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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
SABIN 1800s Bodicote Janice Alford
SABIN 1840 - 1890 Templemills, Tadmarton Harla Batinovic
SABIN <1826 Banbury, Wardington, Adderbury Audrey Fawn
SABIN Any Banbury Vanessa Heywood
SABINE >1800 Any Katherine Lewis
SABLE 1800 - 1825 Crowmash Gifford, Benson Karen Cook
SADLER 17c Bampton, Faringdon Bill Seary
SADLER Any Oxford Mark Davies
SADLER 18c Crowmarsh Gifford and surrounds Melanie Loveridge
SADLER <1800 Oxford Vivien Breen
SALCOLE Any South Lye Richard Salcole
SALMON 1790 - 1880 Hook Norton S. Knight
SALMON Any Any Nigel Robinson
SALMON Any Chipping Norton, Witney Helen Martin
SALSTON <1850 Eynsham, Bladon, Oxford, Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
SALTMARSH >1750 Bampton Jill Brill
SAMMAN <1700 Hook Norton Judy Mellowes
SAMMONS Any Any Debbie Chambers
SAMMONS 1800-1897 Oxford Deirdre Lappner
SAMMONS 1790-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
SAMMONS Any St. Peters in the East Oxford Brian James Sammons
SAMUEL 1715-1718 Unknown Jewel Jacobs
SAMUELSON Any Any Quentin Samuelson
SAMUELSON Any Banbury Quentin Samuelson
SANDELL Any Kidlington Lauren Bavin
SANDERS >1750 Banbury, Neithrop Jane Cain
SANDERS >1700> Banbury Teri (Sanders) Johnson
SANDERS Any Witney Martin Rix
SANDERS <1750 Cuddesdon Jon Nixey ons
SANDFORD Any Ploughley, Woodeaton John Gosling
SANDLES 1800 - 1900 ODDINGTON Ian Dore
SANDY 1790-1950 Henley Doug Stewart
SANKEY c1890 Cowley Howard Samuels
SANSOME about 1850 Oxford Timothy Pilon
SARAH 1880-1900 Oxford Susan Reddy
SARAH 1870-1900 Oxford Susan Reddy
SARVIS Any Any Donald
SASSIONS Any Any Sandra Lewis
SATCHELL Any Duns Tew Keri Rubery
SATCHELL Any Deddington, Duns Tew Melanie Spitzer
SAUL Any Any Rosemary Bailey
SAUNDERS <1850 Thame Julie Austin
SAUNDERS 1800 Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
SAUNDERS 1835-1890s Claydon Christine Clement
SAUNDERS 1880-1930 North Moreton/ Mackney/ Brightwell Doug Green
SAUNDERS <1865 Cowley Marsh Heather Hunter
SAUNDERS Any Any Daphne Oosthuizen
SAUNDERS 1700-1900 South-East, especially Watlington area Ian Saunders
SAUNDERS Any Any Jackie Brogden
SAUNDERS Any Any Len Heyward
SAUNDERS Any Any Wendy Stevenson
SAUNDERS <1750 Cuddesdon Jon Nixey ons
SAUNDERS 1600-1800 Aston Rowant area Graham Towerton
SAVAGE 1800-1860 Bladon Woodstock Chris Henning
SAVAGE 1800-1900 Bladon, Woodstock Chris Henning
SAVAGE 1680 - 1888 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
SAVAGE >1700 Any Pam Thornton
SAVAGE >1810 Shenington Judy Evans
SAVAGE <1850 North Newington Judy Evans
SAVAGE <1800 Ipsden Sue Hazledine
SAVAGE 19c Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
SAVILLE 1715-1718 Unknown Jewel Jacobs
SAVIN 1800 Cottisford Tracy Rose
SAVIN Any Any Alan Savin ons
SAVINS Any Any Colin Wills
SAVINS <1833 Any Thomas Savins
SAVORY <1950 Any Susan Monk
SAVORY Any Any Maureen Short
SAVORY c1750 Any Maureen Short
SAW <1800 Chinnor Lewis D. Hawley McCann
SAW 18c Chinnor, Towersey Julie Dawn Saw
SAW Any Chinnor Pauline Pool
SAWNEY <1800 Nettlebed, Bix Liz Woods
SAWYER 1830 Oddington Victoria Greenly
SAWYER 1700-1900 Long Crendon Elizabeth Blake
SAWYER <1900 New Hinskey Paul Clarke
SAWYER Any Hagbourne, Aston Tirrold, Cholsey Sandra Crowthers
SAWYER Any Any Charles Bradbury
SAXEL Any Standlake John Allen
SAYER Any South Oxfordshire Christine Aitken
SAYWELL <1860 Eynsham David Floyd
SAYWELL <1833 Any Andrew John Ackerman
SAYWELL <1860 Eynsham Lynn Boyle
SCANNELL July 14, 1999 Bloxham or gloucester areas Jennifer Walker
SCARESBROOK 1760 - 1840 Witney Lorna Astley
SCARLET <1863 Chipping Norton and surrounding area Iain Fraser
SCARLETT <1863 Chipping Norton and surrounding area Iain Fraser
SCARROTT 1800 Charlbury Linda Currie
SCARROTT 1800s Finstock, Charlbury Linda Currie
SCARROTT Any Any Glyn Hatherall
SCARROTT Any Ramsden, Charlbury Keith Scarrott
SCARROTT 1700-1900 Charlbury Finstock Sheldon Scarrott
SCARSBROOK Any Chesterton Robin Price
SCARSBROOK c1682 Combe Howard Samuels
SCARSBROOK <1790 Hook Norton Howard Samuels
SCARSBROOK <1780 Kirtlington Alan Betteridge
SCARSEBROOK Any Witney, Curbridge Leila Muller
SCASBROOK Any Enstone, Fritwell Brian Williams
SCASBROOK 1750 Any Scasbrook
SCEENEY 1680-1850 Bloxham, Souldern, Banbury Beryl Metherell
