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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
PACEY >1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PACKER >1800 Burford Diana M. Wakefield Hawkins
PADBURY 1741 Banbury Susan Anthistle
PADBURY Any Oxford Ruth Margaret Taylor
PADDON >1800 Oxford Hilary Andrea Paddon
PADDON-ROW Any Wallingford Paul Landon
PADLEY >1745(?) Chipping Norton Dave Padley
PADY 1300-1600 Oxford Donald Pady
PAGATER >1750 Asthall, Cropredy Gordon Pargeter
PAGE 1600-1800 Oxford Debbie
PAGE >1700 Hornton Debbie
PAGE 1760 Adderbury Colin D. Gronow ons
PAGE Any Any Colin Wills
PAGE >1800 Wroxton Angela Fortnum
PAGE <1750 Ducklington Witney David Nutt
PAGE Any South Newington Bloxham Joan Roberts
PAGET <1800 Burford Judith Calder
PAGETT <1800 Burford Judith Calder
PAGETTER >1750 Asthall, Cropredy Gordon Pargeter
PAIN 1845 and earlier Bloxham / Banbury Lorraine Payne
PAINE 1500-1700 Kidlington, Cassington Alison Molineux
PAINTER <1850 Chesterton, Bicester Simon Bligh
PAINTER 19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
PAINTER Any North Oxfordshire Mrs Cherry Hollingworth
PAINTER >1800 Any Grace Abrahams
PAINTIN 1800's Great Tew & surrounds Hilary Mackenzie
PAINTIN Any Any Dennis Painting
PAINTIN Any Oxford, Witney Terri Bonham-Samuels
PAINTING 1880's Great Tew, Chipping Norton Hilary Mackenzie
PAINTING Any Hook Norton, Finstock Jill Morley
PAINTING Any Any, Charlbury Lyn Rumble
PAINTING Any Any Dennis Painting
PAINTON Any Any Dennis Painting
PAINTON 19c Longworth Nikki Eagle
PAISH Any Any Hazel Anderson
PALMER 1600-1900 Harwell, Radley, Hinksey, Oxford Katie de Haan
PALMER Any Any Joan Munro
PALMER >1870 Stokenchurch and surrounding area Sally Gillett
PANGBOURNE <1750 Arncot Mark Davies
PANTER 1790-1827 Wallingford Bill Panter
PANTIN 18C-19C Charlbury Dave Andrews
PANTING 1800s Hailey Sue Matthews ons
PANTING c1845 Enstone John Wearing
PANTON Any Any Dennis Painting
PARDINGTON >1800 Lyneham Marian Gould
PARENTS 1870-1900 Oxford Susan Reddy
PARGETER 1800's Chipping Norton Barbara Bown
PARGETER <1750 Tadmarton Angela Clarke
PARGITER <1750 Tadmarton, North Newington Judy Evans
PARISH 1500-1600 Nethercote, Banbury Ryan Dudley
PARISH <1746 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
PARKER 1800-1900 Wendlebury Annastarr
PARKER 1877 Nuneham Courtney Vanessa Cox
PARKER 1800 - 2000 Wootton, Steeple Barton, Handborough Marcia Davis
PARKER 1875-1882 Oxford, St. Ebbe Brian Parker
PARKER <1732 Launton Rebecca Chapman
PARKER Any Any Hazel Anderson
PARKER 1828 Wheatley Cecily Barton
PARKER 1795 Any Cecily Barton
PARKER Any Bampton, Bicester Carolyn Ramsbottom
PARKER <1860 Stokenchurch Sandra Beasley
PARKER 19c Long Handborough, Wootton, Woodstock Jane Dubsky
PARKER >1783 Piddington Vanessa Cox
PARKINS Lower Heyford, Bicester Roger Parkins
PARMEE ANY Witney Grace Abrahams
PARMEE Any Witney Gordon Parker
PARR <1750 Swalcliffe Sandra Shelley
PARRISH Any Any Dennis Painting
PARRISH <1746 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
