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Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
TACKLEY 1600 Any Clyde Tackley
TALBOYS 18c Oxford Ian Mullan
TALLANT 18c Begbroke, Witney Heather Evans
TALLANT 1700 - 1900 Watlington Chris Prince
TALLBOYS 1800s Wolvercote Ruth Ridley
TALLOTT 18c Woodstock, Handborough Lynda Organ
TALMAGE Any Oxford, Holywell Christine Firth
TAMAN >1680s Bicester Gail Stevens
TANNER Any Bicester, Marsh Gibbon, Launton Karen Simons
TANNER >1750 Great Barrington Bob Cowley
TANNER 1825- 1900 Denton Warwick Cox
TANNER <1713 Islip, Chesterton, Wendlebury Rebecca Chapman
TANNER Any Chesterton, Any Christine Wells
TANNER 17c Bicester Fiona Hedges
TANNER <1700 Bicester, Chesterton Joan Lee
TAPLIN 1800 to 1900 Chipping Norton John Foster
TAPLIN Any Bloxham John Linton
TAPLIN Any Banbury area John Plester
TAPLIN 1750-1870 Enstone, Steeple Aston, Hook Norton John W Taplin
TAPLIN 19c Bloxham, Adderbury areas Maurice Woodward
TAPPING Any Any Tony Butcher
TARRAN 18c Begbroke Heather Evans
TARRANT 18c Oxford St Thomas Heather Evans
TARRANT <1800 Warpsgrove Jenny Vince
TARREY <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
TARRY <1901 Oxford, Wallingford, Standlake, Crawley, Curbridge, Clanfield Jacqui Gately
TARRY Any Bodicote, Adderbury Fiona Young-Brown
TARRY <1700 Duckington area Steve Bumstead
TARVER 1650 - 1750 Any, particularly Claydon Barbara Hymas
TASH c. 1750 Burford, Widford Kerrie McInnes
TASKER Any Any Margaret Brown
TASKER >1700 Bodicote, North Newington Hannah Hopkins
TAUNT <1750 Kidlington Mary Taylor
TAUNTON Any Oxford Kathleen Lopez
TAWER <1620 Stanford in the Vale Fiona Hedges
TAWNEY <1700 Oxford David Nutt
TAWNEY Any Oxford, Binsey Martin K Thompson
TAYLER Any Oxford City, Hagbourne, Banbury Sue Mott
TAYLOR 1800-1900 Oxford City, St Peter's in the East Judy Barradell-Smith
TAYLOR 1850 - 1900 Witney Elaine Beechey
TAYLOR <1820 Northmoor Tony Butler
TAYLOR 1750s South Newington Sue Holmes
TAYLOR Any Benson Colleen Kaygun
TAYLOR 1800 benson Colleen Kaygun
TAYLOR 1770 - 1870 Nettlebed Kristine Laemmlen
TAYLOR 1700 - 1850 Begbroke Gary Mason
TAYLOR abt. 1650 - 1700 Chipping Norton Leah Savage
TAYLOR <1800 Swalcliffe Anne Seeley
TAYLOR >1620 Stoke Nancy Lilly
TAYLOR 18c Burford Julie Taylor
TAYLOR 17c-18c Northleigh Chris Wake
TAYLOR Any Fritwell, Somerton, Oxford Emma Willson
TAYLOR c1840 Milton Rebekah Markham
TAYLOR 1500-1600 Nethercote, Banbury Ryan Dudley
TAYLOR Any Neithrop, Banbury, Claydon Victor Taylor
TAYLOR 1800-1850 Somerton Stephen Taylor-Jones
TAYLOR Any Barford St Michael, Shutford Ann Hook
TAYLOR 1700-1800 Bicester Sue Thompson
TAYLOR Any Any Graham Thornett
TAYLOR <1825 Witney Cumnor Ducklington David Nutt
TAYNTON 1650-1800 Burford Jane Townsend
TEASDALE <1616 Glympton Anne Wiltshire
TEASDALE Any Any Robin Stutchbury
TEBBY 1750-1900 Cottiford- Fritwell Denis Adkins
TEEL Any Hailey, Whitney Faith Jones
TEMPERO c 1864 Unknown Peter Wells
TEMPLAR 1566-1840 Wootton by Woodstock, Great Tew, Nether Heyford, Ambroseden, Blackthorn, Arncott Elly Babbedge
TEMPLE <1860 Grafton Chris Etheridge
TEMPLE 18/19c Alvescott, Clanfield, Grafton David Painter
