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Surnames registered by John Moore
OXSIL User No.: 3514
OFHS Membership No. 3613

Surname Timeframe Place
ALDRIDGE 17c Nettlebed
AYLEF 18c Sonning
BAILEY 17c Nettlebed
BAUGHAN 1810-1870 Chipping Norton
BAUGHAN 1790-1840 Salford
BEESLEY 17c Watlington
BIGNEL 17c Burford
BREACH 17-18c Sonning
BRIMMER 1740-1880 Sonning
BROWN 18c Ipsden
BUDD 18c Witney
BUTLER 17c Nettlebed
BYE 18c Sonning
CASTLE 16-17c Shipton
CHESSALL 16-17c Bix
CLARKE 18-19c Witney
COSSENS 18c Burford
EDWARDS 17c Burford
GREENE 16c Shipton
GRIMMETT 17-18c Chipping/Over Norton
HODGSON 18-19c Witney
HOLDING 17-18c Rotherfield Greys
HUDSON 18-19c Witney
LEONARD 17c Shipton
MALLET 18c Rotherfield Greys, Henley
MAUNDER 16-17c Churchill
MIDWINTER 18c Burford
MONTAGU 1800-1820 Sonning
MONTAGUE 1800-45 Sonning
NUNNEY 1624-1904 Burford
PAYNE 17c Play Hatch, Caversham
PRUCE 17-18c Burford, Witney
RACKSTRAW 1624-1795 Rotherfield Greys
RIMEL 17c Shipton
SHAYLER 1560-1830 Lyneham, Shipton, Milton, Chadlington
SIMMONDS 18c Rotherfield Greys, Henley, Bix
SMITH 18c Burford
SOUNDY 1640-1895 Caversham and Sonning
SPRUCE 17-18c Burford, Witney
STOKES 18c Henley
STRAFFORD 18c Burford
STRANGE 17-18c Nettlebed, Watlington
TOMBS 1760-1840 Henley-on-Thames
WATMORE 18c Sonning
WHEELER 17c Shipton
WRIGHT 18-19c Shiplake

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