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with the Guild of One-Names Studies.

Surname Timeframe Place Researcher
WADDUP >1866 Wootton Denise Cooper
WADDUP Any Duns Tew, Lower Heyford Rick Gourley
WADE Any Emmington, Sydenham, Thame Steve Chilton
WADE Any Witney Carole Millea
WADLEY 1900-1910 Wendlebury Annastarr
WADLEY 1700 - 1900 Any Wendy Harrex
WADRUP 1600 Little Tew Candice Wadrup-Gibbs
WADRUPE Any Any Candice Wadrup-Gibbs
WADSWORTH <1859 Parish of Warborough Ellenor Wadsworth
WAGER 1700 - 1850 Shiplake David Nuttall
WAGS 1800 - 1890 Tadmarton Harla Batinovic
WAIN <1800 Any Geoff Wain
WAINE 1820-1900 Bicester Robin Carroll
WAINE 1800-1820's Fewcott, Somerton Robin Carroll
WAITE >1760 Deddington Ann-Marie Ell
WAITE <1892 Lower Heyford Susan Griffiths
WAITE >1800 South Newington Carol Van Harn
WAKE <1800 Any Melanie Boxall
WAKE 1600-1800 Northmoor Chris Wake
WAKEFIELD Any Wallingford Gill Firmin
WAKEFIELD >1800 Burford Diana M. Wakefield Hawkins
WAKEFIELD 1800 stanton harcourt Rex Minter
WAKEFIELD >1880's> Oxford Gwen Wakefield Wulleman
WAKEFIELD <1800 Oxford Marian Muskett
WAKELIN Any Oxford Ruth Warner
WAKELIN 1800 Lewknor, Ewelme Penelope Taylor
WAKELIN <1750 Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
WAKELYN <1750 Blackthorn Michael Dumbleton
WAKENELL 1880-1920 Any Catherine
WAKNELL 1880-1920 Any Catherine
WALCOR c1750 Any Carol Brigden
WALDEN c1825 Any Linda Veenstra
WALDEN <1846 Any Paul Landon
WALDRON 1870-1910 anywhere Gerald Scott
WALDUCK <1850 Bicester Jane Bushell
WALDUCK >1800 Any Nigel Field
WALE 1793-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
WALES >1700 Any Donna Chippewa
WALFORD 1850 Banbury Margaret Clipperton
WALKER 1802 - 1900 Cumnor Paul Adams
WALKER >1758 Hillesden, Steeple Aston , Fringeford, Deddington Barbara Andrew
WALKER 1880's Forest Hill Village Becky
WALKER 1800 - 1900 Blackthorn & Horton cum Studley Sue Biddle
WALKER 1858-1944 Langford c9607228
WALKER >1600 Any Dennis Cakebread
WALKER 1500-1600 unknown Karen Elmore
WALKER >mid-1800's Stoke Row Susan Gagen
WALKER Any Oxford Lee Hamilton
WALKER 1803-1851 unknown William Hilgreen
WALKER c1775-c1825 Cropredy Steven Knowles
WALKER 1879 - 1941 Horton-cum-Studley Edith McIntyre
WALKER Any Any Peter McWilliam
WALKER Any Chinnor Alison Powell
WALKER >1600 Standlake Lesley Silvester
WALKER 1763 Bicester Caroline Walker
WALKER 1800-1850 Oxford, Witney, Great Milton Pam Bouadi
WALKER March 23, 1819 Bicester Russ Walker
WALKER 1840-1870 Oxford Sid Walker
WALKER 1800-1860 not known Sid Walker
WALKER 1830-1870 unknown Tony Walker
WALKER 1850-1900 Oxford Henley House William Walker
WALKER 1770-1870 Islip Linda Goble
WALKER 1842-1870 Banbury Linda Goble
WALKER Any Islip James Laurence Tait
WALKER 1700-1900 Northmoor Mike Horne
WALKER Any Any Joe Connell
WALKER <1880 Any Roni Chapman and John Chapman
WALKER 1789 Brighthamton Anita Ryan
WALKER <1760 Standlake Susan Lewis
WALKER Any Any Theresa Lawrence
WALKER 1775-1820 Bampton, Witney Dennis Walker
WALKER Any Any Michael Walker
WALKER >1800 Arncott Reuben Brown
WALKER <1900 Piddington Fiona Hedges
WALKER <1879 Blackthorn Edith McIntyre
WALKER <1879 Bicester Edith McIntyre
WALKLEY Any BANBURY Robert Walkley
WALKLEY 1822 banbury Robert Walkley
WALL 1771 Stockenchurch Mary Anne Britnell
WALL 18th and 19c Oxford, Stokenchurch and bradenham Fred Wall
WALL 1767-1821 Any JoAnn Yost
WALL 1790-1850 Any Allan Wall
WALLACE Any Any Keith A. Jennings
WALLER c.1870-1910 Deddington, Tysoe, Long Compton Diana Pollock
WALLIN 1820-1900 Any Kerry Fleming
WALLIN Any Any David Wallin
WALLINGFORD Any Any Jim Wallingford
WALLINGTON Any Salford, Chipping Norton Jim Wallington
WALLINGTON Any Salford, Chipping Norton David Wallington
WALLIS 1790 Pangbourne Pamela Bradford
WALLIS Any Henley on Thames Al Hunter
WALLIS 1830 - 1860 Dorchester Russell Wallis
WALLIS 1800-1920 Oxford Gaynor Smith
WALPOLE 1620--1640 ????? Jo Anne Murphy
WALSH 19c Hampton Gay Niki Carpenter
WALTER 1900-1950 Librarian at Oxford University Robt Macpherson
WALTER >1800 Any, Bicester, Oxford Moira Fitt
WALTER Any Any Dave Allen
WALTER 1600-1780 Northmoor, Churchill, Shipton under Wychwood Martin Walter
WALTON >1880 Bloxham Michele Berry
WALTON >1880 Bloxham Michele Berry
WALTON 17c Any Ken Gibbons
WALTON 1820-1860 Oxford Pamela Hunt
WALTON >1800 Villages around Kidlington Yvonne Marascalchi
WALTON 1796 - 1868 Merton Sandra Rickards
WALTON Any Any Richard Walton
WALTON Any Any Theresa Lawrence
WALTON Any Chesterton Martin Rix
WALTON <1841 Market End, Bicester Sandra Rickards
WALTON <1800 Yarnton Harvey Warner
WAMSLEY Any Any Mary Kane Durley
WANSELL Any Any Jane Stillwell
WAR <1850 South Newington Christine Bennett
WARBOROUGH 1400-1600 Any John Bisley
WARD <1850 Sutton Courtney Duncan Campbell
WARD 1800-1900 Duns Tew, North Aston Charles
WARD <1850 Weston-on-the-Green Eleanor Collins
WARD >1800 Oddington Eleanor Collins
WARD >1750 Toot Baldon Eleanor Collins
WARD 1840 Shutford, Barford Leanne Hyett
WARD 1800-1930 Marston Tracey Hyett
WARD Any Shutford and surrounds Kevin Poile
WARD <1800s Barford St John and surrounds Kevin Poile
