benson Martin Rix
NEWELL <1823 Any Marie Purcell
NEWELL Any Stanton St John, Cuxham Timothy Cox
NEWELL Any Any Gemma Wheeler
NEWETT Any Any Pamela Forster
NEWINGTON 1400-1600 Any John Bisley
NEWITT 1750-1830 Duns Tew Michael R Brock
NEWMAN 1750-1850 Banbury region Jim Dukes
NEWMAN 1800's Wantage/East Hanney/West Hanney Gillian Hill
NEWMAN 1800 - 1900 Any Cheryl Hobson
NEWMAN <19tc Steeple Aston & surrounding area Lesley Newman
NEWMAN 1800-1863 Finmere Denis Newman Sando
NEWMAN 1730 Shipton under Wychwood David Newman
NEWMAN <1750 Hethe Adam Osben
NEWMAN 17c-19c Chastleton, Little Compton Judith Thomas
NEWMAN 1890 Goring Jane Morris
NEWNAN 1840 - 1900 Kidlington, and surrounding area Cheryl Hobson
NEWPORT >1800s St Clements, Oxford Jemma Hayward
NEWPORT >1800> St Giles,Oxford city. Andrew Scurr
NEWPORT Any Any Colin Wills
NEWPORT 1700-1900 Cassington, Headington, Woodstock Chris Newport
NEWTON 1725-1807 Parish of Olney William Kaye
NEWTON <1674 Stokelyne Rebecca Chapman
NICHOL Any Swalcliffe,Shenington,Bucknell Bob Sangster
NICHOL Any Shenington Liz Hurst
NICHOLL Any Shenington Liz Hurst
NICHOLLS <1850 Minster Lovel Fran Crisp
NICHOLLS 19c Chalgrove Heather Evans
NICHOLLS 18c, 19c Kidlington Heather Evans
NICHOLLS Any Merton Jo Hardman
NICHOLLS 1800-1900 Deddington, Duns Tew Mike Horton
NICHOLLS Any Ewelme, Benson Colin Nicholls
NICHOLLS Any Swalcliffe,Shenington,Bucknell Bob Sangster
NICHOLLS Any Shenington Liz Hurst
NICHOLLS Any Shenington Judy Evans
NICHOLLS <1750 Alkerton Judy Evans
NICHOLLS Any Any Christine Young
NICHOLLS Any Any Diane Melvin
NICHOLLS Any Any Sue Sargent
NICHOLLS Any Kidlington, Headington Barbara Moe
NICHOLS Any Swalcliffe,Shenington,Bucknell Bob Sangster
NICHOLS Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
NICHOLS >1800 Any Hannah Hopkins
NICHOLS Any Shenington Liz Hurst
NICKOLLS 11:50 2-9-2000 Oxford Norma Nickolls
NIX Any Souldern, Fritwell, Oxford. Jan Nix
NIXEY Any Any Michael Ferguson
NIXEY 1700-1800 Cuddesden Susan Nixey
NIXEY Any Any Jon Nixey ons
NIXON <1840 Bladon Kevin Harradine
NIXON 18c Any Penny Eves
NIXON Any Any Fred Cross
NIXY 1700-1800 Cuddesden Susan Nixey
NIXY Any Any Jon Nixey ons
NOAKE 1590 - 1685 Letcombe Regis, Wantage, East Challow David Eeley
NOBES Any Any Vanessa Louise Hillsdon
NOBES 1650-1750 Combe, Stonesfield Judy Priest
NOBLE 1860-1900 Daventry Kerry Fleming
NOICE 1790-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
NOLGROVE 1770's Fulbrook Pamela Farmer
NONEY 1750-1900 Any Beresford Noney
NOONAN Any St Giles Roslyn
NOQUET 1800-1850 Bloxham, Banbury Toni Skidmore
NORCUTT Any Any David L. Norcutt
NORGROVE 1750-1850 Oxford Alison Gossler
NORGROVE 1784 Any Lynda Plotinski
NORMAN November 24, 1865 Any Kathryn Crawford
NORRIS 1901 Greys/Islip Lesley Cox
NORRIS Any Any Deborah Osborne Dunmall
NORRIS 1600 Blackthorn, Ambrosden Don Mark Gilham
NORRIS All - any Islip - Tingewick Lesley Cox
NORRIS Any Any, especially Wolvercote Peter Norris
NORRIS 1640 Blackthorne Rebecca Chapman
NORRIS <1750 Blackthorn Fiona Hedges
NORTH 1730-1800 Sydenham Rosemary Braun
NORTH Any Thame, Moreton, North Weston Linda North
NORTH >1800 Wendlebury Carolyne Langley
NORTH <1600 Towersey Carolyne Langley
NORTON <1850 Oxford Patrick Cecil Norton
NORTON <1854 Oxford Natalie da Silva
NOTTAGE 1850 - 1900 Any John Valters
NOTTINGHAM circa 1800 probably Oxford Paul Nottingham
NOY 1790-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
NOYES 1790-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
NUNNEY 1624-1904 Burford John Moore
NUNNEY <1880 Burford Dorri Roughley
NURDEN 1750 to 1900 Chipping Norton Grant Nurden
NUSSER Any Any Leslie Sykes
NUSSER 1800's North Newington, Drayton, Neithrop Margaret West
NUTT <1900 Oxford Sarah Nutt
NUTT <1800 Little Milton Janet Watts
NUTT c1750 Kidlington, Woodstock Caroline Watt
NUTT Any Little/Great Milton Leslie Parsons
NUTT >1800 Oxford David Nutt
NUTT dna 1734-1800 Kidington David Nutt
NUTT <1800 Oxford, Kidlington Vivien Breen