SCHILLINGFORD <1800 Any Maralyn Bevilaqua
SCIVIER Any Any Eleanor Scott
SCIVYER Any Any Eleanor Scott
SCONCE 1820-1830 Balscott Dana Sconce Bell
SCOTT 1812-1900 Baldon/Wallingford Jan Clist
SCOTT Any Any Deborah Osborne Dunmall
SCOTT >1900s Kidlington, Hampton Poyle, Bletchingdon Eleanor Scott
SCRAGG <1816 Oxford Sian
SCRAGG c1830 Eynsham/Charlbury Linda Jones
SCREEN >1800 Any Colin Bridgeman
SCREGG <1800 Any James Moore
SCRIVENOR 1600 -1920 Stratton Audley, Banbury, Charlbury John Mumford
SCROGGS 1800s Hanborough, Cassington, Kidlington Rosemary Barling
SCROOBY 1780-1850 CROPREDY Charles White
SCUDDS Any Any Jacky Sherwood
SEALE 1871 waterperry Don Fisher
SEALE 1871 Waterperry Don Fisher
SEALE 1871 Waterperry Don Fisher
SEALEY Any Any Susan Sherman
SEALY Any Any Susan Sherman
SEAR >1858 Charlbury Steven Knowles
SEARS <1850 Stockenchurch Ann Barrett
SEARS <1830 Stokenchurch Colin Jones
SEARS Any Any David Sears ons
SEARY 1685 Oxford City Linda Buckingham
SEARY Any Bampton Bill Seary
SEARY 1830? Jericho,Oxford Cathy Riley Seary
SEARY Any Any Tony Drury-Smith
SEARY c1754 Weald Weald OPS
SEATON Any Any Peter Cope
SEENEY <1800 Any Anthony Seeney
SELBY 1850-1860 Any Donna Selby Roy
SELBY Any Oxford Anna Rufer
SELLER 1750 - 1800 Oxford Geoffrey Berry
SELLWOOD >1850 Witney, Ducklington, Kidlington, Eynsham, Cassington Victoria Turner
SELLWOOD <1700 Eaton, Appleton Barbara Cox
SELLWOOD Any Oxford, Abingdon, Littlemore Ashley Sellwood
SELMAN <1840 Charlbury, Brize Norton Tony Butler
SELMAN <1900 North Leigh Caroline Johnston
SELSTON <1850 Eynsham, Bladon, Oxford, Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
SELSTONE 18c Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
SELWOOD Any Dorchester Jean Elliot
SERATI-SHIRAZI 1990 Standlake Omead
SERLE 1830 Oddington Victoria Greenly
SESEY <1800 Burford Bill Seary
SESSIONS 1500-1750 Churchill Anne Wiltshire
SESSIONS 1833 and earlier Abingdon Tiffany Fugere
SESSIONS 1680 - 1750 Witney Anne Wiltshire
SESSIONS <1841 Hendred, Appleford Barbara Petagna
SESSIONS <1700 Churchill Anne Wiltshire
SESSIONS 18C Wantage, East Hendred, E. & W. Hanney, Bampton Sandra Lewis
SEVELL 1700-1900 Wallingford Karen Cook
SEWELL 18c Sydenham Julie Dawn Saw
SEWELL 19c Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
SEYMOUR 1750 - 1820 Benson Ann Morrison
SEYMOUR 1850-1900 Christmas Common - Pyrton Sophie Neilson
SEYMOUR 1850-1900 Christmas Common - Pyrton Sophie Neilson
SEYMOUR Any Wantage Mel Roberts
SEYWELL 1673-1791 Chinnor Jenny Bell
SHAILER Any Culham Valerie Ahern
SHARD <1700 Any Peter Cope
SHARP Any Bletchington Eleanor Collins
SHARP Any Bletchington Eleanor Collins
SHARP 1750 to 1900 Henley on Thames Sue O'Neill
SHARP <1812 Shiplake, Checkendon, Rotherfield Grays Carole Todd
SHARPE Any Dorchester Martin Rix
SHARPE Any Any Charles Bradbury
SHAYLER Any Culham Valerie Ahern
SHAYLER Any Woodstock Catherine Dukes
SHAYLER Any Charlbury, Oxford Oliver Herrin
SHAYLER 1560-1830 Lyneham, Shipton, Milton, Chadlington John Moore
SHAYLER 1700-1900 Culham Julie Quigley
SHAYLER 1600 - 1850 Broadwell, Langford John Shelley
SHAYLER 1750-1855 Clanfield Dorothy Thompson
SHAYLER <1800 Shipton under Wychwood Chris Shayler
SHAYLER c.1734 Asthall Bruce Shayler
SHAYLER Any North Moreton / South Moreton Gerry Bolton
SHAYLER 1500-1700 Lyneham, Shipton-under Wychwood, Milton-under-Wychwood John Shelley
SHAYLER c.1680-1880 Shipton-under-Wychwood Kerry Close
SHAYLOR Any Culham Valerie Ahern
SHAYLOR Any Culham Julie Quigley
SHAYLOR 1750-1850 Clanfield Dorothy Thompson
SHEARD 1600-1900 Buckland, Hinton Waldrist, Witney, Curbridge, Northmoor, Stanton Harcourt, Wootton Heather Grimwood
SHEARD <1800 Any Peter Cope
SHEEN 1822 - 1830 Dunton, Denton Tim Jackson
SHEHERD 19c Murcot, Cassington Hilary Innes
SHELDON 1700-1900 Wheatley Cuddesdon Garsington V Moir
SHELDON 1700-1850 Watlington Felicity Sanderson
SHELTON Any Great Tew Alan Langford
SHEPHEARD >1676 Bampton Linda Dutton
SHEPHEARD >1800 Witney and environs (Burford, North Leigh, etc.) Frederick Neil Simms
SHEPHEARD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPHERD <1800 Burford, Fulbrook Bill Seary
SHEPHERD 1800-1900 Wykham Neithrop Any Chris Gunthorpe
SHEPHERD >1881 Oddington Norman Davies
SHEPHERD >1676 Bampton Linda Dutton
SHEPHERD >1802 Aston Rowant Rosemary Hayes
SHEPHERD 1800-1900 Appleton Olivia Absolom