WARD Any St Clement, Oxford Anna Rufer
WARD Any Wardington Denise Shooks
WARD c1812 - c1832 Wardington Denise Shooks
WARD <1706 Islip Donnette Smith
WARD <1750 Burford Bill Seary
WARD <1880 Oxford City Neil Thaler
WARD >1800 Eynsham Beverley Ward
WARD dna <1800 North Leigh, Witney Michael Ward
WARD <1850 Crawley Robert Ward
WARD <1820 Chadlington Robert Ward
WARD Earl 1800's Oxford L Whittinger
WARD <1840 Oxford, North Hinksey Anna Pugh
WARD Any Burford Mrs. Harding
WARD 1800's Horsepath Mrs. Harding
WARD 1600-1800 Chadlington Marlene Badura
WARD Any Witney Erika Ward Lopresti
WARD <1830 Oxford & Eynsham Susan Lewis
WARD <1850 Clevely, Enstone Sally Jarrett
WARD >1800 Oxford Mark Davies
WARD Any Chipping Norton area, Oxford Michael WARD
WARE Any Ploughley, Woodeaton John Gosling
WAREHAM Any Any Jack Honour
WARING Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
WARING >1796 Bledington Linda Monks
WARING Any Any Andrea Cogan
WARLAND 1800s Noke Eleanor Collins
WARLAND Any Any Caroline Cain
WARLAND 1700's & 1800's Islip and surrounds Carolyn E. Johnson
WARLAND 1800-1900 OXFORD Warland
WARLOW 1500-1997 Any David G. Warrilow
WARMAN 1700s Brize Norton and Oxford Margaret Bland
WARMAN >1727 Brize Norton Margaret Bland
WARMAN <1727 Faringdon Margaret Bland
WARMAN 1653 Shrivenham Margaret Bland
WARMINGTON 1800-2000 Wolvercote Elizabeth Cleary
WARMINGTON >1750> Souldern and Bicester Lorraine de Leuw
WARMINGTON Any Any Allen Ross Warmington
WARMINGTON <1690 Any Peggy Butcher
WARNER Any Henley on Thames Colin E Allen
WARNER Any Witney, Burford, Benson Donna Brando
WARNER Any Henley on Thames Barry A Warner
WARNER Any Witney Elaine Ann Warner
WARNER >1850 Witney Robert Warner
WARNER Any Charlbury Brian Williams
WARNER Any Southleigh Harvey Warner
WARR 1700-1800 Shotteswell and area Audrey Fawn
WARR 19c Oxford Heather Brownett
WARR 19c South Newington Christine Bennett
WARREN 1910 Ambrosden Marion Gallagher
WARREN 1850 - 1900 Banbury/Neithrop Kieron Warren
WARREN 1850's Oxford St Giles Terry Warren
WARRICK Any Any Adrian Mullins
WARRICK c1679-c1781 Mapledurham Helen Steller
WARRICK Any Wallingford Andrew Jolly
WARRILLOW 1500-1997 Any David G. Warrilow
WARRILOW 1500-1997 Any David G. Warrilow
WARTERS 1550-1650 Bicester Sheila Bound
WARWICK <1900 Wallingford Area Andrew Jolly
WARWICK any any Adrian Mullins
WARWICK c1679-c1781 Mapledurham Helen Steller
WARWICK Any Wallingford, Moulsford Andrew Jolly
WASHINGTON 1625 - 1680 Kidlington Pauline Washington
WASHINGTON Any Kidlington Andrew Wallace
WASHINGTON 1600-1760 Gosford, Kidlington, Bletchingdon David Green
WASTIE Any Any Penny Eves
WATERS 1550-1650 Bicester Sheila Bound
WATERS 1827 Birth Burford. Ann Parfitt
WATERS Any Any Vivienne Edwards
WATKINS >1700 Middle Barton, Barford St John, Adderbury, Banbury, Duns Tew Cecelia Delaney
WATKINS 1838 Any Linda Veenstra
WATKINS 1900-1920 woodcote/mapledurham Derek Watkins
WATKINS 1900-1920 southern Derek Watkins
WATKINS <1840 Hornton Judy Evans
WATKINS <1769 Northmoor Susan Lewis
WATMORE 18c Sonning John Moore
WATSON 1920-1995 Oxford? Teresa
WATSON >1990 Any Yogesh
WATSON Any Any Costas Costakis
WATSON >1700 Hethe Michelle Cross
WATSON 19c Noke Julie Dawn Saw
WATSON Any BANBURY Robert Walkley
WATSON 1800-1855 Chipping Norton, Swerford, Hook Norton, Lit. Tew, Bloxham Bill Watson
WATSON >1650 Oxford Penny Eves
WATSON Any Any Russell Watson
WATSON 1750 to 1850 Beckley Sylvia Tennant
WATT 1801 Stoke Lyne Dottie Smith
WATT 1801 Stoke Lyne Dottie Smith
WATTS 1769 Lavendon Nalee
WATTS 1801 Stoke Lyne Nalee
WATTS 1821 Hardwick Nalee
WATTS <1840 Hanwell Keith Banks
WATTS c. 1800 Burford John Cooper
WATTS Any time Kidlington, Summertown, St Giles. Kay Denny
WATTS 1600 - 1900 Forest Hill, Stanton St. John Andrew Kent
WATTS C 1800 Burford David Mills
WATTS 18c Steeple Barton Debbie Moody
WATTS 1830 Chipping Norton Alan Sinclair
WATTS Any Any PG Stevens
WATTS any time Woodstock, Kidlington Victor Taylor
WATTS Any Kidlington Gina Watts
WATTS <1850 Chipping Norton Stephanie Jerrold
WATTS Any Culham Jack Honour
WATTS Any Fritwell Terry Watson
WATTS c1754 Weald Weald OPS
WATTS 17c Marcham Barbara Cox
WATTS Any Cholsey, South Stoke Gerry Bolton
WEARING <1850 Old Shifford Jenny Dodds
WEARING <1900 Enstone Michael Wearing
WEARING Leafield Pre 1800 Michael Wearing
WEARING <1797 Leafield, Ascott Under Wychwood Sue Hazledine
WEARING Any Entstone John Wearing
WEATHERHEAD 1850's Hinksey/Thame Beverley Thouless
WEATHERSTONE Any Blenheim, Bladon, Woodstock, Wootton Chris Bodle
WEAVER 1800-1900 Crawley, Hailey Sue Harris
WEAVER >1780 Witney/Hailey Gwen Martin
WEAVER Any Hailey, Any Stephen Saffin
WEAVIN Any Any Geoffrey Weaving
WEAVING Any Any Geoffrey Weaving
WEB 1793-1932 Oxford, Banbury Ann Ryder
WEBB 1850-1850 Churchill Donna Aitken
WEBB <1858 Stokenchurch Ann Barrett
WEBB c1795-1871 Little Tew Peter Briggs
WEBB Any Abingdon Mark Cox
WEBB >1600 Aston Rowant, Stanton St John Kate Day
WEBB 19c Woodstock Peter Drew-Clifton
WEBB c1900 Chadlington Raymond East
WEBB 1770-1830 Adderbury Mike Horton
WEBB 1800-1900 Headington John Morgan
WEBB 1850 - 1950 Any Lyn Roberts
