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AVERN <1900 Westminster MDX
AVERN <1800 Birmingham WAR
FROUD <1871 Warborough OXF
FROUD >1861 Assenden, Bix, Henley OXF
FROUD 19c Henley OXF
FROUD <1800 Any BRK
HEATH 19c Henley OXF
HEATH Any Fawley BKM
HISCOCK >1851 Henley OXF
HISCOCK >1851 Henley OXF
HITCHCOCK <1851 Henley OXF
HITCHCOCK <1840 Waddesdon BKM
JARMAN <1860 Bridgwater SOM
STRAW <1900 Carlton NTT

Notes: Between 1851 and 1861, the branch of the HITCHCOCK family living in Henley (originally from Waddesdon, Bucks) changed their name to either HISCOCK or HEATH. Reason unknown. I am researching the family of James FROUD, the timber merchants from Lower Assenden. In the 1851 census, the FROUDs, HEATHs and HITCHCOCKs were all living in the Northfield End area of Henley.