Names added in June 2024

The following surnames were added in June. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and then follow the instructions on their profile.

ANSTEYAnyAnyMary Stone
FREWINAnyStonorChris Gilham
GARDNER18cHook NortonValerie Driscoll
GEDDEN1700-1800WiggintonMary Stone
GEDEN1700-1800WiggintonMary Stone
HEMMINGSAnyAnyMary Stone
HOLLIERAnyAnyMary Stone
HOLTAnyAnyMary Stone
HOUSTON19cChipping NortonValerie Driscoll
JEFFSAnyAnyMary Stone
MALEYAnyAnyDavid Floyd
PAGEAnyAnyMary Stone
SODEN<1850AnyJanet Soden Lynch
TIMMS1700-1900South NewingtonMary Stone
WHITE1700-1800South NewingtonMary Stone

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