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Jan Keane
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DAGGER >1880 Banbury OXF
DAGGER <1890 Yeovil SOM
DAGGER >1900 Malvern WOR
DARK 1750 - 1910 Bath SOM
HYDE <1906 Banbury, Hook Norton OXF
MARRISON 1800 - 1900 Manchester GTM
MARRISON 1800 - 1900 Hull, Selby YKS
MASTERSON 1830 - 1900 Liverpool LAN

John Keenan
OXSIL User No. 2218
OFHS Membership No. 5835

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BARNES 1773-1840 Kirtlington, Wootton Woodstock, Combe OXF
KEENAN 1800-1900 Any TYR
KEENAN 1850-1950 Hartlepool, Middlesbrough DUR
ROGERS 1773 - 1840 Kirtlington, Wootton Woodstock, Combe OXF

Lyn Kelsey
OXSIL User No. 5998
OFHS Membership No. 6890

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LOCKTON 1600-1700 Woodstock OXF
MARCH 1600 Lower Heyford OXF
MARSH 1600 Lower Heyford OXF

Mike Kempson
OXSIL User No. 477
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KEMPSON 1780-1920 Any OXF

Bob Kench
OXSIL User No. 5520
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GHAGAN <1850 Any LND
KENCH <1800 Any OXF
KENCH <1800 Any WAR
KENCH <1800 Any STS

Pauline Kennedy
OXSIL User No. 5981
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BURNHAM <1700 Charlton on Otmoor OXF
BURNHAM <1700 Faversham KEN
DUTTON >1770 Bampton OXF
DUTTON <1820 Witney OXF
HOLLIDAY <1860 Bampton OXF
MOULDER <1740 Bampton, Witney OXF
ORPWOOD <1775 Bampton OXF
PETTIFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford OXF
PETTYFER <1860 Bampton, Oxford OXF
RAY <1800 Stanton St John, Thame OXF
SHEPHEARD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPHERD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPPARD <1780 Witney OXF
SHEPPERD <1780 Witney OXF
SIDERY <1820 Any BRK
SIDERY <1820 Any OXF
SIDREY <1820 Any BRK
SIDREY <1820 Any OXF
TOLLET <1800 Holton, Oddington OXF
TOLLIT <1800 Holton, Oddington OXF
WILLIAMS <1780 Bampton OXF

Website: https://www.pauline.akpak.uk/

John Kerry
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CARY 1680-1900 Bampton OXF
HUDSON 1700-1900 Bampton, Stanton Harcourt OXF
HUNT 1750-1850 Brize Norton/Witney OXF
KERRY 1680-1900 Bampton OXF
PRINT before 1900 Bloxham, Swalcliffe OXF

Kathryn Keys
OXSIL User No. 6744
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KEYS >1800 Alkerton OXF

Notes: Other family members told me that Charles Keys was a successful business man and moved to Oxfordshire after purchasing Alkerton House in Shenington with Alkerton, Cherwell, Oxfordshire, UK.

David Kibble
OXSIL User No. 6637
OFHS Membership No. 7959

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Notes: Kibble family searched back to 1538 in Steeple Claydon Buckinghamshire. Moved out of Bucks about 1823 last record I have, until arriving in London. Would like to know where they were, between Buckinghamshire and London, must have passed through Oxfordshire!!

Sandra Kibble-White
OXSIL User No. 4426
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COLLIER 1800-1870 Witney OXF
HARLING 19c Kiddington, Enstone OXF
HERBERT >1840 Oxford City OXF
JAMES 1800-1900 Oxford City OXF
KIBBLEWHITE 1920-2000 Oxford City OXF

Cyril Ivor Kilby
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KILBY c1850 Neithrop OXF

Deborah King
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PRESCOTT 19c Banbury OXF

Notes: Most of my Prescott ancestors lived in Neithrop - a relatively poor part of Banbury. They were plush weavers. Quite a few were non-conformists

Clare Kirk
OXSIL User No. 6579
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BENWELL Any Oxford, Littlemore OXF
EATON Any Oxford OXF

Website: https://digupyourancestors.com/

Notes: I have researched the Benwell family of Oxford, who were also connected to the Tredwells, Eatons and Hitchings by marriage, extensively and would be happy to share my research.