WEBB 1831 Any Lois Russell
WEBB <1900 Ascot Under Wychwood Aliske Webb
WEBB 1800's Ascot-Under-Wychwood Aliske Webb
WEBB >1700 Stanton Harcourt, Northmoor, Appleton Philip Webb
WEBB Any Stanton Harcourt David Wright
WEBB Any Aston Rowant Peter Briggs
WEBB Any Hook Norton Vivienne Edwards
WEBB 1750-1900 Banbury Jan St. Gemme
WEBB Any Glympton Jack Honour
WEBB <1850 Henley on Thames, Oxford Kirsty Shearer
WEBB <1761 Any Andy Verey
WEBB <1700 Burcott area Barbara Cox
WEBB Any Appleton Gerry Bolton
WEBB <1870 Great Rollright, Chipping Norton Kim Semmence
WEBB >1730 Cuddesdon Jon Nixey ons
WEBBER >1900 Banbury Viv White
WEBLEY 1800-1900 Charlbury, Woodstock Colin Webley
WEBLIN Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WEBLIN Any Any Keith Weblin
WEBSTER 1700 - 1840 Thame Richard Stedman
WEBSTER <1770 Banbury Judy Evans
WEBSTER c.1800 Banbury Malcolm Hoare ons
WEDLOCK Any Any Colin E Allen
WEDLOCK Any Any Martin Wedlock
WEEDEN <1947 chalgrove Craig Knight
WEEDEN 1550-1590 Witney William Weeden
WEEDON 19C Oxford Mel Baldwin
WEEDON Any Chalgrove, Stadhampton Matt
WEEDON Any Souldern Beryl Metherell
WEEDON >1400 Souldern Beryl Metherell
WEEDON <1800 Baldon Sally Malone
WEEDON Any Any Robin Stutchbury
WEIR >1800 Burford Gillian Sorenson
WELCH <1890 Any John Cramer
WELCH <1860 Kidlington, Bletchingdon Susan Rose
WELCHMAN Any Any Julie Welshman
WELFORD 1860 - 19?? Tetsworth Roger Toeppen
WELFORD Any Oxford City & area John Williamson
WELLAVISE >1750's Wantage Ros Davies
WELLBORNE 1800-1930 Barton, Headington John de M Wellborne
WELLE 1540-1660 Any Joyce Potter
WELLER <1885 Whitchurch, Goring Richard Baldwin
WELLER 1750 - 1800 Oxford Geoffrey Berry
WELLER >1790 Banbury Peter Cook
WELLER 1716-1815 Hanborough Rosemary Probert
WELLER Any Any Leslie Sykes
WELLER >1800 Bradfield, Bucklebury, South Oxfordshire David J. Weller
WELLER <1874 Church Hamborough Peter Wells
WELLER <1771 Hanborough Colleen Yuke
WELLER 18c Any Bryan Bowen
WELLES 1540-1660 Any Joyce Potter
WELLMAN Any Abingdon Derek Powles
WELLMAN <1750 Deddington Elaine Ward
WELLS <1695 Caversham Lynne Bell
WELLS any any Chrissie Cox
WELLS Any Tackley, Steeple Aston Fred Cross
WELLS 1923-24 Buckland Steve Millin
WELLS 1880-1903 highmoor / rotherfield greys/ Henley Mark Pinches
WELLS 1540-1660 Any Joyce Potter
WELLS 1600-1700s Great Milton, Cuddesdon and surrounding areas Jane Wolsey
WELLS c.1750 Signet, Burford John Bagnall
WELLS Any Cropredy Christine Wells
WELLS Any Fewcott Robin Stutchbury
WELLSTOOD >1650 Oxford, Iffley Brenda Morris
WELSH 19c Hampton Gay Niki Carpenter
WELSHMAN Any Any Julie and Gary
WELSHMAN Any Any Julie Welshman
WELTON 1500-1500's unknown Margaret N. Hicks
WENMAN Any Rotherfield Greys Sheila Ferris
WENTWORTH 1750-1850 Oxford Jill Forster
WERNHAM 1780-1785 St. Michaels Northgate Jim WARD
WERRELL about 1850 Oxford - Boar's hill Leslie Werrell
WESKER Any Any, but especially North Aston, Deddington, Souldern C. McFarlane
WESKETT 1875 - 1890 Woodstock and Blenheim Park Rosemary Davis
WESKETT 1875 - 1890 Woodstock, Blenheim Palace Rosemary Davis
WESKETT 1850 - 1930 Woodstock Rosemary Davis
WEST >1700 Kiddington Linda Briggs
WEST 1700-1800 Any Michael Brown
WEST 1840 Baldon Marsh Jenny Mackie
WEST 1700-1800 Cuddeston Sue Penberthy
WEST 1903 Any Jody Ann Reynoso
WEST Any oxen Lewknor Joan Underwood
WEST >1870 Goring Dean West
WEST 1700 - 1870 Thame, Brill, Long Crendon,Piddingtom Pelham West
WEST 18c Abingdon, Grove, Wantage Ray West
WEST <1800 Kiddington Val Brown
WEST <1700 Deddington Angela Clarke
WEST 1750-1800 Charlton on Otmoor Michael Dumbleton
WEST Any Aston Tirrold, Aston Upthorpe, Cholsey Sandra Crowthers
WEST Any Thame Roy Harmes
WEST <1840 South Newington Jenny Deverell
WEST Any Cholsey Gerry Bolton
WEST Any Fewcott Robin Stutchbury
WESTALL 1730-1780 Bampton Jan Stanbury
WESTBURY <1840 Bicester Christine Boswell
WESTBURY 1700 -1800 Bicester and nearby villages Rita Calver
WESTBURY Any Ramsden P.M. Dierking
WESTBURY Anyfrom late 1700's Souldern Shirley Feeney
WESTBURY 19c Charlbury area, Kidlington Niki Carpenter
WESTBURY >1960 Any Paul Landon
WESTBURY <1900 Filkins Sharon Neale
WESTCAR Any Any, but especially North Aston, Deddington, Souldern C. McFarlane
WESTCAR Any Any Garry Westcar
WESTCAR >1900 Any Gary Westcar
WESTCARR Any Any Garry Westcar
WESTCARR >1900 Any Gary Westcar
WESTELL Any Oxford Julia Fryer
WESTON 1750-1920 Any Dawn Black
WESTON 1780 Steventon Graham Buckell
WESTON 1755 - 1835 Holywell in the City of Oxford Alan Jones
WESTON c1780 Newington Toni Philipoom
WESTON 1500's ? Bob Weston
WESTON <1820 North Moreton Jean Elliot
WESTON <1761 Any Andy Verey
WETHERALL 1800-1900 Brightwell Roger Heeley
WETHERALL <1900 twyford or near banbury John Wetherall
WETHERALL 18c Harwell John Wetherall
WEXHAM <1900 Watlington Margaret Hawkings
WEYMAN Any Anyl, esp. Longworth and Besselsleigh Geoffrey Weyman
WHALES >1700 Any Donna Chippewa
WHARTON >1700 Kidlington, Wendlebury Barbara Crook
WHARTON 1700-1900 Stanton St. John Elizabeth Blake
WHARTON <1815 Little Milton Rob Wharton
WHARTON Any Gt. Haseley, Thame Jane Davies
WHEATLEIGH 1860-1885 Any Ray M. Lyons Esq.