PARRISHE 1500-1600 Nethercote, Banbury Ryan Dudley
PARRITT Any Any Anne Rees
PARROTT >1800 Clanfield and surrounding area Leonie Fretwell
PARROTT <1817 Launton Rebecca Chapman
PARROTT Any Any Anne Rees
PARROTT 18-19c Forest Hill, Water Perry Stephen Costello
PARSLER <1920 Any John Cramer
PARSLOW 1800 - 1850 Great Haseley Rebecca Taylor
PARSLOW 1800 - 1900 Oxford Rebecca Taylor
PARSONS 1650-1800 Sandford St Martin / Enstone Charles Eldridge
PARSONS <1880 Enstone, Kiddington, Banbury Alan Simpson
PARSONS <1800 SE of Oxford W of Thame Ian Parsons
PARSONS >1800 Oxford Helen Smith
PARSONS 1600-1750 Deddington David Turner
PARSONS <1750 Deddington Anne Seeley
PARSONS <1700 Deddington Jim Baker
PARSONS c1600 Nether Worton Mary Twyford
PARSONS 1800-1880 Steeple Barton, Oxford Dawn Minard
PARSONS 19-20c Minster Lovell, Oxford Colin Harris
PARTLET 1600-1800 West Oxfordshire Mervyn Partlett
PARTLETON 1835-1910 Banbury Lynne Willis
PARTLETT Any Any Mervyn Partlett
PARTLETT 1600-1800 West Oxfordshire Mervyn Partlett
PARTLETT 1700 North Leigh Michael Long
PARTLETT Any Eynsham, Northleigh Terry Partlett
PARTLOW 1600-1800 West Oxfordshire Mervyn Partlett
PARTLOWE 1600-1800 West Oxfordshire Mervyn Partlett
PARTRIDGE 1600 - 1795 Swyncombe Jean Ralph
PARTRIDGE 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
PARTRIDGE Any Sutton Courtney Kathy Morgan
PARTRIDGE Any Sparsholt Elizabeth Livermore
PATRICK <1867 Woodstock Angela Patrick
PAULIN 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PAULING 1700- Noke,Chalgrove,Deddington areas Norina Pauling
PAULING 1700/1800S Any Jennifer Eggleston
PAULING Any Shrivenham, Faringdon Susan Sherman
PAVIER <1770 Bicester, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
PAVIER early 17c Any Mark Paviour
PAVIER 18-19c Oxford Colin Harris
PAVIER <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
PAVIOUR >1665 Bicester, Fritwell Mark Paviour
PAVIOUR 19c Wootton/Woodstock area Mark Paviour
PAVIOUR early 17c Any Mark Paviour
PAVIOUR <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
PAWLING 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PAWLING Any Shrivenham, Faringdon Susan Sherman
PAXFORD <1750 Caswell Witney Ron Lankshear
PAXFORD 1600-1750 Curbridge, Witney, Brize Norton Peter E. Terry
PAXFORD >1750 Witney, Chipping Norton Penelope Smith
PAXON 1773 Bicester Rebecca Chapman
PAXON 1773 Bicester Rebecca Chapman
PAXTON 1700-1800 Finmere Colin Paxton
PAXTON 1700-1810 Any Colin Paxton
PAXTON dna Any Finmere, Any Arthur Paxton
PAXTON Any Great Haseley Beverley Corney
PAXTON <1800 Finmere Beverley Corney
PAYNE 1515-1675 Abingdon, Wantage Jenny Bell
PAYNE 1800s Cowley; Iffley. Jemma Hayward
PAYNE 1700 - 1850 Shiplake David Nuttall
PAYNE 1845 and earlier Bloxham / Banbury Lorraine Payne
PAYNE 1800-1950 Oxford Nikki Hunt
PAYNE 1650-1750 Thame Miriam Smith
PAYNE 17c Play Hatch, Caversham John Moore
PAYNE All Hockmore Street,Iffley & beyond Martyn Payne
PAYNE >1790 Thame Paul Landon
PAYNE 1888 -1976 Sibford Gower Deborah Stokes
