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Surnames registered by Malcolm Hoare
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Surname Timeframe Place
BATHE >1600 Tackley, Kirtlington
BILLINGHAM c.1800 Banbury
BURCHELL c.1800 Banbury
HEATHE >1600 St. Giles, Oxford. Tackley. Banbury. Neithrop.
HOAR dna Any Any
HOARE dna Any Any
HORE dna Any Any
HORR dna Any Any
LINES c.1800 Banbury
SKIDMORE Any Tackley, Neithrop, Banbury
WEBSTER c.1800 Banbury

Website: http://one-name.org/name_profile/HORE/

Notes: The Hoare family originated from Leckhampton in Gloucester and Malcolm's branch settled in first Tackley then Banbury before moving on to Northampton and eventually Birmingham. They were glovers and boat people.

DNA Linking dna Malcolm is co-admin of the H600 Project, a Surname Study that utilizes DNA analysis along with traditional genealogical records to link family lines through the centuries and locations. The Project is open to all family members with a covered surname, and all variations and derivatives in all locations. The site can be found at wiki.H600.org/. Malcolm has a lot of surnames in his database associated with the HOARE family of Tackley and Banbury. His own yDNA str results had some surprising results with matches to families that emigrated to Virginia in the 1600's, and had surname changes.

One-Name Study ons Malcolm is conducting a one-name study of the HORE surname, registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. For more information, see Malcolm's profile page on the Guild website.

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