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Surnames registered by Ron Yates
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Surname Timeframe Place
YATE 1400-1800 Any
YATES 1400-1800 Any
YATZ 1400-1800 Any
YEATES 1400-1800 Any
YEATS 1400-1800 Any

Website: https://yatesvillegen.dreamhosters.com/

Notes: I am the designated family genealogy person for our Yates line; I am conducting a DNA project with an improved process of identifying suggested Yates ancestral lines strictly derived from DNA matches. This continues to be a continuing project but early results already convincingly indicate that our common ancestral lines descend from the Yate family of Lyford, England. Several of us have already decided to visit the Lyford-Oxford area in 2024. On the website indicated on my profile, you can see firsthand the results we are finding and will be expanding on. See the reports area. We are open to and seeking other interested folks, particularly based in the UK. For ease of administration this is based on Ancestry.com testing and matching. We are also interested in any comments or suggestion you may have about this project as well as recommendations as to guides, lodging, etc. for our 2024 UK trip, likely in Spring. Regards from Charlotte, North Carolina. Our city is referred to as the Queen City as it was named in honor of Queen Charlotte and our county is named Mecklenburg.

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