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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
RACKLEY Any Witney John Winfield
RACKSTRAW Any Any Stella Clark
RACKSTRAW 1624-1795 Rotherfield Greys John Moore
RADBONE Any Any Derek Rathbone
RADBORN Any Any Derek Rathbone
RADBOURNE Any Any Derek Rathbone
RADBURN 1846 - 1876 Witney Peter Radburn
RADBURN Any Any Derek Rathbone
RADBURN <1881 Witney Chris J Coward
RADFORD 1769 - 1843 Wheatley, Garsington Gay Moller
RADFORD 1692 - 1858 Waterstock, Albury, Garsington Gay Moller
RAILTON Any Any Janet Harris
RAINBOW Any Wychwoods Julia Simpson
RAKESTRAW 1651 Henley on Thames Vickie Rakestraw Belt
RANCE >1720 Oxford Caroline Thompson
RAND Any Kidlington Jennifer Titcombe
RANDALL Any Any Mick Newton
RANDALL Any Oxford Julia Fryer
RANDLE 1650 - 1870 Bodicote, Sibford Gower, Adderbury, Bloxham Janet Wimbleton
RANDLE Any Oxford Julia Fryer
RANDLE Any Any Tony Butcher
RATHALL Any Any Jenette Dawson
RATHBAND Any Any Yvonne Rathband
RATHBONE Any Any Derek Rathbone
RAVEN Any Any Tracey Horrell ons
RAWLIND Any Marsh Gibbon Carol Wilkins
RAWLINGS 1800 - 1900 Milton under Wychwood Ian Dore
RAWLINGS Any Denton Olav den Ouden
RAWLINGS 1800 - 1860 Shipton David M. Williams
RAWLINGS Any Oxford Peter Quelch
RAWLINS <1700 Leafield Kenneth E. Hux
RAY Any Forest Hill, Little Milton, Stanton St John and Oxford Sally Ray
RAY Any Forest Hill, Stanton St John Jean Hodges
RAY <1800 Stanton St John, Thame Pauline Kennedy
RAYER <1600 Kirtlington, Stanton Harcourt Rebecca Chapman
RAYMENT Any Any Rayment Society
RAYNSFORD <1550 Great Tew Sue Adcock
READ 1850 - 1900 Weston on the Green, Kirtlington, Wendlebury Annastarr
READ Any South Oxon Paul Read
READ Any Any Jacky Sherwood
READ Any Oxford Vanda Turner
READ <1870 Any Mike Brooks
READ Any Oxford Julia Fryer
READ >1635 Rotherfield Peppard, Kidmore End, Bix, Pauline Read
READE 1850 - 1900 Weston on the Green, Kirtlington, Wendlebury Annastarr
READE Any South Oxon Paul Read
READE >1635 Rotherfield Peppard, Kidmore End, Bix, Pauline Read
READING <1810 Bicester, Soudern Pam Dick
READINGS 1800-1900 Wallingford Anthony Seeney
READINGS Any Wallingford Andrew Jolly
READINGS Any Wallingford Hayley Conway
REASON 1600s,1700s Swalcliffe Kaye Wheeler
REASON <1700 Shipton, Milton Kenneth E. Hux
REASON Any Fullbrook, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton
REAVES 1600-1870 Any Roberta Killeen
RECKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
REDDALL 19c Chipping Norton Martin K Thompson
REDE Any Any Lesley Springate
REDGATE 17c Witney Fiona Hedges
REED Any South Oxon Paul Read
REEVE 1600-1870 Any Roberta Killeen
REEVE <1700 Leafield Dr Ben Knighton
REEVE <1890 Middle, Steeple & Westcott Barton Christopher Reeve
REEVES 1700 Launton Brian Blackwell
REEVES 1800-1920 St Clement's, Oxford David Brimson ons
REEVES 1600-1870 Any Roberta Killeen
REEVES 1777 Nuffield Paul Reeves
REEVES <1890 Middle, Steeple & Westcott Barton Christopher Reeve
REEVES 17c Any Penny Eves
REEVES 19c Chipping Norton Colin Reeves
REEVES 19c Churchill Colin Reeves
REEVES 18c Cornwell Colin Reeves
REIVES 1600-1870 Any Roberta Killeen
