Surnames added in September 2018

The following surname interests were added to OXSIL in September ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname with the Guild of One-Names Studies. Surname Time Place Researcher BEECHEY 18c Any Douglas James BERRY <1850 Any Marion Towers BLESS Any Any Michael Bliss ons BLESSE Any … Read more

Surnames added in August 2018

The following surnames were added in August Surname Timeframe Place Researcher ALLEN 1772-1870 Deddington, the Bartons H M McMullin BEECHAM <1900 Longworth Nikki Eagle BISHOP <1900 Abingdon, Dorchester, Hagbourne, Northmoor Nick Higton BUCKINGHAM Any Eynsham David Floyd CLIFTON 19c Northmoor Nikki Eagle COLES 1600-1800 Kidlington Rosemary Barling DIXSEY <1850 Northmoor Nick Higton FLOYD Any Eynsham … Read more

Surnames added in July 2018

The following surnames were added in July Surname Timeframe Place Researcher ARIS 1811 Any Terrence John Ayris AYLEF 18c Sonning John Moore BARRETT Any Blackthorn Rachel Long BLAND c.1850 Headington Quarry Rachel Long BOWLER Any Thame Jane Davies BRIDGES Any Kingham Brian Bridges BROCK >1800 Any John Reid BRUCE Any Thame Jane Davies CHANDLER c.1800 … Read more

Surnames added in June 2018

The following names were added to OXSIL in June.   Surname Timeframe Place Researcher BRADBURY c1500 to c1750 Horspath Charles Bradbury COLLISON 1760 Islip, Noke William Willmot DRING Any Chipping Norton Karen Hegan GARDENER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett GARDINER Any Swalcliffe Christine Bennett GARDNER <1900 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett GARNAR <1850 Swalcliffe Christine Bennett GARNER <1850 … Read more

Surnames added in December 2017

 Surnames interests added in December. Surname Timeframe Place Researcher ADKINS 19C Little Bourton & nearby Malcolm Bland BEESLEY Any Hornton Diane Melvin BILES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles BILES <1900 Hook Norton Richard Boyles BOYLES <1900 Charlbury Richard Boyles CLEAVER c.1750s Any Diane Melvin CROFTS Any Oxford East Lynn Hotson DIXON <1800 Charlbury Richard Boyles DUNN … Read more