WHEATLEY <1900 Dorchester Nick Higton
WHEELAN >1700 Any Pam Thornton
WHEELER mid 1800's Ambrosden Lexie Anderson
WHEELER <1840 Abingdon Brian Brown
WHEELER Any Wallingford, Aston Tirrold Janice Campbell
WHEELER 1900/1917 Dortchester Arthur Carte
WHEELER Any Bix, Deddington, Nettlebed, Swerford Len Denham
WHEELER Any Shirburn Jane Nelson
WHEELER 19c Cogges, Witney, Northleigh Jeni Palmer
WHEELER 1844-48 ? Lynd Pierce
WHEELER 1700's - 1800's Uffington Richard Slatter
WHEELER Any Deddington Melanie Spitzer
WHEELER 1700-1900 Watlington, Waterperry & surrounding areas Julie Stokes
WHEELER 19c Oxford Ken Wheeler
WHEELER >1820 Oxford Susan Wheeler
WHEELER c1750 Milton-under-Wynchwood June Park
WHEELER 18-19c Watlington Stephen Costello
WHEELER 17c Shipton John Moore
WHEELER Any Wallingford James Laurence Tait
WHEELER 19c Fulbrook, Burford John Bagnall
WHEELER Any Tackley, Rousham Joyce Hamson
WHEELER Any Filkins, Broadwell, Broughton, Poggs Ellen Frost
WHEELER Any Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
WHEELER <1800 Shipton Amanda Dow
WHEELER-DALTON c1725 Any Carol Brigden
WHERRELL 1840 to 1850 Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Nevin D. Wherrell
WHETHERSTONE <1800 Hanborough Helen Southen
WHETTON 1800-2000 Bicester, Upper Heyford, Lower Heyford and surrounding towns Wendy Nichols-Davis
WHICHELLO >1803 Benson, Watlington, Wallingford Iris Nimmo
WHICHELLO 1600 - 1700 Tetsworth M J Young
WHICHELOE 1500-1650 Areas bordering Berkshire Alan Whicheloe
WHICKER Any Any Christopher Whicker
WHIDDEN <1597 Unknown William B. Bryant
WHILD >1700> Banbury Teri (Sanders) Johnson
WHILLANS 1840-1924 Blenheim, Oxford City Frank Whillans
WHING <1750 Wroxton Judy Evans
WHINTON Any Any Mark J. Whinton
WHIPP Any Any Pearl Whipp
WHIPPE >1800 Oxford City, Clanfield Derek Ive
WHITBREAD >1800 Oxford City Vic Styles
WHITBREAD 1800 Oxford City Vic Styles
WHITBREAD 1800 Oxford City, Orial College Vic Styles
WHITCHER 1850 - 1900 Burford, Witney Shaun Morley
WHITE 1850 Cornwell, Churchill Kevin
WHITE 1670-1870 Aston Rowant; Crowell Mary Beaumont
WHITE Any Bampton, Stokenchurch Gloria Beecroft
WHITE 1800's Sydenham Gloria Beecroft
WHITE c.1650 Newington Frederick White
WHITE >1800 Aston Rowant Mary Anne Britnell
WHITE 1700 - 1900 Brightwell Baldwin, Ibstone Kathy Brooking
WHITE <1774 Chadlington Maureen J. Cook
WHITE ca. 1600-1650 Any Catherine Correll-Walls
WHITE Any Wheatfield, Adwell, South Weston, Hethe, Aston Rowant, Lewknor Lynn Eldridge
WHITE 1600/1700 Horton-cum-studley / Blackthorn Don Mark Gilham
WHITE 1600-1800 Horton Cum Studley Don Mark Gilham
WHITE 18c Ewelme,Stokenchurch Peggy Harrison
WHITE <1844 Aston Rowant Jeff Hester
WHITE >1600 Aston Rowant Jan Hunt
WHITE 1671-1820 Aston Rowant, Crowell, Sydenham Jan Hunt
WHITE any Stokenchurch Jen
WHITE Any Stokenchurch Jen
WHITE <1800 Fringford and surrounding parishes Peter Jones
WHITE 1800-1900 Any Denise McMahon
WHITE 1700 - 1860 Aston Rowant, Crowell, Chinnor, Chipping Norton, Sydenham Shirley Mesman
WHITE >1750 Marsh Baldon Jane Montague
WHITE c1750 Oxford, Towersey, Aston Rowant Adele Pearcy
WHITE 18c Crowell, Aston Rowant Julie Dawn Saw
WHITE 19c Sydenham Julie Dawn Saw
WHITE 1600-1999 chalgrove Lindsay Sharps
WHITE 1800s Eynsham Karen Tooth
WHITE 1700-1850 Chinnor, Crowell, Aston Rowant Mick White
WHITE dna 1680-1850 Aston Rowant, Chalgrove, Wheatfield, Towersey Peter White
WHITE <1757 Chalgrove Christine
WHITE >1789 Tetsworth Christine
WHITE 1830-1880 Priors Hardwick, Banbury Linda Goble
WHITE <1808 Any Andrew John Ackerman
WHITE <1760 Swalcliffe Doreen Myerscough
WHITE <1810 Chipping Norton Doreen Myerscough
WHITE >1800 Bicester Lauren Gessler
WHITE 1720 Aston Rowant Jan Hutchinson
WHITE Any Aston Rowant, Sydenham, Crowell area Carol Boman
WHITE <1800 Ascott under Wychwood Edward Metcalfe
WHITE >1671 Aston Rowant Mary Beaumont
WHITE Any Ascott-under-Wychwood Harvey Warner
WHITE 1600-1800 Aston Rowant area Graham Towerton
WHITEAVES <1700 - 1850 possibly Blackthorne, Ambrosden Gary Long
WHITEHEAD Any Balscote Ian Whitehead
WHITEHEAD 1760-1800 Any Ken Wyatt
WHITEHEAD <1899 Headington, Beckley Charles Whitehead
WHITEHOUSE 1780 - 1820 Oxford Sylvia Ford
WHITELAW 1870-1900 Ifley, Iffley The Beales
WHITELAW 1840-1870 Oxford (Oxford University) Jeffrey Whitelaw
WHITEMAN 1700- Any Lyn Brooke
WHITEN <1750 Chastleton Judy Mellowes
WHITFIELD 1810-1844 Whitchurch Jane Morris
WHITFIELD 1870 Abingdon Jane Morris
WHITHEAR c1796 Any Mark Whithear
WHITING Any Wheatley Eileen Chapman
WHITING 1770-1850 Shipton on Cherwell, Ramsden Julia Lambert
WHITING <1890 Buckland Gail Mark
WHITING <1870 Hanborough Helen Southen
WHITING 18th and 19c Oxford, Stokenchurch and bradenham Fred Wall