SHEPHERD 1700/1900 Britwell Salome & Watlington Dawn King
SHEPHERD <1875 Islip, Bletchingdon Robert Holt
SHEPHERD 1750-1800 Ambrosden Michael Dumbleton
SHEPHERD 19c Oddington Paul Wright
SHEPHERD <1700 Great Haseley Hilary Rimmer
SHEPHERD >1900 Wheatley Hilary Rimmer
SHEPHERD Any Murcot Hilary Innes
SHEPHERD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPHERD 1814 Oddington Brenda Purves
SHEPHERD <1750 Bampton then Wantage Anna Rufer
SHEPPARD >1676 Bampton Linda Dutton
SHEPPARD Any Cricklade, Henley Robyn Navin
SHEPPARD Any Bampon Simon Jenkins
SHEPPARD Any Pyrton Patricia E. Flores
SHEPPARD c. 1809 Northleigh Marilyn Long
SHEPPARD Any Witney Martin Rix
SHEPPARD Any Witney Becky Bolton Clawson
SHEPPARD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHEPPERD <1780 Witney Pauline Kennedy
SHERBOURNE <1850 Churchill Margaret Forbes
SHERD <1700 Any Peter Cope
SHERIFF <1804 Wheatley, Cuddesdon John Sullivan
SHERMAN Any Bicester, Stoke Lyne L Whittinger
SHERMAN 1550-1750 Bicester L Whittinger
SHERVEILD 17c Watlington Harry White
SHERVILL 1650-1880 Any Jerram Shurville
SHERVILL Any Any Harry White
SHERVILL 1600-1700 Britwell Prior, Watlington John Paul Bradford
SHERWOOD Any Any Jacky Sherwood
SHERWOOD >1700 Hinton Waldrist, Appleton, Wychwoods Liz Chown Gadd
SHERWOOD <1750 Oxford Graham Moore
SHINGLETON 1800-1830 ? Clayton Hall
SHIRLEY 1700-1850 Barford St Michael Sheila Matthews
SHIRLEY >c.1883 Cuddesdon Olav den Ouden
SHIRLEY 18 & 19c Barford Jan Rhodes
SHIRLEY 1700-1840 Barford St. Michael Ben Tharaldson
SHIRLEY Any Any Steve Shirley
SHIRLEY Any Ascott-Under-Wychwood, Hailey Linda StClair
SHIRLEY <1825 Bloxham, Barfort St. Michael Jennifer Wilhelmi
SHORT 1740-1850 Langford Keith Scarrott
SHORTER 1650-1800 Witney John Morris
SHORTER 1700-1800 Any Judith Shorter
SHREVE Any North Leigh Martin Rix
SHRIMPTON Any Any Valda Shrimpton
SHURTLIFFE <1900 Any John Cramer
SHURVILLE 1650-1880 Any Jerram Shurville
SHURVILLE Any Any Harry White
SIDERY <1820 Any Pauline Kennedy
SIDREY <1820 Any Pauline Kennedy
SIFORD >1800 Leafield Julie Maslen
SIGGERS 1800's Kirtlington, Bletchington Bob Arnold
SILK 1800 Chipping Norton Shawna Heath
SILMAN <1840 Charlbury , & Brize Norton Tony Butler
SILVER <1750 Any James Moore
SILVER 19c Nettlebed Kristine Laemmlen
SILVESTER Any Sunningwell Al Hunter
SILVESTER 1660-1890 Sunningwell, Oxford Paul M Remfry
SILVESTER All Cowley Martyn Payne
SILVESTER Any Sunningwell Barbara Cox
SIMEON Any Any George Simeon
SIMES 1800 Wolvercote, Ruth Ridley
SIMKINS Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
SIMMINS 19c Any Guy Frederick Rawleigh Simmins
SIMMINS 17c-19c Enstone Guy Frederick Rawleigh Simmins
SIMMINS 18c Gaginwell Guy Frederick Rawleigh Simmins
SIMMONDS c1800 Cuddesdon Patricia Hoskins
SIMMONDS 1500-1970 Watlington, Chalgrove Stephen Catton
SIMMONDS 1836 Kirtlington, Oxford Denise Cooper
SIMMONDS 1870 Iffley Candace Cozens
SIMMONDS >1814 Goring Denise McMahon
SIMMONDS Any Any Lauren Simmonds-Davies
SIMMONDS 18c Rotherfield Greys, Henley, Bix John Moore
SIMMONDS 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
SIMMONDS Any Waterperry, Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
SIMMONDS 1840-1880 Stoke Row Carolyn Nimmo
SIMMONS >1800 Any Katherine Lewis
SIMMONS 1840's Enstone, Great Tew Hilary Mackenzie
SIMMONS 1833 Wolvercote Ruth Ridley
SIMMONS >1800 Wallingford Valerie Simmons
SIMMONS 1850 Any Marilynn Kaye Weems
SIMMONS 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
SIMMONS 18/19c Enstone Guy Frederick Rawleigh Simmins
SIMMONS 17/18c Gaginwell Guy Frederick Rawleigh Simmins
SIMMONS 1800s Bletchington, Combe, Bladon Steve Simmons
SIMMONS Any Waterperry Ann Dunmore
SIMMONS Any Waterperry Stephen Alun Catton
SIMMONS Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
SIMMONS 1780-1900 Northstoke Carolyn Nimmo
SIMMS <1860 Ambrosden, Banbury, Hook Norton, Southam, Leamington G
SIMMS >1800 Witney and environs (Burford, North Leigh, etc.) Frederick Neil Simms
SIMMS <1834 Chipping Norton Katie Sullivan
SIMMS <1800 Marston David Nutt
SIMMS <1900 Headington D Peasey
SIMMS <1900 Oxford D Peasey
SIMONDS 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
SIMONS Any Launton, Bicester Karen Simons
SIMONS Any Kiddington Jenny Franklin
SIMONS Any Glympton and any Jenny Franklin
SIMONS <1745 Launton Rebecca Chapman
