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Have you had your DNA tested and are keen to find relatives who are willing to join your DNA project? Are you a female with no close male relatives but want to trace your Oxfordshire surname using DNA? Are you interested in DNA testing for your Oxfordshire family and would like to share the cost with other (potential) genetic cousins?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, consider registering your interest with DNA linking dna, a service provided by OXSIL in cooperation with the Oxfordshire Family History Society, to enable users to find others with a shared interest in DNA testing.

The ultimate goal of the project is to encourage users to have their DNA tested and sign up with the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project.

DNA Linking is also for those who have not yet been DNA tested; both DNA Linking and the Geographic DNA project are for males and females with documented Oxfordshire ancestry.

To register, send OXSIL co-admins Bill Seary and Paul Brazell a message using the Contact form above specifying the surname you want to register and a brief description of where your DNA research stands and what you want to do next. We will then add the dna flag to your surname and your description to the DNA notes field.

You will find a list of the current membership here.

OXSIL users who have had their DNA tested are urged to join the Oxfordshire Geographic DNA Project, which is hosted by FamilyTreeDNA. Now that Family Tree DNA are accepting autosomal DNA transfers from new AncestryDNA and 23andMe tests for a small fee, we look forward to seeing more users with Oxfordshire ancestry join the project.  (See the Geographic DNA Project website for details on how to join.)

We are not responsible for any arrangements between linked parties; it is your responsibility to agree financial and data sharing of the DNA information.  We just want to help put you in touch with each other.

Your OXSIL co-admins
Bill, Paul and Wendy

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