Names added in May 2023

The following surnames were added in May. To contact the researcher concerned, click on their name and follow the instructions on their profile.

BLUNSDENAnyAnyJill Bowers
BOWLERAnyRotherfield Greys, Swyncombe,Jill Bowers
BUCKINGHAM>1600Witney, Hailey areaPaul Howard Clements
CASTELLAnyAnyJill Bowers
CASTLEAnyAnyJill Bowers
CHERRILLAnyClifton HampdenJill Bowers
CLEMENTS>1600Hailey, North Leigh,Paul Howard Clements
COSINS<1800BurfordDr Ben Knighton
GREEN<1800WitneyDr Ben Knighton
HERBERT>1800AnyPatricia Hayes
HERITAGE<1730BicesterDr Ben Knighton
HUCKWELL<1800WitneyDr Ben Knighton
MILTON>1600Witney, HaileyPaul Howard Clements
PRATLEY>1600Shipton u. Wychwood, LeafieldPaul Howard Clements
PRESTON> 1800AnyPatricia Hayes
RATHBANDAnyAnyYvonne Rathband
SLADEAnyAnyJill Bowers
TOOVEYAnyAnyJill Bowers
TYLAR<1700BicesterDr Ben Knighton

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