PAYNTON Any Hook Norton, Finstock Jill Morley
PAYNTON Any Any Dennis Painting
PAYTON 1850-1900 Oxford Tony
PEACEY >1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PEACEY 1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PEACEY <1852 Chipping Norton, Abingdon Katie Sullivan
PEACHEY 1800 Sarsden Eileen White
PEACOCK 1899- 1950'S Cassington / Yarnton Joy Waghorn
PEACY 1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PEAD Any Any Derek Heritage ons
PEAD Any Any Bruce Gilligan
PEAD 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
PEAKE Any Any William Birchall
PEARCE <1800 Stokenchurch, Aston Rowant and area Peter Tranter
PEARCE <1900 Bucks border Peter Tranter
PEARCE <1850 Churchill Michael Dumbleton
PEARCE 1870-1930 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
PEARCE <1900 Any James Moore
PEARCE 1750-1850 Stokenchurch and surrounding area Sally Gillett
PEARMAN 17/18c Goring Stephen Costello
PEARMAN <1800 Any Jenny Vince
PEARSON 1774 Banbury Brian Gubbins
PEARSON Any Steeple Aston David Woodward
PEARTON c.1799 Stokenchurch Peter Moore
PECK 1600-1820 Oxfordshire Jeff Coulston
PECKHAM 20c Banbury Janet Owen
PEEDEL Any Any Sue Hedges
PEEDELL Any Any Sue Hedges
PEEDLE Any Any Sue Hedges
PEERS <1750 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
PEESLEY 18C Hampton Poyle Geoffrey Mann
PEGLER 1600-1900 Banbury Val Mabbs
PEMBROKE Any Sparsholt, East Challow Elizabeth Livermore
PENDRY 18-19C Forest Hill, Black Bourton, Sandford-on-Thames Geoffrey Mann
PENGILLEY >1875 Any Carol Loveday
PENN >1750 Banbury, Neithrop, Adderbury Jane Cain
PENN abt 1813 Alvescot Chris Etheridge
PENN 1700 - 1870 Blackthorn, Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
PENN 1700 - 1900 Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
PENN 1800's Banbury, Neithrop Janice McKay
PENN 1780 - 1840 Blackthorne Nancy
PENN <1800 Woodcote Keith Penn
PENN 1800-1900 Banbury - Neithrop - Bloxham John Rene
PENN Any Neithrop, Banbury Brenda Timms
PENNINGTON 18c Any Rick Crume
PENNINGTON 1700/1800s Any Jennifer Eggleston
PENNY Any Any Robert Malcolm Ryder
PENNY <1800 Any Paul Read
PEPALL Any Any Mark Pepall
PERKINS 1720-1830 Chadlington, Milton u, Wychwood Marlene Badura
PERPLES Any Any Jennifer J. Purple ons
PERRETT Any Any Anne Rees
PERRIN 1675-1850 Middleton Stoney, Rousham Norman Perrin
PERRIN 1600-1875 North Oxfordshire Norman Perrin
PERROTT Any Any Anne Rees
PERRY >1846 St Ebbe Cassandra Fox
PERRY 19C Deddington Carolyn Cliff
PERRY 19c Banbury Alanna Cook
PETTIBONE >1400 Oxford Garnet Murphey
PETTIFER Any Sibford Ferris Sibford Gower Hook Norton Sue Pedersen
PETTIFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford Pauline Kennedy
PETTIPHER Any Sibford Ferris Sibford Gower Hook Norton Sue Pedersen
PETTY 1650-1800 Stoke Lyne / Hethe Charles Eldridge
PETTY Any Deddington Rachel Williams
PETTYFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford Pauline Kennedy
PETYBON >1400 Oxford Garnet Murphey
PEVEREL 1700 - 1870 Blackthorn, Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
