Names added in December 2020

The following surnames were added to OXSIL in December: –

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

BRADFORDAnyAnyTerry Lambourne
BURNHAM<1700Charlton on OtmoorPauline Kennedy
BUTLER<1820StokenchurchCathryn Hyvattinen
CHURCHAnyChiltonMaureen Windebank
DRUCE1700 to 1860WitneyElizabeth Leris
HOBCRAFT<1730AmbrosdenMadeleine Harvey ons
HONEYAnyChippinghurstNigel French
NEWAnyAnyTerry Lambourne
NEWELLAnyAnyGemma Wheeler
PAULINGAnyShrivenham, FaringdonSusan Sherman
PAVIER<1770Bicester, Ambrosden, PiddingtonMadeleine Harvey ons
PAWLINGAnyShrivenham, FaringdonSusan Sherman
POTTER<1800Little Coxwell & surroundingsSusan Sherman
SMITH19cBotley Turnpike OxfordPatricia Pond
TOWNSEND1766AnyMaureen Windebank
WAKELYN<1700AmbrosdenMadeleine Harvey ons
WESTONAnyAnyTerry Lambourne
WRIGHTAnyShrivenham, FaringdonSusan Sherman
ZEALYAnyAnySusan Sherman

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