WHITING 1500-1700 Any Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
WHITING 1500-1700 Any Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
WHITING <1750 Shilton June Park
WHITING <1800 Witney/Burford Simon Burbidge
WHITING 1750-1825 Oxford John Jenkins
WHITING Any Marcham Eileen Chapman
WHITING 18c - mid 19c Hailey, Witney, Woodstock Shelley McKelvie
WHITINGTON 1800-1850 Witney Richard James
WHITLEY 1700 - 1800 Any Thomas Gray
WHITLEY Any Handborough, Charlbury Lynda Organ
WHITLEY 1700-1800 Black Bourton Lesley Silvester
WHITLEY <1760 Enstone Lesley Silvester
WHITLEY 18c Any Penny Eves
WHITLEY 18c Any Bryan Bowen
WHITLEY <1870 Handborough (Long) Holly Herda
WHITLOCK Any Any Caroline Cain
WHITLOCK Any Any Pete Whitlock
WHITLOCK Any Deddington (Clifton) and North Aston Robin Price
WHITLOCK 1700-1800 Witney Lesley Silvester
WHITLOCK <1700 Witney Lesley Silvester
WHITMILL 1740-1850's Gr. Milton, Waterstock, Tiddington, Aston Rowant Carolyn Sagar Backe
WHITMILL 1838 Banns, Great Milton,Oxford David E. Whitmill
WHITMORE 1770-1870 Stoke Lyne Jenny Pioli
WHITON Any Hook Norton Hugh G. Whiting
WHITTEN <1853 St Ebbs Anne Sayers
WHITTINGTON 1800 Any Crystal Whittington
WHITTLESEY Any Any Raymond East
WHITTY 1880 - 1945 Banbury Ian Whitty
WHOREWOOD >1600 Headington and area Graeme Horwood
WHORWOOD >1500 Great Milton, Aston Rowant, Kingston Blount Ian Horwood
WHYT 1550-1600 Cuxham & Watlington Valerie H. Burrows
WHYTON Any Hook Norton Hugh G. Whiting
WIBBLIN Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WIBLEN Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WIBLIN 1700-1800 Crowell Sally Jackson
WIBLIN Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WIBLINE Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WIBLING >1800 Headington Elaine Franklin
WIBLING Any Any Sue Matthews ons
WICKHAM <1750 Swalcliffe Linda Jones
WICKHAM 1500-1600 Banbury Ryan Dudley
WICKINS <1880 Burford Dorri Roughley
WICKS 1870-1900 Cowley Roy J Johnson
WICKS Any Vale of White Horse Barbara Cox
WICKSON Any Any Anne Cherry
WICKSON Any Eynsham Susan Irwin
WICKSON Any Any Craig Wickson
WIDDOWS 1940s-1960s Noke/Banbury Henry Hewitt
WIDDOWS Any Any Ruth Marler
WIDDOWS <1800 Chipping Norton Norma Jee
WIDDOWS Any Any Jennie Hull
WIDOWS 1800 ish Chipping Norton Bob Dean
WIDOWS <1861 Lower Heyford, Kirtlington Brian Loughridge
WIGGIN <1830 Fulbrook Maureen J. Cook
WIGGIN <1600 Henley area Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
WIGGIN 1500-1700 Any Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
WIGGINS <1760 Northleigh, Hanborough, Witney Judy Bleay
WIGGINS 1750-1850 Leafield Chris Bodle
WIGGINS <1850 tetsworth Linda Bourne
WIGGINS 1880-1920 Any Catherine
WIGGINS 1700-1940 Hailey, Witney, Ducklington Celia Marus Crangle
WIGGINS <1810 Any Elizabeth Duke
WIGGINS 1838-1901 Leefield Peter Essex
WIGGINS >c1850 Charlbury Steven Knowles
WIGGINS 1800 -1820 Asthall Graham Lovelock
WIGGINS 1700-1800 LEAFIELD Joy Powell
WIGGINS 1773-1881 Hanborough Rosemary Probert
WIGGINS 1800-1847 Banbury Jane Sutherington
WIGGINS <1600 Henley area Joyce Wiggin-Robbins
WIGGINS 1700-1900 Hanborough, Leafield, Charlbury Keith Wiggins
WIGGINS Circa 1769 Woodstock Ken Wiggins
WIGGINS 1750-1800 Woodstock Ken Wiggins
WIGGINS Any Leafield and surrounds Stephen Wiggins
WIGGINS 1700's-1800's n/a Susan Wiggins
WIGGINS c1700 Witney Judith Wildsmith
WIGGINS 1800s Charlton-on-Otmoor Clara Williams
WIGGINS <1850 Lew, Chipping Norton, Brize Norton Derek Kain ons
WIGGINS Any Chipping Norton Debbie Davey
WIGGINS Any Any Royston Bentley
WIGGINS 18c Any Bryan Bowen
WIGGINS Any Little Milton Eileen Chapman
WIGLEY <1850 Didcot/Moretons Mike Wigley
WIGMORE Any Any Patricia Ford
WILABE 1790 Oxford Suzan Heil
WILABEE 1790 Oxford Suzan Heil
WILCOX 1800-1900 Headington Hill Sally
WILD 18th-19th centuries Oxford Clive Edwards
WILD >1700> Banbury Teri (Sanders) Johnson
WILD 1860 to 1900 Coombe Ernest E Wild Jr
WILDER 1491-1700 South Stoke, Shiplake Ralph D. Clark
WILDER any Newnham Murren, Wallingford Paulene Green
WILDER 1800s Crowmarsh Gifford/Wallingford Paulene Green
WILDER <1800 Ipsden Checkendon, Stoke Row Andrew Pearce
WILDER c.1630 Any Ann Wilder
WILDGOOSE 1500 - 1700 Oxford, Cuddesdon, Denton, Bicester Kay Feltham
WILDGOOSE 16c Any Ann Dunmore
WILKES Any Tysoe Rebekah Markham
WILKINS 1849 Tadmarton Chris Brown
WILKINS 1870 Eynsham Sally Bowyer Chrisman
WILKINS 19c Oxford, Didcot Peter Drew-Clifton
WILKINS 1800-1870 Upper Heyford, Bicester Barbara Ellard
WILKINS 1840-1870 Thame Hildred Finch
WILKINS <1850 Deddington Sue Greatbanks
WILKINS 1800 - 1834 Checkendon Kevin Hyde
WILKINS >1800> Wantage, Ardington, Lambourn, Bampton and surrounding areas Sarah Latimer
WILKINS >1940 Lower Fisher Row, St. Thomas Street Linda L. Mulligan
