Names added in March 2023

The following surnames were added in March. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

BAILEYAnyOxfordJenny Lockett
BAUGHEN<1850Great RollrightJenny Lockett
BRIDGEWATERAnyCumnorJenny Lockett
BROWNING19cGreat Rollright, Ducklington,Kathleen Gilbert
CLARKE<1675LangleyDr Ben Knighton
EMPSON<1800Leafield, WitneyDr Ben Knighton
EVANS1780-1820Oxford, SandfordSimon Collcutt
FITCHET15cAnyKarin Foster
FITCHET16cWitneyKarin Foster
FITCHETT15cAnyKarin Foster
FITCHETT16cWitneyKarin Foster
FITCHETT17cWitneyKarin Foster
FOWLER<1800BurfordDr Ben Knighton
GOSLING1795 – 1870OxfordMark Harrison
GOSLING1824 -1849St ClementsMark Harrison
JONES<1890WitneyDr Ben Knighton
KIBBLEAnyAnyDavid Kibble
ORMEROD1875 – 1903OxfordJosette Ormerod
POOLEAnyKenningtonJenny Lockett
REEVE<1700LeafieldDr Ben Knighton
SIMPSON<1850WythamJenny Lockett
SLATFORD<1635North LeighDr Ben Knighton
TENNANT19cChipping NortonKathleen Gilbert
VENVIELD1750- 1900Great RollrightKathleen Gilbert
WELLERD>1805CrowellPeter Moore

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