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BRYAN 1600 - 1800 Witney, Hailey OXF
CRACKLOE 1530-1600 Any OXF
CRACKLOR 1530-1600 Any OXF
CRACKLOW 1530-1600 Any OXF
CRACKLOWE 1530-1600 Any OXF
DEAN 1600-1800 Ducklington, Witney OXF
DEANE 1600-1800 Ducklington, Witney OXF
FLETCHER 1650 - 1720 Witney OXF
JOHNSON Any Farndish BDF
PEAD Any Bromham WIL
POULTON 1650 - 1720 Witney OXF
PURTON 1650 - 1750 Witney OXF
SESSIONS 1500-1750 Churchill OXF
SESSIONS 1680 - 1750 Witney OXF
SESSIONS <1700 Churchill OXF
TEASDALE <1616 Glympton OXF
TESDALE Any Glympton OXF
TESDALE <1616 Glympton OXF
TIDSDALE <1616 Glympton OXF
TISDALE Any Glympton OXF
WINCHESTER 1550-1700 Ascott under Wychwood OXF

Notes: I am particularly interested in John Johnson. He was the Rector of Farndish Bedfordshire. I am descended from Tobias, his son with his first wife (whose name I have not yet discovered). Tobias had a sister called Isabel. John's second wife (Elizabeth Skevington, daughter of Thomas), had several children, outlived him and died in London. John himself died in Farndish and there is a brass memorial to him in the floor of the church there.