PEVERELL 1724-1832 Bletchingdon Rosemary Probert
PEVERELL 1727-1900 Piddington Rosemary Probert
PEVERILL 1700 - 1870 Blackthorn, Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
PEVERILL 1700 - 1900 Ambrosden Barbara Hymas
PEYMAN Any Any Susan Peyman-Stroud
PHEBEY >1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PHEBY >1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PHELY >1850 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PHILLIPE Any Oxford Keith R. Collier
PHILLIPS 1750-1800 Any Barbara Fisher
PHILLIPS Any Nettlebed Pam Campbell-McLean
PHILLIPS >1700 Neithrop and the surrounding area of Banbury Diana Hampton
PHILLIPS 1700-1900 Arncot Sue Harris
PHILLIPS 1660 - 1765 Hethe, Cottisford, Stoke Lyne George Phillips
PHILLIPS <1700 Alkerton Judy Mellowes
PHILLIPS 18c/19c Cornwell Judith Wiseman
PHILLIPS Any Oxford St. Clement, Headington Angela Arnold
PHILLIPS Any Chesterton, Stoke Lyne, Oxford Suzanne Taylor
PHILP 1862 -4 Wallingford - Dorchester on Thames Barbara Hindle Owen
PHILPOTT 1880s Oxford Trevor Philpott
PHIPPS Any Hook Norton Rebecca Horne
PHIPPS 1700 - 1850 Hook Norton Rosalind Dunning
PHIPPS 1700-1900 Hook Norton Rosalind Dunning
PHIPPS 1778 - 1830 South Leigh Denise Hall
PHIPPS 1835-1879 Eynsham Denise Hall
PHIPPS Abt 1900 Wolvercote Denise Hall
PHIPPS <1830 Abingdon Angie Trueman
PHIPPS Any Bodicote Hilary Darque
PHIPPS 1780-1850 Headington Kerri Parker
PHIPPS Any North Leigh Harold Phipps
PHIPPS Any Bladon, Combe Jill Salt
PHIPPS Any Garsington Janet Watts
PHIPPS >1830 Oxford Ian Mullan
PHIPPS dna <1800 Any Alan Phipps
PHIPPS <1841 Oxford Susan Wheeler
PHIPPS >1760 Dean (Spelsbury) Maxwell Smith
PHIPPS Any Oxford Trevor Philpott
PHOEBE >1800 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PHOEBEE >1800 Henley-on-Thames Janeen Peacey
PHURPEL Any Any Jennifer J. Purple ons
PICKERING 1780-1900 Chipping Norton Carole Wiffen
PICKETT 19c Cogges, Witney, Northleigh Jeni Palmer
PICKETT 19c Witney Susan Lean
PIDDINGTON Any Any Judith Fitchie
PIDDINGTON Any Any Carolyn Jarvis
PIERCEY 1790-1810 Dunsdon, Rotherfield Grays Mike Piercy
PIERCEY Any Nettlebed Ken Piercey
PIERCEY < 1750 Nettlebed Ken Piercey
PIERCY 1770 - 1870 Nettlebed Kristine Laemmlen
PIERCY 1790-1810 Dunsdon, Rotherfield Grays Mike Piercy
PIERCY Any Nettlebed Martin K Thompson
PIGGOTT 2005 Any Corri Piggott
PIKE 1806 Oxford Gavin Pike
PILL >1800 Charlbury, Milton under Wychwood Marian Gould
PILL Any Oxford Jack Honour
PIM <1900 Little Milton Janet Watts
PIMM >1800 Garsington, Oxford Fiona Caskey
PIMM >1800 Oxford City, Eynsham Vic Styles
PIMM >1800 Oxford City, Eynsham Vic Styles
PIMM 19-20c North Hinksey Colin Harris
PINFOLD 1750 - 1850 Middleton Cheney Hazel Pinfold
PINNELL >1780 Clifton Hampden Susan Horne
PIPE Any Any Veronica Moloney
PIPER 1700 - 1900 Oxford Graham Aldridge
PIPKIN Any Any Howard Fisher
PITSON >1800 Any Brian Brown
PITSON <1930 Nuneham Courtenay Daniel Simons
PITSON Any Any Michael Pitson
PITTAM >1750 Little Milton Dave D.