WILKINS <1974 Lower Fisher Row, Saint Thomas Street Linda L. Mulligan
WILKINS <1850 Tadmarton Sandra Shelley
WILKINS >1800 Blackthorn, Ambrosden David Wilkins
WILKINS Any Oxford Gwenda Wilkins
WILKINS Any South-east Oxfordshire Maurice Wilkins
WILKINS 1600-1900 Deddington, Westcott Barton Paul Wilkins
WILKINS 1750 - 1880 Taynton Marion Williamson
WILKINS Any Westcott Barton, Deddington Jessica Arthur
WILKINS <1800 Witney Salford David Nutt
WILKINSON 14.04 edgcote Mark
WILKINSON 1800 - 1900 Drayton James Booth
WILKINSON 1500 - 1970 WATLINGTON and CHALGROVE Stephen Catton
WILKINSON Any Drayton St Leonard, Blewbury Laura Wilkinson
WILKINSON >1830 Watlington Stephen Alun Catton
WILKS Any Tadmarton Doug Wilks
WILKS Any Hook Norton Linda Wilks
WILLABEE 1790 Oxford Suzan Heil
WILLATS 1600-1830 Caversham L Whittinger
WILLET c1777 Shipton-under-Wychwood Christine Hoy
WILLETT 1880's Tackley and/or Kirklington Ayjay
WILLETT <1850 West and North of Oxford Jim Bilham-Boult
WILLETT 1800-1890 Tackley LuEllen Pettengell
WILLETT Any Cassington Simon Jenkins
WILLETT <1850 Cassington Margaret Forbes
WILLIAM 1902 Any Jones Evelyn
WILLIAM <1832 Standlake, Bampton Heather McGarey-Straight
WILLIAM 1879 - 1941 Horton-cum-Studley Edith McIntyre
WILLIAMS 1800s Bicester Aunt_Rain
WILLIAMS Nov 8, 1841 Swerford Judy Williams Boylan
WILLIAMS 1700 - 1900 Abingdon Robert Cox
WILLIAMS 1820 - 1900 Witney Jennifer Davis
WILLIAMS 1900s Chipping Norton Bob Dean
WILLIAMS <1830 Langford Chris Etheridge
WILLIAMS 1820 Cuddesdon Neville A. Joseph
WILLIAMS c1800-c1900 Oxford Steven Knowles
WILLIAMS 1760 - 1895 Balscott or Balscote Steve Langridge
WILLIAMS 1760 - 1898 Balscott or Balscote Steve Langridge
WILLIAMS Early 1900's Any Pennie Warren
WILLIAMS Any Oxford, Iffley, Littlemore, Sandford Sue Watson
WILLIAMS <1800 Cote/Bampton Simon Burbidge
WILLIAMS <1806 Chimney, Cote, Aston Patrick Inwood
WILLIAMS <1870 Any M Amor
WILLIAMS 1650-1750 Great Faringdon Geoffrey Powers
WILLIAMS 1750-1850 South Oxon Jean Povey
WILLIAMS <1754 Salford Katie Sullivan
WILLIAMS <1850 Middleton Stoney Fiona Hedges
WILLIAMS <1850 Abingdon Barbara Cox
WILLIAMS Any Oxford Lynne Winger
WILLIAMS <1780 Bampton Pauline Kennedy
WILLIAMS-FREEMAN Any Fawley and Henley-on-Thames Naomi Williams-Freeman
WILLIAMSON <1720 Not sure? Patricia German
WILLIAMSON Any Oxford John Williamson
WILLIAMSON 1966 Bicester Shuna Williamson
WILLIPAR c1770-c1870 Cropredy Steven Knowles
WILLIS >1800 Filkins, Broadwell, Cowley Barbara Moore
WILLIS 1930s to 1962 Elsfield David Toon
WILLIS >1622 Unknown Brayton P. Willis
WILLIS 1800s Kinston Lisle, Longcott Kevin Willis
WILLIS 1700-1850 Benson Rod Newland
WILLIS dna 1650 Wantage Gary Willis
WILLMOTT Any Any Len Willmott
WILLMOTT Any Any Len Willmott
WILLOTT c1777 Shipton-under-Wychwood Christine Hoy
WILLOUGHBY 1780-1820 Kiddington Sue Gardner
WILLOUGHBY 1824 Banbury Brian Gubbins
WILLOUGHBY 1790's Oxford Vic Harris
WILLOUGHBY 1790 Oxford Suzan Heil
WILLOUGHBY 1760 Any Debbie Jones
WILLOUGHBY 1760-1850 Kidlington Debbie Jones
WILLOUGHBY 1760 Any Debbie Jones
WILLOUGHBY >1794 Henley, Rotherfield Greys Keith Lobley
WILLOUGHBY 1760 to 1842 Ramsden Chris Willoughby
WILLOUGHBY Any Kiddlington Susan Chance
WILLOUGHBY >1900 Kidlington and surrounding areas Susan Chance
WILLS Any Any Colin Wills
WILLS c.1760 Wantage, Abingdon Sandra Lewis
WILLSDON <1730 Hanborough, Wootton, Eynsham Celia Charlton
WILLSDON Any Any Jean Willoughby
WILLSON 1750-1850 Banbury Judy McCarty
WILMOT >1820 Oxford, Iffley Bruce Wilmot
WILSDEN <1730 Hanborough, Wootton, Eynsham Celia Charlton
WILSDEN <1850 Leafield, Widford, Asthall Gerry Tordiff
WILSDON >1871 Knightsbridge Trish Frost
WILSDON 1775 - 1860 Leafield, Widford, Shipton under Wychwood Gerry Tordiff
WILSDON 18th- 19c Stonesfield, Wootton, Woodstock Toby Wilsdon
WILSDON Any Any Jean Willoughby
WILSDON Any Woodstock Diane Melvin
WILSDON Any Eynsham, Handborough Rosemary Barling
WILSON 1995 Any Georgia
WILSON any South Hinksey Graeme Berry
WILSON 1860 Cholsey Ann Sargeant
WILSON 1710 to 1941 Adderbury/Banbury Myrry Wilson
WILSON <1840 Great Tew Peter Wilson
WILSON 27/03/01 Headington/Cowley Stuart Wilson
WILSON 1885-1910 Stratton Audley Fiona Hedges
WILSON Any Culham, Shrivenham Sandy Mursell
WILSON-STUCHBURY Any Any Robin Stutchbury
WILTSHIRE Any Oxford Adrian Wiltshire
WIMBUSH >1700 Great Bourton Jane Wright
WINCHCOMBE 19c Swyncombe, Sonning, Wallingford etc etc Kurt Gänzl
WINCHCOMBE 1600-1900 anywhere Kevin Winchcombe
WINCHCOMBE 1700-1900 West Challow, Little Coxall, Sparsholt (possibly) Kevin Winchcombe
WINCHESTER 1830 - 1860 Oxford, Abingdon Robert Winchester
WINCHESTER c1750 Any Carol Brigden
WINCHESTER 1700-1900 Any John Winchester
WINDEVER Any Any Clare
WINDOWS ANY ANY Stuart Mark Moss