TEMPLE 18/19c Vale of White Horse David Painter
TEMPLE >1780 Broadwell Chris Etheridge
TEMPLER Any Marsh Gibbon Alan Langford
TEMPLER 1566-1840 Wootton by Woodstock, Great Tew, Nether Heyford, Ambroseden, Blackthorn, Arncott Elly Babbedge
TENNANT 19c Chipping Norton Kathleen Gilbert
TERRY 1760-1850 Deddington, Clifton Raelene Wennan
TESDALE Any Glympton Anne Wiltshire
TESDALE <1616 Glympton Anne Wiltshire
TEW Any Any Colin Wills
TEW Any Banbury area John Plester
TEW <1750 Any Vernon Tew
THACKER from1660 Wardington Sue Harrison
THARP 1600 - 1880 Thame Yvonne
THARPE 1600 - 1880 Thame Yvonne
THARPP 1600 - 1880 Thame Yvonne
THEOBALD Any Coleshill, East Hendred Kevin Harris
THEOBALD Any Any Daphne Austin ons
THEOBALDS Any Coleshill, East Hendred Kevin Harris
THOMAS c1790 Chipping Norton Howard Samuels
THOMAS c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins ons
THOMAS 18-19c Wytham Colin Harris
THOMAS 19-20c Oxford Colin Harris
THOMPSON 19c Enstone, Oxford Martin K Thompson
THONGER 1700 - 1900 Bicester Edward Thonger
THORN 1650-1930 Abingdon Louis Thorne
THORNE Any Any Jennifer Tinson
THORNE 1800 - 1900 possibly Dun's Tew or that area Prue Vincent
THORNE 1650-1930 Abingdon Louis Thorne
THORNE Any Oxford Susan Nicholls
THORNETT Any Any Graham Thornett
THORNHILL 1860-1935 Wantage Jade Burrell
THORNTON Any Any, Churchill, Headington, Dean Lyn Rumble
THORNTON Any Forest Hill, Wheatley Margaret P. Smith
THORNTON <1700 Blackthorn, Waterperry Jean Hodges
THORNWELL 18c Woodstock Chris Wake
THORP 1600 - 1880 Thame Yvonne
THORP <1815 Banbury Nicholas Thorpe
THORP <1830 Burford Nicholas Thorpe
THORPE 1600 - 1880 Thame Yvonne
THORPE 1780 - 1850 Thame Yvonne
TIBALDS Any Coleshill Kevin Harris
TIBBALDS Any Coleshill Kevin Harris
TIBBITTS Any Milton-under-Wychwood Thomas Robinson
TIBBLE Any Any Daphne Austin ons
TIDMAN 1893-1900 Cowley Rick Bell
TIDMARSH <1800 Chipping Norton Astra Nunns
TIDSDALE <1616 Glympton Anne Wiltshire
TILER 1750-1850 Bloxham Jan Rhodes
TILLIN 18c/early 19c Watlington and surroundings Vicki Perry
TILLIN 19c Aldermaston Penny Oliver
TILLING 18C Chipping Norton Dave Andrews
TILLING 1700 - 1900 Chipping Norton Raymond V. Duance
TILLING 18c/early 19c Watlington or surroundings Vicki Perry
TILLING Any Chipping Norton Paul Tilling
TIMBERLAKE <1820 Beckley Charles Whitehead
TIMMS Any Bicester Karen Simons
TIMMS 1500s South Newington Sue Holmes
TIMMS Any Kirtlington Judith Hall Ohlgren
TIMMS >1850 Bicester Jean Timns
TIMMS Any Any Gillian Newnham
TIMMS <1850 Brize Norton Margaret Forbes
TIMMS 1600-1900 Bampton, Weald & nearby Mick Cooper
TIMMS <1900 Kirtlington, Oxford Barbara Jones
TIMMS 18th/19th century Bicester Mike Matthews
TIMMS Any Bicester Evelyn Kremer
TIMMS Any Any Sharon Neale
TIMMS Any Any William Birchall
TIMMS Any Any Tony Butcher
TIMS Any Barford Grace Hutchinson
TIMS >1650 Deddington Pam Bouadi
TIMS Any Any Sharon Neale
TINSON <1700 Any Jennifer Tinson
TINSON 1839-1870 Langford Mervyn Hewlett
TIPPING Any Noke June Tipping
TISDALE Any Glympton Anne Wiltshire
TOBIN Any Banbury Linda Howard
TOBY 17c/18c South Stoke, Goring Steve Miller
