Names added in August 2023

The following surnames were added in August. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and then follow the instructions on their profile.

BANISTERAnyAnyDonna Thompson
BANNISTERAnyAnyDonna Thompson
BIGGE<1650BicesterDr Ben Knighton
BOSTOCK17cWitneyCaroline Meller
CALCOT<1700StandlakeDr Ben Knighton
CARR<1750Beckley, Oxford, Headington, MertonChristopher Coles
DINGLE19cAnyPeter Dingle
DOLLY<1800WitneyDr Ben Knighton
DORMER<1650Steeple BartonDr Ben Knighton
GRAY<1700StonesfieldDr Ben Knighton
HAYNES18cGreat MiltonCaroline Meller
HIGGSAnySouth Stoke, E&W Hanney, Checkendon, Goring, Basildon,Rob Spratley
HUCKINS<1621StonesfieldDr Ben Knighton
HUGHS<1700StandlakeDr Ben Knighton
KEARSEYAnyAnySheila Webb
LAY<1629Chipping NortonDr Ben Knighton
LUMLEY<1600Steeple BartonDr Ben Knighton
MESSENGER1800-1900HoltonNikki Hunt
MOOR18cThameCaroline Meller
MORSE18cGreat MiltonCaroline Meller
NICHOLLS1850-1930AbingdonNikki Hunt
PAYNE1800-1950OxfordNikki Hunt
RICCOTSAnyAnyHenry Campbell-Ricketts
RICKETTS dnaAnyAnyHenry Campbell-Ricketts
RYCKETESAnyAnyHenry Campbell-Ricketts
RYCOTEAnyAnyHenry Campbell-Ricketts
SMITH ALIAS GOODSON<1800HorntonDr Ben Knighton
SUMNERAnyCropredy, Gt.BourtonRosemary White
TRIPP18cThame, NewingtonCaroline Meller
TUCKWELL17cAnyCaroline Meller

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