WINDRIDGE 1998 Woodstock Windridge
WINDRUM Any oxford Ralph Wyndrum
WINFIELD Any Any Peter McWilliam
WINFIELD 1850 - 1900 Burford, Witney Shaun Morley
WINFIELD Any Ewelme Rachel Winfield
WINFIELD Any Witney John Winfield
WINFIELD >1700 Witney Nena Carter
WING 1750-2000 Great Milton, Thame Mildred Knox
WING 1870-1890 Bletchingdon Chris Payne
WING <1700 Stanton St John Susan Wheeler
WING <1860 Any William Wing
WING <1763 Holton, Wheatley Michael Wing
WINN about 1750-1800 Any Michael Brown
WINSLOW Any Waterperry, Thame Rodney Slatter
WINTER 1819 Charlbury Maureen J. Cook
WINTER 1917 Chipping Norton Jennifer Legg
WINTER 1791 - 1891 Charlbury, Enstone, Chipping Norton Marty Moon
WINTER 1884 - Any Terry Sharpe
WINTER 17c Oxford Penny Eves
WINTER <1860 Chalbury Edward Metcalfe
WINTER <1800 Chadlington, Any Edward Metcalfe
WINTERBORNE <1845 Oxford Toby Smiler
WINTERBOURNE 21.36 Chadlington James Pratley
WINTERS Any Any Norman F Winters
WISDOME 1500-1600 Banbury Ryan Dudley
WISE Any Weston on the Green Cynthia Bennett
WISE >1600 Bix, Rotherfield Greys Brian Berger
WISE c1790 Stokenchurch Fay Crampton
WISE >1750 Chalgrove Janet Hudson
WISE 1500-1800 Fritwell and Ardley Marsha Wise Lance
WISE >1775 Rotherfield Greys Wayne P Marriott
WISE >1850 Great Milton Peter J. Nelms
WISE 18c Brightwell Baldwin and surroundings Vicki Perry
WISE Any Any Yoga-Prakash Saraswati
WISE 1500 -1600 Bodicot, Fritwell, Banbury Brian Wise
WISE 1850 South Newington Bob Strong
WISE 1900's Grimsbury Mark Ware
WISE 1800-1900 Brightwell Baldwin, Ewelme Gill Wise
WISE 1225-1889 Drayton St Leonard Ken Wise
WISE 1878 Bloxham Anne Williams
WISE 1853 Bloxham Anne Williams
WISE 1700 Bix Stephen Wise
WISE 1750 Highmore Stephen Wise
WISE 1800 Rotherfield Greys Stephen Wise
WISE >1750 Weston on the Green Peter Green
WISE c.1820 Bletchingdon Sandra Shepherd
WISE dna <1700 Fritwell Colin Wise
WISE dna 1600-1800 Bodicote Colin Wise
WISHART 1200s-1300s any Ross Mounsdon
WITCHER 1700-1880 Abingdon Ian Faulkner
WITHERALL 18c Harwell John Wetherall
WITHERS <1800 Cowley, Iffley, anywhere Norma & Jeremy Withers
WITHERS 1750-1840 Chislehampton, Cowley, Any Richard Withers
WITHERS 1659 Faringdon Margaret Bland
WITHIN 1867/8 Oxford Joan
WITNEY Any Aston Rowant, Chinnor, Sydenham, Thame Liz Chown Gadd
WITNEY Any Stokenchurch Jan Harris
WITNEY <1900 Chinnor Carole Light
WITNEY 1770-1830 Witney Steve Lloyd
WITNEY >1800 Postcombe J. Witney
WITNEY <1870 Any John Cramer
WITT <1900 Watlington and surrounding area Jamie Adams
WITTS 1900 Woodstock / Chipping Norton Pauline Teague
WITTS 1816 - 1830 Woodstock Kevin Violich
WITTS <1830 Woodstock Kevin Violich
WITTS 1800s Woodstock Kevin Violich
WIXOM 1700-1750 Sydenham Don Pearce
WIXON 1800 -1880 Wigginton Ann-Marie Ell
WIXON 1800's to early 1900's Watlington R.E. Lee
WIXON >1800 Any Kevin Wixon
WOLD 1800 to 1870 Barford St. John, Michael, Great Tew, Little Tew, Hook Norton Sharon Lovell Gergen
WOLNO Any Marsh Baldon Derek Aisbitt
WOOD Any Banbury Jake
WOOD Any banbury Jake
WOOD 1810-1850 Oxford Jamie Adams
WOOD Orlanda Florida Any Claris
WOOD 1750-1900 Woodstock Penny Eves
WOOD 1800-1920 Oxford Ros Gurney
WOOD 1800-1900 Oxford Ros Gurney
WOOD 1790-1900 Beverley Barb Knight
WOOD <- 1890 SANDFORD-THAME David John Wood
WOOD <1850 Nettlebed Sheela Banham
WOOD 1851-1871 Woodstock Sheela Banham
WOOD Any St Thomas Alan Wood
WOODAGE Late 1800's Sutton Courtney-Culham-Compton-Wytham-Childrey-Oxford Geoffrey A. Connell
WOODAGE 1800-1900 Culham, Oxford, Sutton Courtney Geoffrey Connell
WOODARD <1900 Oxford Hilary Innes
WOODBRIDGE 1814 Great Milton Colin Beet
WOODBRIDGE 1800 - 1900 HENLEY Paul Best
WOODBRIDGE 1750 to 1820 Albury Dale Gatherum-Goss
WOODBRIDGE 19c Great Milton Sharon Strange
WOODBRIDGE 17c Charney Bassett area Barbara Cox
WOODCOCK 1800-2000 Witney Wendy
WOODCOCK 1749-1851 Northleigh Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1801-1851 Witney Roy Woodcock
WOODCOCK 1749 Bicester Roy Woodcock
WOODFORD 1700-1860 Steeple Aston Gordon Pike
WOODFORD 1810-1840 Bletchington Ben Tharaldson
WOODING 1820 - 1870 Any Deidre Mayhew
WOODINGTON 1550-1900 Any Maria Haines
WOODLEY around 1912 Witney and/or Ducklington Allan Boughton
WOODLEY 1800s Crowmarsh Gifford Paulene Green
WOODLEY 1832 Clifton Hampden Tracy Moore
WOODLEY >1700 Any Pam Thornton
WOODLEY Any Any Jackie Brogden
WOODLEY Any Wallingford, Crowmarsh Gifford, Newnham Murren Andrew Jolly
WOODLEY 17c Hanney area Barbara Cox
WOODLIEF <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODLIFF <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODLIFFE <1600 Henley-on-Thames Sandy Woodlief
WOODMAN Any Oxford Janet White
WOODROW 1880-1940 Nuneham Courtney Jeanette Graham
WOODS Orlanda Florida Any Claris