SIMONS 1700-1900 Hempton & Deddington David Turner
SIMONS Any Any Karen Simons
SIMONS Any Charlbury area Raymond Hayward
SIMPSON 1700 - 1811 Filkins, Kencot, Broadwell, Shilton Maureen Edden
SIMPSON >1820 Wolvercote Ruth Ridley
SIMPSON <1820 Eynsham Vicky Ford
SIMPSON 18c Abingdon Barbara Cox
SIMPSON Any Kencott, Broadwell Davina Dodds
SIMS c1811 Oxford Tim Johnson
SIMS <1750 Marston Barbara Cox
SIRETT Any Any Glenda Beale
SISSILL 1680-1780 Any Lisa Musick
SISSONS Any Any Sandra Lewis
SKAIFE Any Any Gary Barton ons
SKELCHER Any Hornton & Mollington Viv Banks
SKELCHER Any Mollington, Horton, Oxford Peter Drew-Clifton
SKELCHER Any Broughton, North Newington Paula
SKELCHER <1860 Newington Paula
SKELCHER 1865 North Newington Heather Powell
SKELCHER 1750-1930 Banbury, Broughton, North Newington, Mollington Sandra Hawkins
SKEY Any Tackley, Steeple Aston Fred Cross
SKIDMORE Any Tackley and vicinity Virginia Egan Crawford
SKIDMORE 1815-1859 Tackley Brian Ollis
SKIDMORE Any Tackley, Neithrop, Banbury Malcolm Hoare ons
SKINNER >1854 Oxford Jeff F Skinner
SKINNER Any Any Paul Landon
SKUCE >1800's Banbury/Swalscliffe Neil Grantham
SKUCE 1800's Duns Tew Hilary Mackenzie
SKUCE 1837 birth of John Skuce Duns Tew Lynne Scaife
SLADE 1990 and earlier Any L. Gibson
SLADE Any Any Kathleen Luker
SLADE >1870 Stokenchurch and surrounding area Sally Gillett
SLATE 1805-1815 Any Vicki M. Austin
SLATEFORD <1629 Stonesfield Maureen J. Cook
SLATER Any Any Gina Cope
SLATER <1874 Church Hamborough Peter Wells
SLATER >1730 Cassington Penny Eves
SLATER Any Waterperry Joan Yearsley
SLATER 1700-1750 Rotherfield Peppard Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
SLATER 1600-1700 Caversham Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
SLATER <1750` Kidlington David Nutt
SLATFORD 1773 Bicester Rebecca Chapman
SLATFORD <1700 Bicester, Witney and nearby Martin Slatford
SLATFORD Any North Leigh Martin Rix
SLATTER Any Aston, Alvescot, Cassington Pat
SLATTER 1840-1900 Bowel/Bould Hazel Stirgess
SLATTER 1800'S Coombe Wayne Moloney
SLATTER <1873 Headington Quarry Toni Philipoom
SLATTER c1845 Berrick Salome Toni Philipoom
SLATTER c1845 Newington, Wallingford Toni Philipoom
SLATTER Any Bladon, Combe Jill Salt
SLATTER Any Chipping Norton area Kim Semmence
SLATTER 1730-1850 Oxford Howard Slatter
SLATTER 1600-1800 Hanborough Richard Slatter
SLATTER >1700 Great Rollright, Shutford Debbie Zuniga
SLATTER 1600-1800 Nethercote, Banbury Ryan Dudley
SLATTER 1500-1600 Bladon Ryan Dudley
SLATTER Any Waterperry Joan Yearsley
SLATTER c.1879 Thame Rodney Slatter
SLATTER Any Charlbury Martin Rix
SLATTER 18c Great Rollright Kim Semmence
SLATTER Any Any Andy Verey
SLAUGHTER 18c Watlington, Cuddesdon Patricia Moodie
SLAY >1750 Any Oliver Slay
SLAY 1900-1980 Any Rosanna Achilleos-Sarll
SLAYMAKER 1851/1926 Holton /Headington Doreen Oliff
SLAYMAKER Any Clifton Hampden, Oxford Julia Fryer
SLAYMAKER Any Old Marston Tracey James
SLINGO 18c Combe & Hanborough Trevor Beal
SLINGO 1700-1900 Albury David Slingo
SLINGO >1700 Witney Nena Carter
SMALE Any witney Ian Smale
SMART 1760-1879 Great MIlton, Thame Jenny Bell
SMART Any Thame Mary Clark
SMART 1700s Shotteswell area Audrey Fawn
SMART Any Abingdon Kristine Iverson Valk
SMEWING Any Any Frederick Smewing
SMITH <1880 Any Rebecca Williams
SMITH 800-1930 Wendlebury Annastarr
SMITH 1770 - 1833 Witney Lorna Astley
SMITH 1800 - 1890 Curbridge Lorna Astley
SMITH 1780-1900 Iffley, Hockmore, Cowley, Oxford Judy Barradell-Smith
SMITH >1780 Burford Jeremy Bishop
SMITH >1800 Curbridge, Woodstock Janet Mary Burrows
SMITH 1700's Horley Doris Smith Cook
SMITH 1700's Horley Doris Smith Cook
SMITH <1737 Bloxham Maureen J. Cook
SMITH <1820 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
SMITH 1800-1900 Oxford Bob Cowley ons
SMITH >1850 Oxford Bob Cowley ons
SMITH >1850 Sandford-on-Thames Eunice Cubbage
SMITH 18c, 19c Iffley Heather Evans
SMITH 1600/1700 Ambrosden Don Mark Gilham
SMITH 1600-1800 Blackthorn, Ambrosden Don Mark Gilham
SMITH c. 1825 Fulbrook, Burford Sally Jackson
SMITH abt 1770 Horley George A. Jeffs
SMITH 1780 - 1855 Hook Norton, Rollright Arleen Marshall
SMITH Any Chadlington and Charlbury Denise Moore
SMITH <1900 Curbridge Leila Muller
SMITH 18c Horspath Judith Palmer
SMITH 1800-1820 HENLEY John Phillips
SMITH late 1700s - 1800s Burford Angela Richards
SMITH <1705 Blackthorne Rebecca Chapman
