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Welcome to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List

“Not registered yet? Then add your surname interests here before you go!” 

To find others who have already registered the surname you are interested in, enter any number of letters in the box above, beginning with the first letter of the surname.  You could, for example, enter a “b” to browse all surnames beginning with B; or “bro” to see all surnames beginning with BRO-). You can also enter the full surname but be careful you don’t exclude possible variations. You can use the “%” character as a wildcard to replace one or several characters.

You can find a list of recently-added surname interests here.

Surnames are linked to each researcher’s personal profile, which includes instructions on how to make contact.

If you have already registered your surname interests, you can enter your e-mail address in the box below to find your profile.

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5 thoughts on “New front page”

  1. So I’ve added that one line again as a quote and changed things around a bit. I think the order makes more sense like this, even if the wording is not final.

  2. I’d experiment with a more newsy, two-column format but I’m not sure how it would look on a mobile device.

    Maybe “add your surname interests here before you forget/move on/something else”?

  3. I would be inclined to make a more radical shift. Perhaps something on the following lines: –

    “Welcome to the Oxfordshire Surname Interest List

    On this website you can: –
    Contact people who have registered an interest in a name. More. (which links to a new page giving a search box, a link to recent additions and the surname browse thing)
    Register an interest in an Oxfordshire surname. More (which links to “Add surnames”
    Check you own existing registration. More (links to the find your profile box)
    Learn about how OXSIL works More (links to About)”

    That should leave room for a nice image of Oxfordshire or, perhaps an old map.

    • Can all be done, Bill.

      Do you have a suitable image handy?

      While we’re at it, do we want the image to replace the logo in the header? And how about those background tiles lol?


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