DNA Linking

Genetic genealogy is becoming increasingly important, and useful, to family historians, making it possible to verify family relationships even in cases where there is no paper trail or documentary evidence of a link.

DNA Linking dna service

The DNA Linking dna service was launched in December 2013, with the goal of making it easier for researchers to find others with a shared interest in DNA research. OXSIL users who register with the DNA Linking service either have had their DNA tested and are keen to find relatives who are willing to join their DNA project; or they are looking for others researching the same surname who are willing to share the cost of DNA testing; or both. Learn more here.

OXSIL users who register with the DNA Linking service have had their DNA tested, are members of the Geographical Dual DNA Project run by the Oxfordshire Family History Society (a precondition introduced in early 2022), and are keen to find relatives willing to join their DNA project.

To register, send OXSIL co-admins Bill Seary and Paul Brazell a message using the Contact form specifying the surname (or surnames) you want to register and your FTDNA kit number as confirmation that you have joined the Oxfordshire Geographical Dual DNA project. We will then add the dna flag to the surname (or surnames) you have registered with the Geographical Project and a description of the status of your DNA project to the DNA notes field.

You will find a list of the current DNA Linking membership here.

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  1. I have Ancestry DNA results for myself and they are on Ancestry, FTDNA, GedMatch and DNAGedcom websites. I have a considerable interest in Oxford genealogy, starting with my grandmother who was born in Oxfordshire and her family line has roots in Oxfordshire dating back to the late 1600’s. I am keen to genetically prove the connections, as well as hopefully finding new relatives.

    • Dear Bill, I would be happy to add your DNA details to your profile, but first you will have to register your surname interests using the form that you will find here: https://www.oxsil.org.uk/add-a-surname/. When you do so, please indicate in the notes field which surname(s) you would like to register for the DNA Linking service. Best regards, Paul


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