SMITH <1880 Bicester, Launton Rebecca Chapman
SMITH 1807-1809 Ducklington Rebecca Chapman
SMITH 1865 to 1887 Souldren Maurice Smith
SMITH <1875 Launton(Bicester) Vivien Spence
SMITH Any Eynsham Bob Spicer
SMITH 1815-1826 Crowmarsh Gifford Margaret Turner
SMITH <1800 Great Hasely Yvonne Withington
SMITH <1860 Ascot under Wychwood, Chipping Norton Vivienne Wooster
SMITH 19c Bletchingdon Niki Carpenter
SMITH Any Towersey Linda North
SMITH 18c Burford John Moore
SMITH <1850 St Ebbs, Oxford St Giles Phil Smith
SMITH <1730 Hailey, Witney Doreen Myerscough
SMITH <1730 Deddington Elaine Ward
SMITH <1830 Ipsden Gill McGlashan
SMITH <19c Swerford Steven Lester
SMITH 19c Chipping Norton Steven Lester
SMITH 1700-1850 St.Peter Bailey, Oxford Judy Priest
SMITH Any Headington Quarry Rebekah Markham
SMITH <1850 Churchill Margaret Forbes
SMITH 1750-1900 Curbridge, Witney & nearby Mick Cooper
SMITH <1820 Middleton Stoney, Bletchingdon, Lower Heyford Mary Taylor
SMITH late 1700s Ardley Gary Woodforth
SMITH <1760 Headington Brian Wharton
SMITH 1600-1850 Brightwell Baldwin Robyn Hukin
SMITH Any Dorchester Martin Rix
SMITH <1830 Blackthorn Fiona Hedges
SMITH <1850 Botley, Swinford, Shillingford Patricia Pond
SMITH 1800 Eynsham Carole Price
SMITH Any Hailey, Northleigh Kay Campbell
SMITH 1812-1900 Burford Beryl Smart
SMITH <1850 Oxford Checkendon David Nutt
SMITH <1720 Bloxham Jenny Deverell
SMITH 17c South Newington Kim Semmence
SMITH 16C Oxford Carolyn Wilt
SMITH 1800-1880 Steeple Barton, Oxford Dawn Minard
SMITH Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
SMITH Any Cuxham Stephen Alun Catton
SMITH 1870-1889 East Hagbourne Ann Orwin
SMITH <1850 Drayton St Leonard Nick Higton
SMITH 19c Bladon Colin Harris
SMITH >1796 Any Tim Watts
SMITH 19c Botley Turnpike Oxford Patricia Pond
SMITH ALIAS GODFREY Any Witney Linda Hardy
SNELL 1750-1830 Stokenchurch Michael R Brock
SNELSON 1700s Nether Worton Sue Holmes
SNELSON Any Any Peter David Nelson
SNELSON 1600-1800 Barford St Michael Area David Turner
SNELSON 18c Nether Worton Kim Semmence
SNEWING <1800 Deddington, Great Tew Sue Adcock
SNEYD >1800 Henley Beryl Etheridge
SNODHAM 1560 - 1700 Wantage David Eeley
SNOOK >1800 Any Frank Muirhead
SNOW 1670-1843 Headington Jenny Bell
SNOW Any Any Kevin Nicholas
SNOW <1850 Kidlington Headington David Nutt
SNOWHOUSE 1770-1800 Pyrton; Britwell-Salome Marj Gaarsoe
SOANE 16c-17c Forest Hill Ann Dunmore
SOANES 1700-1800's Forest Hill Nicola Brown
SOANES 17-19C Forest Hill Geoffrey Mann
SOANES <1955 Oxford Paul Landon
SOANES <1820 Forest Hill John Sullivan
SOANES 1800s Forest Hill Tony White
SOANES 1620-2014 Forest Hill Sandra Evans
SOANES Any Forest Hill, Islip William Birchall
SOANES Any Forest Hill, Stanton St John Jean Hodges
SODEN Any Swalcliffe, Any Felix P. Soden
SODEN 1700- Hook Norton/Epwell Barbara Stacey
SODEN 1700-1900 Kidlington, Ledwell Lydia Court
SOLEY Any Any Jacky Sherwood
SOLLIS 1750 - 1850 Brize Norton Paul Collins
SOLLIS 1700-1874 North Aston, Chipping Norton Doug Sollis
SOLLIS 1700 - 1870 North Aston, Over & Upper Worton, Sandford St. Martin. Doug Sollis
SOLLIS 1700 to 1900 North Aston, Brize Norton, Curbridge Terry Stone
SOMERTON 1760 - 1850 Enstone Ann-Marie Ell
SOMERTON c1750 Hornton Simon Burbidge
SOPER Any Oxford Lee Hamilton
SORRELL >c1800 Oxford Steven Knowles
SORRELL Any Oxford Luke Sorrell
SORRELLS 1800 Any Curtis
SOTHAM >1800 Wootton Hester Moore
SOTHAM Any BANBURY Robert Walkley
SOUCH Any Charlbury, Chadlington, Finstock, Witney, Chipping Norton Wendy Beckett
SOUCH 1787 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
SOUCH 1700 - 1800 Ramsden Vincent Giles
SOUCH 1790 - 1851 Shipton Under Wychwood/North Leigh/Ramsden Susan Pearce
SOUCH Any Any Colin Wills
SOUCH 1700-1900 Cassington, Headington, Woodstock Chris Newport
SOUCH <1900 Any James Moore
SOUCH Any Chadlington, Spelsbury, Taston, Fulwell Stephen Wiggins
SOUCH Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SOUCH Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SOUNDY 1640-1895 Caversham and Sonning John Moore
SOUNDY 1750-1900 Any Brenda J Crosby
SOUTHAM 1550-1650 Banbury, Neithrop Christopher Farrand
SOUTHAM 1800 - 1950 Banbury Michael Clarke
SOUTHAM Any Upper Heyford, Steeple Aston, Deddington Michael Clarke
SOUTHAM 1600 - 1890 Middle Aston and surrounding areas Michael Clarke