RENDALL 1850-1900 Great Rollright Andrew Viney
REYNELL Any North Oxford Ian Macdonald
REYNOLDS 1700-1900 Piddington Judy Reynolds Decker
REYNOLDS >1890 North Newington, Banbury Audrey Fawn
REYNOLDS <1881 Wardington Audrey Fawn
REYNOLDS 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
RHODES < 1860 Launton Rachel Long
RICCOTS Any Any Henry Campbell-Ricketts
RICHARDSON 1861 - 1891 Any Ann Howlett
RICHARDSON <1818 Benson Dennis Jasper
RICHARDSON 1700 -1964 Fewcott, Bicester Jim Richardson
RICHARDSON <1720 Any Mary Jane Collis
RICHENS <1818 Benson Dennis Jasper
RICHINGS 19c Faringdon Lynda Brown
RICHINGS <1983 Oxford Paul Landon
RICHINGS 1500-1600 Longworth, Wantage Kenneth Richings
RICKARDS Any Any Henry Campbell-Ricketts
RICKET Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETS Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKETTS Any Wallingford Pat Ricketts
RICKETTS Any Chinnor Pat Ricketts
RICKETTS dna Any Any Henry Campbell-Ricketts
RICKETTS dna Any Any Susan Meates
RICKETTS dna Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKIT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RICKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
RIDDLE <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
RIDER 1640-1740 Henley-on-Thames Susan Ryder
RIDER 17c Witney Fiona Hedges
RIDGE late 18c Cumnor Lesley Newman
RIDGE <1800 Oxford Christine Gordon
RIDGE Any Buckland Christine Gordon
RIDGE 1700s/1800s Ducklington, Bampton, Fyfield Tina Webb
RIGAUD Any Oxford Jennifer Eggleston
RIGSBY <1800 Shipton under Wychwood Graham Loveday King
RILEY 1800-1900 Banbury - Neithrop John Rene
RIMEL 1600-1750 Great Tew Anne Seeley
RIMEL 17c Shipton John Moore
RIMELL 1900 Shipton Under Wychwood Lindsay Seagrim-Trinder
RIMELL <1880 Sibford, Churchill Elaine Ward
RIMELL c.1870 Sibford Amy Rimell
RIPPINGTON 1800 Oxford City, Kidlington Vic Styles
RIPPINGTON >c.1800 Headington, Kiddlington Vic Styles
RIPPINGTON >1730 Waterperry Jon Nixey ons
RISBY <1800 Shipton under Wychwood Graham Loveday King
RIXON <1700 Any Nancy Lilly
RIXON Any Any Gina Cope
RIXON <1800 Stokenchurch, Aston Rowant and area Peter Tranter
RIXON <1900 Radnage, Stokenchurch, and area Peter Tranter
RIXON 19c Any Anita Reynolds
RIXON 1750-1900 Stokenchurch and surrounding area Sally Gillett
ROBBINS <1900 Burford, Broadwell, Alvescot, Filkins, Holwell Philip Robbins
ROBBINS Any Souldern John Robbins
ROBBINS Any Langford, Witney Mike Rose
ROBBINS <1830 Broadwell, Filkins, Holwell Graham Robbins
ROBBINS >1760 Kencott, Broadwell Davina Dodds
ROBBINS 1730-1880 Charlbury Barbara Rosethorne
ROBERSON <1800 Any Geoffrey Roberson
ROBERTS 1730-1824 Great Haseley, Watlington Jenny Bell
ROBERTS Any Broughton Rebecca Horne
ROBERTS Any Any Ann Howlett
ROBERTS >1700 Banbury, Canals Tony Knight
ROBERTS <1850 East Hendred Neil Roberts
ROBERTS <1601 Forest Hill John Sullivan
ROBERTS >1750 Tackley Penny Eves
ROBERTS Any Bampton Jo Maley
ROBERTS Any North Oxfordshire Joyce Hamson
ROBERTS Any East Hendred Mel Roberts
ROBERTS 16c Forest Hill Ann Dunmore
ROBINS <1785 Sutton Courtenay, Buckland Andy Bradley