TOLLET <1800 Holton, Oddington Pauline Kennedy
TOLLEY >1700 Headington John Morgan
TOLLEY 1700-1900 Headington John Morgan
TOLLEY <1786 Headington, Islip, Begbrook Lorna Crook
TOLLIT <1800 Holton, Oddington Pauline Kennedy
TOMBS c1800 Weston-on-the-Green Eleanor Collins
TOMBS 1760-1840 Henley-on-Thames John Moore
TOMBS 1700-1850 Wheatley, Great Milton, Horspath Heather Tombs
TOMES <1900 Cropredy, Hornton and environs Richard Toms
TOMKINS 1720 Noke Brian Blackwell
TOMKINS Any Great Milton Peter Evans
TOMKINS 1780-1927 Any Shannon Calladine
TOMKINS 1700s Wroxton, Balscote Sheila Matthews
TOMKINS 17c Waterperry Ann Dunmore
TOMKYS Any Any Peter Taylor
TOMLINS 18c Bletchingdon Lynda Organ
TOMPKINS Any Any Caroline O'Neill
TOMS <1900 Cropredy, Hornton and environs Richard Toms
TOMS <1700 Wheatley Jean Hodges
TOOGOOD Any Stratton Audley Paul Bolchover
TOOGOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
TOOVEY <1813 Any Catherine Crotty
TOOVEY Any Any Margaret Brown
TOOVEY 1500-1750, Turville Miriam Smith
TOOVEY Any Any Jill Bowers
TOOVEY Any Any Edward Toovey
TOOVEY <1900 Any Richard Boyles
TOOVEY Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
TOOVIE <1800 Watlington Richard Boyles
TOVIE 1580-1640 Any Buddug Hollett (Mrs)
TOWERTON 1777 Aston Rowant Mary Beaumont
TOWERTON 1600-1800 Any Graham Towerton
TOWNLEY <1900 Burford Ann Freeman
TOWNLEY 1830-1855 Hook Norton, Shipton Marci Townley
TOWNSEND 1766 Any Maureen Windebank
TOWNSEND 1850 - 1900 Bicester Janice Thomas
TOWNSEND 1700-1800 Faringdon Kathleen Hedges
TOWNSEND >1750 Bampton Jill Brill
TOWNSEND >1750 Drayton Bob Cowley
TOWNSEND 1700 - 1800 Cote, Aston, Lew, Bampton Frank Hudson
TOWNSEND 1700 - 1800 Standlake Sandy Mursell
TOWNSEND 1750 Oxford Ruth Ridley
TOWNSEND Any Warborough Natasha Burns
TOWNSEND Any Any Gustav Townsend
TOWNSEND 1600-1700 Hanborough and neighbouring parishes Christopher J. Woodward
TOWNSEND Any Duns Tew, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood, Milton Stephen Nichols
TOWNSEND Any Ducklington Celia Marus Crangle
TOWNSEND <1800 Bicester Alan Betteridge
TOWNSEND Any Witney, Clifton Hampden Julia Fryer
TOWNSEND Any Bampton Emily Smith
TOWNSEND Any Bampton Leila Muller
TOWNSEND <1841 Baulking Barbara Petagna
TOWNSEND <1780 Charlbury Susan Lewis
TOWNSEND <1850 Any James Moore
TOWNSEND Any Witney Grace Abrahams
TOWNSEND <1810 Chesterton Samantha King
TOWNSEND Any Witney Martin Rix
TOWNSEND 18c Ashbury Barbara Cox
TOWNSEND Any Any Tony Butcher
TOWNSHEND 1750 Oxford Ruth Ridley
TRAFFORD 1700-1900 Kirtlington, St.Aldate Betty Fry
TRAFFORD >1700 Kirtlington Helen McManimm
TRAFFORD >1887 Headington Quarry Pauline Welthy
TRAFFORD <1880 Finmere Alexandra Coles
TRAFFORD Any Any Kevin Nicholas
TRAFFORD c1925 Church Street, New Hinksey Graham Gough
TRAFFORD <1900 Headington Janet Watts
TRANTER Any Stokenchurch and Bucks border area Sally Gillett
TRANTER Any Any Peter Tranter
TREADWELL >1800 Childrey Penny Atkinson
TREADWELL <1700 Wendlebury Owen Treadwell
TREADWELL Any Any Christopher Betterton
TREADWELL Any Appleton, Any Kathy Morgan
TREDWELL 1500-1700 Epwell, Swalcliffe, The Sibfords Judith Treadwell Attorri