SOUTHAM Any Any Sue Holmes
SOUTHAM >1800 Wootton Hester Moore
SOUTHAM Any Any Maurice Derek Southam
SOUTHAM <1750 Hook Norton Judy Mellowes
SOUTHBY 1470-1788 Cumnor, Appleton Jenny Bell
SPACEY Any Any Peter R. Spacey
SPACEY <1750 Oxford Angela Clarke
SPACIE Any Any Peter R. Spacey
SPACY Any Any Peter R. Spacey
SPARKS >1820 Ascot under Wychwood Linda Monks
SPARROWHAWK Any Aston, Cote, Bampton Susan Downes
SPARROWHAWK Any Any Heather Brunt
SPEARING 1800 - 1900 Witney Lorna Webb
SPEARINK 1750-1890 Clanfield Peter Spearink
SPEARRITT Any Any Rob Spurrett
SPENCER 1552-1643 Great Milton Jenny Bell
SPENCER 1700-1870 Fifield, Taynton, Spelsbury Maxwell Smith
SPENCER <1730 Alkerton Elaine Ward
SPENCER <1800 Fifield, Salford, Chipping Norton David Broom
SPENCER 16c-17c Waterperry Ann Dunmore
SPERINCKE 1500-1750 Clanfield Peter Spearink
SPERINKE 1500-1750 Clanfield Peter Spearink
SPERIT Any Any Rob Spurrett
SPERRIN Any Any Pauline Strange
SPERRING 1850-1940 Woodstock, Kidlington Ian Perrin
SPICER >1800s Chalgrove Jemma Hayward
SPIERS >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
SPINADGE Any Any Clive Spinage
SPINAGE Any Any Jon Spinage
SPINAGE Any Any Clive Spinage
SPINDLER Any Any Marla Lewis
SPINEDGE Any Any Clive Spinage
SPINNAGE Any Any Clive Spinage
SPITTLE 1740 - 1800 Witney Lorna Astley
SPITTLE Any Wendlebury, Witney, Chesterton, Merton Martin Rix
SPOKES 1900-1800 Great Milton/Little Milton and Albury Peter Drew-Clifton
SPOKES >1760 Goring Kerri Parker
SPOKES <1730 Any Marie Purcell
SPOKES <1800 Stadhampton Sally Malone
SPOKES >1800 Little Milton Sally Malone
SPOKES >1850 Oxford Sally Malone
SPOKES <1730 Wantage, Grove Anna Rufer
SPRATLEY Any Any Paul Landon
SPRATLIE <1750 Tadmarton Judy Priest
SPRATLING 1700-1900 Any Kelven Spratling
SPRIGGS >1800 Toot Baldon Leigh Williams
SPRIGGS Any Toot Baldon Christine Norris
SPRINGTHORPE 1815 - 1840 Ducklington Cassandra Fox
SPRUCE c1750 Asthall Brian Stevens
SPRUCE 17-18c Burford, Witney John Moore
SPRULES >1900 Abingdon Alex Crisp
SPURIT Any Any Rob Spurrett
SPURRETT Any Any Rob Spurrett
SPURRETT <1850 Woodstock Margaret Forbes
SPURRIER Any Any Rob Spurrett
SPYNACHE Any Any Clive Spinage
SQUIBB <1875 Ewelm Andrew Jolly
STACEY Late 18c/early 19c Banbury, Chipping Norton Hilary Darque
STACEY 1700-1800s Shotteswell and area Audrey Fawn
STACEY Any Banbury, Bodicote Hilary Darque
STACEY 1880-1895 Sonning, Pangbourne Ray Stacey
STACEY 1800-1906 Henley on Thames Ray Stacey
STAIT 1745 - 1828 Eynsham Jane Howard
STAIT 19c Charlbury area Niki Carpenter
STAITE >1750 Toot Baldon, Marsh Baldon Eunice Cubbage
STALEY <1850s Rollright David Kilpatrick
STAMP c1916 Wheatley Anne Ledwith
STANBRIDGE <1763 Launton Rebecca Chapman
STANBRIDGE Any Chipping Norton- Enstone - Heythrop - Kiddington - Launton - Stratton Audl Laurence Stanbridge
STANCKLIN 1699 Great Tew Andrew Barnes
STANDEN 1800-2003 Charlbury Jim Fosti
STANFORD >1800. Yarnton /Merton Margaret Carroll
STANFORD Any Any Thomas R. Weigand
STANGROOM >1755 Oxford Caroline Thompson
STANLEY >1800 Cuddesdon, Wheatley Charles Leonard Pitson
STANLEY 1600-1900 Any Stephen Stanley
STANMORE Any Any Len Heyward
STANROYD 18C Burford Margaret Dixon
STANTON 1860 Blackthorne, Ambrosden Chris Bartlett
STANTON Any Alvescot Hilary Stanton
STAPLE <1850 Chadlington Jean Hodges
STAPLEF <1650 Any James Moore
STAPLES <1850 Chadlington Jean Hodges
STAYT 19c Charlbury area Niki Carpenter
STAYT c.1705 Any Eileen Brown
STAYTE 1750-1850 Upton/Burford Chris Watts
STEELE 1600-1900 Any Cyril Denis Steele
STEELE Any Islip Cyril Denis Steele
STEELE c.1760 Headington, Kidlington, Ploughley, Islip, Noke Lorna Crook
STEERE Any Charlbury Martin Rix
STEPHEN 1865 to 1887 Souldren Maurice Smith
STEPHENS Any Upper Heyford Graeme Berry
STEPHENS c1800 St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford Brian Stevens
STEPHENS c1760 Kidlington Brian Stevens
STEPHENS 17c Cassington Penny Eves
STEPHENSON Any Any Alan Stevenson
STEPNEY Any Oxford, Yarnton, Abingdon Pete Stepney
STEPTOE 1700-1850 St Helens Abingdon, Water Eaton Emma Sweetland
STEPTOE Any Wantage, Grove Anna Rufer
STEPTOE Any Great Haseley Frances Steptoe
STEPTOE Any Leafield, Witney Ruth Manning
STEPTOE <1700 Tackley Barbara Cox
STEVENS Early 1800s Oxford Rosemary Barling
STEVENS 17c - early 18c Oxford Brian Stevens
STEVENS 1800 Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