PITTAWAY 1700s Taynton Pamela Farmer
PITTAWAY 1850 - 1911 Shiplake Frederick Hayes
PITTMAN 18c-19c Goring Stephen Costello
PITTS 19c Islip Cyril Denis Steele
PLASTER 1849 Bampton Malcolm Plaster
PLASTER <1750 Any Malcolm Plaster
PLESTER dna Any Any John Plester
PLOWMAN Any Oxford Kidlington & Banbury Paul Landon
PLOWMAN > 1900 Any Paul Landon
PLUMB Any Fritwell, Fringford Jack Honour
PLUMB 1650-1760 Chipping Norton, Little Rollright Anne Seeley
PLUMB Any Over Norton, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton
PLUMBE c1700-1800 Bicester, Wooton, Woodstock, Henley-on-Thames Phil Plumbe
PLUMRIDGE Any Abingdon, Oxford Janice McBride
PLUMRIDGE >1820 Oxford Helen Smith
POCOCK 1800,s Pyrton Cyril Dean
POCOCK 1700 - 1750 Watlington Cyril Dean
POCOCK Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
POCOCK 17c & 18c Watlington, Thatcham Rose Bennett
POKINS Any Witney, Comb, Garsington Becky Bolton Clawson
POLLARD <1723 Launton Rebecca Chapman
POLLEY Any Drayton St Leonard Tony Bartlett
POLLEY Any Marsh Baldon Jenny Dennis
POLLEY 1800s Cowley Pamela Fane
POLLEY 1742-1765 Iffley Rosemary Probert
POLLEY 1709-1891 Cowley Rosemary Probert
POLLEY <1861 Oxford Graham Moore
POLLICOTT 19c Thame Georgina Coe
POLTON >1780 Swalcliffe Bryan Hall
PONTING 1820 - 1900 Headington, St. Clements Elaine Franklin
POOLE 1700-1900 Pusey, Abingdon Robert Cox
POOLE Any Kennington Jenny Lockett
POOLE Any Oxford Steve Prewitt
POOLE 1900 Any Johanna Poole
POOLE Any Any Tony Butcher
POPE 1760 Hanborough Richard Slatter
POPE 16c Any Penny Eves
PORRITT Any Any Anne Rees
PORT Any Dorchester, Shirburn, Aston Rowant Dave Annal
PORTER 18c/19c Culham Rosalie Penn
PORTLOCK Any Any Teresa Cullingford
POTTER Any Oxford Dafde
POTTER 1933-1953 Headington Scott Herrera
POTTER 1700-1800 Epwell, Banbury/Neithrop Bob Potter
POTTER <1720 Fulbrook Bill Seary
POTTER <1800 Wigginton John Potter
POTTER <1800 Hook Norton John Potter
POTTER <1800 Tadmarton John Potter
POTTER <1800 Milcombe John Potter
POTTER <1800 Little Coxwell & surroundings Susan Sherman
POTTINGER 1880-1960 Cowley Pauline M Riley
POULTON >1780 Swalcliffe Bryan Hall
POULTON 1650 - 1720 Witney Anne Wiltshire
POUND 1800 Nuneham Courtney Vanessa Cox
POUND >1772. Stanton Harcourt Vanessa Cox
POUNTNEY 1775-1832 Bicester Pamela Sopp
POURTNEY 1775-1832 Bicester Pamela Sopp
POVEY Any Bourton, Shrivenham, Watchfield Daryl Povey
POVIE <1700 Bourton, Shrivenham, Watchfield Daryl Povey
POVYE <1700 Bourton, Shrivenham, Watchfield Daryl Povey
POWELL 1760 Steventon Graham Buckell
POWELL Any Bicester Ian Malins
POWELL Any Wigginton Val Watson
POWELL 1790-1818 Broughton, North Newington Chris Woods
POWELL 1875 Swerford Alan Pritchard
POYNTER <1870 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
PRATER <1850 East Hendred Neil Roberts
PRATER Any East Hendred Mel Roberts
PRATLEY 1600-1900 Ascott-Under-Wychwood Heather Bray
PRATLEY 1700s - 1800s Ascott Under Wychwood Sharon Desaulniers
PRATLEY 1800s Any Patricia Capon
PRATLEY dna Any Any Michelle Hawke
PRATLEY 1796 Leafield David Howell
PRATLEY 1660-1900 Ascott-Under-Wychwood and Leafield Bev McCombs
PRATLEY Any Any Judith Palmer
PRATLEY >1600 Shipton u. Wychwood, Leafield Paul Howard Clements
PRATLEY Any Any Alex Nash
PRATLEY Any Hailey Tara Dancer
PRATLEY Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
PRATLEY 1700-2003 Combe, Finstock, Fawler, Spelsbury, Witney Andrew Guy