ROBINS <1900 Burford, Broadwell, Alvescot, Filkins, Holwell Philip Robbins
ROBINS Any Souldern John Robbins
ROBINS <1830 Broadwell, Filkins, Holwell and surrounding parishes. Graham Robbins
ROBINSON Any Deddington Jim Baker
ROBINSON Any Chipping Norton Thomas Robinson
ROBINSON 1881 - 1900 Banbury Wally Robinson
ROBINSON <1601 Forest Hill John Sullivan
ROBINSON Any Wolvercote Vanda Turner
ROBINSON Any Neithrop, Banbury Brenda Timms
ROCKALL >1700 Watlington Michael Brown
ROCKALL Any Watlington Rosemary Hicks
ROFF 1800 - 1900 Chipping Norton Peter Roff
ROFFE 1800 - 1900 Chipping Norton Peter Roff
ROGERS Any Oxford Robert N. Barnes
ROGERS 1783-1861 Chipping Norton Julia Willett Carmichael
ROGERS 1773 - 1840 Kirtlington, Wootton Woodstock, Combe John Keenan
ROGERS >1820 Cowley Rosemary Probert
ROGERS Any Any Wilfred Newman
ROGERS <1855 Over Norton Reg Wells
ROGERS <1780 Kirtlington Alan Betteridge
ROGERS <1730 Bicester Fiona Hedges
ROGERS 18c Cumnor Barbara Cox
ROGERS 1600-1750 Kirklington ? Ann Rogers
ROLFE Any Bucknell Paul Bolchover
ROLFE Any Any Paul Rolph
ROLLS 1600-1700 Garsington Miriam Smith
ROLLS 1730-1850 Bicester Miriam Smith
ROLLS 20C Wantage Fred Jelley
ROLPH 1908 - 1910 Any Paul Rolph
RONEY 1760-1900 Burford Area Geoffrey Broadhurst
ROPER <1900 Enstone Michael Dumbleton
ROSE 1500 to1900 North Aston and surrounds, Middleton Cheney, Banbury Antony Rose
ROSE 1790-1890 Banbury/HookNorton/Middleton Cheney Antony Rose
ROSE 1700-1890 Any Susan Higginbotham
ROSE Any Shenington Carl Rose
ROSE Any Any Freda Storrar
ROSE c1800-c1900 Brightwell, Abingdon Mike Matthews
ROSE Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
ROSSER 1880 Oxford Kevin Rosser Shackleton
ROUS Any Langford Nicola Jackson
ROUSE Any Aston, Alvescot, Cassington Pat
ROUSE Any Langford Nicola Jackson
ROUSE 18-19C Kidlington, Bicester Geoffrey Mann
ROUSE Any Oxford Andrew Howland
ROUSE <1786 Shipton/Cherwell John Sullivan
ROUSE 18th C Kencot, Alvescot, Langford Heather Bailey
ROUSE 1790-1850 Hethe Brendan Rouse
ROUSE Any Any William Birchall
ROWELL Any Oxford Andrew Howland
ROWLAND c1800 Any Maureen Short
ROWLES <1850 Hailey David Nutt
ROWLES Any Witney, Hailey, Banbury Peter Gough
ROWNEY Any Any Paul Rowney
ROWSE Any Langford Nicola Jackson
RUDGE late 18c Cumnor Lesley Newman
RUGMAN Any Any Peter Rugman ons
RUSH 1710 Thame Christopher Rush
RUSSELL 1650 - 1800 Chadlington Adrian Mullins
RUSSELL Any Eynsham, Stanton Harcourt Terry Partlett
RUSSELL Any Any Patricia Capon
RUSSELL >1800 Fewcott, Ardley, Stoke Lyne Reuben Brown
RUSSELL Any Stanton Harcourt, Eynsham Janet Price
RUTTER 1700-1800 Any Sam R
RUTTER 17c-18c Witney Chris Wake
RYCKETES Any Any Henry Campbell-Ricketts
RYCOTE Any Any Henry Campbell-Ricketts
RYDER Any Any Robert Malcolm Ryder
RYE 1840 Banbury Graham Buckell
RYLIE >1650 Any Penny Eves
RYMALL <1700 Any Angela Fortnum
RYMAN any Great Tew Richard Parkes
RYMAN 1750-1850 Great Rollright Dawn Ralfe
RYMAN Any Any Jayne Ryman
RYMEL Any Any Jayne Ryman
RYMELL 1600-1750 Great Tew Anne Seeley
RYMELL 1670-1800 South Newington Jo-Anne Page-Cote
RYMILL Any Sanford St Martin Timothy Cox
RYVES 1600-1870 Any Roberta Killeen