STEVENS 1700-1900 Bicester, Woodstock, Oxford Gail Stevens
STEVENS <1700 Cassington Penny Eves
STEVENS 1700's-1800's Hempton, Deddington Christine Hill
STEVENS 1800's Hempton, Deddington Christine Hill
STEVENS 1750-1850 Bloxham Sheila Matthews
STEVENS <1800 Bicester, Eynsham Peter E. Terry
STEVENS 1830 Stanton St John Graham Thomas
STEVENS 1600-1700 Deddington David Turner
STEVENS 1850 Chipping Norton Peter Stevens
STEVENS <1900 Stratton Audley Helen Lisle-Wood
STEVENS <1830 Steeple Aston Helen Lisle-Wood
STEVENS c1800 St. Mary the Virgin, Oxford Brian Stevens
STEVENS c1760 Kidlington Brian Stevens
STEVENS 19c Any Alan Stevens
STEVENS Any Aston Rowant, Sydenham, Crowell area Carol Boman
STEVENS <1850 Bicester, Woodstock Janine McMinn
STEVENS 1600-1800 Bicester Gail Stevens
STEVENS 1860 -1920 St Ebbes, Oxford Graham Johnstone
STEVENSON <1740 Any Michael E G Stevenson
STEVENSON Any Any Alan Stevenson
STEWARD <1770 Standlake Lesley Silvester
STEWARD 1650-1850 Oxford L Whittinger
STICKLEY Any North Moreton / South Moreton Gerry Bolton
STICKLEY Any Any Arron Stonham
STICKLEY Any Henley area Hazel Langford
STICKNEY any Any Cecile
STILES 1530-1800 Wantage Terry Gregory
STILES 1800s Long Coombe, Woodstock, Bladon Sue Young
STILES >1600 Eynsham, Bladon Marylin Smith
STILES Any Shirburn Patricia E. Flores
STILGOE 1500 - 1650 Deddington, Somerton, Fritwell Richard Stilgoe
STILGOE 1600-1750 Deddington Donna Lonon
STILGOE <1725 Deddington Graham Loveday King
STIMPSON Any Abingdon Sue Matthews ons
STIMPSON 1800-1900 Abingdon Peter Stimpson
STIMPSON Any Abingdon, Appleton Angela Arnold
STIMPSON >1800 Garford, Burford, Marcham, Oxford Denise Langley
STIMSON Any Any Alan Stevenson
STINTON 1750 - 1900 Any Clifford William James Wood
STOCKFORD 1700 - 1900 Any David Stockford
STOCKFORD Any Duns Tew Rick Gourley
STOCKFORD Any Duns Tew, Deddington, Middle Barton Anthony Stockford
STOCKLEY Any Stratton Audley/ Bicester & surrounding area Fiona Friend
STOCKLEY early 1800s Horton Lorna Webb
STOCKLEY 1777-1830 Banbury, Wardington Dale Stockley
STOCKLEY 1800-1900 Hornton Barbara Rosethorne
STOCKWELL Any Abingdon Penny
STOCKWELL <1730 Great Haseley Richard Stockwell
STOCKWELL >1900 Great Haseley Richard Stockwell
STOCKWELL Any Chinnor, Henton Paul Brazell ons
STOKES c.1700 Banbury Pat Jeffery
STOKES 18c Henley John Moore
STONE Any Bicester, Ducklington Karen Simons
STONE >1850 Wootton Nick Bishop
STONE Any Great Haseley and nearby Stuart Kreloff
STONE 1845- 1865 unknown Shirley Nichols
STONE ca 1869 Steeple Aston, Whistlow Graham Stone
STONE Any Any Graham Stone
STONE 1700s and 1800s Ducklington, Bampton, Fyfield Tina Webb
STONE 1800 - 1900 Oxford David M. Williams
STONE 1800 - 1900 Oxford David M. Williams
STONE <1850 Bampton Julia Fryer
STONE <1800 Bampton Heather Brunt
STONE 1770 -1860 Stonesfield Penelope Smith
STONE <1640 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
STONE <1640 Goosey Fiona Hedges
STONE Any Henley Lyn Nash
STONE Any St. Ebbe, St. Aldate David Williams
STONEHILL 1500-1900 Watlington Vicki Perry
STOPP <1850 Any Linda Stopp
STOPP Any Any Linda Stopp
STOPPS 2 years Aston Rowent/Watlington/ Chinnor Hazel MacDonald
STOTER 1600 Any Michael Stotter
STOTTER 1600 Any Michael Stotter
STOW >1750 Adderbury Bob Cowley ons
STOW 1650 - 1800 Chadlington Adrian Mullins
STOW 17/18c Great Tew Adam Osben
STOW Any Any Karen Hegan
STOWE 1800-1900 Combe Susan Kidd
STOWE <1920 Any Lyn Rumble
STRAFFORD >1700 Burford Delia Cuss
STRAFFORD 18c Burford John Moore
STRANGE >1780 Stokenchurch Mary Beaumont
STRANGE 1830-1860 Banbury Heather Olsen
STRANGE 1830-1860 Banbury Heather Olsen
STRANGE 17c Mixbury Heather Olsen
STRANGE Any Any Pauline Strange
STRANGE 17-18c Nettlebed, Watlington John Moore
STRANGE Any Any Mike Strange
STRANGE <1700 Charney Bassett Barbara Cox
STRANGE >1786 Stokenchurch Mary Beaumont
STRANGEMORE Any Any Jason Strangemore
STRANGLEMAN 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 Any Lorie Scott
STRANGLEMAN 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 Any Lorie Scott
STRATFORD 1760 - 1800 Charlbury Ann-Marie Ell
STRATFORD 1700-1850 Finstock, Charlbury Andrew Guy
STRATFORD Any Any Stephen Jones
STRATFORD Any Chinnor Paul Brazell ons
STRATFORD Any Wiggington Micheal Treddle
STRATFORD Any Wigginton Christine Bennett