PRATLEY Any Any Jackie Brogden
PRATLEY <1850 Leafield, Shipton under Wychwood Kevin Godfrey
PRATLEY Any Any Jean Willoughby
PRATLEY Any Leafield, Tadmarton, South Newington Judy Priest
PRATLEY <1900 Hailey New Yatt NorthLeigh Oxford Shipton Under Wychwood David Nutt
PRATLEY >1700 Shipton under Wychwood Julie Maslen
PRATLY 1660-1900 Ascott-Under-Wychwood and Leafield Bev McCombs
PRATT 19c Banbury and surrounding area David Biddle
PREEDY ca. 1800 Kirtlington Roger Jelfs
PREEDY 1500-1800 Great Tew, Steeple Aston Anne Seeley
PREEDY <1800 Swalcliffe Anne Seeley
PREEDY Any North Oxfordshire Mrs Cherry Hollingworth
PRENTICE 1790-1844 Banbury Carole Braid
PRENTICE <1760 Deddington Jenny Deverell
PRESCOTT 19c Banbury Deborah King
PRESCOTT 1880 - 1920 Banbury Helen Prescott
PRESTIDGE 1800- Abingdon & elsewhere Brian Brown
PRESTON > 1800 Any Patricia Hayes
PRESTON Any Oxford Dafde
PREW Any Bloxham, Charlbury Chris Prew
PREW Any Cropredy Great/Little Bourton Chris Prew
PRICE 19c Minster Lovell D. Harrison
PRICE 1823-1824 Oxford Greg Price
PRICE <1855 Hampton-on-Poyle Peter A Price
PRICE Any Charlton-on-Otmoor Robin Price
PRICE 1714 Chesterton Rebecca Chapman
PRICE 1650-1750 Burford John Shelley
PRICHARD <1800 Oxford Peter Cope
PRICKET <1800 Benson Jenny Vince
PRICKETT 1744-1789 Headington Jenny Bell
PRICKETT Any Any, Bletchingdon, Kirtlington Norina Pauling
PRICKETT >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
PRIEST Any Charlton-on-Otmoor Robin Price
PRINT before 1900 Bloxham, Swalcliffe John Kerry
PRIOR >1750 Bampton Jill Brill
PRIOR Any Any Fred Cross
PRIOR >1700 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
PRITCHET <1850 Kidlington Margaret Forbes
PRITCHETT 1720-1880 Deddington Donna Lonon
PROBETS 1800-1890 Thame, Brill Lorna Dicker
PROBETS 1850 Witney and Ducklington Sharon Probets
PROFFIT <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
PROFIT 19c Middle Barton Lesley Newman
PROPHET <1863 The Bartons Sylvia Checkley
PROPHETT 1800-1847 Sibford, Swalcliffe Barbara Adair
PROSSER 1940 New Marston, Headington Andrea Fudge
PROSSER <1850 Oxford Christopher J. Woodward
PRUCE 17-18c Burford, Witney John Moore
PRYOR Any Hinksey Jean Stobbs
PUCKETT Any Witney Nena Carter
PUDDLE Any Burford Allen Glasson
PUFFET 1700s Marston, Oxford Ruth Ridley
PUFFETT 1680-1970 Filkins, Witney Sandy Nelson
PUGH 1715-1840 Oxford Janet White
PULCHER dna Any Any Wendy Archer ons
PULKER dna Any Any Wendy Archer ons
PULLEN >1750 East & West Hanney Ken Godfrey
PULLEN c.1760 West Hanney Sandra Lewis
PULLEN <1730 Bampton Mark Bletchly
PUMFREY 1700-1900 Burford Philip Robbins
PUMMELL Any Any David Smith
PURBRICK 1700-1800 Any Jeff Osborne
PURBRICK Any Any Jackie Brogden
PURCEL c1922 Chipping Norton, Oxford Ernest Willis
PURCELL c1922 Chipping Norton, Oxford Ernest Willis
PURNELL 1800's Kidlington, Abingdon, Hedington Donna MacIver
PURPHELL Any Any Jennifer J. Purple ons
PURPLE Any Any Jennifer J. Purple ons
PURTON 1650 - 1750 Witney Anne Wiltshire
PUTT >1800 Southleigh and Banbury Carole Mathews
PUTT Any Any Carole Mathews
PUTT >1600> Any Carol Richmond
PUTTLOCK >1600> Any Carol Richmond
PYBUS <1701 Ardley Rebecca Chapman
PYBUS >1700 Ardley Pearl Whipp
PYM >1800 Garsington, Oxford Fiona Caskey
PYM 17c Garsington Judith Palmer
PYM <1900 Little Milton Janet Watts
PYM <1615 Cuddesdon, Garsington Susan Wheeler
PYNIGER 1850 - 1950 Central Kevin Mayo