Tony Knight
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BLENCOW >1700 Banbury, Canals OXF
BLENCOWE >1700 Banbury, Canals OXF
KNIGHT >1700 Banbury, Canals OXF
ROBERTS >1700 Banbury, Canals OXF

Howard Knight
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KNIGHT >1500 Stoke Prior WOR
KNIGHT >1500 London MDX
KNIGHT >1500 Banbury OXF

Notes: Have been researching our family name for 60 years - Knights of Stoke Prior near Bromsgrove as far back as 1500 when Henry, a Templar of Henry V11 tand younger son of The KNIGHTs of BANBURY moved to this Catholic village possibly, with lands given after the war with France 1490's. Trying to re establish link with the Banbury Knights, which one was his father and prove the Coat of Arms that was denied in the 17th century Worcestershire visitation exhibited by another Knight family. Any information I would be most grateful. I have already added a great deal of Banbury info to my records with the help of the BHS. I will add my DNA link

Dr Ben Knighton
OXSIL User No. 444
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BANFIELD 1650-1800 Shipton under Wychwood OXF
BIGGE <1650 Bicester OXF
CALCOT <1700 Standlake OXF
CLARE >1100 Eynsham OXF
CLARKE <1675 Langley OXF
COSINS <1800 Burford OXF
DAVIS 1829 - 1899 Radley OXF
DOLLY <1800 Witney OXF
DORMER <1650 Steeple Barton OXF
EMPSON <1800 Leafield, Witney OXF
FOWLER <1800 Burford OXF
GRAY <1700 Stonesfield OXF
GREEN <1800 Witney OXF
HARCOURT 1200-1500 Stanton Harcourt OXF
HERITAGE <1730 Bicester OXF
HUCKINS <1621 Stonesfield OXF
HUCKWELL <1800 Witney OXF
HUGHS <1700 Standlake OXF
JONES <1890 Witney OXF
JONES 1860-1910 Clifton Hampden OXF
KNIGHTON 1850-2022 Isle of Wight HAM
KNIGHTON 1000-1980 Any HUN
KNIGHTON 1000-1900 Raunds NTH
LAY <1629 Chipping Norton OXF
LUMLEY <1600 Steeple Barton OXF
NORRINGTON <1650 Princes Risborough BKM
REEVE <1700 Leafield OXF
SLATFORD <1635 North Leigh OXF
ST CLERE >1400 Wytham OXF
TYLAR <1700 Bicester OXF
WHEELER <1650 Princes Risborough BKM

Notes: The details I have of these names will be found on one or all of FamilySearch, FindMyPast, and Ancestry. I have many photographs of unidentified elderly Knightons before WWI taken in the Isle of Wight, some from the Spaldwick area, and possibly from Raunds, whence they all emigrated, being the descendants of Thomas Knighton (1799-1862) and Mary nee Garratt (1802-48) of Raunds.

Stuart Kreloff
OXSIL User No. 6444
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CROSS Any Great Haseley and nearby OXF
DAWSON Any Newbury and nearby BRK
HONEY Any Winchester and nearby HAM
HONEY Any Cuddesdon, Swinbrook and nearby OXF
ILETT Any Swinbrook and nearby OXF
ILOTT Any Swinbrook and nearby OXF
MILLS Any Hampnett and nearby GLS
STONE Any Great Haseley and nearby OXF

Website: https://tailormademe.blogspot.com/

Notes: Honey family was in Cuddesdon about 1800, Swinbrook about 1860, Minster Lovell about 1880, Winchester Hampshire 1880+