STRATFORD Any Wiggington Joan Roberts
STREAT <1750 Lambourne Anna Rufer
STREET Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
STREET <1815 Ipsden Gill McGlashan
STRINGEFELLOW Any Any Dene W. Stringfellow ons
STRINGER 1500 - 1900 Any Rich Berrisford
STRINGER <1800 Garsington Maralyn Bevilaqua
STRINGER <1880 Headington Brian Dalby
STRINGFELLA Any Any Dene W. Stringfellow ons
STRINGFELLOE Any Any Dene W. Stringfellow ons
STRINGFELLOW <1721 Any H. Stringfellow
STRINGFELLOW Any Any Dene W. Stringfellow ons
STRONG 1880 Oxford Bill Strong
STRONG <1760 Any Marie Purcell
STRONG <1930 Stanford-in-the-Vale and area Jon Spinage
STROUDLEY 1750 - 1900 Oxford City, Wolvercote and Ewelme Gerry Nichols
STROUDLY 1750 - 1900 Oxford City, Wolvercote and Ewelme Gerry Nichols
STRUDLEY 1750 - 1900 Oxford City, Wolvercote and Ewelme Gerry Nichols
STUART 1700-1837 Oxford, Mapledurham L Whittinger
STUART <1850 Any John Stuart
STUBBINGTON Any Unknown Barb Schiebelbein
STUBBS born 1854 East Oxford D. Wasylenko
STUCHBURY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
STUERD 1650-1750 Oxford area L Whittinger
STURCH >1700 Wigginton Val Watson
STURDY <1900 Spelsbury Sue Bond
STURGES 1750 - 1900 Oxford, St Ebbe, St Giles, Elsfield, Cowley, Headington, Wheatley Nicky Sturges
STURT >1860 Oxford Gay Sturt
STUTCHBURY Any Stoke Lyne area Robin Stutchbury
STUTSBURY <1645 Stoke Lyne, Fewcot Rebecca Chapman
STUTTER 1600 Any Michael Stotter
STYLES 1530-1800 Wantage Terry Gregory
STYLES Any Stokenchurch Jen
STYLES Any Stokenchurch Jen
STYLES Any Stokenchurch Jen
STYLES Any Shirburn Patricia E. Flores
STYLES 1738-1886 Stokenchurch Lisa Kallioniemi
SUCH 1690-1810 Kidlington and Chipping Norton Leah Savage
SUCH Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SUCH Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SUGAR 1810-1830 Warborough Evelyn
SULSTON <1850 Eynsham, Bladon, Oxford, Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
SULSTON 19c Piddington Michael Dumbleton
SULSTON 18c Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
SULSTONE <1850 Eynsham, Bladon, Oxford, Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Piddington Madeleine Harvey ons
SUMMERS c1916 Wheatley Anne Ledwith
SUMMERS Any Any Howard Fisher
SUMMERSELL 1790 - 1847 Charlbury L. Ott
SUMMERTON Any Chipping Norton Karen Hegan
SUMNER 19c Banbury and surrounding area David Biddle
SUMNER >1800's Marston St Lawrence Shirley Feeney
SUMNER Any Forest Hill, Wheatley Margaret P. Smith
SURCH 1880s Chipping Norton Jaimie McEvoy
SURMAN <1782 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
SURMAN >1700 Cowley, Headington, Horspath Dennis Johnson
SURMAN 1780 - 1880 Horspath Celina Surman
SURMAN Any Witney Ralph Surman
SURMAN <1870 Any John Surman
SURMAN Any Any Robin Surman
SURRAGE >1800s Oxford city. Jemma Hayward
SUTTABY 1840-1900 Any Helen
SUTTABY >1800 Oxford Ros Williamson
SUTTON 1800s Banbury Brenda Anderson
SUTTON c1805 Banbury, Warmington Janine McMinn
SUTTON 1750 - 1832 Ipsden Janice Perry
SWADLING >1780 Oxford Yvonne Bean
SWADLING >1700 Any Pam Thornton
SWAIN Any Banbury Joan Roberts
SWAIN 1800-30 Oxford Joe Mounsey
SWAINE <1660 Marcham Barbara Cox
SWALLOW Any Any John Swallow
SWALLOW Any Henley-on-Thames Lorraine Wuth
SWATLEY Any Any Christy Swatley
SWEARSE >1800 Oxford Charles Leonard Pitson
SWEETMAN >1730s Deddington Sue Holmes
SWEETMAN c.1800 Souldern and Bicester Jeremy Sweetman
SWEETMAN 1800-1900 Souldern Stephen Taylor-Jones
SWELL Any Wallingford Michael Norris
SWETMAN >1730s Deddington Sue Holmes
SWETMAN 1800-1900 Souldern Stephen Taylor-Jones
SWIFT 1700 Adderbury Donna Lonon
SWINFORD <1855 Filkins Davina Dodds
SYCHE Begbroke Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SYCHE Woodstock Thelma Jill Van Der Reyden
SYDENHAM Any Any Shirley Jarvis
SYKES Any Any Leslie Sykes
SYLVESTER Any Burford Lorraine King
SYLVESTER <1750 Eynsham, Witney area Celia Charlton
SYMMONDS 17c, 18c Goring Steve Miller
SYMONDS c1800 Cuddesdon Patricia Hoskins
SYMONDS Any Glympton and any Jenny Franklin
SYMONDS 1800's Oxford Ruth Warner
SYMONDS Any Littlemore Margaret Wilson
SYMONDS Any Ramsden Ruth Warner
SYMONDS 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
SYMONS Any Glympton and any Jenny Franklin
SYMONS 1650-1800 Kirtlington Charles Eldridge
SYRED Any Any Paul Brazell ons
SYRMOND 1700 Aston Rowant Rosemary Braun