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dna next to a surname below indicates it has been registered with the DNA linking service
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with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Surname Time Place Researcher
HEDGES Any Wootton Bob Hedges
THORN 1650-1930 Abingdon Louis Thorne
THORNE 1650-1930 Abingdon Louis Thorne
HALE 1681 Kingham Kathleen Baker
RUTTER 1700-1800 Any Sam R
RICHARDSON 1700 -1964 Fewcott, Bicester Jim Richardson
STOWE Any Any Lyn Rumble
PAINTING Any Any, Charlbury Lyn Rumble
THORNTON Any Any, Churchill, Headington, Dean Lyn Rumble
KITCHING Any Any, Gagingwell, Woodstock,Chipping Norton, Chadlington, Lyn Rumble
LEWIS 1750 North Aston Robin Simmons
HUNT 1700-1750 Thame Lori Kearney
HILL 1700-1750 Thame Lori Kearney
NEWELL 1650-1800 Adwell, Aston Rowant, Chalgrove, Postcombe Lori Kearney
LONGSHAW <1904 Shipton under Wychwood Nikki Walker
GREGORY Any Great Tew Colin Gregory
NICKS Any Any Robert Nix
NIX Any Souldern, Fritwell, Bicester Robert Nix
FRETHERN >1600 Kencot, Broadwell, Langford Nicola Johnson
HAMERSLEY >1625 Kencot, Langford, Pyrton Nicola Johnson
FRETHERNE >1600 Kencot, Broadwell, Langford Nicola Johnson
SIMS <1809 Hinton Waldrist Eric Jones
ABELL 19c Hinton Waldrist, Longworth, Marcham Eric Jones
COOK 19c Ashbury Eric Jones
JONES <1800 Ashbury Eric Jones
JOHNSON <1800 Ashbury Eric Jones
BORTON 1650 -1850 Great Bourton, Little Bourton Cropredy Hanwell Jo Foster
DIGGS Any Any David Diggs
MOSS c.1500-1860 Ascott under Wychwood Nadine van der Merwe
WOODWARD <1850 Stonesfield, Combe Julia Vokes
BOLTON <1750 Finstock, Charlbury Julia Vokes
SHEPHERD <1850 North Leigh, Witney, Woodstock Julia Vokes
CULPEPPER <1850 Oxford Cassandra Fox
JENNINGS <1850 Oxford Cassandra Fox
PENN <1800 Woodcote Keith Penn
SUCH 18C Chipping Norton Carolyn Cliff
PERRY 19C Deddington Carolyn Cliff
MATHEWS 19C Deddington Carolyn Cliff
SAVAGE 18C, 1784 Chipping Norton Carolyn Cliff
ROUSE Any Oxford Andrew Howland
ROWELL Any Oxford Andrew Howland
CRIPPS Any Oxford Andrew Howland
HOWLETT Any Thame Andrew Howland
HOWLAND Any Thame Andrew Howland
DAY 19c Pyrton, Bix area Joanne Woodward
KNIGHT >1800 Nettlebed Joanne Woodward
NORCUTT >1770 Swyncombe Joanne Woodward
NEIGHBOUR >1760 Watlington. Nettlebed areas Joanne Woodward
LLOYD >1790 Swyncombe, Nettlebed areas Joanne Woodward
WHITMAN 1890 - 1960 Any Jean Gradwell nee Wallis