Names added in June 2021

The following surnames were added to OXSIL in June: –

ADAMSAnyStanford in The ValeLynda Brown
ADAMSAnyLongworthLynda Brown
ALLAM<1740AnyNancy Lilly
ALLIN<1700AnyNancy Lilly
ALLOM<1740AnyNancy Lilly
AUSIN1750 – 1850Oakley, Piddington, ThameBarbara Fisher
CHIVERSAny1800 – 1940Ian Walker
CLINCHAnyCulhamNorman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCHAnyStandlakeNorman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCHAnyShiffordNorman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCHAnyClanfieldNorman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCHAnyCoteNorman (Noah) Clinch
CLINCHAnyWealdNorman (Noah) Clinch
CROSS1700-1900Epwell AnyChris Gunthorpe
GUNTHORPEAnyBodicote Banbury Neithrop DeddingtonChris Gunthorpe
GUNTRUPAnyBodicote Banbury Neithrop DeddingtonChris Gunthorpe
MORRICEAnyAnyNancy Lilly
PHILLIPS1750-1800AnyBarbara Fisher
PLASTER1849BamptonMalcolm Plaster
PLASTER<1750AnyMalcolm Plaster
RIXON<1700AnyNancy Lilly
SHEPHERD1800-1900Wykham Neithrop AnyChris Gunthorpe
STEVENS17c – early 18cOxfordBrian Stevens
TOWNSEND1850 – 1900BicesterJanice Thomas
TOWNSEND1700-1800FaringdonKathleen Hedges
TRENDALL1850AnyMichael Trendall
WESTAnyAnyNancy Lilly
YATESAnyThameDavid Stone

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