Names added in September 2020

The following surname interests were added to OXSIL in September: –

CLACK1670 – 1720ShiltonChris Etheridge
CLACK>1720ClanfieldChris Etheridge
HICKS1834 – 1891ClanfieldChris Etheridge
HIX1750 – 1834ClanfieldChris Etheridge
MAJOR>1720Brize Norton SouthleighChris Etheridge
MEASEY>1690Langford ClanfieldChris Etheridge
ONION1750 – 1820WitneyChris Etheridge
SEARSAnyAnyDavid Sears
STILES1800sLong Coombe, Woodstock, BladonSue Young
TEMPLE>1780BroadwellChris Etheridge
WALKER>1640StandlakeChris Etheridge
WIGGINS>1740Witney SouthleighChris Etheridge

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