TREDWELL Any Oxford Clare Kirk
TREDWELL 1600-1700 South Newington Judy Priest
TREDWELL 1700-1900 Noke, Wolvercote, Bartons, Sandford St Martin, Shipton-under-Wychwood Jon Tredwell
TRENDALL 1850 Any Michael Trendall
TRENDALL 1700 - 1900 Ambrosden, Headington, Great Haseley Edward G. Steed
TRENDALL <1900 Bucks border Peter Tranter
TRENDALL Any Any Wilfred Newman
TRENDALL 1708 Nettlebed Michael Trendall
TRINDALL Any Great Milton David Holman
TRINDER Any Aston, Alvescot, Cassington Pat
TRINDER <1820 Northmoor Tony Butler
TRINDER 1700-1960 Shilton/Burford/Westwell Mike Trinder
TRINDER Any Standlake Celia Marus Crangle
TRINDER Any Chipping Norton Roy Gainsburgh
TRINDER Any Standlake, Abingdon Mary Wilson
TRINDER 1740 Banbury Ryan Dudley
TRINDER 1880 Cumnor Jennifer Luff
TRINDER Any St Thomas Alan Wood
TRINITY Any Iffley, Oxford Jean Hodges
TRIP 19C Warborough Beryl Timbrell
TRIPP 18c Thame, Newington Caroline Meller
TRIPP 18c Henley Caroline Meller
TROTMAN c.1800 Any Sue Matthews ons
TRUEMAN <1816 South Moreton, Didcot Nigel Hester
TRUMAN <1750 Brize Norton Celia Charlton
TRUSS 1700's Banbury Phil Lamb
TUBB >1600 Aston Rowant, Stanton St John Kate Day
TUBB 1540-1700 Wantage Terry Gregory
TUBB Any St Mary Magdalen, Oxford Anna Rufer
TUBB 1550-1850 Close to the Thames from Farringdon to Windsor! Paul W Tubb
TUCKER <1900 Longworth Nikki Eagle
TUCKWELL <1900 Oxford Jean Normington
TUCKWELL 17c Any Caroline Meller
TUCKWELL 1700-1890 Burford Beryl Smart
TUCKWELL Any Oxford Claire Tuckwell
TUFFERY 18c Any Graham Richards
TUFFERY Any Any Tony Tuffrey
TUFFREY 1800-1925 Oxford Gina Cope
TUFFREY Any Any Gina Cope
TUFFREY <1800 Weston on the Green Angie Trueman
TUFFREY <1750 Any Michael Tuffrey
TUFFREY Any Any Tony Tuffrey
TUFFREY c1700 Weston on the Green Barry Coggins ons
TUGWOOD Any Stratton Audley Paul Bolchover
TUGWOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
TULIT <1793 Any Steve Kirby
TURBETT 1550-1650 Tadmarton Judy Priest
TURFERY Any Any Tony Tuffrey
TURFREY 18c Witney John Fletcher
TURFREY 18c - mid 19c Hailey Shelley McKelvie
TURNER 1850s Caversham Peter Copley
TURNER Any Shipton under Wychwood Julia Simpson
TURNER Any Broadwell David Howell
TURNER Any Nuneham Courtney John Turner
TURNER 1824-1950 Any Sarah Turner
TURNER 1931 Ledwell John Kenneth Turner
TURNER 20c Oxford Sandra Clifton
TURNER Any Launton Evelyn Sims
TURNER 1875-1923 Bletchingdon, Kidlington Frank Whillans ons
TURNER Any Bicester Gemma Wheeler
TURTLE 1780 - 1800 Charlbury Ann-Marie Ell
TURVEY Any Any Debbie Chambers
TURVEY Any Any Mick Newton
TURVY Any Any Debbie Chambers
TUSTAIN Any Shutford and surrounds Kevin Poile
TUTTY Any Oxford, Abingdon Amanda Benstock
TUTTY Any Any Meghan Moore
TUTTY 1600-1997 Any Doris Tutty
TUTTY 1700 - 1850 Any Jeremy Waters
TWOGOOD Any Middleton Stoney Jan Manners
TWYNAM Any Any Angela Fortnum
TWYNHAM Any Any Angela Fortnum
TYLAR <1700 Bicester Dr Ben Knighton
TYLER 1750-1850 Bloxham Jan Rhodes
TYLER c.1800 Any Sue Shuker
TYLER <1750 Bicester Michael Dumbleton
TYMMS Any Any Sharon Neale
TYNEDALL Any Any Tony Butcher
TYRRELL 1780 Oxford Richard Tyrrell