Names added in March 2019

ons next to a user below means the user has registered a one-name study of a surname
with the Guild of One-Names Studies.

ALDER1780-1840Cowley St JamesSandra Webb
BEESLEY1850 – 1921Oxford and ThamesSandy Nairne
BUNCE18c, 17cShilton, Burford and areaBill Manzke
BURDEN<1800ChadlingtonColin Reeves
BURDEN19cChipping NortonColin Reeves
BUTLER<1900Cropredy , Banbury,David Butler
CRIPPS>1850AnyJennifer Tinson
DUMBLETON<1800Cropredy , Banbury,David Butler
EATON18cShilton and areaBill Manzke
HARPER1890-1950AlvescotPaul Hayes
HAYES1925-1950Jericho, OxfordPaul Hayes
HUNTER1800OxfordCarol Hunter-Sullivan ons
INSALL>1800Chipping NortonColin Reeves
LANCHBERYAnyAnyPhilippa Lanchbery
LAY18cShilton and areaBill Manzke
MAISEY18c, 17cShilton and areaBill Manzke
PIERCYAnyAnyHugh Kearsey ons
REEVES18cCornwellColin Reeves
REEVES19cChurchillColin Reeves
REEVES19cChipping NortonColin Reeves

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