WOODS 1830 - 1924 Rotherfield Chris Woods
WOODS 18c North Newington Chris Woods
WOODS >1750 Charlton-on-Otmoor, Woodstock Penny Eves
WOODS 1770-1900 Steeple Aston Michael Dumbleton
WOODS 1800-1900 Witney Neil Woods
WOODWARD >1800 Caversham Richard Goring
WOODWARD 1850-1900 Salford/Chipping Norton Pam Griffiths
WOODWARD 18-19C Salford / Chipping Norton Glyn E. Harris
WOODWARD <1900 Handborough, Eynsham, Coobe James Hill
WOODWARD <1870 Hanborough Holly Herda
WOODWARD 1787-1900 Hanborough Marilyn Stack
WOODWARD 1800 Hanborough, Woodstock, and neighbouring parishes Christopher J. Woodward
WOODWARD 1750-1850 Bloxham, Banbury David Woodward
WOODWARD Any Bloxham, Adderbury Maurice Woodward
WOODWARD <1900 Oxford Hilary Innes
WOODWARD c1800 Combe, Blaydon, Woodstock Barry Coggins
WOODWARD Any Kidlington, Westcote Barton Kim Semmence
WOODWORTH Any Any Helena Ericsson
WOOLFORD Any Eynesham, Witney Alan Gerrard
WOOLGAR Any Any Marion Woolgar ons
WOOLGROVE 1800-1900 Duns Tew/North Aston Charles
WOOLGROVE Any Milton, Barford Rebekah Markham
WOOLHOUSE <1850 Thame Julie Austin
WOOLHOUSE 1800's Sydenahm,Newington,Wallingford Judy Baldwin
WOOLHOUSE c1770 Newington Toni Philipoom
WOOLLAMS <1675 Any Elizabeth Duke
WOOLLEY Any Bister William Woolley
WOOLLIAMS Any Any Paul Landon
WOOSTER >1800 Rotherfield Greys Doug Stewart
WOOSTER 1800-1900 Nettlebed/Rotherfield Greys Doug Stewart
WOOTON 18c Any Bryan Bowen
WOOTTON <1720 Bicester Fiona Hedges
WOOTTON 1600-1800 Bicester Gail Stevens
WOR <1850 South Newington Christine Bennett
WORFEL Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORFIELD Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORLEY 1642 to 1739 Great Tew Julia Ritchie
WORLEY 1865 to 1953 Brize Norton Julia Ritchie
WORLEY 1917 to 2006 Witney Julia Ritchie
WORRILOW 1500-1997 Any David G. Warrilow
WORSHAM Any Any Joseph Worsham
WORSTER 1870s-1890s (engraver/artisan) Boulter Street/St. Clement Street area. Margot Trask
WORTH Any Any Paul Worth
WORVEL Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORVELL Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORVIL Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORVILE Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORVILL Any Any Nicola Pledge
WORVILL Any Over Norton, Chipping Norton Gerry Bolton
WORVILLE Any Any Nicola Pledge
WOVIL Any Any Jacqueline Adams
WRAGG mid-late 1800s Oxford Susan Reddy
WRAY >1840> Oxford City Julie Harding
WRECKITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
WREGGITT Any Any Sarah A. Dyson ons
WREN 1735 Any Marian Gould
WREN 1600-1900 Chilson/Charlburyarea Marian Gould
WREN 1750-1850 Chipping Norton/Charlbury Marie Hale
WREN 1750-1800 Kidlington Maggie King
WREN Any Tackley, Kidlington, Wolvercote Vanda Turner
WREN <1800 Kidlington David Nutt
WRENCH >1800 Banbury area Maggie Exon
WRIGHT Abt. 1803 Benson Marcy Petersen
WRIGHT 1870-1900 Oxford Susan Reddy
WRIGHT Any Woodstock, Kidlington Victor Taylor
WRIGHT >1700 Any Pam Thornton
WRIGHT dob 11 may 1970 Witney Michael E. Wharton
WRIGHT <1738 Caversham and Ipsden Calvin Wright
WRIGHT >1760 Witney & Hailey Duncan Wright
WRIGHT >1800 Cogges Ken Wright
WRIGHT 1700- Any Willis Murrel Wright
WRIGHT <1781 Chipping Norton Andrew John Ackerman
WRIGHT 18-19c Shiplake John Moore
WRIGHT <1790 Chipping Norton, Over Norton Doreen Myerscough
WRIGHT Any Curbridge and Bampton Heather Brunt
WRIGHT Any Any Paul Wright
WRIGHTON 1800-1847 Sibford, Swalcliffe Barbara Adair
WRING Any Any S. Wring
WUTH Born 1924 Any Virgil D. Grier
WYATT 1500 Murcott, Charlton, Fencot Michelle Bailey
WYATT 1200-1700 Murcott Michelle Bailey
WYATT 1700-1900 Steeple Barton, Westcot Barton Raymond Blight
WYATT Any Adderbury, Claydon Derek Burn
WYATT Any Any Jacquie Cook
WYATT >1700 Minster Lovell, Burford Delia Cuss
WYATT 1777-1863 Swalcliffe Georgena Gantt
WYATT 1775 Any Vince Holloway
WYATT <1572 Any Eileen Mann
WYATT 1700-1850 Wardington, Hanwell, Horley Kay Williams
WYATT >1700 Any Willis Murrel Wright
WYATT >1500 The Bartons, Charlton on Otmoor, Islip, Steeple & North Aston, Murcot, Fencot Alan Wyatt
WYATT 1760 Any Ken Wyatt
WYATT Any Adderbury Michael Wyatt
WYATT 17c Any James Wyatt Hancock
WYATT <1800 Charlton on Otmoor Michael Dumbleton
WYATT c1740 Charlton on Otmoor David Kirby
WYATT c1750 Fritwell David Kirby
WYATT 19c Burford, Minster Lovell John Bagnall
WYATT Any Aston, Bampton Ann Richards
WYATT Any Adderbury Colin D. Gronow ons
WYCKER Any Any Christopher Whicker
WYKEHAM <1750 Swalcliffe Linda Jones
WYKEHAM-MARTIN 1900's oxford Lisa Sherper
WYNNIATT any time period Any Steve Wynniatt
WYNTER C.1820 - 1871 University of Oxford Sephi Kemp
WYTON 1760-1900 Chipping Norton, Little Compton Steve Mace
WYTON <1900 Hook Norton Graham Tall
WYTON <1750 Hook Norton Judy Mellowes